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Digital Portfolio Cv

  1. 1. to view collegiate coursework, please click on each box. thank you… about me art mixed media commercial office project residential kitchen master suite project wyatt adaptive reuse project tenant development project senior display human sciences expansion project exit resume
  2. 2. The image incorporates pastel, colored pencil, and markers to create a life-like replication of a magazine photo. The project taught me about color theory, mixing colors, and utilizing different design media in the process . main menu
  3. 3. Floor plan for a Russian commercial office. The plan features wood floor inlays and a linear layout that promotes authority. A linear layout and space plan was created for easy access to a conference area, sitting area, and executive desk. main menu
  4. 4. The kitchen project introduced me to axonometric drawings and lighting plans. I integrated general, task, and accent lighting through the use of under cabinet lighting, and incandescent can lights. Elevations also convey the cabinetry design better . main menu
  5. 5. The design problem challenged me to create a unique master suite design that reflected a time period in interior architecture. To convey the art nouveau time period, I prepared a rendered perspective, cabinetry elevations, building sections, furniture and finish selections, and a rug design. main menu
  6. 6. This project introduced the concept of office systems design. The goal was to create an exciting corporate concept which portrays a positive forward-thinking image for a successful interior design firm. I first developed a single workstation, then combined four stations to form a team pod, and progressed to designing the entire floor plan for the corporation. The administrations as well as staff spaces were designed for function and aesthetics with custom carpet graphics to facilitate way-finding.   main menu
  7. 7. The project was the first project I undertook with an actual client. The design problem was to renovate the old Wyatt building in downtown Nacogdoches into residential lofts for professionals. My teammates and I developed two unique staircases for the apartments as well as an ADA compliant single-level apartment. Other project highlights were the integration of game rooms and offices. This project required interior and exterior elevations, reflected ceiling plans, electrical plans, and section drawings.   main menu
  8. 8. The display was created out of 6 perpendicular pieces of plywood. The design provided ample space and a creative space to display my college work. main menu
  9. 9. CAD drawing of early childhood lab building where we placed 2 departments. The human sciences expansion project was our final senior group project. The project included CAD work, space planning, and final presentation boards. Teams were to create a solution that would solve how 6 different majors should use and share 3 buildings efficiently. main menu
  10. 10. A select few drawings, ceramics, and paintings. I minored in art with an emphasis in ceramics. However, as part of the art curriculum, I took color theory and drawing classes as well. above: ‘buried in my books’- ceramic ossuary urn with custom glazes, advanced ceramics color theory- experiment. I used every paint that was left on my palette to create this. below: advanced ceramics. Raku vase with glaze below: rose. experimenting with water color. Color theory right: charcoal still life. drawing I. SFA art right: raku bowl with raku glaze. main menu
  11. 11. contact information: email: [email_address] phone: 832.364.5680 address: 20219 Timber Ridge Dr. Magnolia, TX 77355 College Attended: Stephen F. Austin State University Major: Interior Design Minor: Art (emphasis in ceramics) main menu
  12. 12. main menu