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Avancos brochure consulting


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Avancos brochure consulting

  2. 2. IF YOU CAN’TSEE THEBIG PICTURE?Avancos gives you the big picture by providing big data about yourindustry to help you develop the right workforce and business strategiesto stay ahead of the curve.
  3. 3. OUR INSIGHTKEEPS YOUAHEAD OFTHE CURVE.Advanced Insight™ ConsultingCompetitive recruitment process development.With Advanced Insight™ Consulting, Avancos works with businesses todevelop tailored solutions to seamlessly integrate within their strategy,process, and culture. Through the Advanced Insight™ Intelligence servicepowered by the Avancos Intelligence MAP™ (Market Analysis Profile),Avancos is able to provide an innovative approach to develop businesses’recruitment processes. This innovative approach is our Recruitment 3.0philosophy, which addresses the four pillars upon which a high performingtalent acquisition organization should be built upon.
  4. 4. High Performing Talent Acquisition ProgramsAre Built Upon Four Pillars OPTIMAL TALENT ACQUISITION PROGRAM (STRATEGY) ACCESS TO RELATIONSHIPS BRAND TALENT PROCESS (External/Internal) Important Trends In the Industry That Avancos Addesses In Recruitment Process Development Increase in time to hire for hard to fill openings due to the knowledge TOOLS workforce shortage. Mismatch between the talentThese pillars are assessed by our STEPP™ (Strategy, Tools, Engagement, available and the skills required toPeople, & Process) methodology to identify areas of strength and areas fill open positions.of improvement in order to optimize each pillar. Finding and retaining key talent.When Avancos applies this criteria to organizations, we can then identifythe areas of improvement separately and as a whole in order to attract and Intelligent leaders preparing forhire the best talent. This in turn drives the highest Return on Recruitment the future market recovery.Investment (RRI).
  5. 5. BETTER Optimize Your PerformanceINSIGHT.BETTER 60% 60% 60% 30% 30% 30% 30% 30% 30%DECISIONS. Improved Reduced Improved the Time Cost the Quality Per Hire Per Hire of HireBETTER Avancos has provided value creation products and services to over 100 companies globally,TALENT. including: 2 of the world’s largest banking institutions 2 of the top 5 global consulting firmsThe Avancos Difference 2 of the largest engineering solutions companiesAvancos is dedicated to build and grow companies in Over 15 of the world’s top 500 mostan ever evolving business environment. The Avancos respected firms.process provides big data and intelligence about yourindustry and the people who are advancing it, as wellas discovery of industry knowledge and insight toadvance your business to its full potential.
  6. 6. ADVANCINGBEYONDTALENT. Advanced Insight™ TOMER Advanced Insight™ CUS Intelligence Consulting Rediscover your industry, Competitive recruitment advance your business. process development.Managed Services Talent AcquisitionAdaptive and powerful Expand your access to findoutsourced recruitment. the best talent by viewing the entire landscape.
  7. 7. Americaswww.avancos-global.comIndianapolis Columbus Spain India Scandinavia Germany UK China advancing potential