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verbes français traduits en anglais
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verbes français traduits en anglais


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Traduction des verbes français en anglais. …

Traduction des verbes français en anglais.
Conjugaison en anglais :

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  • 1. L s eb srn as na gas e v r e f çie n li aTa u t nd s rd ci e ovre f n aseb sr çi a e a gas n n li vre f n as eb sr çi a ta ute a gas rd i n n li s Ma aa kr É io s dt n i
  • 2. Les verbes français en anglaisTraduction des verbes français en anglais. 3000 verbes français traduits en anglais.
  • 3. Traduction des verbes français en anglais – 3000 verbes français traduits en anglaisPublié par :Makara Éditions24 rue de Bonald12000 Rodez © Makara Éditions – Pierre Elemento.Tous droits réservés. Toute reproduction, même partielle du contenu, de la couverture oudes images, par quelque procédé que ce soit (électronique, photocopie ou autre) est interditesans autorisation par écrit de la maison déditions Makara Éditions. Le code de la propriétéintellectuelle interdit les copies ou reproductions destinées à une utilisation collective. Toutereprésentation ou reproduction intégrale ou partielle faite par quelque procédé que ce soit,sans le consentement de lauteur est illicite et constitue une contrefaçon sanctionnée par lesarticles L335-2 et suivants du Code de la propriété intellectuelle.Dépôt légal : Janvier 2011Nous nous efforçons de publier des ouvrages qui correspondent à vos attentes et votresatisfaction est pour nous une priorité. Alors nhésitez pas à nous faire part de voscommentaires : conjugaison@makara-editions.comAuteur : Pierre ElementoMise en page : Pierre ElementoImprimé en France
  • 4. Les verbes français en anglaisTraduction des verbes français en anglais. 3000 verbes français traduits en anglais.Auteur : Pierre Elemento - Publication : Makara Éditions.
  • 5. abaisser→ to lower, to abase, to abridge, to bring down, to couch, to cry down, to cut up, to debase,to decrease, to degrade, to demean, to demolish, to deprave, to destroy, to diminish, todiscredit, to downsize, to draw, to humble, to humiliate, to lessen, to let down, to look down,to mortify, to pull down, to pull to pieces, to put down, to reduce, to roll out, to ruin, to rundown, to shrink, to streak, to wreck, to write downabandonner→ to abandon, to give up, to desert, to fail, to forsake, to leave, to quit, to relinquish, torenounce, to retire, to surrenderabasourdir→ to alarm, to astound, to dumbfound, to flabbergast, to numb, to stagger, to startle, to stun,to stupefy, to take abackabâtardir→ to bastardize, to cause to degenerateabattre→ to chop down, to kill, to knock down, to fell, to put down, to shoot dead, to shoot down, toslaughter, to slayabdiquer→ to abdicate, to accommodate, to assign, to cede, to drop, to give way, to grant, to resign, tosubmit, to yieldabêtir→ to dull, to stultify
  • 6. abhorrer→ to abhor, to abominate, to detest, to loatheabîmer→ to damage, to deteriorate, to ruinabjurer→ to abjure, to recant, to abnegate, to deny, to disavow, to forswear, to refuse, to renounce,to swear off, to torecantabolir→ to abolishabominer→ to abhor, to abominate, to detest, to loatheabonder→ to aboundabonner→ to subscribeaborder→ to approach, to reach land, to touch on, to accost, to address, to attach, to begin, to berth,to bring up, to broach, to collide with, to commence, to crash into, to deal with, to hitch on, tohook on, to land, to start, to tackleaboutir
  • 7. → to be successfull, to lead to, to result in, to abut, to accomplish, to achieve, to adjoin, toalight, to amount, to arrive at, to attain, to bring, to channel, to conduct, to drive, to emerge,to exit, to get, to go out, to guide, to lead, to leave, to quit, to reach, to result, to wageaboyer→ to barkabréger→ to cut short, to abbreviate, to abridge, to abstract, to curtail, to decrease, to diminish, toease, to lessen, to outline, to recapitulate, to shorten, to shrink, to summarizeabreuver→ to dampen, to drench, to flood, to irrigate, to overwhelm, to swamp, to waterabriter→ to shelterabroger→ to repeal, to abrogate, to annul, to nullify, to rescind, to voidabrutir→ to stultify, to make brutishabsenter→ to take time off, to absent, to leaveabsorber→ to absorb, to engross, to preoccupy, to sip, to swallow
  • 8. absoudre→ to absolve, to acquitabstenir→ to abstain, to refrain fromabstraire→ to abstractabuser→ to abuse, to go too faraccabler→ to overburden, to overload, to overwhelmaccaparer→ to monopolize, to absorb, to corner, to corner the market, to engross, to preoccupyaccéder→ to access, to gain access to, to agree to, to reachaccélérer→ to accelerate, to hurryaccentuer→ to accentuate, to become more pronounced, to emphasize, to highlight, to put the stress on,to stress, to underlineaccepter
  • 9. → to accept, to agree to do, to accredit, to admit, to receiveaccessoiriser→ to accessorizeacclamer→ to acclaim, to applaud, to hailacclimater→ to acclimate, to acclimatizeaccommoder→ to accommodate, to adapt, to adjust, to arrange, to array, to fix up, to gearaccompagner→ to accompany, to escortaccomplir→ to accomplish, to carry out, to abide, to abide by, to achieve, to execute, to exercise, tofulfil, to keep, to meet, to observe, to performaccorder→ to bring into agreement, to attune, to bring into accord, to grant, to reconcile, to square,to tuneaccoster→ to go up to, to mooraccoucher
  • 10. → to give birthaccouder→ to leanaccoutumer→ to accustom, to acclimatizeaccréditer→ to accreditaccréter→ to décr:éteraccrocher→ to hang, to hang up, to hook up, to attach, to cling to, to couple, to hitch on, to hook on, tosecure, to stick toaccroupir→ to squat downaccueillir→ to welcome, to accept, to accredit, to admit, to catch, to get, to hail, to have, to receiveacculturer→ to acculturateaccumuler→ to accumulate, to build up, to heap, to pile up, to stack
  • 11. accuser→ to accuse, to denounceacétyler→ to acetylateacharner→ to strive to do, to fiercely attack, to persecute, to stubbornly attackacheter→ to buy, to purchase, to take overachever→ to finish off, to complete, to end, to finalize, to finishacidifier→ to acidifyacquérir→ to acquire, to buy, to gain, to get, to obtain, to purchase, to secure, to take overacquiescer→ to agreeacquitter→ to acquit, to absolve, to cancel, to clear, to pay off, to squareacter→ to write down
  • 12. actionner→ to activate, to actuate, to driveactiver→ to activate, to get a move on, to kindle, to rekindle, to speed upactualiser→ to refresh, to updateadapter→ to adapt, to fit toadditionner→ to add, to add up, to build up, to cast up, to tot upadhérer→ to adhereadjoindre→ to adjoin, to add, to appendadjuger→ to adjudge, to allocate, to allot, to appoint, to assign, to earmark, to subpoena, tosummonsadmettre→ to admit, to accede, to accept, to accredit, to acquiesce, to agree, to allow, to allow in, toassent, to consent, to permit, to receive
  • 13. administrer→ to administer, to manageadmirer→ to admire, to look up toadmonester→ to admonishadonner→ to devoteadopter→ to adoptadorer→ to adore, to worshipadosser→ to lean againstadoucir→ to soften, to allay, to blunt, to dull, to smooth, to sweetenadresser→ to address, to be aimed at, to remit, to send, to speak to, to submit, to transmitaduler→ to adulate
  • 14. adultérer→ to adulterateaérer→ to aerate, to air out, to air, to fan, to ventilateaffabuler→ to make up storiesaffaiblir→ to weaken, to enfeeble, to fadeaffaler→ to flop downaffamer→ to be starving, to starveaffecter→ to affect, to attitudinize, to feign, to influence, to move, to pose, to put on airs, to stirafficher→ to display, to postaffiler→ to sharpen, to whetaffiner→ to refine
  • 15. affirmer→ to affirm, to assert, to assent, to aver, to say yes, to stateaffliger→ to afflictaffoler→ to panicaffranchir→ to apply postage, to put a stamp on, to emancipate, to exempt, to free, to prepay, to stampaffronter→ to confront, to abut, to address, to clash, to face, to meet, to oppose, to stand up to, towithstandaffûter→ to sharpen, to whetagacer→ to annoy, to aggravate, to arouse, to exasperate, to excite, to incite, to irk, to irritate, toprovoke, to rouse, to set on edge, to stir upagencer→ to arrange, to disposeagenouiller→ to kneel, to kneel down
  • 16. agglomérer→ to agglomerate, to fuse, to massagglutiner→ to agglutinate, to clump together, to bond, to paste, to paste up, to placard, to post, to postupaggraver→ to aggravate, to get worse, to accentuate, to blow up, to heightenagir→ to actagiter→ to agitate, to flap, to shake, to waveagoniser→ to agonize, to be dying, to be in agony, to be near deathagrafer→ to clasp, to fasten, to hook, to stapleagrandir→ to aggrandize, to enlarge, to amplify, to augment, to grow, to increase, to magnify, to stepupagréer→ to accept, to accredit, to admit, to receive
  • 17. agréger→ to aggregateagresser→ to attack, to assault, to commit aggressionagripper→ to grab, to clutch, to grasp, to gripaider→ to help, to accommodate, to advance, to aid, to assist, to attend to, to avail, to benefit, tosupportaiguiser→ to sharpen, to hone, to whetaimanter→ to magnetizeaimer→ to like, to love, to appreciate, to cherish, to enjoy, to fancy, to have a high regard for, toprize, to think highly of, to think well ofajourner→ to adjourn, to defer, to delay, to postpone, to procrastinate, to put off, to shelveajouter→ to add
  • 18. ajuster→ to adjust, to fit, to accommodate, to adapt, to gearalarmer→ to alarm, to raise the alarm, to sound the alarmalcaliniser→ to alkalizealerter→ to alert, to warn, to alarm, to caution, to raise the alarm, to sound the alarmaliéner→ to alienatealigner→ to align, to line upalimenter→ to feed, to foster, to nourish, to nurture, to supplyallaiter→ to breastfeed, to sucklealléger→ to lightenaller→ to go, to drive, to ride, to travel, to wend
  • 19. allier→ to alloy, to connect, to interconnect, to join, to liaiseallonger→ to lengthen, to lie down, to stretch outallouer→ to allocate, to allot, to appoint, to assign, to earmarkallumer→ to light, to turn onalourdir→ to weigh downalphabétiser→ to alphabetize, to eliminate illiteracyaltérer→ to alteralterner→ to alternateamadouer→ to adulate, to coax, to flatteramalgamer→ to amalgamate
  • 20. amasser→ to amass, to gain, to gather, to pile upambitionner→ to covetaméliorer→ to improve, to ameliorate, to amend, to better, to enhance, to upgradeaménager→ to fit outamener→ to bring, to convene, to fetch, to get, to lead, to lower, to take, to take alongaméricaniser→ to Americanize, to americanizeamincir→ to make slimmeramoindrir→ to abridge, to decrease, to diminish, to ease, to lessen, to shrinkamollir→ to softenamorcer→ to boot
  • 21. amortir→ to amortize, to dampen, to deaden, to softenamplifier→ to amplify, to enlargeamputer→ to amputateamuser→ to amuse, to enjoy, to entertain, to make laugh, to playanalyser→ to analyze, to assay, to construe, to parseancrer→ to anchoranéantir→ to annihilate, to devastateanesthésier→ to anesthetizeangliciser→ to anglicizeangoisser→ to anguish
  • 22. animer→ to animate, to come to life, to presentaniser→ to arrangeankyloser→ to go numbannihiler→ to annihilateannoncer→ to announce, to advertise, to give notice ofannoter→ to annotateannualiser→ to annualizeannuler→ to cancel, to abolish, to annul, to drop, to lift, to negate, to nullify, to repeal, to rescindanodiser→ to anodizeanticiper→ to anticipate, to expect, to think ahead
  • 23. antidater→ to backdateapaiser→ to appease, to soothe, to allay, to assuage, to calm, to pacify, to quiet, to quieten, to stillapercevoir→ to see, to catch sight of, to descry, to detect, to espy, to glimpse, to note, to notice that, toperceive, to realize that, to remark, to sight, to spot, to spyaplanir→ to smooth outaplatir→ to flatten, to squashapostasier→ to apostatizeapparaître→ to appearappartenir→ to belong, to belong to, to appertain, to pertainappauvrir→ to impoverishappeler
  • 24. → to call, to summonapplaudir→ to applaud, to acclaim, to clapappliquer→ to apply, to add, to administer, to append, to assign, to attach, to employ, to enforce, tolay, to lay down, to make use of, to paste, to place, to practice, to put, to put down, to put on,to put onto, to set, to turn to account, to useapporter→ to bring, to bring along, to fetch, to take, to take alongapposer→ to affixapprécier→ to appreciate, to like, to appraise, to assay, to assess, to enjoy, to esteem, to estimate, toevaluate, to fancy, to gauge, to have a high regard for, to highly of, to judge, to love, to prize,to rate, to think, to think highly of, to think well of, to valueappréhender→ to apprehendapprendre→ to learn, to figure out, to instruct, to teachapprêter→ to be about to do
  • 25. apprivoiser→ to tameapprocher→ to approach, to get nearer, to move nearerapprofondir→ to deepenapprouver→ to approve, to authorize, to countenance, to endorse, to sanctionapprovisionner→ to provision, to stock up, to supplyappuyer→ to lean, to support, to back, to lean against, to press, to push, to put, to stand byarabiser→ to Arabize, to arabizearbitrer→ to arbitrate, to referre, to umpirearmer→ to arm, to reinforcearnaquer→ to rip off, to dupe, to swindle, to swizz
  • 26. aromatiser→ to flavorarpéger→ to arpeggiatearracher→ to tear out, to eradicate, to pull out, to snatch from, to uprootarranger→ to arrange, to arrange to do, to array, to fix up, to get better, to suitarrêter→ to quit, to stop, to apprehend, to arrest, to detain, to end, to nick, to stop doingarrimer→ to stowarriver→ to arrive, to happen, to get to, to succeed to doarrondir→ to round, to round down, to round off, to round uparroser→ to water, to shower, to sprinklearticuler→ to articulate
  • 27. aseptiser→ to sanitizeasperger→ to sprayasphyxier→ to asphyxiateaspirer→ to ache, to ache for, to aspirate, to aspire, to aspire to, to breathe in, to hope for, to inhale,to long, to long for, to suck up, to yearnassaillir→ to assail, to assault, to attack, to rip, to strafeassaisonner→ to season, to flavor, to spiceassassiner→ to assassinate, to murder, to killassembler→ to assemble, to build, to combine, to compose, to construct, to convene, to draught, to puttogether, to take alongasseoir→ to sit down, to be seated, to seat
