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Massage table buyers guide
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Massage table buyers guide

Published is a leading massage table warehouse where we sell massage tables and products for all types of massage. We have listed below common queries and guidelines for massage tables in this … is a leading massage table warehouse where we sell massage tables and products for all types of massage. We have listed below common queries and guidelines for massage tables in this free ebook.

We sell massage tables for all purposes and types of massage. Of course, personal preference comes into play when choosing a massage table but there are also some basic guidelines to follow. Below, are questions we commonly receive with regards to what massage tables are best for specific massage techniques. Because the tables we offer change from time to time, we will discuss what features to look for in a table and recommend specific models as well. Visit for more details

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  • 1. Massage TableBuyers Guide In the U.S. and Canada, you can reach us at 773-764-6542. For callers outside the U.S., please dial: +1-773-764-6542
  • 2. WHAT IS THE BEST MASSAGE TABLE FOR MYPRACTICE?We sell massage tables for all purposes and types of massage. Of course,personal preference comes into play when choosing a massage table butthere are also some basic guidelines to follow. Below, are questions wecommonly receive with regards to what massage tables are best for specificmassage techniques. Because the tables we offer change from time to time,we will discuss what features to look for in a table and recommend specificmodels as well.WHAT MASSAGE TABLES ARE BEST FORASHIATSU MASSAGE?The main concerns with Ashiatsu are that a table is very strong, stable andsufficiently wide. Check the working weight in the technical details of agiven table’s information to verify that it is high enough to satisfy yourneeds. In the case of Ashiatsu, we recommend a table that can support thefull combined weight of you and a client, even though the bars take much ofyour weight during a treatment. Many of our clients who are Ashiatsupractitioners choose a stationary massage table for the clinic because theycan support a very large amount of weight and also because therapists whouse bars to support themselves in an Ashiatsu treatment are typically notmobile therapists. That said, many our portable massage tables are strongenough for the method as well. For Ashiatsu practitioners who do not usebars, we recommend massage tables with a feature called the Shiatsu cablerelease (AKA a push-lock table). This feature allows you to place the tabletop directly on the ground. The firmness one looks for in a table is verysubjective but many Ashiatsu therapists prefer a firm table with two inchesor less of foam. These firm tables provide the greater resistance andsupport which is useful for techniques which use great amounts of pressure.Classico BodyChoice Table is our top pick in this category.
  • 3. WHAT IS THE BEST MASSAGE TABLE FOR AYURVEDIC THERAPY?Massage therapist who use Ayurvedic methods typically focus on the use ofoils. All of our tables are water and oil proof. A main concern with this typeof therapy is the cleanliness of the table. To ensure the cleanliness of yourtable we recommend using oil-proof covers and vinyl and leather cleaningfluid. Ayurveda BodyChoice is our most recommended massage table forAyurvedic therapy.WHAT MASSAGE TABLES ARE BEST FORUSING CRANIAL SACRAL TECHNIQUES?Our massage tables provide enough leg room to perform these techniques.We also sell table extensions to elongate the working surface as necessary.The headrests of all of our tables can be removed to give you access neededto perform cranial techniques. Because Cranial Sacral techniques aregenerally gentle, you can make client comfort a priority and get a tablewhich has thicker, three inch foam, preferably including memory foam likeFlattop Pro BodyChoice massage table. The soft foam will make it morecomfortable for the therapist as well if he or she needs to performmovements with his/her hand under the client’s body. Massage Stool withBackrest is also recommended for therapists.WHAT MASSAGE TABLES ARE BEST FOROSTEOPATHIC THERAPY?It is somewhat difficult to make specific recommendations for therapistswho use Osteopathic methods because the approach encompasses such awide variety of techniques, many of which overlap with other types ofmassage. Many of our clients who practice Osteopathic therapy choose a
  • 4. table with two inches or less of padding which provides firmness andresistance. Many osteopathic therapists choose a stationary massage tablewith an adjustable back for its versatility, similarity to a traditionalphysicians table, and because it provides a sturdy surface which a patientcan alternate between sitting on the edge of and lying on, depending on thetechnique being used. Versatile BodyChoice is one of our best sellingstationary massage tables for Osteopathic Therapy.WHAT MASSAGE TABLES ARE BEST FORREIKI?While several of our tables are not designed specifically for Reiki, theyprovide enough legroom to work well with Reiki techniques. Several of thetables like Transformer BodyChoice come equipped with Reiki panels foradded leg room at either end of the table so you can perform necessarytechniques on the crown, third eye, and root chakras, even when you aresitting in a massage stool. We also sell Reiki panels which can be used withmany of our tables. Because Reiki is generally focuses on the client’senergies and Universal Energy, you can make client comfort a priority andget a table with three-inch foam and preferably including some memoryfoam. If you use crystals when you are doing Reiki, it is a good idea toconsider a wider table of 30 inches so you have room to set the crystalsaround the client. For additional comfort one can also buy KP-2 OrganicPillows.WHAT MASSAGE TABLES ARE BEST FORSHIATSU AND THAI MASSAGE?The two main features our clients who practice Shiatsu look for are tablestrength and firmness. Our tables are all very strong and can support theadded pressure of shiatsu massage. Check the working weight in thetechnical details of a table to verify the working weight is high enough tosatisfy your needs. In the case of Ashiatsu, we recommend a massage tablethat can support the full weight of you and a client, even if the bars take
