10. How Do We Receive Salvation through Jesus?


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10. How Do We Receive Salvation through Jesus?

  1. 1. How Do WeReceive Salvation through Jesus?
  2. 2. What is the gospel?What is theGospel?
  3. 3. Three Questions Focus on Jesus1. Why do we need Jesus?2. What did Jesus do for us?3. How do we receive salvation through Jesus?
  4. 4. Why Do We Need Jesus? 1. Sin 2. Spiritual death 3. Physical death 4. Judgment 5. Hell 6. Wrath of God 7. Eternal death
  5. 5. In Rebellion What is Sin?
  6. 6. What is Sin?1. Unbelief2. Idolatry3. Rebellion4. Breaking God’s law5. Denying God His glory
  7. 7. What Did JesusJesusDo For Us?
  8. 8. What Jesus Did For Us? 1. Born of a virgin and became a man 2. Sinless life 3. Sacrifice on the cross 4. Resurrection
  9. 9. Nail and Thorns What did Jesus Accomplish for Us? Part I Text
  10. 10. What Jesus Accomplished for Us1. God’s justice and wrath were satisfied for our sin.2. Paid the price for our sin.3. Declared righteous and our sin forgiven.4. Reconciled with God.5. Adopted into the family of God.
  11. 11. What didTombJesus Accomplish for Us? Part II
  12. 12. Through His Resurrection1. Proved He was the Son of God2. Proved His victory over sin and death3. Proved that resurrection is real4. Proved He will judge the world with justice5. Provided us with hope
  13. 13. In Rebellion
  14. 14. Jesus
  15. 15. How Do WeReceive Salvation through Jesus?
  16. 16. What Must WeDo to be Rescued from Sin?
  17. 17. Only Through JesusJesus said to her, “I am theresurrection and the life. He whobelieves in Me, though he may die,he shall live.” John 11:25
  18. 18. And Only Jesus!And this is the testimony: God hasgiven us eternal life, and this life is inhis Son. He who has the Son has life;he who does not have the Son ofGod does not have life. 1 John 5:11-12
  19. 19. And Only Jesus!Jesus told him, “I am the way, thetruth, and the life. No one can cometo the Father except through me. John 14:6 (NLT)
  20. 20. Mark 1:15 What Must We Do?“So let everyone in Israel know forcertain that God has made this Jesus,whom you crucified, to be both Lordand Messiah!” Peter’s words piercedtheir hearts, and they said to him andto the other apostles, “Brothers, whatshould we do?” Acts 2:36-37
  21. 21. Mark 1:15 Repentance & Faithand saying, “The time is fulfilled, andthe kingdom of God is at hand.Repent, and believe in the gospel.” Mark 1:15
  22. 22. Repentance & FaithYou know that I have not hesitated topreach anything that would behelpful to you but have taught youpublicly and from house to house. Ihave declared to both Jews andGreeks that they must turn to God inrepentance and have faith in ourLord Jesus. Acts 20:20-21
  23. 23. REPENTANCE U-Turn Sign
  24. 24. Denition of RepentanceThe Greek word for repentance ismetanoia. It means to change one’smind.
  25. 25. Denition of RepentanceThe Hebrew word for repentance isshub. It means to turn back, return,return to the starting point, restoreand come back home again.
  26. 26. What is Repentance?It is a change of mind, that leads to achange of heart, that leads to achange in actions.This change involves both a turningfrom sin and a turning to God.
  27. 27. What is Repentance?1. Conviction of Sin2. Confession of Sin3. Turning from sin to God4. Restitution through Jesus5. Restoration
  28. 28. FAITH
  29. 29. Denition of FaithThe Greek word for faith is pistis. Itmeans conviction, confidence, trust,belief, reliance, trustworthiness, andfirm persuasion.
  30. 30. High Cliffs at Ocean
  31. 31. What is Faith?Belief → Trust → Embrace Head → Heart → Action
  32. 32. What is Saving Faith?1.Belief that the gospel is true and that Jesus is the Messiah.2.Trust in the gospel and Jesus, who is the object of faith.3.Embracing the gospel and Jesus and living your life accordingly.
  33. 33. Repentance & Faith1. Unbelief 1. Repentance2. Idolatry 2. Faith
  34. 34. SummaryRebellion Surrender Submission
  35. 35. 2 Peter 3:9 Repentance“You see, to repent is to realize thatall your thinking, your entire viewabout reality was wrong. And then tosee and to submit to God’s truth...” Paul Washer
  36. 36. Jesus on Throne
  37. 37. Bowing before King
  38. 38. The fundamental difference between the kingdom of GodKingdom and the kingdom of Quote self is captured by Paul one question. Who Tripp resides at the center? Paul Tripp