  • 28. asservir→ to enslaveassiéger→ to lay siege, to beleaguer, to beset, to besiegeassigner→ to assign, to allocate, to allot, to appoint, to earmark, to subpoena, to summonsassimiler→ to assimilate, to equateassister→ to assist, to attend, to watchassocier→ to associate, to connect, to joinassombrir→ to darkenassommer→ to knock out, to knock unconscious, to stunassoupir→ to put to sleepassourdir→ to damp, to deaden, to deafen, to muffle, to mute
  • 29. assumer→ to assume, to take onassurer→ to assure, to ensure, to insure, to accept, to affirm, to certify, to secure, to underwriteastiquer→ to polishastreindre→ to compel, to constrainatomiser→ to atomizeatrophier→ to atrophyattacher→ to attach, to tie up, to affix, to appoint, to associate, to become attached, to bind, to bond,to connect, to determine, to fasten, to fix, to join, to link, to moor, to secure, to set, to stick, totether, to tie onattaquer→ to attack, to aggress, to assail, to assault, to commit aggression, to impugn, to rip, tostrafe, to tackleattarder→ to linger
  • 30. atteindre→ to achieve, to hit, to reach, to accomplish, to arrive at, to attain, to catch, to encounter, tofind, to get, to run across, to run up against, to score, to strikeattendre→ to wait, to await, to be expecting, to expect, to wait forattenter→ to attemptatténuer→ to mitigate, to attenuateatterrir→ to land, to alight, to beach, to touch downattester→ to attest, to bear witness of, to certify, to testify, to vouch, to witnessattirer→ to attract, to draw, to appeal to, to decoy, to entice, to induce, to lure, to persuadeattiser→ to stir upattraper→ to catch, to apprehend, to captivate, to capture, to grab, to grapple, to seize, to trapattribuer
  • 31. → to assign, to award to, to allocate, to allot, to attribute, to earmark, to subpoena, tosummonsattrister→ to afflict, to distress, to grieveauditer→ to auditauditionner→ to auditionaugmenter→ to increase, to raise, to accrue, to aggrandize, to amplify, to augment, to enlarge, to grow,to heighten, to increase up, to magnify, to rise, to step up, to waxaurifier→ to aim:erausculter→ to self-imposedauthentifier→ to authenticateautodétruire→ to self-destructautofinancer
  • 32. → to self-financeautomatiser→ to automateautopsier→ to autopsyautoriser→ to allow, to authorize, to empower, to entitle, to give permission to, to warrantavaler→ to swallow, to downavancer→ to move forward, to advance, to go ahead, to go forward, to precede, to progressaventurer→ to adventure out, to hazard, to risk, to ventureavertir→ to warn, to alert, to cautionaveugler→ to dazzleavoir→ to have, to have got, to be caught out, to be conned, to cheat, to deceive, to get
  • 33. avorter→ to miscarry, to abortavouer→ to admit, to approve, to avow, to confessaxiomatiser→ to axiomatizebabiller→ to babblebafouer→ to boo, to deride, to hoot, to jeer, to jibe, to make fun of, to mock, to scoff, to tauntbafouiller→ to falter, to mumble, to stammer, to stutterbâfrer→ to wolfbagarrer→ to fight, to scrap, to scufflebaigner→ to bathebailler→ to yawn, to bail, to hand
  • 34. bâiller→ to yawnbâillonner→ to gag, to muzzle, to silencebaisser→ to bend down, to go down, to lower, to descend, to drop, to sinkbalader→ to go to a drive, to go to a walk, to strollbalancer→ to swing, to balance, to nod, to rock, to snitch, to squeal, to waverbalayer→ to sweep, to whiskbalkaniser→ to balkanizebanaliser→ to trivializebannir→ to ban, to banish, to exilebaptiser→ to baptize, to christen, to nickname
  • 35. barrer→ to bar, to block, to cross out, to dam, to delete, to exclude, to lock, to obstruct, to stem, tostrike outbasculer→ to flip, to seesawbaser→ to basebatailler→ to battle, to contend, to fight, to strive, to strugglebatifoler→ to frolicbâtir→ to build, to constructbattre→ to beat, to fightbavarder→ to chat, to babble, to chatterbaver→ to drool, to salivatebéatifier
  • 36. → to beatifybégayer→ to stutterbêler→ to bleatbénéficier→ to benefit, to profitbénir→ to bless, to consecrate, to ordainbercer→ to cradle, to lull, to rockberner→ to hoaxbeugler→ to moobeurrer→ to butterbiaiser→ to skew
  • 37. bifurquer→ to branch offbivouaquer→ to bivouacblackbouler→ to blackballblâmer→ to blameblanchir→ to launder, to whitenblasonner→ to emblazonblasphémer→ to blasphemeblesser→ to hurt, to injure, to maul, to woundbloquer→ to block, to jamblottir→ to snuggle
  • 38. bluffer→ to bluffbluter→ to bolt clothboire→ to drink, to soak upboiser→ to be afforestedboiter→ to limpbolchéviser→ to bolshevisebombarder→ to bombard, to bomb, to shell, to strafebondir→ to pouncebotteler→ to bunchboucher→ to butcher
  • 39. boucler→ to buckle, to gird, to zonebouder→ to sulk, to disregard, to ignore, to poutbouger→ to movebouillir→ to boilbouleverser→ to move deeply, to upsetboulonner→ to boltbourlinguer→ to backpackbousculer→ to jostlebousiller→ to screw upboycotter→ to boycott
  • 40. braiser→ to braisebrancher→ to plug in, to connect, to put in, to switch on, to turn onbrandir→ to brandish, to beat, to flourish, to wave, to wave about, to wieldbraser→ to solder pastebraver→ to bravebredouiller→ to stammerbreveter→ to patentbricoler→ to tinker, to do odd job, to fix upbrider→ to rein inbriller→ to shine, to glow, to polish
  • 41. briser→ to break, to breach, to crack, to crush, to dash, to destroy, to shatter, to smashbrocher→ to broachbroder→ to embroiderbronzer→ to tanbrosser→ to brushbroyer→ to grind, to crush, to pound, to pulverizebrûler→ to burnbrutaliser→ to brutalizebudgéter→ to budgetbudgétiser→ to budget
  • 42. câbler→ to wire, to plug incacher→ to hide, to bury, to conceal, to dissemble, to secretecadrer→ to center, to fit, to framecailler→ to curdlecajoler→ to cajolecalculer→ to calculate, to account, to add up, to count, to figure, to number, to plan, to reckon, totally, to work outcalfeutrer→ to caulkcalibrer→ to calibratecâliner→ to cuddlecalmer
  • 43. → to calm down, to soothecalomnier→ to backbite, to defame, to libel, to malign, to slander, to vilifycalquer→ to tracecambrioler→ to burglarize, to burglecamoufler→ to camouflagecamper→ to campcanaliser→ to channelcannibaliser→ to cannibalizecanoniser→ to canonicalize, to canonizecapituler→ to capitulate, to surrender
  • 44. capoter→ to roll overcapsuler→ to encapsulatecapter→ to pick up, to capturecaptiver→ to absorb, to captivate, to engross, to preoccupycapturer→ to capture, to apprehend, to captivate, to catch, to grab, to grapple, to seize, to trapcaracoler→ to prancecaractériser→ to characterizecaraméliser→ to caramelise, to caramelizecarburer→ to be carburettedcaresser→ to caress
  • 45. casser→ to breakcastrer→ to castratecatalyser→ to catalyzecatapulter→ to catapultcatéchiser→ to catechizecatégoriser→ to categorizecauchemarder→ to have a nightmarecauser→ to cause, to chat, to cause to take place, to give, to gossip, to hold, to inflict, to organize,to pose, to provoke, to result in, to rise to, to stage, to wreakcautériser→ to cauterizecautionner
  • 46. → to guarantee, to vouch, to warrantcaviarder→ to redactcéder→ to accommodate, to assign, to cede, to give, to give way, to grant, to yieldcélébrer→ to celebrate, to officiatecensurer→ to censorcentraliser→ to centralizecentrer→ to center, to focuscentrifuger→ to centrifugecerner→ to surroundcertifier→ to certify, to affirm, to assure, to ensure
  • 47. cesser→ to abate, to cease, to conclude, to end, to finish, to quit, to stop, to terminatechahuter→ to hecklechamailler→ to bickerchambouler→ to turn upside downchanger→ to change, to alter, to amend, to convert, to shift, to turnchanter→ to singchaperonner→ to chaperonecharger→ to load, to put in charge, to appoint, to assign, to authorize, to charge, to commision, toentrust, to instructcharmer→ to charmchasser
  • 48. → to hunt, to chasechatouiller→ to ticklechauffer→ to heat, to stoke, to warm upchavirer→ to capsizechercher→ to look for, to search, to seek, to be after, to go after, to search forchérir→ to cherishchevaucher→ to ridechier→ to shitchiffrer→ to cipherchoisir→ to choose, to elect, to opt, to pick out
  • 49. choquer→ to shock, to appal, to horrifychorégraphier→ to choreographchoyer→ to pamper, to cherish, to coddle, to indulge, to petchristianiser→ to christianizechronométrer→ to timechuchoter→ to whispercibler→ to targetcicatriser→ to scarcirconcire→ to circumcisecirculariser→ to circularize
  • 50. circuler→ to circulate, to go around, to be about, to circle, to circumvent, to get about, to go round,to movecirer→ to wax, to polishciter→ to quote, to adduce, to citeciviliser→ to civilizeclaquer→ to bang, to clap, to clatter, to click, to crack, to rattle, to slam, to snapclarifier→ to clarifyclasser→ to classify, to organizeclassifier→ to classifyclavarder→ to chatcligner
  • 51. → to blink, to squintclignoter→ to flashcliquer→ to clickcliver→ to cleavecloner→ to cloneclôturer→ to fence offclouer→ to nailcoacher→ to coachcoaguler→ to coagulatecoasser→ to croak
  • 52. cocher→ to check off, to tick offcoder→ to encode, to codecodifier→ to codifycofinancer→ to co-financecogérer→ to co-managecogiter→ to cogitatecogner→ to bang, to conk, to hit, to knockcoincer→ to jam, to stick, to wedgecoïncider→ to coincide, to agree, to match, to overlapcollaborer→ to collaborate
  • 53. collationner→ to collatecollectionner→ to collect, to assemble, to gather, to pick up, to raisecollectiviser→ to collectivizecoller→ to paste, to stick, to glue, to paste up, to placard, to post, to post upcoloniser→ to colonizecolorer→ to colorcolorier→ to colorcoloriser→ to colorizecolporter→ to peddlecombattre→ to fight, to battle, to contend, to strive, to struggle
  • 54. combiner→ to combine, to mixcombler→ to fillcommander→ to command, to order, to dictatecommémorer→ to commemoratecommencer→ to begin, to start, to commencecommenter→ to comment, to comment oncommercialiser→ to commercialize, to sellcommettre→ to commitcommuer→ to commutecommuniquer→ to communicate, to get across, to impart, to put across, to report
  • 55. comparer→ to compare, to likencompartimenter→ to compartmentalizecompenser→ to compensate, to atone, to indemnify, to make up, to redress, to reimbursecompiler→ to compilecomplaire→ to luxuriatecompléter→ to complete, to complement, to consummate, to fill, to fill in, to fill up, to finish, to imbue,to permeatecomplexer→ to complexcomplexifier→ to complexifycomplimenter→ to complimentcompliquer
  • 56. → to complicatecomporter→ to consist ofcomposer→ to compose, to dial, to create, to typeset, to writecomprendre→ to understand, to appreciate, to apprehend, to catch, to comprehend, to consist of, torealize, to seecompresser→ to compresscomprimer→ to compresscomptabiliser→ to account, to add up, to calculate, to count, to figure, to number, to reckon, to tally, towork outcompter→ to count, to account, to add up, to calculate, to figure, to number, to reckon, to tally, towork outconcéder→ to concede
  • 57. concélébrer→ to concelebrateconcentrer→ to concentrate, to focusconceptualiser→ to conceptualizeconcerner→ to concernconcevoir→ to conceive, to designconcilier→ to reconcileconclure→ to conclude, to abstract, to find, to gather, to induce, to inferconcocter→ to concoctconcourir→ to compete, to contend, to rival, to vieconcurrencer→ to compete, to compete with
  • 58. condamner→ to condemn, to sentencecondenser→ to condensecondescendre→ to condescendconditionner→ to conditionconduire→ to drive, to bring, to channel, to conduct, to guide, to lead, to steer, to wageconférer→ to conferconfesser→ to confess, to acknowledge, to admit, to avow, to concede, to professconfier→ to confide, to commend, to consign, to entrust, to have confidence in, to trustconfigurer→ to configureconfiner→ to confine
  • 59. confirmer→ to confirm, to acknowledge, to affirm, to corroborate, to establish, to upholdconfisquer→ to confiscateconfluer→ to flow intoconfondre→ to confound, to confuseconformer→ to comply withconfronter→ to confrontcongédier→ to dismiss, to lay offcongeler→ to freezecongratuler→ to congratulateconjoindre→ to conjoin
  • 60. conjuguer→ to conjugateconnaître→ to knowconnecter→ to connect, to assemble, to connect up, to plug inconquérir→ to conquerconsacrer→ to consecrateconseiller→ to advise, to recommendconsentir→ to consent, to assentconserver→ to conserve, to cache, to keep, to maintain, to preserve, to save, to storeconsidérer→ to consider, to account, to look on, to ponder, to reflect, to regard, to take into accountconsister→ to consist of
  • 61. consoler→ to comfort, to consoleconsolider→ to consolidateconsommer→ to consume, to consummate, to use upconspirer→ to conspireconstater→ to notice, to affirm, to ascertain, to establish, to note, to take noteconstituer→ to make up, to consist of, to constituteconstitutionnaliser→ to constitutionalizeconstruire→ to build, to construct, to makeconsulter→ to consult, to referenceconsumer→ to consume, to use up (en)
  • 62. contacter→ to contactcontaminer→ to contaminate, to infectcontempler→ to contemplate, to look atconteneuriser→ to containerizecontenir→ to containcontester→ to challenge, to dispute, to contest, to impugn, to protest, to questioncontextualiser→ to contextualizecontinuer→ to continue, to keep on, to endure, to go on, to last, to maintain, to persist, to proceedwith, to sustain, to wearcontourner→ to go round, to bypasscontractualiser
  • 63. → to complete contractcontraindre→ to compel, to constrain, to assert, to coerce, to force, to thrustcontraster→ to contrastcontre-attaquer→ to counterattack, to strike backcontrecarrer→ to counteractcontredire→ to contradictcontrer→ to countercontresigner→ to countersigncontrevenir→ to violatecontribuer→ to contribute, to input
  • 64. contrôler→ to check, to control, to administer, to inspectconvaincre→ to convince, to persuadeconvenir→ to suit, to be suitable, to fitconverger→ to convergeconvertir→ to convertconvoiter→ to covetconvoyer→ to convoyconvulser→ to convulsecoopérer→ to cooperatecoopter→ to co-opt
  • 65. coordonner→ to coordinatecopier→ to copy, to imitatecoproduire→ to co-producecopuler→ to copulatecorréler→ to correlatecorrespondre→ to correspond, to match, to adhere, to agree, to coincide, to comply, to conformcorriger→ to correctcorroborer→ to corroboratecorroder→ to corrodecorrompre→ to corrupt, to bribe, to suborn
  • 66. cosigner→ to co-sign, to cosigncoucher→ to go to bed, to lay down, to put to bed, to sleepcoudre→ to sew, to quilt, to stitchcouler→ to flow, to sink, to flood, to streamcouper→ to cutcourber→ to curve, to bendcourir→ to runcouronner→ to top itcourt-circuiter→ to shuntcourtiser→ to woo, to court
