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Brief Social Marketing  Winter 2010

Brief Social Marketing Winter 2010



Brief Attention Span Communications Capabilities Presentation & Case Studies

Brief Attention Span Communications Capabilities Presentation & Case Studies



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  • Just a few of the nice things people have to say about working with Brief… thanks Michael and Mike!
  • Let’s take a tour of Social Marketing, show you how it can help your brand, and then walk you through what Brief Attention Span can do for you…
  • Are you “doing” Social Media? How is your Social Media marketing presence? Are you effectively reaching and connecting to millions of potential customers? Every brand should have a strategy for reaching and interacting with the millions of the people in Social Media – especially to the target customers that you SHOULD be connected to. 
  • If Display drives awareness, and Search Optimization zeros in active seekers, Social Marketing provides the means to reach out and actively engage and interact with a desired audience.  In conjunction with traditional online media buys and search optimization, Social Marketing reaches people where they work and play on the web with an engaging proposition , an "aha, these people UNDERSTAND me" outreach - a means to generate conversations and meaningful social interaction between a brand and a target consumer.
  • The Social Media Web is a rapidly evolving extension of the World Wide Web in which people interact, share, and create virtual friendships, connections and interactions.
  • The Social Media web is exploding, spreading like wildfire with new sites, tools, and communities created every day. Facebook alone has grown to over 210 million people worldwide, and added significantly older demographics. It is an ideal place to meet and engage in a soft-site, 2-way interaction with your customers. And, because of the nature of the information that people post on their profiles, the Social Media web is a marketers dream for targeting and creating meaningful interactions with potential new fans of your brand.
  • Active participants in the Social Web are sharing more content and more varied types of content than ever before. Active Sharing is your opportunity to “join the conversation” and create viral sharing – by leveraging your fans to share your content and offers with their friends.
  • The lesson here is to make sure you get it right before you jump in...
  • To maximize the potential of social marketing, you need to measure and develop a strategy that meets your objectives before you jump in
  • More to come from the Facebook Era, Twitter Power & Facebook Marketing books
  • Here are a few examples of some our favorite Brief Social Marketing campaigns.
  • Right now, you have a weekly chance to win an Acer Netbook laptop when you create a free email address at att.net. We’re conducting this ongoing weekly sweepstakes for AT&T. They want to have a promotional presence constantly throughout the year, so when this weekly sweepstakes ends, another one follows it seamlessly.
  • In closing, we want to stress that we’re all about partnership. We see ourselves as an extension of your team. We’ll puzzle-piece ourselves in with you however it works best for your clients. In essence, we’d like you to think of us as Westwood One’s “go to” promotional resource. We’re really excited to be working with all of you & look forward to the next steps on your clients‘ upcoming media campaigns.

Brief Social Marketing  Winter 2010 Brief Social Marketing Winter 2010 Presentation Transcript

