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Gnome on wayland at a glance
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Gnome on wayland at a glance


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This slide introduces about Gnome on Wayland. Wayland is a brand new software accelerated graphic server will replace from X11. a combination of the Gnome and the Wayland is a next generation desktop …

This slide introduces about Gnome on Wayland. Wayland is a brand new software accelerated graphic server will replace from X11. a combination of the Gnome and the Wayland is a next generation desktop environment. Created by Seong-ho Cho, Translator of the Gnome Korea.

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Gnome on Wayland At a Glance Seong-ho Cho Gnome Korea
  • 2. Wayland?
  • 3. Wayland?
  • 4. Wayland? • • • • • New-generation window server replacement for X window server New display ground for Enlightenment, GNOME and KDE Compositor protocol to talk to a client Supports more powerful display method Doesn’t have rendering API • “every frame is perfect, by which I mean that applications will be able to control the rendering enough that we'll never see tearing, lag, redrawing or flicker.” - by Kristian Høgsberg
  • 5. History of Wayland • Started at 2008 as a spare-time independent project by Kristian Høgsberg from RedHat • Became a project in October 2010 • It was tried as a GSoC project in 2011, but wasn’t successful • Quite recently, Nvidia releases graphic driver which supports EGL API. – Nvidia graphic card can fully support wayland
  • 6. Current Status • Almost fully adopted in Enlightenment E18 • Experimentally (and partially) adopted in GNOME 3.10 • Still pre-alpha release in KDE • Included in Qt 5 – has some bug such as “Fail to compile” … :S
  • 7. Why Wayland We Should Use? • • • • • Communication problem within X system Need to make more brilliant user experience interface Trend-shifting from desktop to mobile devices X protocol is too old (developed in three decades ago) Hard to apply new method onto the environment based on X display server
  • 8. Would You Remember?
  • 9. X Server Architecture GNOME GNOME KDE KDE Xfce Xfce E17,18 E17,18 X.Org Server X.Org Server XOrg-Evdev XOrg-Evdev drivers drivers XOrg-Input XOrg-Input drivers drivers Kernel Drivers Xscreen Xscreen Frame Frame Compiz Compiz Plasma Plasma Xorg-Video Xorg-Video drivers drivers Proprietary Proprietary drivers drivers Final Final Frame Frame EGL EGL Gnome Gnome Shell Shell Compositor Compositor DRI DRI
  • 10. X Server Architecture (Simp.)
  • 11. Wayland Architecture Desktop Widget Desktop Widget Gnome Gnome Shell Shell KDE KDE KWin KWin Applications Applications Enlight. Enlight. DR18 DR18 GTK+ GTK+ Qt Qt OpenGL (EGL/GLES) Wayland-server Wayland-server Weston Compositor Weston Compositor Kernel Modules EFL EFL Direct Direct Rendered Rendered Frame Frame Final Final Frame Frame
  • 12. Wayland Architecture (Simp.)
  • 13. Gnome on Wayland • Now on experimental state (unstable) • It may be completed to implement on Mar, 2014 (in a guess by release schedule) • Components’ list and a relation within the system will be almost totally changed due to this – So, there can be some problem in a system-view • But!
  • 14. Gnome & Wayland Architecture
  • 15. X on Wayland Compatibility
  • 16. Wayland Components on the Gentoo System • Packages – – – – • dev-libs/wayland dev-libs/weston media-libs/mesa x11-libs/gtk+ Some keywords should be added to … – /etc/make.conf USE=“wayland wayland-compositor xwayland” • I warn you – Do not change OpenRC to systemd until you totally know • • what setting value can(not) be migrated where value should be moved to – Do not change latest Qt version 5 with “wayland” feature • very unstable
  • 17. Wayland on Ubuntu • Install packages – sudo apt-get install build-essential libtool makedepend xutilsdev bison flex x11-dev libx11-dev glproto-dev libglproto-dev x11proto-gl-dev x11proto-dri2-dev libxext-dev libxdamage-dev libxdamage-dev libxfixes-dev libx11-xcb-dev libxcb-glx0-dev libxcb-dri2-0-dev libudev-dev libxcb-xfixes0-dev llvm-dev • Follow instruction to build wayland – • Making toolkits to work on wayland is “working state” due to Gnome desktop environment
  • 18. for the Other Issues... • Wayland is in the test (research) progress for variety type of system such as embedded devices • You can reach the time to use full featured “very stable” desktop environment from Oct, 2014 (maybe?)
  • 19. Conclusion • Wayland is the brand new display server can replace X server • Wayland brings benefit for a performance to us by combining both wayland-server and waylandcomposite part into the wayland server and by supporting two or more frame buffer • We don’t have to worry about disappearing X – developers will sustain X environment for a more years for a compatibility with legacy system
  • 20. Making Wayland Contribution • Git repo: • Mailing list: • IRC: #wayland on freenode • Bugzilla:
  • 21. Reference • • • • • • • • •
  • 22. Gnome Techtalk Event Note. • You can download this slide from Gnome Korea Blog (about 1 week or more later) • WebKit presentation will be presented in a 1~2 month later by a guest speaker • Gnome Techtalk Event for a next month will be opened at Mid or Late November.
  • 23. Thank you