  • 67. coûter→ to costcouver→ to brood, to incubatecouvrir→ to covercracher→ to spitcraindre→ to be afraid, to fearcrapahuter→ to trudgecraquer→ to crak, to clatter, to crackle, to creak, to splitcréditer→ to creditcréer→ to create, to producecreuser→ to dig
  • 68. crever→ to burstcrier→ to cry, to scream, to shoutcriminaliser→ to criminalizecristalliser→ to crystallizecritiquer→ to criticizecroire→ to believe, to account, to accredit, to acknowledge, to admit, to avow, to concede, to deem,to recognize, to thinkcroiser→ to cross, to passcroître→ to grow, to waxcroquer→ to crunch, to be crunchycrucifier
  • 69. → to crucifycrypter→ to encryptcueillir→ to pick, to gather, to pluck, to tear offcuire→ to cook, to bakecuisiner→ to cookcultiver→ to cultivate, to growcuver→ to sleep offcycliser→ to cyclizedaigner→ to condescend, to deign, to vouchsafedandiner→ to waddle
  • 70. danser→ to dancedater→ to date, to date fromdéballer→ to unpackdébanaliser→ to de-normalisedébarder→ to log skiddersdébarrasser→ to get rid, to get rid of, to cleardébattre→ to agitate, to arouse, to discuss, to incite, to stir updébaucher→ to entice awaydébiter→ to debitdébloquer→ to unblock, to unjam
  • 71. déboguer→ to debugdéborder→ to overflow, to spill overdébosseler→ to bumpdéboucher→ to unblock, to opendéboucler→ to unfastendéboutonner→ to unbuttondébrancher→ to unplugdébrayer→ to disengagedébrouiller→ to descrambledébroussailler→ to clear brush
  • 72. débusquer→ to flush outdébuter→ to begin, to commence, to startdécaisser→ to disbursedécanter→ to decantdécapiter→ to decapitatedécapsuler→ to uncapdécéder→ to pass awaydécélérer→ to deceleratedécentraliser→ to decentralizedécentrer→ to decentre
  • 73. décerner→ to award todécevoir→ to disappoint, to deceive, to underwhelmdécharger→ to unloaddéchaumer→ to dethatchdéchiffrer→ to decipherdéchiqueter→ to shreddéchirer→ to teardéchristianiser→ to de-Christianizedécider→ to decide, to adjudicate, to choose, to determine, to resolve, to settledécimer→ to decimate
  • 74. déclarer→ to declare, to adjudge, to profess, to pronounce, to report, to rule, to statedéclasser→ to downgradedéclencher→ to set off, to triggerdécliner→ to declinedécoder→ to decodedécoller→ to take off, to unstickdécoloniser→ to decolonizedécompenser→ to decompensatedécompresser→ to decompress, to unpackdéconcentrer→ to deconcentrate
  • 75. décongeler→ to thawdéconnecter→ to disconnect, to log outdéconsidérer→ to bring into disreputedéconstruire→ to deconstructdécontaminer→ to decontaminatedécorer→ to decoratedécouper→ to cut up, to carve, to cut out, to slicedécoupler→ to decoupledécourager→ to discouragedécouvrir→ to discover
  • 76. décrasser→ to unclogdécrémenter→ to decrementdécréter→ to decreedécrier→ to decrydécriminaliser→ to decriminalizedécrire→ to describedécroiser→ to uncrossdécroître→ to decreasedécrypter→ to decipher, to decryptdédier→ to dedicate, to devote
  • 77. dédifférencier→ to dedifferentiatedédouaner→ to clear customsdéduire→ to deduce, to deductdéfaire→ to undo, to disarrangedéfendre→ to defenddéféquer→ to defecatedéfier→ to challengedéfigurer→ to deface, to disfiguredéfiler→ to scroll, to scroll throughdéfinir→ to define
  • 78. défolier→ to defoliatedéformer→ to deform, to distortdéfouler→ to let off steamdéfroquer→ to disrobedégénérer→ to degenerate, to escalatedéglacer→ to deglazedégonfler→ to deflatedégoupiller→ to unpindégrader→ to degrade, to demotedégraisser→ to degrease
  • 79. dégréer→ to de-rigdégriser→ to sober updéguiser→ to disguise, to dress updéifier→ to deifydéjeuner→ to dine, to lunch, to eat, to feeddéléguer→ to delegate, to appointdélibérer→ to deliberatedélier→ to unlinkdélimiter→ to delineatedélirer→ to be delirious
  • 80. délivrer→ to release, to free, to issue, to liberatedéloger→ to dislodgedémagnétiser→ to demagnetizedemander→ to ask, to ask for, to demand, to inquire, to request, to wonderdémanteler→ to dismantledémarcher→ to canvassdémarquer→ to stand outdémarrer→ to startdémasquer→ to unmaskdématérialiser→ to dematerialize
  • 81. démêler→ to untangledémembrer→ to dismemberdéménager→ to move away, to move outdémentir→ to deny, to refutedemeurer→ to abide, to linger, to live, to remain, to staydémilitariser→ to demilitarizedéminer→ to clear minesdémissionner→ to resigndémobiliser→ to demobilizedémocratiser→ to democratize
  • 82. démolir→ to demolish, to break down, to destroy, to pull down, to quash, to take downdémonter→ to dismount, to take apartdémontrer→ to demonstrate, to attest, to bear witness of, to certify, to prove, to testify, to vouch, towitnessdémoraliser→ to demoralizedémotiver→ to demotivatedémouler→ to unmolddémurer→ to un-walldémystifier→ to demystifydénationaliser→ to denationalizedénaturaliser
  • 83. → to denaturalizedénigrer→ to denigratedénitrifier→ to denitrifydénoncer→ to denounce, to leak, to rat, to snitchdenteler→ to pinkdépanner→ to bail out, to troubleshootdépasser→ to pass, to exceed, to overtake, to surpassdépêcher→ to hurry up, to hastendépeindre→ to portraydépendre→ to depend, to rely
  • 84. dépenser→ to spend, to exert, to expenddépersonnaliser→ to depersonalizedépeupler→ to depopulatedépiler→ to unstackdéplacer→ to displace, to movedéplaire→ to displease, to be unpleasantdéplier→ to unfolddéplorer→ to deploredéployer→ to deploy, to roll out, to spread outdépolariser→ to depolarize
  • 85. dépolitiser→ to depoliticizedépolymériser→ to depolymerizedéposer→ to file, to put down, to deposedéposséder→ to dispossessdépoussiérer→ to dust offdépraver→ to depravedéprécier→ to depreciatedépressuriser→ to depressurizedéprimer→ to be depressed, to depressdéprogrammer→ to unschedule
  • 86. dépuceler→ to deflowerdépurer→ to depuratedéraciner→ to uprootdérailler→ to deraildéranger→ to disturb, to bother, to disarrange, to disarray, to mess up, to perturb, to put into disarraydéraper→ to go awry, to skiddérégler→ to go wrong, to put out of orderdériver→ to derive, to divertdérouler→ to unfolddérouter→ to faze
  • 87. désabonner→ to unsubscribedésaccoutumer→ to quit habitdésacraliser→ to desecratedésactiver→ to deactivate, to disabledésaérer→ to de-aeratedésaffecter→ to decommissiondésaligner→ to misaligndésamorcer→ to defusedésapprendre→ to unlearndésapprouver→ to disapprove
  • 88. désarmer→ to disarmdésarticuler→ to disarticulatedésassembler→ to disassembledésavouer→ to disowndescendre→ to come down, to get off, to go downdésenchanter→ to disenchantdésendetter→ to deleverage, to get out of debtdésengager→ to disengagedésensibiliser→ to desensitizedésenvelopper→ to De-envelopment
  • 89. déséquilibrer→ to unbalancedéséquiper→ to unequipdéserter→ to desertdésespérer→ to despairdésexualiser→ to desexualizedéshabiller→ to undressdéshériter→ to disinheritdéshonorer→ to dishonourdéshumaniser→ to dehumanizedéshumidifier→ to dehumidify
  • 90. déshydrater→ to dehydratedésigner→ to designate, to point outdésincorporer→ to unembeddésindexer→ to de-indexdésinfecter→ to disinfectdésintégrer→ to disintegratedésinvestir→ to disinvestdésinviter→ to disinvitedésirer→ to desiredésobéir→ to disobey
  • 91. désodoriser→ to deodorizedésoperculer→ to uncapdésorbiter→ to deorbitdesseller→ to unsaddledessiner→ to drawdessouder→ to desolderdéstabiliser→ to destabilizedésunir→ to disunitedétacher→ to detach, to untie, to uncouple, to unfastendétartrer→ to decalcify, to descale
  • 92. détecter→ to detectdéteindre→ to rub offdétendre→ to relaxdétériorer→ to deteriorate, to damage, to harm, to hurt, to impair, to injure, to mutilate, to spoil, tovitiatedéterminer→ to determinedéterrer→ to dig updétester→ to detest, to abhor, to abominate, to dislike, to loathedétordre→ to untwistdétourer→ to clipdétourner
  • 93. → to divert, to turn away, to deflect, to sidetrack, to twistdétromper→ to disabusedétrôner→ to dethronedétruire→ to destroy, to dash, to demolish, to overthrow, to quash, to ruindévaloriser→ to devaluedévaster→ to devastatedévelopper→ to develop, to growdevenir→ to becomedéverrouiller→ to unlockdévêtir→ to undress
  • 94. deviner→ to guess, to conceive, to divine, to estimate, to surmisedévisager→ to look intently atdévisser→ to unscrewdévoiler→ to unveildevoir→ to have to, to must, to owedévorer→ to devour, to consume, to eat updévouer→ to devotediagnostiquer→ to diagnosediagonaliser→ to diagonalizedialyser→ to dialyze
  • 95. dicter→ to dictate, to infuse, to inspire, to promptdiffamer→ to defame, to backbite, to libel, to malign, to slander, to vilifydifférencier→ to differentiatedifférer→ to delaydiffracter→ to diffractdiffuser→ to broadcast, to disseminate, to diffuse, to transmitdigérer→ to digestdigitaliser→ to digitalizedilacérer→ to comminutedilapider→ to embezzle, to misappropriate, to squander
  • 96. dilater→ to dilatediluer→ to dilute, to adulteratedimensionner→ to resize, to size, to dimensiondiminuer→ to decrease, to diminishdîner→ to dine, to have dinner, to have lunchdire→ to say, to telldiriger→ to lead, to manage, to go forwarddiscerner→ to discerndiscipliner→ to disciplinediscréditer→ to discredit, to debunk
  • 97. discrétiser→ to discretizediscriminer→ to discriminatedisculper→ to clear, to exculpatediscuter→ to discuss, to discut, to talk, to chatdisparaître→ to disappeardispenser→ to dispense, to excuse, to exemptdisperser→ to disperse, to scatterdisposer→ to have at disposal, to arrange, to array, to attune, to fix up, to have available, to tunedisputer→ to challenge, to compete, to contest, to dispute, to fight, to protest, to questiondisqualifier→ to disqualify
  • 98. disséminer→ to disseminatedisséquer→ to dissectdisserter→ to discourse, to expatiatedissimuler→ to dissimulate, to hidedissiper→ to dispel, to dissipate, to chase away, to disperse, to squander, to wastedissocier→ to dissociate, to take apartdissoudre→ to dissolvedissuader→ to dissuadedistiller→ to distil, to distilldistinguer→ to distinguish
  • 99. distordre→ to distortdistraire→ to distract, to amuse, to entertaindistribuer→ to distribute, to administer, to allocate, to apportion, to deal, to deliver, to give out, tohand rounddivaguer→ to ramblediverger→ to divergediversifier→ to diversifydivertir→ to distract, to entertaindiviser→ to divide, to separate, to sharedivorcer→ to divorcedivulguer
  • 100. → to disclose, to divulgedocumenter→ to documentdogmatiser→ to dogmatizedomestiquer→ to domesticatedominer→ to dominate, to beat, to defeat, to exceed, to excel, to outclass, to outscore, to outshine, tooverride, to predominate, to surpassdompter→ to tamedonner→ to give, to donatedoper→ to dopedorer→ to gilddorloter→ to be pampered
  • 101. dormir→ to sleep, to be asleepdoser→ to be assayeddoter→ to donate, to endowdouble-cliquer→ to double-clickdoubler→ to doubledoucher→ to showerdouter→ to doubt, to questiondraguer→ to chat up, to court, to hit ondrainer→ to draindramatiser→ to dramatise, to dramatize
  • 102. dresser→ to even out, to hold, to make out, to put up, to set up, to stand, to straight, to straighten, totraindribbler→ to dribbledroguer→ to drug, to take drugduper→ to dupedupliquer→ to duplicatedurcir→ to harden, to season, to steel, to temper, to toughendurer→ to last, to continue, to endure, to keep on, to persist, to wearébaucher→ to create a stub, to draft, to outline, to sketchéblouir→ to dazzleébouler
  • 103. → to collapse, to crumble, to crumpleécarter→ to move away, to spreadéchanger→ to exchange, to interchange, to share, to swap, to switchéchantillonner→ to sampleéchapper→ to avoid, to escape, to fleeéchauffer→ to warm upéchelonner→ to staggeréchouer→ to failéclaircir→ to brighten, to make lighter, to clarify, to clear up, to lighten, to make clear, to thinéclairer→ to light, to lighten
  • 104. éclater→ to burst, to explodeéclipser→ to overshadowéclore→ to hatchéconomiser→ to economize, to save, to spareécorcher→ to scratchécorer→ to decorateécosser→ to shell peasécouler→ to flowécouter→ to listen, to listen toécraser→ to crush, to run over, to stub out
  • 105. écrire→ to writeédifier→ to edifyéditer→ to edit, to issue, to publishéditorialiser→ to editorializeéduquer→ to educate, to breed, to bring up, to raise, to reareffacer→ to erase, to clear, to delete, to rub out, to wipe, to wipe off, to wipe outeffectuer→ to carry out, to perform, to complete, to makeeffilocher→ to frayeffondrer→ to collapseeffrayer→ to frighten, to startle
  • 106. égaler→ to equal, to make equalégaliser→ to equalizeégarer→ to get lost, to lostégratigner→ to grazeéjaculer→ to ejaculateéjecter→ to ejectélargir→ to expand, to widen, to let outélectrifier→ to electrifyélectrocuter→ to electrocuteélever→ to add up to, to breed, to bring up, to rise
  • 107. éliminer→ to eliminateélire→ to elect, to ballot, to poll, to voteéloigner→ to move awayélucider→ to elucidateémanciper→ to emancipateémaner→ to emanate, to arise, to spring, to well, to well upémasculer→ to emasculateemballer→ to wrap upembarquer→ to board, to embark onembarrasser→ to embarrass
  • 108. embaucher→ to hire, to recruit, to employ, to engageembaumer→ to embalmembellir→ to beautify, to embellish, to flatterembêter→ to annoyembobiner→ to bamboozleemboîter→ to follow suitembosser→ to embossemboutir→ to embossembrasser→ to kissembrayer→ to engage the clutch
  • 109. embuer→ to fog upembusquer→ to ambushémerger→ to emergeémettre→ to broadcastémigrer→ to emigrateemmêler→ to tangle, to get tangledemménager→ to move inemmener→ to take along, to bring from, to convene, to take away, to take somewhereemmitoufler→ to bundle upemmurer→ to immure
  • 110. émousser→ to bluntémoustiller→ to titillateempaler→ to impaleempanner→ to gybe, to jibeemparer→ to seizeempêcher→ to prevent doingempester→ to stinkempêtrer→ to entangleempiéter→ to encroachempiler→ to pile up, to stack
  • 111. empirer→ to get worse, to worsenemplir→ to fillemployer→ to employ, to make use of, to turn to account, to useempoigner→ to graspempoisonner→ to poisonemporter→ to bring from, to carry away, to take awayemprisonner→ to imprison, to put in jailemprunter→ to borrowémuler→ to emulateémulsionner→ to emulsify
  • 112. encadrer→ to frameencaisser→ to cashencastrer→ to recessedencenser→ to cense, to incenseencercler→ to encircleenchanter→ to enchantenclencher→ to engage, to turn onencoder→ to encodeencombrer→ to be in way, to clutterencourager→ to encourage, to promote
