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  1. 1. Typography 1
  2. 2. Typography 1 theFaculty: Tarundeep GirdherGarima Chaudhary PGDPD DRE, batch: 2011-12 Semester 1 Course Duration: 2 weeks unwinding
  3. 3. Introduction to typograaphy 7 11 Typographics visual portray of a selected character 31 Product logotype 53 On site- Visit to Gopalan Mall 59 Hierarchy: Layout understanding 63 Detailing: Layout refinement 67 Word and Image: Layouts with images 71 Series and Continuity: Refinement 75 Overall learning Contents
  4. 4. 1 Assignment I st ntroductionTypography 1
  5. 5. N Writting name in the The exercise was to write re- The duration of the assignment mother spective names in the respec- was short and upon display tive mother tongues. It was a it provided us with an idea of quick assignment where we how various letter forms of tongue the various languages made were told to use our tools: it a difference. How the specific made us realise that a design- colour chosen by the writer er must carry the basic equip- helped in understanding the ment like cutter, colours and meaning of how his or her ame in similar with him/herself. personality was. The formation of the letter forms also put forthTongue how they could be used toother depict certain meanings. Along with the above, the paper size,M placement of the text and the cut-out spaces helped provide a premature idea of the course content. 9
  6. 6. 2 Assignment T nd ypographic portraitTypography 1
  7. 7. T smart talkative Finding the The exercise included asking The uniqueness of the assign- adjective the batchmates to list down ment provided an excitement one adjective that they associ- with everyone providing ad- intelligent ated with my personality. Of jectives for everyone else. It created an enthusiastic atmos- studious these, one adjective was de- phere which helped release the cided by the course incharge. creative juices. Therefore, even book worm though three assignments were witty sweet introduced the first day itself,ypographic the work was not burdening rather helped in evolving betterP ortrait solutions to the given opportu- cute nity. fashionable knowledgeable 13
  8. 8. T Writting name to Out of all the listed adjectives This process helped in search- Bright c WITTY was chosen. In order ing for the right typeface for the Smart eti portray the adjective: characteristic provided with. witty to find the write typeface for n erg brisk the particular assignment, I Also, it helped me clear out e alert fashi onab first listed down all the words the initial doubts relating to the particular assignment. elegant le relating to witty and tried to find the distinct difference impertinent which made witty witty andypographic not any of the other words.P ortrait 15
  9. 9. T The explorations done have been presented here. These helped me analyse how the explorations formation of each letter made a difference to the way the word was perceived. Since the requirement was to The peculiar spacing provided write the name in a particu- between the two characters lar fashion, it was important altered the meaning to a greatypographic to decide the typeface at the extent.P Also, the posture, weight and ortrait earliest. width of the characters helped put forth a special meaning. The x-heights of various type- faces thus explored during this assignment helped me form a mental image of them which would forever help me in all the work revolving around anything and anywhere. 17
  10. 10. T This would help produce a mysterious effect and the concept 1 intelligent play of the positice and negative would make the typeface look witty. The concept utilised the “figure The first concept I made was ground” principle of gestalt’s to make the letters such that laws. the adjoing letters were mir- The play of the charactersypographic ror images of the negative provided a unique feeling whichP upon reading evoked the feel- ortrait space of the previous letter. ing of discovering and amaze- ment leading to the perception of it being a witty typeface. 19
  11. 11. T This would help provide a uniqueness to the typeface. concept 2 The use of familiar things to reproduce other familar letter forms woudl create a smilar- ity effect and make the viewer realise the duality of the char- acters. The second concept I made The cognitive sense would help was to make the numbers in the process and therefore,ypographic work as letters which would the typeface created wouldP enhance the witty and adapt- provide a witty characteristic ortrait ability quality in the typeface. quality to the subject of study. Garima 6 5 12 1 777 5 21
  12. 12. Typographic 6512 1 7775 digitalization The second concept was final- ised and refinement was the next step. I tried to find theP typefaces similar to the text I ortrait 1 111 required for the same. 1 1 111 1 23
  13. 13. Typographic colour selection Since there is no such colour as witty, it was a struggle to find the correct colour for the Since blue has the quality of being vibrant and too bright (the colour chosen), I selected it since it resembled most of the qualities of witty character.P name to be written in. ortrait 25
  14. 14. 1 111 1T 1 111 1 placement inside the spaceypographic 1 111 1 1 111 1P ortrait 1 111 1 27
  15. 15. Typographic final The final layout has been de- sign to be as on the left side. There are two coloured used following the concept of a chameleon . The M though is a little different in colour but it still camoflages with the other blue similar toP ortrait the way a witty person alligns itself in the crowd. 29