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The Grade 5/6 students reflect on what 'compassion' means to them.

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  1. 1. By Grade 5/6 2013 WHAT IS COMPASSION?
  2. 2. “If someone is hurt, I’d be there to cheer them up because I feel compassion for them” Joseph “It’s a little act for everyone. Everyone can participate. Compassion is world wide” Joshua
  3. 3. “Making someone feel the way they deserve to feel. Everyone deserves to feel happy and proud of themselves” Alisha “If someone was really happy, you would feel happy for them” Callum
  4. 4. “Caring about someone” Nathan “Feeling for someone else, being independent and caring for others” Madison C
  5. 5. “When you feel the same thing as someone else, you’re feeling what they’re feeling” Elena “It’s like an election where other people can make you feel the same as them” Kynan
  6. 6. “You care about someone” Rhiana “Caring for others in their time of need” Tyson
  7. 7. “Reaching out and helping others when they need it” Jennifer “Finding someone who needs your love and helping them” James
  8. 8. “When you see something that doesn’t look right, or someone going through something, you do something. You stay with them” Katia “Helping others. Loving, caring, service” Jasper
  9. 9. “When someone is giving for others” Ricky “You feel for others in a deep way” Luca
  10. 10. “Feeling for someone other than yourself” Dane “It’s using many different ways to care for other people and yourself” Harry
  11. 11. “When you feel the same feelings as someone and you help them through it” Gianni “Feeling the other person’s feeling and expressing it yourself” Paris
  12. 12. “Feeling for or with other people no matter if they are sad or happy” Reeya “Caring for and looking after someone” Jackson
  13. 13. “If someone’s feeling sad, you feel it too” Samuel “You feel for someone else so much that you have to help them” Lachlan
  14. 14. “Love for another person” John-Robert “A feeling that makes your life warmer and leaves others with a warm feeling” Kristine
  15. 15. “You see people sad and you want to set them free” Sally “Feeling for someone, whether they are happy or unhappy, you join their mood” Gemma
  16. 16. “Helping someone who needs your help even if you don’t like them” Panashe “You see someone hurt or left out and you help them” Dane
  17. 17. “You relate to them and feel it even if it’s never happened to you” Joely “Feeling for others how they feel and comforting them” Emily
  18. 18. “You’re doing good for someone and for yourself” Luana “You see someone upset and you have the courage to do something about it” Madison O
  19. 19. “Standing up for another person because you do something for them and you feel really pleased” Lauren “Caring for someone else and being like Jesus” Finley
  20. 20. “You help someone move away from a bad situation” Jordan “Feeling for someone deeply, you do something about it” Christian
  21. 21. “You can really see deeply inside someone, you feel for them and want to really do something” Angeline “Feeling for someone and caring for them” Matthew
  22. 22. “It’s about helping others and seeing how they’re feeling” Chanlyn “Feel something for other people and think what you can do for them” Peter