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Transportation engineering


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It is short description of about Transportation engineering.It mainly in respect of Bangladesh .

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Transportation engineering

  1. 1. Prepared by: Md.Aminul Islam Student No:1004061 Section:A2 Dept.: Civil Engineering
  2. 2. Civil Engineering • Make a lasting, positive improvement in the human society. • Improve the quality of life millions . • Improve the environment that surrounds them. • Improve in the life stile with built high raise building. • The world's most iconic structures were built by civil engineers. • Civil engineers design and build the systems that bring us water and power. • Civil engineers build mass transit.
  3. 3. Division of Civil Engineering Transportation Engineering Environmental Engineering Geotechnical Engineering Structural Engineering
  4. 4. Transportation Engineering Objective of Transportation Engineering: Ensuring Safe, rapid, comfortable, convenient, economical, and environmentally compatible movement of people and goods. Developed a great communication system. Minimize losses of time and money from traffic jam.
  5. 5. Tasks of a Transport Engineer: Planning Functional design Operation Management of facilities Transportation Engineering
  6. 6. Transportation Engineering : Main domain Highway Railway Airway Waterway PipelineSpace
  7. 7. Present condition Only 8% remain instead of having 25% road area 15000 corer taka loss per year Traffic jam Losses oil, gas, and damage engine Losses huge time •2 corer people live Dhaka •Daily increase 300 vehicles
  8. 8. Highway Railway Total network:2835km East Zone:1300km West Zone: 1535 km total bridges:3,650 total stations: 454 Connected district :44 Hardinge Bridge1.81 km Road length by classification National Highway : 3,544.06 Km Regional Highway : 4,278.07 Km Zilla Road : 13,659.13 Km Total Length : 21,481.25 Km Bridges & Culvert Bridges : 7643 Culvert : 13751 Jamuna bridge
  9. 9. Waterway Airway Length of inland waterways 24,000 km Length of navigable waterways Monsoon Dry season 5968 km. 3865 km Least available depth range 3.90 m to 1.50 m. Annual water discharge. 1400 billion cubic meter Annual quantum of silt (Source: BWDB) 2.5 billion tons. No. of passenger carried (In year) 87.80 million. Quantum of cargo carried(In year). 0.58 million ton International airports : 3 Domestic airports :8 Short Take-off and Landing ports: 6 Unused Airports: 9
  10. 10. My challenge Minimize traffic jam. Minimize Road accident. Minimize losses of time , energy, and economy. MRT SYSTEM
  11. 11. My action  Complete my graduation in transportation engineering.  Get post-graduation and PhD from abroad university.  Come back and join RHD or Bridges Division