Virginia's ARRA Intercity and High Speed Rail Program - Fall 2009
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Virginia's ARRA Intercity and High Speed Rail Program - Fall 2009

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  • 1. Virginia’s ARRA Intercity and High Speed Rail Program and g p g Application Barbara W. Reese Deputy Director of Policy Office f G Offi of Governor Timothy M. Kaine Ti th M K i Fall 2009
  • 2. Intercity Rail/High Speed Rail Development is Not New to Virginia Since the 1990s, work has been underway to develop and enhance intercity passenger rail service In 2002, a Task Force, which includes VRE, was formed to advance its development At the same time, improvements to commuter rail were also being made and VRE service was clearly demonstrating citizen interest in highway alternatives For hi h F high speed rail, Vi i i geographically i i a unique d il Virginia hi ll is in i position because it is the link between the existing Northeast Corridor intercity rail service and the developing Southeast High Speed Rail Corridor 2
  • 3. High Speed Rail Today: Northeast Corridor Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor 3
  • 4. Southeast High Speed Rail Corridor Naval Naval Base Base NIT North NIT South 4
  • 5. Virginia’s Rail Efforts In the last four years, Virginia has taken a number of steps that have accelerated passenger and intercity rail services, including – Creation of the dedicated Rail Enhancement Fund – Establishment of clear public policy goals for funding projects – Establishment of return on investment/public benefit models E t bli h t f t i t t/ bli b fit d l – Fostering relationships with all rail partners – VRE, CSX, NS, Amtrak -- to address problems and deliver projects using the best b t service d li i delivery modeld l – Adoption of the Statewide Rail Plan and Resource Allocation Plan in 2008 that establishes priorities Passenger and Intercity Rail project priorities were established in these Plans 5
  • 6. Commuter & Intercity Passenger Rail Projects Naval Base $1.5 Billion Richmond/Petersburg to DC High Speed Rail (90 mph) $ $300 - $800 Million Richmond to Hampton Roads High Speed Rail $303 Million Commuter Rail Improvements $170 Million I 81/Rt 29 Corridor Passenger Rail I-81/Rt $797 Million Southeast High Speed Rail Petersburg to N.C. Line 6
  • 7. Federal Focus on Passenger/Intercity Rail Has Accelerated The federal adoption in October 2008 of the Rail Safety Improvement Act (including the Passenger Rail Investment and Improvement Act) was the first step I t t dI t A t) th fi t t The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act’s $8 Act s billion is the first federal investment in making a nationwide high speed rail network viable – only those corridors f d ll approved can apply id federally d l Because of the Commonwealth and its partners’ work in partners the last decade, we have a strong competitive foundation 7
  • 8. Vision for High Speed Rail in the US 8
  • 9. Federal Railroad Administration’s ARRA Intercity and High Speed Rail Application Process June 2009 - Interim Guidance Released July 2009 – Pre-Applications Submitted August 24, 2009 – T k 1a submission – R d t G A t 24 Track 1 b i i Ready to Go Projects – Arkendale to Powell’s Creek meets federal definition – 11.4 miles of third track – almost all in Prince William County October 2, 2009 – Track 2 submission – High Speed Rail Corridor Program of Projects 9
  • 10. Priority High Speed Rail Projects Washington, D.C. to Petersburg Corridor Washington, D.C. to Alexandria (AF) 4thMain line section through Alexandria – 6 miles Alexandria Station ADA Improvements 2nd Platforms at VRE Crystal City Station Alexandria (AF) to Fredericksburg (FB) 3rd Main line sections Dalghren to Franconia – 38 miles 2nd Platforms/extensions at VRE Lorton, Rippon, Brook, Leeland, Woodbridge, and Franconia Fredericksburg (FB) to Richmond (GN) 3rd Main line sections Fredericksburg to Richmond – 32 miles 4th Main line section Fredericksburg to Mine Road – 5 miles Richmond (GN) to Main Street Sta. Area Acca Yard improvements in 2 Phases – 6 miles South Acca to Main Street Sta/Area/Fulton/Platforms – 13 miles Main Street Station to Petersburg/Collier Main Street to Centralia Track and Signal @ 79MPH – 11 miles Washington, D C Washington D.C. to Richmond Corridor Long Track curve geometry, crossover, and signal system upgrade 10
  • 11. Next Steps Complete Track 2 Application Requesting Resolutions and Letters of Support from Program Partners, Regional and Local Governments, Business Community Also, begin operation of additional Amtrak service to g p Lynchburg on October 1, 2009 11
  • 12. Virginia’s ARRA Intercity and High Speed Rail Program and g p g Application Barbara W. Reese (804) 225 4803 225-4803