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Prewett Family

Prewett Family






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  • My name is Mike Ballard, and Virginia Seal was my Mothers sister. I really enjoyed visiting with her and Uncle Jim. I am in possesion of many slides Jim and Ginny took and have converted many to electronic format. I have 8mm movies they took that are currently being converted to DVD that show the Prewett and our families. I would love to get these memories to your family. Please email me at mike_ballard@windstream.net
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    Prewett Family Prewett Family Presentation Transcript

    • Henry Thomas Prewett & Ida Vesta Palmer Wedding Day, April 14, 1894
      Our Great-Grandparents
    • Ida Vesta Palmer Prewett House, July 1975
    • Ida Prewett House, 1975
    • Ida Prewett House, 1975
    • Catherine Wright Palmer (Ida Vesta Palmer Prewett’s Mother), 1920
      Our Great-Great Grandmother (Catherine)
      And our Great-Grandmother (Ida)
    • Mary Palmer
      Our Great-Great-Great Grandmother (Mother of James Palmer; Grandmother of Ida Vesta Palmer)
    • James and Catherine Palmer and Daughter Ida (Our Great-Grandmother)
    • Ida, Jim, Nancy, Bill, Catherine Palmer, 1887(Taken when James Palmer (Catherine’s Husband) died)
    • Ida Vesta Palmer Prewett’s Sisters(Margaret Critchfield, Mary Electa Stone, Nancy Childs, Ida)
    • Ida Palmer Prewett’s 60th Birthday July 1, 1934(Her Home Before It Burned)
    • Ida Vesta Palmer Prewett, July 1964
    • Vance Vernon Prewett 1895-1990
      Our Grandpa
    • Vance Prewett
    • Vance, Baby Harold (Hap), Grace Prewett
    • Vance
    • Vance Prewett and Model A Ford, 1930(In May 1934, the Prewett family moved from Britton, OK to Asherville, KS in this car.)
    • Vance Harvesting
    • Vance Harvesting
    • Vance, Jim, and Hired Man Harvesting
    • Vance and Max Wines Harvesting
    • Vance Prewett, Christmas 1982
    • Vance Prewett 90 Years Old(May 18, 1985)
    • Nicolas Carre(He was the first to come from the Isle of Guernsey, Channel Islands. He is the great-grandfather of Mae Helen Francis Prewett.)
      Our Great-Great –Great Grandfather
    • Daniel Carre(Grandfather of Mae Francis Prewett)
      Our Great-Great Grandfather
    • Older Daniel Carre in Front of His Home, Beatrice, Nebraska
    • Owen & Helena Carre Francis
      Our Great-Grandparents
    • Owen and Helena Francis Home
    • Mary Carre, Sister of Helena Beatrice Carre(Our Great-Grandmother)
    • Mae Helen Francis Prewett 1897-1976
      Our Grandma
    • Mae Francis Graduation, Class of 1912
    • Mae Francis Prewett
    • Mae Francis and Sister
    • Mae
    • Mae Francis
    • Mae Francis and Brother Clifton
    • Owen and Helena Carre Francis Family(Clifton, Mae, Louise, Helena, Owen, Wilma)
    • Francis Family(Clifton, Louise, Owen, Wilma, Helena—Mae not pictured)
    • Henry and Ida Palmer Prewett Family(Grace, Vance, Hap, Ida)
    • Ida Vesta Palmer Prewett and Grace Prewett Francis
    • Francis and Prewett 1964(Clifton Francis, Grace Francis, Ida Palmer Prewett, Vance Prewett, Mae Prewett)
    • Grace Francis’ 70th Birthday(Janell Melton (Carol’s daughter), Clif Francis (Grace’s husband and Mae Francis Prewett’s brother), Grace Prewett Francis (Vance Prewett’s sister), Carol Melton (Clif and Grace’s daughter), Jareen Melton (Carol’s daughter)
    • Vance, Thomas (Hap’s son), Hap
    • Hap, Grace, Vance
    • Vance and Mae at Asherville Train StationHe is 22; she is 20June 20, 1917 when Vance Left to Join the Army
      Our Grandparents
    • Mae and Vance
    • Vance and Mae
    • Vance and Mae 1945
    • 50th Wedding Anniversary August 1969
    • Mae and Vance
    • Vance and Mae
    • Vance and Mae(Christmas Eve 1975)
    • Where We Spent Hours Playing as Kids…Our Grandparents’ Country Home
    • Vance and Mae Prewett Home, Sept. 1972
    • Prewett Home 1972
    • Vance and Mae Prewett Home, July 1975
    • Our Grandparents’ “Town” Home, Beloit, KS
    • Vance and Mae’s Dining Room, Beloit, KS
    • Vance and Mae’s Kitchen, Beloit, KS
    • Green Mound Church of Christ
    • Charlotte Francis Roderick 1920-1989“First Born”
      Class of 1938
    • Charlotte Graduates from Nursing School
    • Charlotte
    • Charlotte’s First Birthday
    • Maggie, Jim, Char, Baby Anne, Baby Carol (Grace Prewett Francis’ Daughter)
    • Charlotte
    • Bill Roderick
    • Charlotte and Bill
    • Bill and Charlotte Roderick
    • Bill Roderick and Older Brother