  • Social Marketing – Insights & Action
    Winter 2009
  • What is Brief?
    Brief Attention Span Communications is an award-winning new breed of marketing agency… Social Marketing that is. Social Marketing helps spread your message by “assisted virality” and gives you the opportunity to make connections and begin “conversations” with potential customers.
     Brief creates social media campaign strategies, delivers breakthrough creative, and offers affordable social media distribution.  Brief Attention Span's campaigns help to facilitate meaningful social interactions between brands and highly-desired target customers.  
    Brief consistently creates interesting and entertaining Social Marketing content that attracts attention and inspires action – content with your value proposition built into the DNA of the campaign.
  • A Brief Bio
    In this brave new viral marketing world, many will enter, few will win. Many of those few are using Brief Attention Span Communications. 
    Brief Attention Span’s founder Greg Gotts and his veteran partners are the creative sparks behind 25 years of highly-successful, integrated marketing campaigns to diverse global audiences. From both the client and agency sides, Greg has developed award-winning creative for many of the world's best consumer and tech brands, including Trend Micro, AT&T, Salesforce.com, Serena Software, Microsoft, Nintendo, McDonald's, Anheuser-Busch, AOL, Oracle, Symantec, and many more. 
    So Be Brief. And watch your brief attention span audiences pay attention.
  • Why “Be Brief?”
    “The (Brief) campaign for Serena Software’s
    Business Mashups does everything right…”
    - 2008 OMMA Award Winner - B2B
    “Greg and the Brief Attention Span team delivered real viral value to the Bix.com brand.”
    - Mike Speiser, founder & CEO Bix.com
    “I absolutely love working with Brief Attention Span.  Because
    of Brief, Trend is in the thick of the social media scene… They
    are my most trusted advisors on social, video and coolness.” -Frank Mong, VP Consumer Mktg, Trend Micro
  • Brief Clients – Past and Present
  • Social Marketing - A Brief Overview
    • Are You “Doing” Social Media?
    • Social Marketing – a “Conversation”
    • Process and Payoff
    • How We Measure Results
    • Building a Social Marketing Strategy and ROI
    • Social Marketing Packages/Costs
    • Brief Case Studies
  • Are You “Doing” Social Media?
  • Social Marketing – it’s a “Conversation”
  • Social Marketing Continuum
    Social Bookmarks
    Semantic Web
    Social Ranking Sites
    Video Communities
    Wikis & Social Search
    Blogs & Microblogs
    Photo Communities
    Networking Sites & Message Boards
  • Sharing Links to New Content
    • Connecting
    the Dots
    Talking About Each other and Themselves
  • Does Social Marketing Actually Work?
    75% of Fortune 1000 companies are using social media tacticsto support brand objectives.
    But more than 50% of these efforts could be classified as failures
    Source: CNET 10/08
  • Effective Social Marketing
  • How We Benchmark Engagement
    Establish the Competitors with Client
    Check Every Platform
    Identify Influencers
    Give Each Competitor a Score
    Create A Benchmark on a Per Tool Basis
    Look for “Low Hanging Fruit”
  • Qualitative social measurement completes the picture
    A data driven approach to social media
    measurement correlates action metrics,
    outcomes, and qualitative insights to
    expose psychographic synergies
  • Building A Social Marketing Strategy & ROI
  • Projecting and Measuring ROI
  • Projecting and Measuring ROI
    Core Metrics of Social Marketing:
    CMP (Cost Per Thousand) = $ per 1,000 impressions
    CPC (Cost Per Click) = $ per 1 click
    CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) = $ per 1 completed registration
    CPF (Cost Per Fan) = $ per 1 fan added on Facebook / Twitter
    CPI (Cost Per Interaction) = $ per viewer action taken
    CPS (Cost Per Sale) = Revenue Achieved / Tactic Used
    ROI (Return on Investment) = Total Revenue/Total Marketing
  • Projecting and Measuring ROI
    If the brand blog costs $20M annually…
    And we find: 480M referrals • 50% Register = 240,000 registrants
    $20M/240M= $.08 CPA
  • Monetizing Social Marketing
    Brief Attention Span Communications is dedicated to shortening the sales cycle, and we believe that social marketing provides an amazing platform to do just that.
    You monetize social marketing by driving sales. You drive sales by effectively converting leads. And you generate leads by understanding and motivating consumer behavior. This is what it truly means to monetize social marketing – byunderstanding and motivating consumer behavior where your customers work and play online.
    The most effective way to do this is by adapting “tried and true” sales promotion methodologies to the social networking space. Leverage the social media platforms to generate awareness, deliver compelling, viral content to build up buzz and interest, and then convert leads to sales and “brand fans” through offers and incentives.
    While each individual business has its own marketing objectives, brand attributes and messaging platform, the overall approach to generating leads, nurturing opportunities and closing sales is a time-tested approach that continues to be effective even as the mediums continue to change and evolve.
  • Social
  • Social Marketing: Starter Package
    For $10,000 you can begin harnessing Social Marketing:
    Pre-Launch Snap Shot. We will research and provide specific examples around the amount and type of conversation that is happening in the social media space specific to your desired brand, product or service.
