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  • 1. Errol Farley’s
  • 2. La Habana
    This province of Cuba holds it’s most important port, surrounds it’s most important city, leads Cuba's economic center. and is home to nearly half of Cuba’s overall population
  • 3. Havana was founded in 1515 and then 40 years later it was attacked by the pirate Jacques de Sores. He burned down as much of the city as he could but failed to leave with their fortune. The Spanish Crown decided to build fortresses in all of Cuba’s main cities and surround their merchant vessels with the Spanish Armada.
  • 4. Havana ranked as the third largest city in the America’s behind Lima and Mexico city and ahead of Boston and New York halfway through the 18th century with over 70,000 citizens.
  • 5. In 1762 the British invaded the coast to the east of Havana with 50 ships and 11,000 men. Within two months they killed Havana’s leader, seized La Punta heights and then the city formally surrendered. After the Spanish regained the city two years later they fortified it as the most protected city in the Americas.
  • 6. Cuba is a prime example of the shifts in the worlds power over the past 500 years. First it was founded by the Spanish empire until they lost it to the British and then it was dominated by the United States after a ship was sunk and the excuse to invade had been secured.
  • 7. Havana is located in a tropical region called the Caribbean. It’s temperatures rarely go below 50 degrees F and the Island hasn’t been on record to even have had a night that got down to the freezing point. Havana is subject to have its walls ravished by Hurricanes from time to time but enjoys a mostly sunny climate all year long.