  • 5. much of your weight. Many of our clients who are Ashiatsu practitionerschoose a stationary table for the clinic but our portable table are strongenough as well. We also offer tables designed to make Shiatsu easier. Thefeature called the Shiatsu cable release (AKA a push-lock table) is ideal.This feature allows you to place the table top directly on the ground whenyou need to exert great amounts of pressure on the patient. The firmnessone looks for in a table is very subjective but many Shiatsu and Thai-styletherapists prefer a firm table with two inches or less of foam. These firmtables provide the greater resistance and support which is useful fortechniques which use great amounts of pressure. Multi-Purpose Mattress andFlannel Fitted Sheets can also be necessary accessories for thesetechniques.WHAT MASSAGE TABLES ARE BEST FORACUPUNCTURE?For acupuncture, we recommend massage tables that are very comfortablelike Multi-Purpose Master Portable Massage Table. A wider, 30” table withthree inches of foam is preferred. It is important that your client is very atease during these techniques. Many times, the client will want to remainlying in the table after a treatment is done while their body clarifies ordetoxifies. Thus, a comfortable table is essential. Sometimes, a client maylie on their back and may or may not want to use the headrest at thesetimes. So a long massage table is also advisable.WHAT MASSAGE TABLES OR CHAIRS AREBEST FOR ACUPRESSURE MASSAGE?Acupressure massage typically uses pressure focused in very specific points.Therefore, a massage table with three inches of foam is acceptable becauseyou will not often need the added firmness of two inches foam like you dowith many deep tissue methods. For many techniques, the patient isrequired to sit. A sturdy stationary massage table or a Comfort MassageStool can provide an ideal bench for them to sit on. A table with the quick
  • 6. release / shiatsu cable release / push-lock feature may also be appropriatebecause you can set the table directly on the ground and let the client siton it with crossed legs, giving them comfort and you total access to thepoints you need for treatment. Alternatively, have a separate place for yourclient to sit during these techniques.WHAT TYPES OF TABLES ARE GOOD FORBEAUTY WORK AS WELL AS MASSAGE?Beauticians generally favor massage tables with adjustable backrests. Thisfeature lets the client either lie down for a massage or recline for waxingand other beauty treatments.WHAT MASSAGE TABLES ARE BEST FOR DEEPTISSUE MASSAGE?For deep tissue massage, you will generally want a massage table with two-inch thick foam instead of three inches. The added firmness of these tableswill help you obtain the deep penetration you are looking for. However, youcan also get the same result with three-inch thick foam massage tables, butyou may have to work harder because the extra foam equates to morepressure needed. You can also check our massage tools for deep tissuemassage.WHAT MASSAGE TABLES ARE BEST FORMYOFASCIAL RELEASE MASSAGE?For Myofascial Release, therapist may use deep, penetrating motions withtheir knuckles, forearm, elbow, etc when they do direct techniques. If thesemethods represent a large part of your routine, a massage table with two-inch foam may be favorable because it will be firmer and will not work
  • 7. against you during such movements. For softer, indirect Myofascial Releasetechniques, you do not need to worry about having a firmer table. OvalDeluxe BodyChoice Massage Table is our top recommendation for MyofascialTherapists.WHAT MASSAGE TABLES ARE BEST FORSPORTS MASSAGE?Sports massage encompasses a wide variety of techniques. With sportsmassage, there are a few factors to consider when buying a massage table.First, you will want a firmer table which means two inches of small cellfoam. Sports massage often involves deep tissue penetration and percussiveor tapotement techniques. Thus, a massage table with very thick foam canmake these techniques more difficult to perform. Second, with sportsmassage you are, of course, working with athletes. Keep their size in mindand get a wider massage table although this will be more or less importantdepending on the sport your athletes practice). Additional table wideninglike table extensions may be a smart purchase if you expect to have somevery large clients. Some sports massage therapists, however, find a massagetable with an adjustable backrest beneficial because they use this featureto help a client elevate their legs before, during, or after a massage.Bolsters and Hot And Cold Packs are also useful for this purpose. Also,consider getting a few massage tools for times when your hands feel to wornout to get really deep.WHAT MASSAGE TABLES ARE BEST FORSTONE MASSAGE?Different therapists use different techniques with hot stones, and these willinfluence what massage table is right for you. If you practice hot stonemassage, you may want to consider a heated top massage table. Theseheated table tops do not need to be activated for every massage but