    Strategy for Top Social Media Sites. We will provide a recommended strategy for leveraging the top social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, & YouTube.
    Basic Set-up of Key Accounts. We will ensure that your brand is correctly established across the key social media sites and set-up initial accounts where your brand is currently absent.
    Creative Assets. We will create a custom design for your site and provide you with 5 articles to leverage across your blog and social media sites.
  • Social Marketing: Builder Upgrades
    The following are add-on components to help fuel growth:
    Viral Video Creation. Deliver a high impact video around your products and services on your website, blog, YouTube, Facebook and other sites. $25k/video
    “Assisted Viral” Video Deployment. Get 100k guaranteed video views via proprietary “viral assist” deployment. Get your message seen at $0.35/view. $35k
    Fan Page Sweepstakes. Increase sign-ups for your Facebook Fan and Twitter pages by incentivizing your target audience with a turnkey sweepstakes. $15k
    100 Articles Package. Deliver custom high-impact content across all of your social marketing initiatives. Articles provided within 2 to 3 months. $10k
    Hired Gun. Need a social marketing expert to help you solve a particular issue or problem? We can help with all your custom requirements. $175/hr
  • Social Marketing: Advanced Package
    For $35,000 you can maximize your Social Marketing with
    any one of the following Advanced packages:
    Lead Generation Track: Combining your existing social network with our online promotions expertise, we will develop a sizable database of interested prospects that you can nurture and convert to sales. (Length of Campaign: 6 to 8 weeks).
    Lead Nurturing / Sales Conversion Track: Using your existing database of prospects, we will manage ongoing email and social networking communication to continue to nurture these leads into a sale. (Length of Campaign: 6 months).
    Mobile / Drive to RetailTrack: Using your existing social marketing efforts we will drive targeted consumers into preferred retailers of your choosing. Using the mobile phone platform, we will help you track and measure your offline efforts.
    Product Launch / Awareness Track: Using your existing social marketing platform, we will drive awareness of your product or service via viral video, blog outreach and other relevant program elements. (Length of Campaign: 3 months).
  • Brief Cases
    (Case Studies)
  • Brief Case – Trend Micro “Fearless Web”Pilot Campaign – Custom Facebook Fan Page
    Created “Fearless Web” Theme
    Integrated with YouTube/Twitter
    Grew from 0 to 6,400 Fans in 60 Days
    3x results over Norton/Facebook
    10x results over McAfee/Facebook
    Engaging Sweepstakes Overlay
    YouTube Guru “Kipkay” Sweeps Ad
    Custom Tabs for Sweeps, Trial, Polls, etc.
    Showcase for top Trend Gurus and Content
    Content Aggregation Site for Trend Globally
  • Brief Case – Trend Micro “Fearless Web”Pilot Campaign – Custom YouTube Channel #2 Video Campaign in the World per AdAge!
    Created “Fearless Web” Theme
    Launched w/Kipkayvid - 123,791 views
    Kipkay drove 2,500 fans in 1st week
    2nd Phase – Viral Video Creation/Push
    “Parental Controls: FAIL” videos generate over 250,000 highly-rated views in only 1 week
    Lead video “AirbagKid” tops 1.3 Million Views
    7x results over Norton/100x over McAfee
    #2 Viral Video in the World per AdAge Chart
  • Brief Case – Trend Micro “Fearless Web”Pilot Campaign – Custom Twitter Channel
    Grown to 1285 Followers in just 60 days
    Gave free sweeps entry for a “follow”
    Mirrors Facebook content pushes
    Gives additional channel for topical promotion
    2x results over Norton/Twitter
    3x results over McAfee/Twitter
  • Brief Case - Serena Software “Just @#$% It” Phase 1 – YouTube
    1.2 million total views, #1 Most Viewed
    Video on YouTube 3/25-3/27
    Tripled website traffic to Serena.com
    Major press attention, including NY Times, Infoweek, and various blogs
    Winner – 2008 OMMA “B2B Campaign”
    Finalist – 2008 OMMA “Viral Campaign”
  • Brief Case - Serena Software “Just @#$% It” Phase 2 – Facebook
    2 million+ total views
    9000 clickthroughs to Serena.com
    Major press attention, including NY Times, Infoweek, and blogs
    Winner – 2008 OMMA “B2B Campaign”
  • Brief Case - Serena Software “Just @#$% It”OMMA Awards 2008 Winner “Integrated Online Campaign – B2B”
  • Brief Case - AT&T Mobility “The Stonewood Crew”Phase 1 – YouTube
    AT&T’s YouTube phase
    generated 4 million+ views:
    1.686 million views for “Backwards Sunday – Intro!”
    4 million + total views for Stonewood site
    72 Honors incl. #1 Most Viewed of Day(s) and Week
  • Brief Case - AT&T Mobility “The Stonewood Crew”Phase 2 – Facebook
    Facebook Phase generated:
    • 101% of targeted views (goal: 500,000)
    • 77% of targeted clickthroughs to ATT.com (goal: 5,000 )
    • Total Video Views: 505,144
    • Total Clicks to ATT.com/videoshare: 3,836
    • Social Engagement/Viral Sharing 2,719
  • Brief Case – Symantec “Hal the IT Admin”
    This unique video launched Symantec BESR…
    and created an IT marketing phenomenon.
    The SYMC sales force clamored for “Hal” as a hugely effective sales tool.
    Traffic to SYMC/BE website increased 93%.
    Partners embedded “Hal” in emails and raised response rates over 100%.
    “Hal” became an ongoing video series.
    The Marketing Leadership Council called it “a textbook example of how to run a viral marketing campaign.”
  • © 2009 AlterSeekers. All Rights Reserved.
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