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Fabio Gomez AD Portfolio 2008 (web version)
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Fabio Gomez AD Portfolio 2008 (web version)


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The AD portfolio of Fabio Andres Gomez, a guy raisen in colombia until its 23th that then decided follow his heart and travel to the Netherlands chasing love. …

The AD portfolio of Fabio Andres Gomez, a guy raisen in colombia until its 23th that then decided follow his heart and travel to the Netherlands chasing love.

Take a look at my work:

Published in: Design, Business
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  • 1. INTRO I´m Fabio Andres Gomez, I´m an ´85 modelportfolio 20.08 I´m a Colombian, I live in Cali, Colombia. I am almost concluding my study in Advertising. I like learning on my own, most of the things I know I´ve learned through reading and investigating. rugby trends guerri lla ma * rketin chontaduro g a moti nov ongr bossa aphi cs btl minimalism THINGS Insig hts chill out THAT I my dog l vira my mother my wife soccer blogs e ffe co ian my brother lomb my baby.girl co research mac arepa* all the `80s music g brandin Argentinian Ad * Google It!
  • 2. MOTOROLA your world rocker PRINT ADS The idea for this campaign derived from the concept of the personal space bubble. Everybody has an area around them that they want to keep for themselves. Being that Motorokr offers the possibility of downloading and listening to your own music we focused every ad and element on the bubble.ALTERNATIVE MEDIA//BTL Idea: To place music download centers in strategic places of the city, where people who own or buy a Motorokr can download all different types of music. They would stand within the bubble where all necessary equipment would be offered with the pertaining instructions. Winner of Best New Medium Award at the InterU Contest Idea: To place different platforms with acrlyc bubbles where different music will be sounding. Every bubble would have dancers in them, wearing headphones connected to the Motorokr. These plstforms would be placed in strategic places of the city.Creative Idea: Fabio Gomez and Nadja Hoere This campaign was developed for a school assignmentArt Design: Fabio Gomez in order to compete at the InterU, a nation-wide contestClient: Motorola for all universities in Colombia with advertising faculties.Date: May 2006
  • 3. PRINT//BTL School AssignmentsClient:Nesquick Client:RaidReference:Hopscotch Reference:PeaceCopy:Fabio Gomez Copy:Fabio GomezGraphics:Fabio Gomez Graphics:Fabio Gomez This printed ad on the paper bag is to be handed out at the entrance of a theme park in Cali in order to announce the new rollercoaster. Client:River View Park Reference:PaperBag Copy:Fabio Gomez Graphics:Fabio Gomez
  • 4. THE JUANVALDEZ STRATEGY M E D I A T I C C O N V E R G E N C E The following campaign was developed as a class assignment for a subject called Multimedia. The purpose was to converge different media and focus on participative environments on the web. The campaign is culturally contextualized, Colombians are very proud of Juan Valdez as an international brand, it shows a positive side of Colombia and its ability to produce quality products and a strong, lasting brand. FOR GOOD TIMESThe campaign consisted of integrating different media, which complement one anotherwith the aim of creating a single consistent message. The first step was the creation of aWeb page with the name of the campaign (, whichcontained the rules of the contest, a registration format for interested visitors and an areafocused on the strategy of participative environments where people could upload theirphotos, make comments, and vote for the one that best represented a Juan Valdez Moment.Secondly, the idea was to generate traffic for the site, therefore a BTL activity wasdeveloped, which was to place the Juan Valdez character with his donkey Conchita,announcing on Conchita´s side bags and Juan Valdez´s poncho the name of the page.This duo was then placed at strategic sites in cities where Juan Valdez shops or stationswere located. This activity generated free press coverage from national and regionalnews broadcasts during the two weekends that the action took place.The next element for integrating customers with the brand was the possibility for them toupload their personal photos in situations they considered Juan Valdez Moments.These photos were then used as elements in the stores´ and stations´ visual merchandising, by printing the best photos on the paper cups and coasters of the stores. Also a largebanner with a collage of pictures representing the campaign, was located in the stores´ bar.On the website, users could vote for the photo that best represented a"JUAN VALDEZ Moment" and the winner received a round trip to Washington DCfor the inauguration of the new Juan Valdez shop in this city.
  • 5. PHOTOGRAPHY Client: Ittala Subject: Photography II Assignment: Product Photography
  • 6. LOGOS SHOWCASE Cliient: Granja Desserts Development of Corporate Identity for a new dessert store. Cliient: Sonora Lounge Development of Corporate Identity for a new mobile lounge club in Cali-Colombia. Cliient: Wi Hermes Development of Corporate Identity for a new mobile marketing company.