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  • $4.2 Billion Company2nd Largest Self Storage Company in USA2500 Employees937 LocationsLargest publically held company headquartered in UT(CLICK)
  • Swim Lane marketingTypical set up for inhouse and data follows suit (in separate lanes)Those in agencies deal with this as wellDisparate data setsEach channel working on their own metrics (we’ve all been there or still are…) What happens as we look cross channel?(CLICK)More touch points and assists from all channelsThe day of last click is over.(CLICK)
  • “At EXR we have create a cross channel attribution system by integrating all our data, leveraging our web analytics systems”Take data from siloed systems and brining it into one system“We can see a visitor from first click through to move out across all channels, calls and all.Calculating actual revenue and customer ltv cross channel: paid search, SEO, Email, Mobile, Call Center, OfflineAttribuite revenue to the channel (CLICK) Q
  • When you see the whole pool, you can work together to maximize yeild, everything buildsUse the data to understand user behavior and the interactions between channels.Cross channelCall Center, online, offlineCross platformPhone, tablets, laptopsDrive actual business goals revenue, LTV, Lost opportunities from gaps in the marketing mix.Here are some examplesof where we have used this…. (CLICK)
  • Integrating call center data drove our paid search mobile program.Last year was the “Year” for mobile at Extra Space+400% increase in callsWent from 0% to 35% of total PPC spend90% are call conversionsWe were able to make the investment into mobile and first Huge benefits
  • LTV by weekMemorial day (CLICK) vs Labor Day (CLICK)Changed everything the industry knew about when to advertise.Wont see EXR spending extra $$
  • Put it together: How you can get the best customers to maximize yeildRun through the scenario in 2 minutes
  • I am trying to show with this slide the ability to segment a zip code further by age and gender and then understand their LTV to EXR. This should also show the ability to create more and more segment meaning we can be more and more precise with our targeting.
  • “This is what happens today when someone comes to our site”If you are a 45-55 Male, make targeted experience
  • When this person shows up on the website, knowing they have a greater life time value we can offer them a discount (price or promotion) in order to ensure we get them as a customerFollow this to the call center and then the facility
  • Slcsem slides 3 20-13

    1. 1. Analytics and AttributionSLCSEM 3/20/2013
    2. 2. • $4.2 Billion Company• 2nd Largest Self Storage Company in USA• 2500 Employees• 937 Locations• Largest publically held company headquartered inUT
    3. 3. Where We’re Going• Cross Channel Attribution Application• Leveraging analytics data for real timedecisions
    4. 4. Swim Lane Marketing
    5. 5. Where’s the Data?
    6. 6. Data IntegrationSocial Media Scores & DataSocio-Demographic DataWebsite AnalyticsCMSPaid SearchPhone ConversionsCall CenterSEO RankingsCustomer SurveysExpensesCompetitive DataBingGoogleEmailCensus DataPricing & Promotion DataDataWarehouse
    7. 7. How It Helped Mobile0%20%40%60%80%100%Jan12Feb12Mar12Apr12May12Jun12Jul12Aug12Sep12Oct12Nov12Dec12Jan13SpendDesktopMobile
    8. 8. LTV Seasonality0200400600800100012001400050010001500200025002 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53MeanLTV/MedianLTVCustomerCountWeek NumberLifetime Value (Rent * Length of Stay) adjusted for increasesCustomer Count Mean LTV Median LTV
    9. 9. 94303LTV $1037Find the Most Valuable Customers94025LTV $96394301LTV $103394303LTV $1037
    10. 10. Segment By: DemographicAGE LTV25-35 -12%35-45 +2%45-55 +10%55-65 -6%65+ +7%AGE LTV25-35 -8%35-45 +3%45-55 -5%55-65 -1%65+ +8%
    11. 11. Segment By: Demographic45-55-5%45-55+10%
    12. 12. 45-55+10%Segment By: Demographic
    13. 13. Analytics and AttributionSLCSEM 3/20/2013Cameron
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