  • 113. endeuiller→ to cast a pall overendiguer→ to curb, to embankendoctriner→ to indoctrinateendommager→ to damage, to ruinendormir→ to fall asleependuire→ to coat, to anoint, to apply, to smear, to spreadendurcir→ to toughen upendurer→ to endure, to abide, to ail, to bear, to put up with, to suffer, to sustainénerver→ to get on nerves, to annoy, to get annoyedenfariner→ to dredge with flour
  • 114. enfermer→ to lock up, to close in, to lock, to lock awayenfiler→ to threadenflammer→ to catch fire, to get inflamed, to ignite, to inflameenfler→ to swellenfoncer→ to drive in, to drive into, to give away, to sink inenfouir→ to buryenfreindre→ to infringe, to violateenfuir→ to run away, to fleeengager→ to engage, to hire, to admonish, to exhort, to take on, to tell off, to undertake to doengendrer→ to beget, to engender, to generate
  • 115. engloutir→ to gobble up, to swallow up, to wolfengouffrer→ to engulf, to rush intoengourdir→ to numb, to allay, to blunt, to dullengraisser→ to fattenengranger→ to garnerenhardir→ to emboldenenjamber→ to step over, to cross, to span, to straddle, to stride, to take long stepsenlaidir→ to make uglyenlever→ to remove, to abduct, to come off, to emove, to expose, to kidnap, to lay, to put away, to putdown, to put off, to take off, to waiveenliser
  • 116. → to bog down, to get bogged down, to bog, to get stuckenneiger→ to man:gerennoblir→ to ennobleennuyer→ to be bored, to bore, to annoy, to bother, to irk, to tire, to trouble, to wearyénoncer→ to enunciateenquêter→ to investigate, to form an inquestenrager→ to enrageenregistrer→ to record, to save, to enroll, to register, to tapeenrichir→ to enrichenrôler→ to enroll, to attract, to canvass, to enlist, to rally, to recruit, to woo
  • 117. enrouler→ to roll up, to wind aroundensanglanter→ to bloody, to bloodenseigner→ to teach, to instructensevelir→ to bury, to interensorceler→ to bewitch, to cast a spell over, to charmentasser→ to accumulate, to amass, to collect, to gather, to heap, to pile, to pile up, to stackentendre→ to hear, to get onenterrer→ to buryentourer→ to circle, to surround, to be surrounded, to encircleentraider→ to aid
  • 118. entraîner→ to bring, to bring away, to carry, to carry away, to coach, to drag, to draw away, to foster,to lead to, to practice, to pull, to trainentraver→ to hinderentrelacer→ to entwine, to interlace, to intertwineentreposer→ to storeentreprendre→ to undertakeentrer→ to come in, to enter, to go in, to come into, to get in, to penetrate, to pierceentretenir→ to look after, to interview, to maintainentrevoir→ to glimpseentrouvrir→ to half-open, to leave ajarénucléer
  • 119. → to enucleateénumérer→ to enumerateenvahir→ to invade, to encroach, to overrun, to raidenvelopper→ to wrap, to wrap up, to envelop, to surroundenvier→ to envyenvisager→ to considerenvoler→ to fly away, to blow awayenvoyer→ to send, to remit, to submit, to transmitépaissir→ to thickenépancher→ to unburden
  • 120. épandre→ to spreadéparpiller→ to scatterépater→ to amazeépeler→ to spellépicer→ to seasonépiloguer→ to hold forthéplucher→ to peeléponger→ to mop up, to wipeépouser→ to marryépoustoufler→ to amaze, to stagger
  • 121. éprouver→ to experience, to feel, to go through, to testépuiser→ to dry up, to exhaust, to mine out, to squeeze out, to use upéquilibrer→ to balance, to be in equilibriuméquiper→ to equip, to accoutre, to fit out, to outfitéquivaloir→ to be equivalent toéradiquer→ to eradicateérafler→ to abrade, to scratchergoter→ to quibbleériger→ to erectéroder→ to erode
  • 122. érotiser→ to eroticizeerrer→ to wander, to roam, to strayéructer→ to belchescalader→ to climbescorter→ to escortescroquer→ to swindleespérer→ to hopeespionner→ to spy, to spy onesquisser→ to sketchesquiver→ to dodge, to duck, to eschew, to slip away
  • 123. essayer→ to try, to assay, to attempt, to pilot, to prove, to sample, to testessorer→ to air dry, to dry, to dry out, to wring, to wring outessuyer→ to dry, to wipe, to dust, to wipe dry, to wipe off, to wipe upesthétiser→ to aesthetizeestimer→ to estimate, to assess, to esteem, to have a high regard for, to hold in esteem, to respect, tothink highly of, to think well of, to valueétablir→ to establish, to foundétaler→ to spread out, to anoint, to grease, to lay out, to lay something out flat, to rub on, to smear,to spreadétalonner→ to calibrateétancher→ to quench
  • 124. étayer→ to prop upéteindre→ to erase, to extinguish, to put out, to quench, to snuff out, to stub out, to subdue, to turn offétendre→ to hang out, to spread out, to stretch outéterniser→ to eternalizeéternuer→ to sneezeétinceler→ to glitter, to sparkleétiqueter→ to labelétirer→ to stretchétonner→ to amaze, to astonish, to staggerétouffer→ to choke, to stifle, to smother, to suffocate
  • 125. étourdir→ to stunétrangler→ to strangleétreindre→ to hugêtre→ to beétriller→ to dehornétudier→ to studyeuropéaniser→ to Europeaniseeuthanasier→ to euthanizeévacuer→ to evacuate, to drainévader→ to escape
  • 126. évaluer→ to evaluate, to appraise, to assay, to assess, to estimate, to gauge, to judge, to rate, tovalueévangéliser→ to evangelizeévanouir→ to faintévaporer→ to evaporateéveiller→ to awaken, to awake, to wakeévider→ to hollow outévincer→ to evictéviter→ to avoid, to avert, to circumvent, to dodge, to duck, to elude, to evade, to shirk, to sidestep,to steer clear ofévoluer→ to evolve, to change, to develop
  • 127. évoquer→ to evoke, to mentionexacerber→ to exacerbateexagérer→ to exaggerateexalter→ to exaltexaminer→ to consider, to examine, to question, to scrutinize, to studyexaspérer→ to exasperateexaucer→ to fulfill, to grantexcaver→ to excavateexcéder→ to exceedexceller→ to excel
  • 128. exciter→ to excite, to agitate, to stimulateexclure→ to exclude, to rule outexcommunier→ to excommunicateexcorier→ to excoriateexcréter→ to excreteexcuser→ to apologize, to excuse, to forgive, to justify, to make excuses, to pardon, to remit, tovalidate, to vindicateexécuter→ to execute, to carry outexempter→ to exemptexercer→ to exercise, to practiseexfolier
  • 129. → to exfoliateexhaler→ to exhaleexhiber→ to exhibitexhorter→ to urgeexhumer→ to exhumeexiger→ to require, to demandexiler→ to exileexister→ to existexonérer→ to exonerateexorciser→ to exorcise
  • 130. expatrier→ to expatriateexpectorer→ to expectorateexpédier→ to send, to consign, to dash out, to dispatch, to forward, to shipexpérimenter→ to experience, to experiment, to experiment withexpertiser→ to expertiseexpier→ to atone, to expiateexpirer→ to expire, to breathe outexpliquer→ to explain, to account for, to clarify, to elucidate, to explicate, to give an accounting forexploiter→ to exploit, to leverage, to take advantage of, to utilize, to workexplorer→ to explore, to examine, to investigate, to prospect, to research
  • 131. exploser→ to explode, to break out, to skyrocketexporter→ to exportexposer→ to exhibit, to expose, to give an exposition of, to lay open to, to provide an exposureexprimer→ to express, to articulate, to utterexproprier→ to expropriateexpulser→ to expelexpurger→ to expurgateexsuder→ to exudeextasier→ to become excited, to exciteexténuer→ to extenuate
  • 132. exterminer→ to exterminate, to annihilate, to wipe outextorquer→ to extortextrader→ to extraditeextraire→ to extractextrapoler→ to extrapolateextruder→ to extrudefabriquer→ to fabricate, to make, to concoct, to manufacturefabuler→ to fantasizefâcher→ to anger, to get angry, to irritate, to quarrel, to upsetfaciliter→ to facilitate, to ease, to expedite, to make easier
  • 133. façonner→ to fashion, to shape, to modelfactoriser→ to factorize, to factor, to factorisefacturer→ to bill, to charge, to invoicefaiblir→ to weaken, to fade, to get fainter, to get weakerfaillir→ to fail, to weakenfaire→ to do, to makefalloir→ to have to, to must, to needfalsifier→ to falsify, to adulterate, to counterfeit, to fake, to forgefaner→ to wither, to wiltfantasmer→ to fantasize
  • 134. fasciner→ to fascinatefatiguer→ to tire, to annoy, to be tired, to bore, to get tired, to tire out, to wearyfaufiler→ to sneak, to split infausser→ to fake, to falsifyfavoriser→ to favorfaxer→ to faxfédéraliser→ to federalizefédérer→ to federatefeindre→ to feign, to attitudinize, to pose, to put on airsfeinter→ to feint
  • 135. fêler→ to crackféliciter→ to congratulate, to felicitateféminiser→ to feminizefendre→ to split, to cleave, to crack, to rendfermenter→ to fermentfermer→ to close, to adjourn, to do up, to lock, to shut, to switch off, to turn offferrer→ to shoefertiliser→ to fertilizefesser→ to spankfestonner→ to scallop
  • 136. fêter→ to celebratefétichiser→ to fetishizefeuilleter→ to browse, to flick through, to scrollfeutrer→ to feltfiancer→ to get engagedficher→ to make fun offidéliser→ to build loyaltyfier→ to proud, to rely onfiger→ to freezefigurer→ to figure, to appear
  • 137. filer→ to dash off, to lader, to put a run infilmer→ to film, to shootfiltrer→ to filter, to screen, to strainfinaliser→ to finalizefinancer→ to finance, to fundfinir→ to finish, to come to an end, to end, to end up, to expirefiscaliser→ to taxfissionner→ to fissionfissurer→ to crackfixer→ to fix, to affix, to attach, to stare at
  • 138. flairer→ to sniff out, to smellflamber→ to flameflâner→ to hang out, to strollflasher→ to flashflatter→ to flatter, to panderfléchir→ to flinchflétrir→ to wiltfleurir→ to bloom, to flower, to blossom, to flourishflirter→ to flirtfloculer→ to flocculate
  • 139. flotter→ to floatfluctuer→ to fluctuate, to swingfluidiser→ to fluidizefocaliser→ to focusfomenter→ to fomentfonctionner→ to function, to operate, to workfonder→ to found, to base opinion on, to erect, to establish, to formfondre→ to meltforcer→ to force, to force open, to strainforclore→ to foreclose
  • 140. forer→ to drillforger→ to forgeformaliser→ to formalizeformater→ to formatformer→ to form, to train, to configure, to educateformuler→ to formulate, to articulate, to wordforniquer→ to fornicatefortifier→ to fortify, to strengthenfossiliser→ to fossilizefouetter→ to whip, to flog, to lash
  • 141. fouiller→ to searchfouler→ to sprain, to stomp, to treadfournir→ to supply, to deliver, to furnish, to provide, to purvey, to yieldfoutre→ to fuck offfracasser→ to smash, to crush, to dash, to destroy, to shatterfracturer→ to fracturefraîchir→ to freshenfranchir→ to cross, to exceedfranciser→ to frenchifyfrapper
  • 142. → to hit, to knock, to attain, to beat, to encounter, to run across, to run up against, to smack,to strike, to stub, to swat, to wallopfraterniser→ to fraternizefrauder→ to defraud, to swindlefrayer→ to spawnfreiner→ to brake, to stemfrelater→ to aim:erfrémir→ to shudder, to quiver, to shiver, to tremble, to waver, to wincefréquenter→ to frequent, to mix with, to attend, to interact, to interrelatefrictionner→ to rub, to rub downfrimer→ to show off
  • 143. frire→ to fryfrissonner→ to shiver, to quiver, to waver, to wincefritter→ to sinterfroisser→ to crumple, to crease, to rumplefroncer→ to brush againstfrotter→ to rubfructifier→ to flourishfuguer→ to run awayfuir→ to flee, to escape, to leakfulminer→ to bluster
  • 144. fumer→ to smoke, to steamfusionner→ to mergefustiger→ to castigategâcher→ to wastegagner→ to win, to earn, to gaingaloper→ to gallopgalvaniser→ to galvanizegambader→ to caper, to frolic, to gambolgarantir→ to guaranteegarder→ to guard, to keep, to look after, to watch over
  • 145. garer→ to park, to garage, to stationgargariser→ to garglegarnir→ to garnish, to bedeck, to deck, to decorate with, to fit outgaspiller→ to wastegâter→ to spoil, to decay, to go bad, to worsengaver→ to fill up, to force feedgazéifier→ to gasifygazer→ to gasgazouiller→ to chirpgélatiniser→ to gelatinize
  • 146. geler→ to freeze, to be freezinggémir→ to moan, to groangénéraliser→ to generalizegénérer→ to generategêner→ to bother, to annoy, to disturb, to encumber, to hamper, to hassle, to hinder, toinconvenience, to irritate, to troublegérer→ to manage, to administergermer→ to germinate, to sproutgesticuler→ to gesticulategicler→ to squirtgifler
  • 147. → to slapgigoter→ to fidgetgivrer→ to frost, to iceglaner→ to gleanglisser→ to drag, to glide, to slip, to be slippery, to skim, to slide, to sneakglobaliser→ to globalizeglorifier→ to glorify, to extol, to glory, to laud, to praisegober→ to swallow upgodiller→ to scullgoinfrer→ to stuff yourself, to gobble, to stuff with
  • 148. gonfler→ to blow up, to inflate, to swell up, to fill upgoudronner→ to pave, to targoûter→ to taste, to snackgouverner→ to govern, to control, to reign, to rulegracier→ to commute, to pardongraisser→ to smeargrandir→ to grow, to grow upgrappiller→ to scroungegratiner→ to browngratter→ to scrape off, to scratch, to itch, to scrape, to squawk
  • 149. graver→ to burn, to carve, to engravegravir→ to climb, to scramblegraviter→ to gravitate, to orbitgreffer→ to graft, to engraftgrêler→ to be hailinggrelotter→ to shivergrésiller→ to sizzlegrever→ to encumbergribouiller→ to scribblegriffer→ to scratch, to squawk
  • 150. griffonner→ to doodle, to jot down, to scribble, to scrawlgrignoter→ to nibble, to snackgriller→ to grill, to broil, to roast, to toastgrimper→ to climb, to scramble, to soargrincer→ to creak, to grate, to squeakgrogner→ to growl, to grumble, to snarlgrommeler→ to grumblegronder→ to scold, to get a telling-off, to howl, to rumblegrossir→ to put on weight, to accrue, to aggrandize, to augment, to enlarge, to increase, to thickengrouper→ to group, to assemble
  • 151. guérir→ to heal, to recover, to cure, to remedy, to treatguider→ to guide, to conduct, to direct, to drive, to head, to lead, to show the wayhabiliter→ to habilitatehabiller→ to dress, to dress up, to clothe, to get dressedhabiter→ to dwell, to inhabit, to live, to residehabituer→ to get used, to be used to, to get used tohacher→ to chop, to grind, to hack, to hew, to mincehaïr→ to hatehaleter→ to panthalluciner→ to hallucinate, to cause hallucinations
  • 152. hameçonner→ to phishhandicaper→ to handicaphanter→ to haunthapper→ to grab, to snap up, to snatchharanguer→ to harangueharceler→ to harass, to pestetharmoniser→ to harmonizehasarder→ to hazardhâter→ to hasten, to acceleratehausser→ to exalt, to inflate, to raise, to rise
  • 153. héberger→ to hosthelléniser→ to Hellenizehennir→ to neighherboriser→ to botanizehérisser→ to bristlehériter→ to inherithésiter→ to hesitateheurter→ to bump into, to crash into, to appal, to crash, to horrify, to knock, to shockhiberner→ to hibernatehisser→ to hoist
