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  • 1. Contact: Samantha Polizzi FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASETel. (895) 384-0294Email: Polizz76@students.rowan.eduFlying the Coop(WinShape/Page 1 of 2)MONTGOMERY, A.L. June 26, 2013 - Lisa Smith was only 7 years old when she found theWinShape Home and it wasn’t long after until she started calling it her real home. When Lisa’sGrandmother became ill, she had no one else to take care of her. WinShape welcomed her intotheir home with open arms. She now says that her 12 WinShape brothers and sisters are some ofher best friends and her real, true family.Fast forward 20 years. Today Lisa is a Veterinarian for the Animal Hospital in Alabamaand has a wonderful husband and four adopted children. Lisa still sees her brothers and sistersshe grew up with on a regular basis and they spend every holiday together with their WinShapeparents. They make sure to give back what they were given by helping out with the WinShapefoundation Homes and supporting families in need.Founder of Chick-fil-A, S. Truett Cathy established WinShape Homes Foundation in1987 to establish a place for children in need to have a safe and loving home. The WinShapeHomes foundation has helped hundreds of children grow, learn and live their lives with a lovingfamily and a stable home environment. Truett Cathy and his wife designed this program to offer
  • 2. (WinShape/Page 2 of 2)children just that. Today, WinShape Homes foster more than 95 children in the eleven homesthroughout Georgia, Tennessee and Alabama. The WinShape Homes program has more than 20house parents to take care of the children.The Cathy family plans to expand the WinShape Homes Foundation in the future inhopes of being able to support more children and help them succeed.Lisa remembers a fond moment with Truett Cathy when he came to visit like he did everyso often. She told him she wanted to be a Veterinarian and he said, “That’s a lovely idea, youhave grown into a lovely woman and I can tell you are ready to fly the coop, I am very proud ofyou, and your mom and dad are too.”Lisa took a deep breath and smiled. He was right. She was ready to fly the coop and theday she went to college, she knew he would keep in touch because they were family regardlessof how they became of it. If it wasn’t for Truett Cathy and the WinShape Home, she may havenever had the opportunities that she had. The Winshape Home gave her the support, love, and afamily that she needed.Visit www.WinShape.org for more information on the foundation and Truett Cathy.