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Space 134 - Potential for Transit Connections

By integrating local and regional transit connections into the Space 134 project, we visitors and residents may benefit from a greater range of mobility options.

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Space 134 - Potential for Transit Connections

  1. 1. REGIONAL TRANSIT CONNECTIONS W W W. S PA C E 1 3 4 . O R G WHAT IS RAPID TRANSIT? STUDYING TRANSIT IN GLENDALE 1968 1992 2014 PC: Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority PC: Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority PC: Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority PC: Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority A rapid transit line between the San Fernando Valley, Burbank, Glendale and Pasadena has been studied for decades. For Space 134, rapid transit could be built in three phases: Frequent, all-day rapid bus Bus rapid transit with a station in the freeway median Light rail transit system with a station in the freeway median Bus signal priority over other vehicles Lower floors & fewer stops means shorter travel times by as much as 29 percent In 2014, Metro completed a study for a Countywide BRT system with the goal to improve travel time and schedule reliability. The North Hollywood to Pasadena corridor was highly recommended for BRT and a feasibility and operational design assessment is currently underway. This would connect the North Hollywood Metro Red/Orange Line Station to the City of Pasadena via the 134 Freeway. By integrating transit into Space 134, residents and visitors will receive a greater range of efficient mobility options. BRT buses have similar benefits as Rapid buses, but... BRT buses travel on a fully-dedicated right- of-way to avoid traffic congestion Uses dedicated rail lines as opposed to being confined to driving on streets Faster travel times often than Rapid buses and BRT buses Metro Rapid Bus CURRENTLY (2015) PREVIOUSLY Metro Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Metro Light Rail Transit (LRT) BUILDING RAPID TRANSIT 1 2 3
  2. 2. W W W. S PA C E 1 3 4 . O R G LOCAL TRANSIT CONNECTIONS DESIGNING A MOBILITY HUB FOR SPACE 134 CONNECTING TO SPACE 134 PC: PC: Metropolitan Transit Authority PC: Patrick J Buckley PC: Venus Kitastojgawasic PC: GTD Aquitaine CENTRAL BRAND WHAT IS A MOBILITY HUB? BRT/LRT TO BURBANK BRT/LRT TO PASADENA Long-term: Station in freeway median under Space 134 Short-term: Stops on Goode & Sanchez by Space 134 METRO RAPID (780) TO PASADENA METRORAPID(780)TOHOLLYWOOD METRO/BEELINE LOCALBUS/SHUTTLE STOCKER WILSON BROADWAY GLENOAKS BRAND CENTRAL RE TAIL CO RE 3/4-MILE(15MINUTEWALK) NORTH Regional BRT or light rail would connect to local buses and shuttles at Space 134. MOBILITY HUB POSSIBLE LOCATION Long Beach Bikestation Electric Vehicle Parking Metro Station Under FreewayProposed North Hollywood Mobility Hub Prototype Metro Bikeshare Pod WHICH SERVICES WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE? WHAT COULD IT LOOK LIKE? Mobility hubs are inter-modal transit stations that offer a range of transportation options for its users. The concentration of services has the benefit of seamless transferring between different modes. With the potential of rapid transit coming to Glendale, Space 134 can be designed with a mobility hub! TAP NEXT BUS 04 MIN BIKESTATION w/ bike parking, repair, rentals INFORMATIONAL KIOSK w/ trip-planning services BIKE SHARE STATION WI-FI SERVICE TRANSIT CARD SALES OUTLET ADA ACCESSIBLE RESTROOMS REAL-TIME ARRIVAL INFORMATION ELECTRIC VEHICLE w/ charging station TAXI / E-HAIL STANDS (Uber/Lyft) CAFE CARPOOLS / VANPOOLS MARKET OTHERCARSHARING SHORT-TERM SCOOTER RENTAL PICK-UP / DROP-OFF ZONES (“kiss-and-ride”) ? SPACE 134 ( = “I dislike it” = “Maybe” = “I love it!”) Not to Scale