  • 154. hocher→ to nodhomogénéiser→ to homogenizehonorer→ to honor, to veneratehorrifier→ to horrifyhospitaliser→ to hospitalizehuer→ to boo, to hoothuiler→ to lightly oilhumaniser→ to humanizehumecter→ to moistenhumidifier→ to humidify, to dampen
  • 155. humilier→ to humiliate, to abase, to mortifyhurler→ to howlhybrider→ to hybridizehydrater→ to moisturize, to hydratehypnotiser→ to hypnotizeidéaliser→ to idealizeidentifier→ to identify, to recognize, to spotidolâtrer→ to idolize, to adore, to worshipignifuger→ to fireproofignorer→ to ignore, to be ignorant, to disregard, to leave out of account, to not know
  • 156. illuminer→ to illuminate, to enlighten, to illumine, to light up, to lit upillustrer→ to illustrate, to make illustriousimaginer→ to imagine, to think up, to conceive, to fancy, to picture, to visualizeimbiber→ to soak inimiter→ to imitate, to fake, to impersonate, to mimicimmerger→ to immerseimmigrer→ to immigrateimmoler→ to immolateimmuniser→ to immunizeimpacter→ to impact
  • 157. impatienter→ to be impatient, to become impatient, to get impatient, to grow impatient, to makeimpatientimplanter→ to implant, to be set up, to embed, to imbed, to settleimplémenter→ to implementimpliquer→ to get involved, to implicate, to imply, to connote, to get involdedimplorer→ to implore, to appeal, to beg, to beseech, to pleadimploser→ to implodeimporter→ to importimportuner→ to importune, to pesterimposer→ to impose, to assert, to coerce, to compel, to constrain, to force, to impose upon, to inflict,to mandate, to necessitate, to oblige, to put on, to require, to tax, to thrust
  • 158. imprégner→ to impregnate, to soak in, to soak upimpressionner→ to impressimprimer→ to printimproviser→ to improvise, to ad-lib, to extemporizeimpulser→ to pulseimputer→ to imputeinaugurer→ to inaugurateincarcérer→ to incarcerate, to imprison, to put in jailincarner→ to embody, to incarnateincendier→ to flame, to set alight, to torch
  • 159. incinérer→ to incinerateinciser→ to inciseinciter→ to incite, to abet, to encourage, to impel, to instigate, to prod, to prompt, to spur on, tostimulate, to stir, to stir up, to trigger, to urgeincliner→ to be inclined, to bend, to incline, to tilt, to tipinclure→ to includeincorporer→ to incorporateincrémenter→ to incrementincriminer→ to incriminateincruster→ to become ground in, to encrust, to gatecrashincuber
  • 160. → to incubateinculquer→ to inculcate, to drillindemniser→ to compensateindexer→ to indexindigner→ to aggravate, to annoy, to exasperate, to make indignant, to provoke, to take exception toindiquer→ to indicate, to point out, to recommendindividualiser→ to individualizeinduire→ to induceindustrialiser→ to industrializeinfecter→ to infect, to become infected
  • 161. infester→ to infestinfiltrer→ to infiltrateinfléchir→ to inflect, to bendinfliger→ to inflictinfluencer→ to influenceinfluer→ to affect, to influenceinformatiser→ to computerizeinformer→ to inform, to acquaint, to advise, to apprise, to ask about, to find out, to notify, to reportinfuser→ to infuseingérer→ to ingest, to butt in, to interfere
  • 162. inhaler→ to inhaleinhiber→ to inhibitinitialiser→ to initialize, to loadinitier→ to initiateinjecter→ to injectinnerver→ to innervateinnover→ to innovateinoculer→ to inoculateinonder→ to floodinquiéter→ to worry about, to be worried, to worry
  • 163. inscrire→ to inscribe, to register, to join, to note, to record, to writeinséminer→ to inseminateinsensibiliser→ to aim:erinsérer→ to insertinsinuer→ to insinuate, to allude, to hint, to imply, to refer toinsister→ to insist, to emphasizeinsonoriser→ to soundproofinspecter→ to inspect, to review, to scrutinizeinspirer→ to inspire, to be inspired by, to breathe in, to breathe intoinstaller→ to install, to place, to settle down, to settle in
  • 164. instaurer→ to establishinstiller→ to instillinstitutionnaliser→ to institutionalize, to institutionaliseinstruire→ to brief, to educateinsulter→ to insult, to abuse, to curse, to offendintégrer→ to integrate, to fit inintellectualiser→ to intellectualizeintensifier→ to intensifyintenter→ to bring againstinteragir→ to interact
  • 165. intercaler→ to intersperse, to insertintercéder→ to intercedeintercepter→ to interceptinterconnecter→ to interconnectinterdire→ to ban, to forbid, to prohibitintéresser→ to be interested in, to interestinterférer→ to interfereintérioriser→ to internalizeinterloquer→ to take abackinternationaliser→ to internationalize
  • 166. interpeller→ to accost, to address, to call out, to questioninterpoler→ to interpolateinterposer→ to interposeinterpréter→ to interpretinterroger→ to interrogate, to investigate, to query, to question, to quizinterrompre→ to interrupt, to rom:preintervenir→ to intervene, to step in, to step in onintervertir→ to interveneinterviewer→ to interviewintimider→ to intimidate
  • 167. intituler→ to entitle, to be called, to call oneselfintoxiquer→ to intoxicateintriguer→ to intrigueintroduire→ to introduce, to enclose, to input, to insert, to put away, to put in, to stowintroniser→ to inductintuber→ to intubateinvaginer→ to invaginateinvalider→ to invalidateinventer→ to inventinverser→ to reverse
  • 168. investiguer→ to investigateinvestir→ to investinviter→ to invite, to think upinvoquer→ to invoke, to appeal toioder→ to iodizeioniser→ to ionizeironiser→ to be ironicirradier→ to irradiateirriguer→ to irrigate, to waterirriter→ to irritate, to arouse, to excite, to incite, to provoke, to rouse, to stimulate, to stir up
  • 169. islamiser→ to Islamicize, to Islamizeisoler→ to isolate, to insulate, to seclude, to soudproofisomériser→ to isomerizeitérer→ to iteratejaillir→ to erupt, to gush, to gush out, to shoot forth, to spout, to spray, to sprinkle, to spurt, tospurt outjalonner→ to stakejardiner→ to gardenjaunir→ to turn yellow, to yellowjeter→ to throw, to cast, to pitch, to spit, to spit up, to throw away, to tossjeûner
  • 170. → to fastjogger→ to jog, to go joggingjoindre→ to join, to assemble, to link together, to link up, to put togetherjointoyer→ to groutjongler→ to jugglejouer→ to play, to act, to performjouir→ to enjoy, to delight injouter→ to addjubiler→ to be jubilant, to gloat, to jubilatejudaïser→ to Judaize
  • 171. juger→ to judge, to rulejurer→ to swear, to affirm, to pledge, to vowjustifier→ to justifyjuxtaposer→ to juxtaposekidnapper→ to kidnapklaxonner→ to honklabelliser→ to labellabourer→ to plow, to ploughlacer→ to lace up, to tie uplâcher→ to let go of, to loosen, to release, to unleash, to utter
  • 172. laisser→ to leave, to letlambiner→ to dawdlelamenter→ to lamentlaminer→ to rolllancer→ to issue, to launch, to throwlanguir→ to languishlapider→ to lapidate, to stonelarguer→ to break off, to drop, to unfurllasser→ to bore, to grow tired of, to tire, to wearylaver→ to wash, to launder
  • 173. lécher→ to licklégaliser→ to legalize, to authenticatelégiférer→ to legislatelégitimer→ to legitimizeléguer→ to bequeath, to pass onléser→ to wronglésiner→ to skimplessiver→ to launder, to washlever→ to get up, to raise, to levy, to lift, to riselibeller→ to label
  • 174. libéraliser→ to liberalizelibérer→ to liberate, to release, to free, to get away, to set freelicencier→ to be fired, to be made redundant, to dismiss, to fire, to lay off, to sackliciter→ to congratulatelier→ to link, to attach, to fasten, to moor, to tether, to tie, to tie on, to tie uplifter→ to liftligaturer→ to ligateligoter→ to tie uplimer→ to filelimiter→ to limit, to abridge, to confine, to constrain, to constrict, to curtail, to restrict, to stint
  • 175. liquéfier→ to liquefyliquider→ to liquidatelire→ to readlister→ to listlivrer→ to deliverlober→ to loblocaliser→ to localizelofer→ to luffloger→ to dwell, to put up, to residelonger→ to follow
  • 176. loucher→ to look askance, to squintlouer→ to hire, to rentlubrifier→ to lubricateluire→ to gleam, to glisten, to shineluncher→ to lunchlutter→ to battle, to contend, to fight, to strive, to strugglelyncher→ to lynchlyophiliser→ to freeze-dry, to lyophilizemâcher→ to chewmagner→ to get a move on, to haul ass, to hurry up, to move ass
  • 177. magnétiser→ to magnetize, to mesmerizemagnifier→ to magnifymaigrir→ to lose weight, to slimmaintenir→ to maintain, to back, to conserve, to continue, to countenance, to espouse, to go on, tokeep, to preserve, to second, to stand by, to support, to sustain, to upholdmaîtriser→ to mastermalaxer→ to knead, to massage, to mix, to work upmaltraiter→ to mistreat, to abusemanager→ to managemanger→ to eatmanier
  • 178. → to handle, to manipulate, to wieldmanifester→ to manifest, to demonstratemanipuler→ to manipulate, to handlemanoeuvrer→ to maneuver, to manoeuvremanquer→ to miss, to be absent, to be short of, to lackmanufacturer→ to manufacturemaquiller→ to make upmarchander→ to haggle, to bargainmarcher→ to march, to walkmarginaliser→ to marginalize
  • 179. marier→ to marry, to get married, to wedmariner→ to marinatemarmonner→ to mumblemarquer→ to mark, to score, to denotemarrer→ to laughmasculiniser→ to masculinizemassacrer→ to massacre, to slaughtermasser→ to massagemastiquer→ to masticate, to munchmasturber→ to masturbate
  • 180. matérialiser→ to materializemater→ to checkmate, to leer, to mate, to staremathématiser→ to mathematisematraquer→ to bludgeonmaudire→ to cursemaugréer→ to grumblemaximiser→ to maximizemécaniser→ to mechanizeméconnaître→ to disregard, to ignoremécontenter→ to piss off
  • 181. médiatiser→ to buzzmédicaliser→ to medicalizemédicamenter→ to medicateméditer→ to meditate, to muse, to ponderméfier→ to be careful, to be suspicious of, to distrust, to watch outméjuger→ to misjudgemélanger→ to mix, to blend, to mingle, to shufflemêler→ to blend, to interfere in, to mingle, to mixmémoriser→ to memorizemenacer→ to menace, to intimidate, to threaten
  • 182. ménager→ to householdmendier→ to begmener→ to leadmentionner→ to mentionmentir→ to lie, to tell a lieméprendre→ to be mistaken, to mistakemépriser→ to despise, to disdain, to disparage, to have disdain, to scornmerder→ to screw upmériter→ to merit, to deservemesurer→ to measure
  • 183. mettre→ to put, to apply, to lay, to lay down, to place, to put away, to put down, to put in, to put on,to set, to stowmeubler→ to furnishmeurtrir→ to bruisemiauler→ to meow, to mew, to miaowmigrer→ to migratemijoter→ to simmermilitariser→ to militarizemimer→ to mimicminauder→ to simpermincir
  • 184. → to slimminéraliser→ to mineralizeminer→ to undermine, to aim:erminiaturer→ to aim:erminiaturiser→ to miniaturizeminimiser→ to minimizemirer→ to admiremiroiter→ to reflectmitiger→ to mitigatemitrailler→ to strafe
  • 185. mixer→ to mixmobiliser→ to mobilize, to mobilisemodeler→ to model, to mouldmodérer→ to moderatemoderniser→ to modernizemodifier→ to modify, to alter, to amendmoduler→ to modulatemoisir→ to grow moldy, to go mouldymoissonner→ to harvestmolester→ to molest
  • 186. momifier→ to mummifymondialiser→ to globalizemonétiser→ to monetizemonopoliser→ to monopolize, to corner the marketmonter→ to come up, to mount, to ride, to ascend, to be steep, to bring up, to climb, to get in, to geton, to go up, to grow, to put up, to rise, to take up, to turn upmontrer→ to show, to demonstrate, to display, to indicate, to manifest, to point, to point at, to pointoutmoquer→ to mock, to make fun of, to not caremoraliser→ to moralizemordre→ to bite
  • 187. morfondre→ to mopemortifier→ to mortifymotiver→ to motivatemotoriser→ to motorizemoucharder→ to ratmoucher→ to blow our nose, to blow nosemoudre→ to crush, to grind, to mill, to pulverizemouiller→ to get wet, to wet, to irrigate, to watermouler→ to mould, to fit tightlymourir→ to die, to die out, to expire, to pass away
  • 188. mousser→ to lather, to foammouvoir→ to actuate, to move, to shift, to stirmultiplier→ to multiplymunicipaliser→ to municipalizemunir→ to accommodate, to administer, to equip with, to provide, to serve, to supplymûrir→ to mature, to ripenmurmurer→ to murmur, to whispermusarder→ to dawdlemuseler→ to muzzlemuter→ to mutate
  • 189. mutiler→ to maim, to mutilate, to kneecap, to truncatemystifier→ to mystifynager→ to swimnaître→ to be bornnapper→ to covernarguer→ to taunt, to scoff atnarrer→ to narrate, to tell a storynationaliser→ to nationalizenaturaliser→ to naturalizenaviguer→ to navigate
  • 190. nécessiter→ to necessitate, to entail, to requirenégliger→ to neglect, to overlooknégocier→ to negotiateneiger→ to snow, to be snowingnettoyer→ to clean, to clean upneutraliser→ to neutralizenicher→ to nest, to nestlenidifier→ to nidify, to nestnier→ to denynitrifier→ to nitrify
  • 191. niveler→ to level, to level outnoircir→ to blacken, to darkennommer→ to appoint, to name, to be called, to call, to designate, to dub, to label, to termnormaliser→ to standardizenoter→ to note, to rate, to make a note, to note down, to write downnouer→ to tie, to bind, to knot, to tie back, to tie on, to tie upnourrir→ to feed, to nourish, to eat, to foster, to nurturenover→ to novatenoyer→ to drown, to sinknuer→ to mitigate
  • 192. nuire→ to damage, to harm, to upsetnumériser→ to digitize, to scannuméroter→ to dial, to numberobéir→ to obey, to abide, to complyobjectiver→ to objectifyobliger→ to oblige, to compel, to constrain, to forceoblitérer→ to punchobnubiler→ to benumb, to dazeobscurcir→ to obscure, to darken, to obfuscateobséder→ to obsess
  • 193. observer→ to observe, to watchobstiner→ to insist, to persist inobstruer→ to obstructobtempérer→ to obeyobtenir→ to get, to obtain, to acquire, to gainoccidentaliser→ to westernizeocculter→ to occultoccuper→ to occupy, to hold, to inhabit, to keep busy, to take care ofocrer→ to ochreoctroyer→ to grant
  • 194. offenser→ to offend, to affront, to aggrieve, to hurt, to insult, to wrongofficialiser→ to formalize, to make officialofficier→ to officeroffrir→ to offer, to donate, to give, to grant, to introduce, to make an offer, to offer up, to present,to sacrificeoindre→ to anointombrer→ to shadeomettre→ to omit, to leave out, to miss, to overlook, to skipondoyer→ to flare, to flare uponduler→ to undulate, to corrugate, to surge, to waveopérer
  • 195. → to operate, to operate on, to affect, to avail, to impact, to impinge, to produce, to takeactionopiner→ to opine, to give an opinionopposer→ to clash, to opposeoppresser→ to oppressopprimer→ to oppressopter→ to opt, to choose, to opt foroptimaliser→ to optimizeoptimiser→ to optimizeorbiter→ to orbitorchestrer→ to orchestrate