    • Bill Roderick and Barbara
    • Charlotte, Baby Beth, & Bill Roderick, 1941
    • Barbara Roderick
    • Bruce, Bill, Brent, Barbara Roderick (and dog)
    • Bill and Charlotte Roderick Family(Beth, Charlotte, Bruce, Barbara, Brent—Bill not pictured)
    • Bill Roderick, Lindsey Roderick (Bill’s Daughter), Charlotte, 1987
    • Beth, Martha, Charlotte
    • James Vernon Prewett 1921-1989
    • Daniel Carre(Great-Grandpa), Helena Carre Francis (Grandma), Baby Jim, Mae (Mother)(Four Generations)
    • Helena (Holding Jim) and Owen (holding Char) Francis(Char and Jim’s Grandparents; our great-grandparents)
    • Jim and Ginny Wedding Day
    • Ginny Prewett
    • Jim, Ginny, Bobbie, Mae
    • Jim and Vance
    • Arlington Where Jim is Buried
    • Horse Drawn Caison
    • Jim’s Military Funeral(May 5, 1987)
    • Jim and Ginny Prewett
    • Jim, Vance, Bud 1969
    • Margaret Mae Chapman 1922-2010
      Class of 1940
    • Maggie
    • Jack Chapman
    • Maggie and Jack Chapman
    • Maggie and Jack, February 1943(At Vance Prewett Farm—Garage in Background)
    • Maggie and Jack, February 1943
    • Maggie and Jack
    • Maggie
    • Rich, 1960
    • Chapman Family(Jack, Jackie, Maggie, Rich)
    • Jack and Margaret Chapman Family(Rich—Jack not pictured)
    • Maggie’s Painting of Green Mound Church
    • Jack and Beverly Chapman Wedding
    • Thomas Eugene “Gene” Prewett1923-2007
      Class of 1941
    • Gene Prewett, WWII
    • Gene and Bobbie
    • Vance, Bobbie, Mae
    • Vance, Gene, Mae
    • Vance and Bobbie
    • Gene and the Tote Goat He Made(December 1963)
    • Gene and Maggie(September 9, 1987)
    • Anne, Beth, Gene, Grace
    • Lacy & Jonathan Abercrombie & Gene Prewett
    • Marianne Kinnett 1925-
      Class of 1943
    • Anne and Baby Larry
    • Marianne and Bob Kinnett, Baby Rose and Larry
    • Larry and Rose
    • Larry Kinnett 1962(Carmen and Marianne in the Background)
    • Larry and Rose Kinnett
    • Bob, Maggie, Anne, Grace
    • Bob and Marianne Kinnett Family, Jan. 1996[Byron (Rose’s Husband), Lauren (Larry’s Daughter), Tom (Larry’s Son), Kris (Larry’s Son), Larry, Mike (Rose’s Son), Rose, Lisa (Mike’s Wife), Bob, Anne, Sarah (Rose’s Daughter)]
    • Kinnett Family 2010
    • Carmen Lucille Gilmore 1927-1975
      Class of 1946
    • Vance and Carmen 1928
    • Robert Gilmore
    • Carmen
    • Carmen and Linda 1950
    • Carmen, Vance, Linda, Ida (Our Great-Grandmother)
    • Helena (Our Great Grandmother), Mae, Linda, Carmen
    • Bill Roderick, Beth Roderick, Linda Gilmore, Carmen Gilmore
    • Gilmore Family 1958(Bob, Carmen, Linda, Jim)
    • Bob and Jim Gilmore
    • Linda and Jim 1956
    • Bud Prewett, Jim, Carmen, Linda Gilmore
    • Linda, Mae, and Vance 1972
    • Martha Jane Abercrombie Jordan 1931-2000
      Class of 1949
    • Martha(Wedding Day, Toddler, with Her Dad, Vance)
    • Martha and Carmen
    • Martha and Beth Being Goofy
    • Donald Lee Abercrombie
      Class of 1943
    • Martha and Donald Wedding Day
    • Nancy and Donnie
    • Donnie, Martha, and Nancy
    • Martha and Nancy
    • Donald and Nancy
    • Donnie
    • Not Quite as Cute…
    • Nancy, Donald, and Donnie
    • Martha, Bud, Beth
    • Martha, June 12, 1990
    • Donald and Martha Abercrombie Family(Donnie, Donald, Nancy, Martha)
    • Jo Grace Gilbert 1933-2011
      Class of 1951
    • Vance, Baby Grace, Maggie
    • Grace’s High School Graduation, May 23, 1951
    • Grace
    • Grace—We Loved her Laugh
    • Grace and Larry Kinnett, 1948
    • Grace
    • Grace
    • Grace and Jim Gilbert Wedding Day, 1953
    • Grace and Beverly
    • Jim and Beverly
    • Grace and Jennifer
    • Jennifer, Tim, Beverly, Grace
    • Tim, Beverly, Jennifer, August 1970
    • Grace Graduates from Nursing School
    • Grace and Maggie, 1987(Grace was 54; Maggie was 65)
    • Grace and Maggie, May 27, 1990
    • Jim and Grace Gilbert Family (Beverly, Tim, Jennifer)
    • Beth Elaine Anderson 1934-2011
      Class of 1953
    • Grace and Beth
    • Beth, Martha, Grace
    • Beth, Jeff, Richard
    • Nurse Beth
    • Richard and Beth Anderson Family(Jeff)
    • Beth and Baby Amanda McClanahan(Jennifer’s Oldest Daughter)
    • Jeff, Richard, Donnie, Rich, 1969
    • Vance Ray “Bud” Prewett 1937-
      Class of 1956
    • Bud 1953-54
    • Bud 1951
    • Bud
    • Bud
    • Bud at Harvest
    • Bud
    • Bud Hamming it up for the Camera, Feb. 1962
    • Bud
    • Bud and Kittens
    • Bud and Pets
    • Bud, May 24, 1987
    • Bud, Tom, Bill, Lynn (Bill’s Wife),Grace Francis, Grandpa Prewett, ?
