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Younan Properties Zaya Younan


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Zaya Younan, CEO of Younan Properties

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Younan Properties Zaya Younan

  1. 1. Younan Properties<br />A Real Estate Investment Industry Leader <br />
  2. 2. ZayaYounan founded his successful real estate investment firm, Younan Properties, in California in 2002. Since launching the company, Younan has directed its path of unabated growth for eight years. Strategic acquisitions and careful efficiency controls lie at the heart of Younan’s approach. The firm has now attained a portfolio of over 1.5 billion, and owns eleven million square feet of Class “A” office space properties positioned in flourishing markets. Younan has been recognized by Real Estate Forum as a CEO to watch. The Forum also recognized Younan Properties by placing the company on its “Top 100” list in 2007. <br />
  3. 3. Chairman of Younan Properties, ZayaYounan, Brings Efficiency to Leadership Role<br />Efficiency, flexibility, careful asset management and strategic acquisitions have been the hallmarks of ZayaYounan, CEO and Chairman of Younan Properties, Inc, ever since he founded the real estate investment company in 2002. Bringing decades of leadership to the table as a turnaround expert for Fortune 500 Companies such as Johnson Controls, TRW, and General Motors, Younan embraced the unique challenges of the office real estate industry and dove right in. His success has been remarkable, and now his company has recently been honored by Real Estate Forum by appearing on its list of Top 100 performers in the industry. <br />
  4. 4. ZayaYounan has Brought Innovative Changes to The Real Estate Investment Industry<br />ZayaYounan, CEO and Chairman of Younan Properties, Inc, has brought innovative changes to the entire industry of office real estate investment. When he founded the company in 2002, he came from a background as a turnaround expert, holding top executive positions with Fortune 500 Companies such as TRW, Johnson Controls and General Motors. His experience provided him with unique insight into the operations side of business management. That, combined with flexibility in the face of market trends and an eye for efficiency control, put him in good standing when he entered the business and began the process of asset management. <br />
  5. 5. CEO ZayaYounan Has Been Recognized for an Exemplary industry Leadership Position <br />Real Estate Forum honored Younan in 2007 by naming him on its list of CEOs to watch. Three years later, Younan’s company is still growing and showing no signs of slowing down. Younan properties is now worth more than 1.5 billion dollars and owns prime office real estate in the best markets in the US. Younan’s success is credited to his belief in adaptability and his strong fundamental business strategies. <br />
  6. 6. Younan Properties, INC.<br />