  • 196. ordonner→ to order, to tidyorganiser→ to organize, to get organizedorienter→ to orient, to get bearingsorner→ to ornament, to adorn, to bedeck, to decorate, to embellishosciller→ to oscillate, to sway, to waveroser→ to dare, to be audacious, to hazard, to risk, to ventureossifier→ to ossifyostraciser→ to ostracizeôter→ to abstract, to dispense with, to do away with, to get rid of, to put away, to remove, to rid,to scrap, to take away, to take off, to waiveoublier
  • 197. → to forget, to leave behindouvrir→ to open, to open up, to switch on, to turn on, to unlockovationner→ to stand upovuler→ to ovulateoxyder→ to oxide, to oxidizepacifier→ to pacifypagayer→ to paddlepaginer→ to paginatepaître→ to grazepâlir→ to blanch, to fade, to pale
  • 198. pallier→ to mitigate, to palliatepaniquer→ to panicpanner→ to troubleshootpanser→ to bandage, to curry-combpapillonner→ to flutterpapoter→ to chit-chatparachuter→ to parachuteparader→ to parade, to flaunt, to strutparaître→ to appear, to come into sight, to emerge, to materializeparalléliser→ to parallelize
  • 199. paralyser→ to paralyze, to stunparapher→ to initialparaphraser→ to paraphraseparasiter→ to parasite, to parasitizeparcourir→ to browse, to go all over, to go through, to pass through, to read through, to skimpardonner→ to forgive, to pardon, to excuse, to remitparer→ to prepare, to adorn, to bedeck, to block, to embellish, to ornamentparfumer→ to perfume, to put perfumeparier→ to bet, to bet on, to stake, to wagerparlementer→ to parley
  • 200. parler→ to speak, to talkparodier→ to parodyparrainer→ to sponsorparsemer→ to punctuate, to stipple, to studpartager→ to share, to divide, to separateparticiper→ to participate, to contribute, to take partparticulariser→ to particularizepartir→ to come out, to depart, to drive away, to drive off, to go away, to leave, to start offparvenir→ to accomplish, to achieve, to arrive at, to attain, to encounter, to manage to do, to reach,to run up against, to succeedpasser
  • 201. → to pass, to spend, to do without, to get past, to pass through, to put onpassionner→ to be impassioned, to have a passion for, to impassionpasteuriser→ to pasteurise, to pasteurizepatauger→ to wade, to splash aboutpatienter→ to be patient, to wait, to wait patientlypatiner→ to skate, to skid, to spinpatrouiller→ to patrolpavaner→ to strut, to swaggerpaver→ to pavepavoiser→ to deck with flags
  • 202. payer→ to pay, to ante up, to pay forpêcher→ to fish, to go fishingpédaler→ to pedalpeigner→ to combpeindre→ to paintpeiner→ to toil, to afflict, to aggrieve, to aim, to attempt, to bother, to distress, to endeavour, toexert, to strain, to strive, to trypeler→ to peelpelleter→ to shovelpelotonner→ to curl uppénaliser
  • 203. → to penalise, to penalizepencher→ to incline, to lean, to slant, to slope, to stoop, to tippendre→ to hang, to droop, to hang downpénétrer→ to penetratepenser→ to thinkpercer→ to break into, to drill, to pierce, to puncturepercevoir→ to collect, to perceive, to discern, to noticepercuter→ to collide, to smashperdre→ to lose, to be lostperdurer→ to endure
  • 204. pérenniser→ to perpetuate, to sustainperfectionner→ to improveperforer→ to perforate, to drill, to punch throughperfuser→ to perfusepérimer→ to perempt, to expire, to forfeitpérir→ to perishperméabiliser→ to permeabilizepermettre→ to allow, to permit, to accord, to admit, to letperpétrer→ to perpetrateperpétuer→ to perpetuate
  • 205. persécuter→ to persecute, to harasspersévérer→ to persevere, to persist, to pursue pointpersister→ to persistpersonnaliser→ to customize, to personalizepersuader→ to persuadeperturber→ to disrupt, to perturb, to bother, to disturbpervertir→ to pervertpeser→ to weighpester→ to rantpéter→ to fart
  • 206. pétrifier→ to petrifypétrir→ to kneadpeupler→ to populate, to peoplephagocyter→ to phagocytize, to phagocytosephilosopher→ to philosophizephotocopier→ to photocopyphotographier→ to photographpiaffer→ to piaffepianoter→ to strum, to tappicoler→ to tipple
  • 207. picorer→ to peckpicoter→ to itchpiéger→ to trap, to booby trappiétiner→ to trample, to trample on, to tread onpiler→ to pound, to crush, to pulverizepiller→ to loot, to pillage, to plunderpiloter→ to drive, to fly, to steerpimenter→ to spice uppinailler→ to nitpick, to split hairspincer→ to nip, to pinch, to strum
  • 208. piocher→ to dig uppique-niquer→ to picnicpiquer→ to stick, to pick, to pierce, to pique, to prick, to puncture, to quilt, to stab, to sting, to stitchpirater→ to hackpisser→ to pisspister→ to tracepistonner→ to pull strings, to use influence forpivoter→ to rotate, to swivelplacarder→ to placard, to post upplacer→ to place
  • 209. plagier→ to plagiarizeplaider→ to plead, to litigate, to plea, to sueplaindre→ to complain, to have compassion on, to pityplaire→ to please, to appeal toplaisanter→ to joke, to be jesting, to be joking, to be kinding, to jest, to kidplaner→ to glide, to soarplanifier→ to planplanter→ to plantplâtrer→ to plasterplébisciter→ to vote by plebiscite
  • 210. pleurer→ to cry, to weeppleurnicher→ to whinepleuvoir→ to rain, to be rainingplier→ to bend, to fold, to fold upplisser→ to pucker, to squint, to pleatplonger→ to dive, to plungeployer→ to deployplumer→ to pluckpocher→ to poachpoétiser→ to poeticise
  • 211. poignarder→ to stabpointer→ to pointpoivrer→ to pepperpolariser→ to polarizepolir→ to polishpolitiser→ to politicizepolluer→ to pollute, to contaminatepolymériser→ to polymerizepomper→ to pumppomponner→ to primp
  • 212. ponctuer→ to punctuatepondérer→ to balance, to equilibrate, to weightpondre→ to respond, to lay an eggpontifier→ to pontificatepopulariser→ to popularize, to buzzporter→ to carry, to wear, to bear, to supportposer→ to lay down, to lay, to pose, to put downpositionner→ to positionposséder→ to own, to possesspostdater→ to post-date
  • 213. poster→ to postpostillonner→ to splutterpotentialiser→ to potentiatepouffer→ to puffpourchasser→ to chase, to hunt down, to pursuepourrir→ to putrefy, to rotpoursuivre→ to pursue, to chase, to run afterpourvoir→ to accommodate, to administer, to provide, to serve, to supplypousser→ to pushpouvoir→ to be able, to be able to, to can, to may
  • 214. pratiquer→ to exert, to practice, to practise, to put into practiceprécéder→ to precede, to anticipate, to forestall, to headpréchauffer→ to preheatprêcher→ to preachprécipiter→ to precipitate, to accelerate, to advance, to cast off, to fling off, to further, to hasten, torush, to speed up, to throw offpréciser→ to clarify, to make precise, to specify, to statepréconiser→ to advocateprédéfinir→ to predefineprédestiner→ to predestineprédéterminer
  • 215. → to predetermineprédire→ to forecast, to predict, to augur, to foretell, to prophesyprédisposer→ to predisposepréempter→ to preemptpréfabriquer→ to prefabricatepréférer→ to preferpréfigurer→ to foreshadow, to prefigurepréjuger→ to prejudge, to preconceiveprélever→ to deduct, to subtract, to take awaypréméditer→ to plan and deliberate
  • 216. prendre→ to takepréoccuper→ to agitate, to alarm, to disturb, to perturb, to ruffle, to trouble, to unsettle, to upset, toworrypréparer→ to prepare, to work upprépayer→ to prepayprésager→ to presageprescrire→ to prescribeprésenter→ to introduce, to presentpréserver→ to preserve, to guard, to protect, to saveprésider→ to presidepresser
  • 217. → to press, to hurry, to squeeze, to urgeprésumer→ to presumeprésupposer→ to presupposeprétendre→ to argue, to ask for, to claim, to demand, to supposeprêter→ to lend, to advance, to borrow, to loanprétexter→ to plead, to pretendprévaloir→ to prevailprévenir→ to prevent, to forestall, to obviate, to precede, to warnprévoir→ to anticipate, to envisage, to envision, to expect, to forecast, to foresee, to plan, to predict,to project, to speculate, to surmiseprier→ to pray
  • 218. primer→ to awardprioriser→ to prioritizepriser→ to snuffprivatiser→ to privatizepriver→ to deprive, to go withoutprivilégier→ to privilegeprocéder→ to proceed, to actproclamer→ to proclaim, to manifestprocréer→ to procreateprocurer→ to procure, to obtain, to purvey
  • 219. prodiguer→ to lavish, to squanderproduire→ to produce, to happen, to yieldprofaner→ to desecrate, to profaneproférer→ to proferprofesser→ to professprofiler→ to profileprofiter→ to profit, to take advantage, to gainprogrammer→ to programprogresser→ to progress, to advance, to improve, to make progressprohiber→ to prohibit, to forbit
  • 220. projeter→ to cast, to contemplate, to pitch, to plan, to project, to throw, to tossprolétariser→ to proletarianiseprolonger→ to extend, to prolong, to go on, to lengthenpromener→ to go for a ride, to go for a walk, to take out for a walk, to walkpromettre→ to promisepromouvoir→ to promotepromulguer→ to promulgateprononcer→ to pronounce, to be pronounced, to deliverpropager→ to propagateprophétiser→ to prophesy
  • 221. proposer→ to propose, to proffer, to propound, to suggestpropulser→ to propelprospecter→ to prospectprospérer→ to prosper, to flourish, to thriveprosterner→ to prostrateprostituer→ to prostituteprotéger→ to protect, to guard, to look after, to safeguard, to shelter fromprotester→ to protestprouver→ to proveprovenir→ to accrue, to come from, to derive, to originate, to result, to spring, to stem
  • 222. provoquer→ to provoke, to cause, to challenge, to defy, to exasperate, to incitepsychanalyser→ to psychoanalyzepublier→ to publish, to announce, to give notice of, to make publicpuddler→ to puddlepuer→ to stink, to smell bad, to stink ofpuiser→ to excerpt, to extract, to spoonpulser→ to pulsepulvériser→ to pulverizepunir→ to punish, to chastise, to penalizepurifier→ to purify, to cleanse, to purge
  • 223. putréfier→ to putrefyquadriller→ to mark out in squaresquadrupler→ to quadruplequalifier→ to qualifyquantifier→ to quantifyquereller→ to quarrelquintupler→ to quintuplequitter→ to leave, to quit, to abandon, to desert, to forsakerabâcher→ to harp on, to go over and over, to rehearserabattre→ to cast off, to cut in, to fall back on, to turn down
  • 224. rabibocher→ to reconcileraboter→ to planerabouter→ to piece togetherraccommoder→ to mendraccompagner→ to take back, to take homeraccourcir→ to shorten, to abbreviate, to abridge, to behead, to curtailraccrocher→ to hang upracheter→ to buy back, to buy from, to buy more, to ransom, to redeemracler→ to scraperacoler→ to tout
  • 225. raconter→ to narrate, to relate, to tellradicaliser→ to radicalizeradier→ to strike outradoter→ to rambleradoucir→ to get milderraffermir→ to strengthenraffiner→ to refineraffoler→ to be mad aboutrafistoler→ to patch uprafraîchir→ to refresh, to chill, to cool, to get cooler
  • 226. railler→ to rail, to joke, to teaseraisonner→ to reason, to thinkrajeunir→ to rejuvenate, to make look youngerrajouter→ to addralentir→ to slow down, to abate, to alleviate, to decelerate, to moderaterâler→ to moanrallier→ to reachrallonger→ to extend, to lengthenrallumer→ to rekindleramasser→ to pick up, to accumulate, to amass, to collect, to gather, to heap, to pile up, to stack
  • 227. ramener→ to bring again, to bring back, to bring forward, to take back, to take homeramer→ to rowramifier→ to branch outramollir→ to softenramper→ to crawl, to creep, to grovelrancir→ to go rancidrandomiser→ to randomizerandonner→ to go hilking, to hike, to trekranger→ to arrange, to put away, to rank, to sort, to tidy, to tidy upranimer→ to rekindle, to revive
  • 228. rapatrier→ to repatriate, to send homerâper→ to grate, to rasprapetisser→ to shrinkrappeler→ to remind, to call again, to call back, to recall, to rememberrapporter→ to bring back, to report, to take back, to be lucrativerapprocher→ to approach, to bring closer, to get closer toraser→ to raze, to shaverassembler→ to bring together, to accumulate, to amass, to assemble, to collect, to convene, to gather,to heap, to pick up, to pile up, to put together, to stack, to take alongrassurer→ to reassure, to appease, to assuage, to calm, to quiet, to soothe, to stillratatiner
  • 229. → to shrivelrater→ to miss, to failratifier→ to ratifyrationner→ to rationratisser→ to rakerattraper→ to catch up, to earn back, to make up, to make up for, to recapture, to recoup, to recover,to regain, to win backravager→ to ravage, to destroy, to devastate, to quash, to ruin, to spoil, to trash, to wreckravauder→ to darnravir→ to ravish, to abduct, to bewitch, to charm, to dazzle, to delight, to fascinate, to kidnap, toloot, to plunder, to rob, to steal, to thrillravitailler
  • 230. → to refuel, to supplyrayer→ to cross out, to scratch, to strike outrayonner→ to radiate, to radioréabonner→ to resubscriberéabsorber→ to reabsorbréactiver→ to reactivateréadmettre→ to readmitréaffirmer→ to reaffirmréagir→ to reactréaléser→ to rebore
  • 231. réaligner→ to realignréaliser→ to achieve, to realize, to accomplish, to carry out, to carry through, to direct, to fulfil, toproduceréamorcer→ to rebootréanimer→ to resuscitateréapprendre→ to relearnréapprovisionner→ to restockréarmer→ to rearmréarranger→ to rearrangeréassortir→ to reassortrebaptiser
  • 232. → to rebaptize, to rebrandrebeller→ to rebelreboiser→ to reforestrebondir→ to bounce, to bounce back, to rebound, to recoil, to ricochetreboucher→ to fill in, to recorkrebrousser→ to curl back, to retrace steps, to turn back, to turn uprebrûler→ to reburnrecalculer→ to recalculaterécapituler→ to recapitulate, to summarizerecenser→ to census, to take a census
  • 233. recentrer→ to refocusréceptionner→ to take delivery ofrecevoir→ to receive, to catch, to get, to welcomerechaper→ to retreadrecharger→ to recharge, to reloadréchauffer→ to warm up, to heat, to heat uprechausser→ to warm, to warm uprechercher→ to search, to look again for, to look for, to seekrechristianiser→ to re-Christianizerechuter→ to relapse
  • 234. récidiver→ to reoffend, to relapseréciter→ to recite, to declaimréclamer→ to claim, to ask for, to demand, to object, to requirerecolorer→ to recolorrécolter→ to harvest, to garnerrecommander→ to recommend, to commendrecommencer→ to start over, to renew, to restart, to start againrécompenser→ to rewardrecomposer→ to recompose, to redialréconcilier→ to reconcile, to make up
  • 235. reconduire→ to continue, to go on, to maintain, to proceed with, to refurbish, to renew, to renovate, tosustainréconforter→ to comfort, to encourage, to heartenrecongeler→ to refreezereconnaître→ to recognize, to admitreconnecter→ to reconnectreconquérir→ to win backreconsidérer→ to reconsiderreconsolider→ to reconsolidatereconstituer→ to piece togheter, to restorereconstruire
