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Miranda Adams' Interior Design portfolio

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  1. 1. Table of Contents • Rivers’Loft • 3-Dimensional Design • Drawing • Music Studio • Southfield Restaurant • Office Design • Painting • Sunset Lounge • Marker Rendering Restaurant • Computer Rendering • Resume
  2. 2. Rivers’Loft This project was the proposed renovation of a 22’ downtown loft into an apartment space for a retired couple that were downsizing and moving from the suburbs into the city. They were socially active and did a lot of entertaining. They also worked from home and needed two separate office spaces, and a guest room for visiting relatives. The needs also included a master suite, gourmet kitchen and storage for 20 cases of wine. Existing artwork and furniture were incorporated into the design including a Barcelona chair, Eames recliner, Johnson Wax desk, Mission style table and chairs, and art deco bed. They loved the high ceilings of the loft and wanted the ‘ openness’ the space be kept as much as possible. I met all of these of requirements by adding a second floor over half of the space; the 22’ ceilings are still present in the living/dining area.
  3. 3. Living Room The 22’ ceilings were kept through the living/dining room. Adequate wine storage was built underneath the stairs and was accessible from the living room and kitchen. A bar area was also custom built between these two areas. The décor was kept modern with clean lines and a black and cream color palette. A red accent wall was added at one end to add color and interest to the space.
  4. 4. Master Bedroom Because an art deco bed was to be incorporated into this space, the art deco theme was kept throughout and soft, relaxing colors of beige, brown and turquoise were paired with mirrored furniture and accessories. The bed was accented even more by hanging framed mirrors above the bed.
  5. 5. Computer Rendering
  6. 6. Drawing
  7. 7. Southfield Restaurant The goal of this project was to design the interior of a restaurant that would be a warm, inviting atmosphere. All working drawings were done by hand, as well as all renderings.
  8. 8. Painting
  9. 9. Marker Rendering
  10. 10. Computer Rendering 2008 Rochester Philharmonic Rendering of Sofa designed by Orchestra Symphony Show House, Marcel Breuer rendering for Antonia Orlando
  11. 11. Computer Renderings of Office Design Finished Office
  12. 12. 3 Dimensional Design I have learned that inspiration can come from anywhere; whether it is nature, fashion, literature, or everyday living. While working as a microbiologist in a hospital laboratory, I occasionally found myself inspired by the shapes that certain bacteria and yeasts would form while growing. I later used this inspiration to design a light fixture of a 3-Dimensional design class.
  13. 13. Right: An ‘ armored’sculpture Bottom: A series of sculptures made from ‘ found’ objects
  14. 14. Music Studio This is a garage renovation into a music studio for a guitar instructor. An open, multi-level plan with a handicapped accessible restroom and the ability to access it from both levels was necessary. 60’ vintage s rock and a neutral color scheme were also requested. Vinyl wallcoverings, acoustical ceiling tiles, carpet and moveable partitions were used to meet the client’ s needs.
  15. 15. 300 State Street Office The goal of this project was to design an office space for 10-15 people that would share restrooms with an adjacent restaurant and would comply with all current building codes. The rendered view is of the entry area into the space.
  16. 16. The Sunset Lounge This is an upscale, tropical restaurant that shares a restroom with an office space. It caters to working professionals and features a take-out area. The floor plan features a long, focal bench and tables, private booths, a separate bar area adjacent to the patio and a private area for large parties.
  17. 17. Neutral colors are accented by tropical prints. Booths contain glass panels for added privacy and are accented with a natural, woven sea grass wallpaper and tropical prints.
  18. 18. Large back to back benches are the focal point and main seating area. They are backed by mirrored panels and planter boxes. This reflects light and adds privacy.
  19. 19. Mirrored shelving reflect both light and a large mural opposite the bar. Large wooden slat blinds are used for light control and mimic tropical wooden shutters.
  20. 20. Miranda K. Adams 5 Fairhill Drive Rochester, NY 14618 (585) 356-2516 miranda2@rochester.rr.com Career Statement: A rewarding career in design that encourages growth and advancement and has constant opportunities for learning. Skills and Abilities: Computer Skills: Conveying ideas using Microsoft Office such as Word, Excell, and Powerpoint. Use of Vectorworks drafting program to create visual representations of two dimensional floor plans as well as three dimensional perspective views. Interpersonal: Effectively communicate vision through presentation boards, demonstrations, renderings and one on one conversation. Great ability to get along with peers and have been an integral part in helping them grow in their careers. Goal-Oriented: Maintained Dean’ List and excellent attendance record while working full time. Keep task-minded under s pressure and time constraints in a high volume environment. Successfully taking an idea from concept to reality. Attention to detail: High concern with quality while maintaining efficiency. Work is orderly, attractive and completed in a timely manner. Application: Skillfully apply professional knowledge and life skills to determine solutions to difficult problems. Excellent ability to quickly learn, comprehend and apply new techniques and concepts. Flexible: Learning new methods and working toward completion of larger challenges. Ability to adjust schedule and change plans as necessary through a project. Resourceful: Pulling inspiration from a variety of sources and styles to create one unique, cohesive design. Internship: January 2008 Designers Library Gain familiarity with wide variety of fabrics and furnishings Maintaining aesthetics of a showroom Updating product pricing and sample inventory Assist designers in choosing materials compatible with their design vision Educational Background: May 2008 Associate Degree in Interior Design Monroe Community College GPA 3.892 Member of International Honor Society Phi Theta Kappa Student member of American Society of Interior Design (ASID) May 2002 Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology Clarion University of Pennsylvania GPA 3.34
  21. 21. Miranda Adams Interior Designer 5 Fairhill Drive Rochester, NY 14618 Phone: 585.356.2516 E-mail: miranda2@rochester.rr.com