    • Bud and Joyce Prewett(Susan not pictured)
    • Susie
    • Prewett Family(Helena, Charlotte, Carmen, Jim, Anne, Grandpa, Grandma, Martha, Gene, Maggie, Ida, Bud, Grace, Beth)
    • Five Prewett Kids(Char, Maggie, Jim, Gene, Baby Marianne)
    • Six Prewett Kids(Gene, Charlotte, Anne, Maggie, Jim, Baby Carmen)
    • Prewett Family Reunion at Chautauqua Park, Beloit, Kansas
    • Prewett Family 1940 or ‘41(Gene, Charlotte, Anne, Grandpa, Grandma, Jim, Maggie, Beth, Bud, Martha, Grace, Carmen)
    • Prewett(Charlotte, Vance, Jim, Mae, Maggie, Carmen, Grace, Anne, Martha, Beth, Bud)
    • Green Mound Float, 3rd Prize, Beloit County Fair, 1934(Carmen 2nd Row on Right; Martha 1st Row, 2nd from Left)
    • Prewett 1964(Carmen, Martha, Maggie, Beth, Vance, Bud, Mae, Jim, Anne, Charlotte, Maggie—Gene not pictured)
    • Prewettwith Spouses 1964(Donald, Beth, Richard, Joyce, Bud, Ginny, Jim, Anne, Bob, Maggie, Jack, Carmen, Bob, Jim, Martha, Vance, Charlotte, Mae, Grace)
    • Prewett 1964(Carmen, Maggie, Martha, Ida, Beth, Vance, Bud, Mae, Anne, Jim, Grace, Charlotte)
    • Prewett 1969(Carmen, Jim, Charlotte, Bud, Beth, Gene, Maggie, Grace, Mae, Vance, Martha, Marianne)
    • Prewett 1969(Carmen, Grace, Charlotte, Mae, Beth, Vance, Martha, Maggie, Anne, Bud, Jim, Gene)
    • Prewett Girls(Anne, Martha, Charlotte, Beth, Maggie, Carmen, Grace)
    • Prewett Cousins, July 1964(Beth, Linda, Donnie, Rose, Larry, Barbara, Rich, Beverly, Brent, Bruce, Jim, Nancy, Jeff, Jennifer, Tim—Great Grandma Prewett’s (Ida) 90th Birthday)(Not pictured—Bill Roderick and Jack Chapman)
    • Prewett Cousins 1969(Barbara, Beverly, Nancy, Linda, Jack, Beth, Rose, Jeff, Jim, Rich, Jennifer, Tim, Baby Charlotte—Grandpa and Grandma Prewett’s (Vance & Mae) 50th Wedding Anniversary)
    • Vance Prewett World War I
    • Vance WWI
    • Vance Prewett Becomes Stable Sergeant, 1917
    • Camp Funston (Now Fort Riley near Manhattan, KS)
    • Camp Funston
    • Camp Funston
    • Camp Mascot
    • Bridge Building
    • Setting up Camp
    • Camp Tents
    • Camp
    • Mules
    • Camp Life
    • R and R Time
    • Sector of Berry Pass
    • Horses and Wagons
    • Dust Storm
    • Hitched and Ready
    • Sleeping in the Field
    • Wagons
    • Pack Mules and Soldiers
    • Vance Prewett on Right
    • Camp
    • Mounted Unit
    • Countryside View
    • Countryside
    • Presenting the Colors
    • In Formation
    • More Tents
    • France
    • Alsace
    • Wesserling
    • Rheims, France
    • France
    • Trenches
    • No Man’s Land
    • No Man’s Land
    • A Graphic Photo
      Wrapped in silent musing and with melancholy glance,
      Thoughts of future greeting, and a happy home perchance,
      After war is over, and the victor’s arms advance;
      Sits a quiet maiden, and she dreams of long days since
      She parted from her hero who took a soldier’s chance
      And sailed across the ocean to far off shores of France,
      And night and day she’s thinking of her soldier lover—Vance.
    • The Gramps We Remember So Well…[With Shari Vallier (Linda Gilmore’s daughter)—1975]