  • 236. → to rebuild, to reconstructrecopier→ to copy outrecoudre→ to stitch up, to sew back, to sew up againrecourir→ to resortrecouvrer→ to recover, to heal, to reclaim, to recoup, to regainrecouvrir→ to cover, to cover width, to lag, to overlay, to platerecréer→ to recreaterecristalliser→ to recrystallizerecroqueviller→ to curl uprecruter→ to recruit, to attract, to canvass, to enlist, to enrol, to enroll, to rally, to woo
  • 237. rectifier→ to rectify, to adjust, to amend, to correct, to redress, to set aright, to straightenrecueillir→ to collect, to take inrecuire→ to annealreculer→ to go backward, to back up, to fall back, to move back, to pull back, to push back, torecede, to recoil, to regress, to retrogress, to set back, to step backrécupérer→ to recuperate, to retrieve, to get back, to recover, to salvagerécurer→ to rubrécuser→ to recuserecycler→ to recycleredécouvrir→ to rediscoverredéfinir
  • 238. → to redefineredémarrer→ to restart, to rebootredéployer→ to redeployredescendre→ to come down again, to go down againredévelopper→ to redeveloprédiger→ to compose, to draft, to draw up, to edit, to rewrite, to word, to writeredire→ to repeat, to restate, to say againredistribuer→ to redistributeredoubler→ to augment, to double, to increase, to intensify, to repeat, to riseredouter→ to affright, to be afraid, to fear, to frighten, to scare, to startle
  • 239. redresser→ to redress, to straighten, to amend, to correct, to lift, to set one right, to sit up straight, tostand up straightréduire→ to reduce, to downsize, to lowerrééduquer→ to reeducateréélire→ to re-electréembaucher→ to re-hireréemprunter→ to re-borrowréengager→ to re-engage, to reengageréensemencer→ to reseedrééquilibrer→ to rebalance, to balanceréer
  • 240. → to create, to reateréessayer→ to retryréévaluer→ to reassessréexpédier→ to forward, to send backréexporter→ to re-export, to reexportréférencer→ to referenceréférer→ to referrefermer→ to closeréfléchir→ to attend to, to mirror, to ponder, to reflect, to reflect on, to think aboutrefléter→ to reflect
  • 241. refleurir→ to bloom againreforger→ to reforgereformer→ to reform, to reorganizeréformer→ to reform, to repairreformuler→ to rephrase, to reiteraterefouler→ to repressréfracter→ to refractréfrigérer→ to refrigeraterefroidir→ to cool, to chill, to get coldrefuser→ to refuse, to decline, to disallow, to disavow, to reject, to shun, to spurn, to withhold
  • 242. réfuter→ to refute, to give the lie to, to rebutregagner→ to regain, to earn back, to reclaim, to recoup, to recover, to reoccupy, to win backrégaler→ to regale, to have a great meal, to have a great timeregarder→ to watch, to deem, to look at, to pertain, to regard, to see, to viewrégénérer→ to regenerateregimber→ to baulkrégionaliser→ to regionalizerégir→ to administerregistrer→ to registerréglementer→ to regulate
  • 243. régler→ to adjust, to arrange, to attune, to pay, to put in order, to regularize, to regulate, to settle,to sort out, to tunerégner→ to reign, to governregonfler→ to re-inflateregorger→ to aboundrégresser→ to regress, to diminishregretter→ to regret, to be sorry, to missregrouper→ to gather, to regroup, to bring together, to group togetherrégulariser→ to regularizeréguler→ to regulaterégurgiter
  • 244. → to regurgitateréhabiliter→ to rehabilitateréhydrater→ to rehydrateréifier→ to reifyréimporter→ to reimportréimposer→ to re-imposeréimprimer→ to reprintréincarner→ to reincarnateréinfecter→ to re-infect, to reinfectréinsérer→ to reinsert, to reintegrate
  • 245. réinstaller→ to reinstallréintroduire→ to reintroduceréinventer→ to reinventréinvestir→ to reinvestréinviter→ to reinviteréitérer→ to reiteraterejeter→ to dismiss, to reject, to decline, to refuse, to spurn, to withholdrejoindre→ to join, to rejoin, to join togetherrejointoyer→ to repointréjouir→ to enjoy, to cheer, to delight, to look forward to, to rejoice
  • 246. relâcher→ to relax, to releaserelancer→ to boostrelater→ to relate, to accountrelativiser→ to relativizerelaver→ to rewashrelaxer→ to relaxrelayer→ to take turns inreléguer→ to consign, to relegaterelever→ to get up, to lift, to pick up, to relieve, to turn uprelier→ to link, to bind, to connect, to join, to tie, to tie up
  • 247. relire→ to reread, to read againremailler→ to remeshremarcher→ to rewalkremarier→ to remarryremarquer→ to notice, to point outremballer→ to repackrembarquer→ to re-embarkremblayer→ to fill inrembourrer→ to pad, to stuff, to upholsterrembourser→ to repay, to pay back, to reimburse
  • 248. remédier→ to remedy, to fix, to mend, to remediate, to repairremémorer→ to remindremercier→ to thankremettre→ to deliver, to hand over, to put back, to put off, to recover, to turn overremeubler→ to refurnishremilitariser→ to remilitariseremodeler→ to remodel, to restyleremonter→ to climb again, to go back to, to pull up, to rise, to wind upremorquer→ to towremplacer→ to replace, to stand in, to substitute, to supplant, to take over from, to take the place of
  • 249. remplir→ to fill, to complete, to fill in, to fill up, to fill with, to fulfil, to imbue, to permeateremporter→ to accomplish, to accrue, to achieve, to arrive at, to bring back, to earn, to gain, to profit,to take back, to winrempoter→ to repotremuer→ to stir, to move, to stir up, to tossrémunérer→ to remunerate, to payrenaître→ to be rebornrencontrer→ to meet, to come acrossrendre→ to give back, to render, to returnrenégocier→ to renegotiaterenfiler
  • 250. → to rethreadrenflouer→ to bail outrenforcer→ to reinforce, to strengthenrengager→ to reengage, to reenlistrenifler→ to sniff, to sniffle, to snortrenommer→ to renamerenoncer→ to forgo, to give up, to renounce, to resignrenouveler→ to renew, to change, to recurrénover→ to renovaterenseigner→ to acquaint, to advise, to apprise, to enlighten, to inform, to notify, to report
  • 251. rentrer→ to get, to gather in, to re-enterrenverser→ to reverse, to capsize, to overthrow, to overturn, to spill, to subvert, to topple, to turn over,to upsetrenvoyer→ to chase away, to defer, to discharge, to dismiss, to drive away, to expel, to fire, to oust, torelay, to repel, to return, to sack, to send back, to send onréoccuper→ to reoccupyréorchestrer→ to re-orchestrateréordonner→ to reorderréorganiser→ to reorganizerépandre→ to spread, to propagate, to spillreparaître→ to reappear
  • 252. réparer→ to repair, to fix, to mendrépartir→ to allocate, to apportion, to distributerepartir→ to leave againrepasser→ to iron, to pass again, to recrossrepeindre→ to repaintrepenser→ to rethink, to think againrepentir→ to repent, to repentancerepercer→ to redrillrepérer→ to scout out, to spotrépertorier→ to index
  • 253. répéter→ to repeat, to reenact, to reiteraterepeupler→ to repopulatereplanter→ to replantreplier→ to roll up, to tuck uprépliquer→ to replicate, to replyreplisser→ to plait againrepolir→ to re-Polish, to repolishrépondre→ to answer, to reply, to respondreposer→ to rest, to relax, to reposerepousser
  • 254. → to emboss, to expel, to look askance at, to refuse, to reject, to repulse, to shun, to spurn, towithholdreprendre→ to regain, to take againreprésenter→ to represent, to act for, to stand forréprimander→ to admonish, to blame, to exhort, to rebuke, to reprimand, to reproach, to reprove, toscold, to tell off, to upbraidréprimer→ to repress, to inhibit, to oppress, to squelch, to stiflereprocher→ to blame, to rebuke, to reprimand, to reproach, to reprove, to scold, to tell off, to upbraidreproduire→ to reproducereprogrammer→ to reprogramréprouver→ to reproverépudier
  • 255. → to repudiaterequérir→ to require, to needrequinquer→ to perk upréquisitionner→ to commandeerréserver→ to book, to reserverésider→ to residerésigner→ to resign, to forgo, to give up, to renouncerésilier→ to terminate, to cancelrésister→ to resist, to withstandresocialiser→ to re-socialize, to resocialize
  • 256. résonner→ to resonate, to echo, to resoundrésoudre→ to solve, to resolve, to settlerespecter→ to respectrespirer→ to breatheresponsabiliser→ to make responsible for, to place in charge forressasser→ to rehashressayer→ to retryressembler→ to look like, to resemble, to be alike, to be like, to look alikeressentir→ to experience, to feel, to senseresserrer→ to tighten
  • 257. resservir→ to serve again, to take another helpingressortir→ to stand outressouder→ to re-consolidate, to resolderressurgir→ to re-emergeressusciter→ to resurrect, to resuscitate, to revive, to rise from the deathrestaurer→ to restore, to dine, to resetrester→ to stay, to abide, to be left, to keep, to remain, to stay overrestituer→ to restituterestreindre→ to restrict, to restrainrestructurer→ to restructure
  • 258. résulter→ to result, to amountrésumer→ to summarize, to abstract, to outline, to recapitulaterétablir→ to recover, to restoreretaper→ to retyperetarder→ to delay, to adjourn, to decelerate, to defer, to postpone, to procrastinate, to put off, toshelve, to slow downretendre→ to retensionretenir→ to retain, to hold, to hold back, to hold on, to stopréticuler→ to cross-linkretirer→ to withdraw, to collect, to draw back, to elicit, to glean, to pull, to renege, to retrieve, totake back, to take off, to worm
  • 259. retisser→ to reweaveretomber→ to droop, to hang down, to land, to lapserétorquer→ to retort, to refuteretoucher→ to retouch, to touch upretourner→ to return, to go back, to invert, to relay, to resend, to reverse, to revolve, to send back, toturn around, to turn inside out, to turn over, to turn round, to whirlrétracter→ to retractretraduire→ to retranslateretraiter→ to reprocessretrancher→ to abstract, to count down, to cut off, to deduct, to subtract, to write downretransmettre
  • 260. → to retransmitretravailler→ to reworkretraverser→ to re-crossrétrécir→ to shrink, to narrowretremper→ to re-temperrétrocéder→ to reconveyrétrograder→ to demote, to change downretrousser→ to curl back, to roll up, to turn upretrouver→ to find, to find back, to meet up again, to recoverréunifier→ to reunify, to reunite
  • 261. réunir→ to reunite, to meet, to reunifyréussir→ to succeed, to make a success of, to pass, to succeed inréutiliser→ to reuseréveiller→ to wake up, to arouse, to awake, to awaken, to wake, to wakenrévéler→ to reveal, to prove to be, to uncoverrevendiquer→ to demandrevendre→ to resellrevenir→ to come back, to returnréverbérer→ to reverberaterévérer→ to revere
  • 262. rêver→ to dream, to daydream, to dream about, to long forrevêtir→ to clothe, to coat, to dress, to put onrevigorer→ to reinvigorateréviser→ to revise, to reconsider, to reviewrevitaliser→ to revitalizerevivre→ to relive, to revive, to resuscitaterevoir→ to review, to revise, to see againrévolter→ to disgut, to rebelrévolutionner→ to revolutionize, to radicalizerévoquer→ to revoke
  • 263. revoter→ to vote againrewriter→ to rewriterhabiller→ to get changed, to redressricaner→ to giggle, to snicker, to snigger, to titterricocher→ to ricochetrider→ to furrow, to wrinkleridiculiser→ to ridiculerigidifier→ to stiffenrigoler→ to have fun, to joke, to kid, to teaserimer→ to rhyme
  • 264. rincer→ to rinserire→ to laugh, to have funrisquer→ to risk, to be in danger of, to be likely to, to dare, to hazard, to ventureritualiser→ to ritualizerivaliser→ to compete, to contend, to rival, to vieroder→ to be lappedrôder→ to loiter, to prowlrogner→ to gnaw, to pare, to trimromancer→ to romanticiseromaniser→ to romanize
  • 265. rompre→ to break, to break upronchonner→ to grumbleronfler→ to snore, to snortronger→ to gnaw, to eat awayronronner→ to purr, to drone, to hum, to whirrosser→ to thrash, to thresh, to walloproter→ to belch, to burprôtir→ to roast, to toastroucouler→ to coorougeoyer→ to become fiery red, to glow red
  • 266. rougir→ to blush, to redden, to turn redrouiller→ to rustrouler→ to roll, to bilk, to cheat, to drive, to roll about, to roll up, to swindle, to take in, to trick, towheelrouspéter→ to go against, to opposeroussir→ to brown, to scorchrouvrir→ to reopenruer→ to rush, to rush at, to rush intorugir→ to roarruiner→ to ruin, to destroy, to devastate, to spoilruisseler
  • 267. → to run offruminer→ to ruminate, to chewruser→ to trickrussifier→ to Russifyrythmer→ to beat timesaboter→ to sabotagesaccager→ to sack, to destroy, to ransack, to wrecksacrifier→ to sacrifice, to offer upsaigner→ to bleedsaillir→ to sire, to stick out
  • 268. saisir→ to capture, to catch, to discern, to grab, to perceive, to sear, to seize, to understandsalarier→ to employsaler→ to salt, to picklesalir→ to get dirty, to besmirch, to dirtysaliver→ to drool, to salivatesaluer→ to salute, to greet, to hail, to nodsanctifier→ to sanctifysanctionner→ to punish, to sanctionsanctuariser→ to sanctuarizesangloter→ to sob
  • 269. saper→ to sap, to erodesaponifier→ to saponifysarcler→ to weedsataner→ to lean onsatisfaire→ to satisfy, to content, to gratify, to meet withsaturer→ to saturate, to drench, to imbue, to pervade, to sate, to steepsaucer→ to wipe cleansaucissonner→ to slicesaupoudrer→ to sprinklesauter→ to jump, to blow up, to jump over, to leap, to skip, to spring
  • 270. sautiller→ to hopsauvegarder→ to backup, to save, to protect, to safeguardsauver→ to rescue, to save, to run awaysavoir→ to know, to wotsavourer→ to relish, to savor, to savourscalper→ to scalpscandaliser→ to be scandalized, to scandalizescander→ to chantscarifier→ to scarifysceller→ to seal
  • 271. schématiser→ to schematize, to oversimplifyscier→ to sawscintiller→ to scintillate, to flare up, to flickerscruter→ to scrutinizesculpter→ to sculpt, to carvesécher→ to drysecouer→ to shakesecourir→ to rescue, to succour, to aid, to assistsécréter→ to secretesectionner→ to dissect, to slice
  • 272. séculariser→ to secularizesécuriser→ to secureséduire→ to seduceséjourner→ to sojourn, to staysélectionner→ to selectseller→ to saddlesembler→ to seem, to appear, to look, to look likesemer→ to sowsensibiliser→ to raise awarenesssentir
  • 273. → to feel, to smell, to finger, to give off an odour, to grope, to reek, to sense, to smell of, totouchseoir→ to sit downséparer→ to separate, to divide, to segregate, to splitséquestrer→ to sequester, to kidnapsérialiser→ to serializesermonner→ to sermonize, to lectureserrer→ to tighten, to clench, to condense, to enclose, to hug, to lock up, to rack, to shut up, tosqueeze, to stow, to tensesertir→ to crimpservir→ to servesevrer
  • 274. → to weansexualiser→ to sexualizeshampouiner→ to shampooshooter→ to shootsidérer→ to staggersiffler→ to whistlesiffloter→ to whistlesignaler→ to signal, to alert, to call attention to, to draw attention, to draw attention to, to prompt, toremarksignaliser→ to signalizesigner→ to sign
  • 275. signifier→ to mean, to signify, to denote, to implysillonner→ to crisscrosssimplifier→ to simplifysimuler→ to simulate, to fakesinger→ to apesingulariser→ to single outsiphonner→ to siphonsituer→ to situate, to be situated, to locate, to position, to spotskier→ to skislalomer→ to jink
  • 276. snober→ to disregard, to high-hat, to snubsocialiser→ to socializesodomiser→ to sodomizesoigner→ to care for, to cure, to heal, to nurse, to remedy, to take care over, to tend to, to treatsolariser→ to solarizesolidifier→ to solidifysolliciter→ to solicit, to beg, to implore, to pleadsolubiliser→ to solubilizesolutionner→ to solvesomatiser→ to somatize
  • 277. sommer→ to summonsomnoler→ to dozesonder→ to poll, to probe, to sound outsonger→ to daydream, to fancy, to meditate, to muse, to ponder, to think about, to think ofsonner→ to ring, to clang, to peal, to resound, to soundsophistiquer→ to sophisticatesortir→ to go out, to bring out, to come out, to go outside, to head out, to leave, to take outsoucier→ to worry about, to worrysouder→ to weld, to soldersoudoyer→ to bribe
  • 278. souffler→ to blow, to breathe out, to puffsouffrir→ to suffer, to ail, to endure, to suffer from, to sustainsoufrer→ to sulfursouhaiter→ to wish, to desire, to hope, to wantsouiller→ to defilesoulager→ to relieve, to allay, to alleviate, to cushion, to ease, to facilitate, to mitigate, to remitsoûler→ to get drunksoulever→ to bring up, to lever, to raise, to elevate, to heave, to hoist, to liftsouligner→ to emphasize, to underlinesoumettre→ to submit, to abide by, to subdue, to subject
  • 279. soumissionner→ to bidsoupçonner→ to grasp, to suspectsouper→ to have a late supper, to have dinnersoupeser→ to feel the weight ofsoupirer→ to sigh, to ache for, to yearnsourire→ to smilesous-alimenter→ to underfeedsouscrire→ to subscribesous-estimer→ to underestimatesous-évaluer→ to undervalue, to underestimate
  • 280. sous-exposer→ to underexpose, to underpromotesous-louer→ to sublet, to subleasesous-payer→ to underpaysous-titrer→ to subtitlesoustraire→ to subtractsous-traiter→ to subcontractsous-utiliser→ to underutilizesoutenir→ to support, to cope, to endure, to maintain, to stand, to withstandsouvenir→ to remember, to memory, to remindsoviétiser→ to sovietize
  • 281. spatialiser→ to spatializespécialiser→ to specializespécifier→ to specifyspéculer→ to speculatespiritualiser→ to spiritualizesplitter→ to splitsporuler→ to sporulatesprinter→ to sprintstabiliser→ to stabilizestagner→ to stagnate
  • 282. standardiser→ to standardizestationner→ to parkstatuer→ to statestéréotyper→ to stereotypestériliser→ to sterilizestigmatiser→ to stigmatizestimuler→ to stimulate, to encourage, to rouse, to stir upstipuler→ to stipulatestocker→ to stock, to storestopper→ to stop
  • 283. stratifier→ to stratifystresser→ to stressstriduler→ to stridulate, to chirpstructurer→ to structurestupéfier→ to astound, to stupefy, to amaze, to appal, to disconcert, to dismay, to dumbfound, tostagger, to startle, to stun, to take abackstyliser→ to stylizesubdéléguer→ to sub-delegatesubdiviser→ to subdividesubir→ to undergo, to endure, to go through, to put up with, to suffersubjuguer
  • 284. → to subjugatesublimer→ to sublimatesubmerger→ to overwhelm, to submerge, to flood, to inundate, to overflowsubordonner→ to subordinatesuborner→ to bribesubroger→ to subrogatesubstituer→ to override, to substitute, to replacesubsumer→ to subsumesubventionner→ to subsidizesubvertir→ to subvert
  • 285. succéder→ to succeedsuccomber→ to succumbsucer→ to sucksucrer→ to sweetensuer→ to sweat, to perspiresuffire→ to suffice, to be enoughsuffoquer→ to suffocate, to choke, to stiflesuggérer→ to suggest, to hint, to propoundsuicider→ to commit suicidesuinter→ to ooze
  • 286. suivre→ to follow, to come after, to trailsuperposer→ to overlay, to superpose, to put on top each other, to superimposesuperviser→ to supervisesupplanter→ to supplantsupplier→ to imploresupporter→ to support, to bear, to put up with, to stand, to stomach, to withstandsupposer→ to suppose, to assume, to deem, to guess, to presume, to require, to surmise, to thinksupprimer→ to delete, to suppress, to abolish, to annul, to cancel, to dispense with, to do away with, toget rid of, to nullify, to remove, to void, to wipe outsuppurer→ to suppuratesupputer
  • 287. → to calculate, to work outsurabonder→ to superaboundsurajouter→ to superaddsurcharger→ to overloadsurchauffer→ to overheatsurestimer→ to overestimatesurévaluer→ to overstatesurexploiter→ to overexploitsurexposer→ to overexposesurfer→ to surf
  • 288. surgeler→ to deep freeze, to quick freezesurgir→ to come into sight, to emerge, to get up, to materializesurjeter→ to overlocksurmonter→ to overcome, to go beyond, to outclass, to outscore, to outshine, to overthrow, to surmount,to surpass, to vanquish, to win oversurpasser→ to surpass, to outdosurpayer→ to overpaysurpeupler→ to overpopulatesurplomber→ to overhangsurprendre→ to surprise, to take unawaressurproduire
  • 289. → to overproducesurtaxer→ to overtaxsurveiller→ to oversee, to be attentive to, to heed, to pay attention, to review, to watch outsurvenir→ to happen, to appear, to emergesurvirer→ to oversteersurvivre→ to survivesurvoler→ to fly oversuspecter→ to suspectsuspendre→ to hang, to suspendsusurrer→ to burble, to whisper
  • 290. suturer→ to sutureswinguer→ to swingsyllaber→ to syllabifysymboliser→ to symbolizesympathiser→ to get on wellsynchroniser→ to synchronizesyndiquer→ to unionizesynthétiser→ to synthesizesyntoniser→ to tune, to syntonizesystématiser→ to systematise, to systematize
  • 291. tabasser→ to beat uptabuler→ to tabulatetacher→ to staintâcher→ to trytailler→ to carve, to chisel, to chop, to cut off, to cut out, to facet, to grave, to hew, to prune, tosharpen, to slice, to trim, to whittletaire→ to quiet, to shut up, to silence, to withholdtambouriner→ to poundtamiser→ to sift, to screen, to sieve, to straintamponner→ to dabtanguer
  • 292. → to pitchtaniser→ to tantanner→ to tantaper→ to type, to hit, to pat, to taptapisser→ to back, to coat, to cover, to face, to hang, to lag, to overlay, to paper, to platetapoter→ to taptaquiner→ to teasetarauder→ to taptarder→ to delay, to be late, to be long, to be longing totarir→ to dry up, to exhaust, to make run dry, to run dry
  • 293. tartiner→ to spreadtasser→ to cram, to presstâter→ to fell, to finger, to grope, to handle, to touchtâtonner→ to gropetatouer→ to tattootaxer→ to tax, to assessteindre→ to dye, to stain, to tinttélécopier→ to faxtélédiffuser→ to broadcasttéléphoner→ to phone, to telephone, to give a ring, to make a call, to place a call, to ring
  • 294. téléviser→ to televise, to broadcasttémoigner→ to testify, to attest, to bear witness of, to certify, to vouch, to witnesstempérer→ to tempertempêter→ to ranttemporiser→ to temporizetendre→ to rack, to strain, to strech, to tend, to tense, to tighten, to wind uptenir→ to hold, to hang onto, to hold on, to maintain, to retaintenter→ to attempt, to entice, to induce, to tempt, to trytergiverser→ to procrastinateterminer
  • 295. → to end, to finish, to abate, to conclude, to discontinue, to halt, to lift, to prorogue, to quell,to staunch, to stop, to terminateternir→ to tarnishterrer→ to buryterrifier→ to terrifyterroriser→ to terrorizetester→ to testtéter→ to suck, to breast feed, to suckletexturiser→ to texturizethématiser→ to thematizethéoriser→ to theorize
  • 296. thésauriser→ to hoardtiller→ to scutchtimbrer→ to add a stamp, to place a stamp, to postmark, to put a stamp, to stamptirer→ to shoot, to drag, to draught, to draw, to drawl, to extricate, to fire, to haul, to pull, to tow,to tug, to witchtisser→ to weave, to braid, to plait, to twine, to wreathetitiller→ to titillatetitrer→ to titratetituber→ to staggertoaster→ to toasttoiletter
  • 297. → to groomtolérer→ to toleratetomber→ to drop, to fall, to befall, to come across, to come upon, to descend, to fall off, to fall on, tofall upon, to plummet, to stumble across, to stumble on, to stumble upontondre→ to mow, to clip, to sheartonifier→ to tone uptonner→ to thundertordre→ to tweak, to twist, to bend, to contort, to distort, to mangle, to sprain, to warp, to wrench,to wrest, to wrick, to wringtorpiller→ to torpedo, to aborttortiller→ to squirmtorturer
  • 298. → to torturetoucher→ to touch, to hittouiller→ to stirtourbillonner→ to swirl, to whirltourmenter→ to torment, to agonize, to bully, to distress, to harass, to torturetourner→ to turn, to revolve, to switch on, to turn around, to turn on, to turn round, to turn to, towhirltournoyer→ to twirltousser→ to coughtracasser→ to disturb, to fuss, to worrytracer→ to trace, to draw, to outline, to sketch
  • 299. traduire→ to translatetrahir→ to betraytraînailler→ to moochtraînasser→ to moochtraîner→ to dawdle, to drag, to drag along, to pull, to tow, to trailtraire→ to milktraiter→ to treat, to address, to deal, to deal with, to handle, to processtramer→ to weavetrancher→ to cut, to slicetranquilliser→ to tranquilize
  • 300. transborder→ to transhiptranscender→ to transcendtranscoder→ to transcodetranscrire→ to transcribetransférer→ to transfertransformer→ to transform, to alter, to amend, to change, to convert, to shift, to turn intotransgresser→ to transgresstransiger→ to compromise, to give intransir→ to cut through, to pass throughtransistoriser→ to transistorize
  • 301. transiter→ to transit, to convey in transit, to pass in transittransmettre→ to transmit, to pass down, to pass on totransmigrer→ to transmigratetransmuter→ to transmutetranspercer→ to piercetranspirer→ to perspire, to transpire, to sweattransplanter→ to transplanttransporter→ to transport, to carry, to shiptransposer→ to transposetransvaser→ to decant
  • 302. traquer→ to stalk, to tracktraumatiser→ to traumatizetravailler→ to work, to labourtraverser→ to cross, to go throughtrébucher→ to stumble, to triptrembler→ to tremble, to quake, to quiver, to rattle, to shiver, to wavetrembloter→ to flickertrémousser→ to jiggle, to gyratetremper→ to dip, to soak, to drop forge, to dunk, to take a dip, to tempertrépaner→ to trepan
  • 303. trépigner→ to stamp his feet, to stamptressaillir→ to flinch, to trembletresser→ to braid, to plait, to twine, to wreathetrévirer→ to parbuckletrianguler→ to triangulatetricher→ to cheat, to tricktricoter→ to knittrier→ to sort, to sort outtrifouiller→ to tamper withtrimarder→ to be on the roads, to walk the roads
  • 304. trimballer→ to lug aroundtrinquer→ to clink glasses, to toast glassestriompher→ to triumphtripler→ to tripletripoter→ to fiddle with, to fondle, to gropetromper→ to deceive, to be unfaintful to, to cheat, to con, to cuckold, to delude, to disappoint, to fool,to mislead, to tricktronquer→ to truncatetroquer→ to bartertrotter→ to trottroubler
  • 305. → to trouble, to abash, to addle, to bemuse, to bewilder, to confuse, to disarrange, todisarray, to disturb, to perplex, to puzzle, to ruffletrouer→ to make a hole introuver→ to find, to locate, to spot, to striketruquer→ to rigtruster→ to trusttuer→ to kill, to die, to liquidate, to slaytuiler→ to tiletutoyer→ to use the tu form totyranniser→ to bully, to tyrannizeulcérer→ to ulcerate
  • 306. ululer→ to hootunifier→ to unifyunir→ to bring together, to combine, to uniteurbaniser→ to urbanizeuriner→ to pee, to urinateuser→ to grind down, to run in, to wear down, to wear off, to wear outusiner→ to machine, to manufactureusurper→ to usurputiliser→ to use, to utilizevacciner→ to vaccinate
  • 307. vacher→ to cowboy, to cowherdvaciller→ to flare, to flare up, to flicker, to tremble, to vacillate, to wobblevaguer→ to roam, to stray, to wandervaincre→ to defeat, to beat, to overcome, to overthrow, to surmount, to vanquish, to win overvalider→ to validatevallonner→ to undulatevaloir→ to argue, to assert, to be worth, to costvaloriser→ to valorise, to valorizevalser→ to waltzvandaliser→ to vandalize
  • 308. vanner→ to winnowvanter→ to brag about, to vaunt, to boast, to exalt, to praisevaporiser→ to spray, to vaporizevarier→ to varyvautrer→ to wallowvectoriser→ to vectorizevégétaliser→ to greenvégéter→ to vegetatevéhiculer→ to conveyveiller→ to keep watch over, to stay up, to watch over
  • 309. vélariser→ to velarizevêler→ to calvevendre→ to sell, to vendvénérer→ to venerate, to adore, to worshipvenger→ to avenge, to get revenge, to revenge, to take revengevenir→ to come, to come fromventer→ to inventventiler→ to ventilate, to aerateverbaliser→ to verbalizeverdir→ to green
  • 310. vérifier→ to check, to verify, to audit, to examine, to moderate, to oversee, to review, to supervisevermiculer→ to vermiculatevermifuger→ to dewormverrouiller→ to lock, to bolt, to fastenverser→ to dump, to pour, to pour out, to scatter, to shed, to tipversifier→ to versifyvertir→ to convertvêtir→ to array, to clothe, to dress, to fit, to suitvexer→ to vex, to offend, to take offencevibrer→ to vibrate
  • 311. vicier→ to taint, to vitiatevictimiser→ to victimise, to victimizevider→ to empty, to flush, to gutvieillir→ to grow old, to age, to get old, to look oldervilipender→ to vilifyvioler→ to rape, to violate, to defile, to desecratevirer→ to fire, to sack, to turn awayvirevolter→ to flitviser→ to aim, to aim at, to aim for, to targetvisionner→ to view
  • 312. visiter→ to visit, to attend, to call onvisser→ to screw, to screw in, to screw onvisualiser→ to visualize, to displayvitaliser→ to revitalizevitrer→ to glazevivre→ to live, to be alivevocaliser→ to vocalizevociférer→ to vociferatevoguer→ to sailvoiler→ to veil
  • 313. voir→ to seevolatiliser→ to volatilizevoler→ to fly, to steal, to purloin, to robvolleyer→ to volleyvoltiger→ to flirt, to flit, to fluttervomir→ to vomit, to puke, to throw upvoter→ to votevouloir→ to be willing, to want, to wishvouvoyer→ to adress as vousvoyager→ to travel, to voyage
  • 314. vrombir→ to hum, to snore, to snortvulcaniser→ to vulcanizevulgariser→ to coarsen, to popularizezapper→ to zap, to channel-hopzébrer→ to streak, to stripezigzaguer→ to zigzagzoomer→ to zoom, to zoom intransfuser→ to transfuse
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