  • 8. together with the hot stones they can help you leave your client feelingextremely relaxed and tranquil. Especially in the winter time, the mild heatthey provide is a feature your client will appreciate. When it comes to usingthe massage stone as a tool, therapists are very different in theirtechniques. If you like to use a large stone to get very deep, a firmer tablewith two inches of small cell foam may be a good idea because, like withany deep tissue massage, it will be easier to penetrate. For many stonetherapists, however, comfort is of the utmost importance and three inchesfoam is ideal. Even for deep tissue work, the added pressure and focus thatcomes with using a stone can make a table with three inches suitable. Onecan also check our Massage Stones Section to get the best stones andaccessories for hot and cold stone massage.WHAT MASSAGE TABLES ARE BEST FORSWEDISH OR CLASSIC MASSAGE?Swedish or Classic massage is known for several specific techniques, each ofwhich should affect the table you choose. If you are going to rock, vibrate,or oscillate your client you might want to use a stationary table becausethey are the steadiest. A wider 30” table is often a good idea if you will berocking your client because you want them to feel secure on the bed’ssurface. A steady massage table is also important for techniques such a longeffleurage or sliding techniques and for techniques which use friction. Astationary massage table is ideal for these techniques if you have the optionof using one. That said, our portable tables like Eco BodyChoice table arevery sturdy and, unlike many on the market, they do not creek. If you use aportable table for and do a lot of oscillation, make sure to regularly tightenthe various screws and bolts of your table. Many Swedish massage therapistschoose a massage table with only two inches of upholstery because sometechniques involve using a good deal of pressure and the firmness of twoinches of small cell foam is useful for these methods. Since there is avariety in Swedish massage, a massage table with three-inch foam tablemay be suitable for some therapists as well like Masterpiece DeluxeBodyChoice Table.
  • 9. WHAT MASSAGE TABLES ARE BEST FORTRIGGER POINT?Trigger point therapy can use a variety of tables. Typically, a massagetherapist will not use trigger point techniques exclusively, but will integratethem into their repertoire of healing methods for clients with strained ofpainful trigger points. Some therapists prefer firmer two-inch thick foambecause they feel it is easier to maintain extended, even pressure on thetrigger points, necessary in certain techniques. If you are using your openpalm to apply pressure for extended period of time, a firmer table will beuseful. If you are applying pressure to a very specific area and, especially, ifyou are just using your thumb or a similarly sized tool, thicker foam may beperfectly acceptable because the technique will not shift the client’s bodyas much. If you do extensive trigger point therapy, you may also want toconsider some massage tools like Trigger Pointer to help you get thepressure you need to apply without straining your own body in the process.WHAT MASSAGE TABLE SIZE IS BEST FORME?The standard size of a table is 28 inches wide by 72-73 inches long (83inches including the headrest). This standard table matches the needs ofthe client who has an average body size and is ideal for the body workerwho is less than 5 foot 9 inches. Most body workers prefer to work with a 29or 30-inch table, especially if they are over 5 foot 9 inches or work withlarge clients such as athletes, or people who are overweight. The 30-inchtable is 2 to 3 pounds heavier than the standard table so some mobiletherapists sacrifice some width for portability or buy either a massage tablecart or wheeled carrying case (for those that tables that do not alreadyinclude a wheeled case) to transport their larger table.
  • 10. WHICH THICKNESS OF FOAM SHOULD I LOOKFOR IN A MASSAGE TABLE?Some massage therapists prefer a table with 2-inch thick padding because itprovides more resistance, and thus they can administer a more intensemassage. On the other hand, some body workers are more concerned withthe clients comfort and thus choose a table with 3-inch thick padding. Ineither case, it is critical that you choose a table with dense, small-cellfoam, so the table will retain its form after many years of use.WHAT IS THE ADVANTAGE OF THE DOUBLELOCK SYSTEM?Double locks provide more stability for the table -- and thus for clients thatfeel uneasy on massage tables -- than just one lock. A single-lock table maysway slightly, taking away from your clients ease and relaxation.WHAT IS THE PATENTED AUTO LOCK FRAMEAND LEG SYSTEM?This system enables you to effortlessly set up your table in 5 to 10 seconds.There is no assembly required, and you can get to work right away. It doesthis without comprising the integrity or stability of the table.
  • 11. HOW MUCH WEIGHT DOES A MASTERMASSAGE™ TABLE SUPPORT?All of our tables generally support at least 2,000 pounds of static weight(weight evenly distributed across the table) and 500 pounds of workingweight. Please see the individual table descriptions for more details.WHAT IS A UL LISTING?"UL listing" means that the massage table has been tested by UnderwritersLaboratory, an independent product quality verification organization in theU.S. Only the best massage tables have this certificate of excellence. Byselecting a UL-listed table, you demonstrate to your clients yourcommitment to their safety. You may find that having a UL-listed table is anadvantage, should a question of liability arise.WHAT SHOULD I DO TO KEEP MY MASSAGETABLE IN GOOD CONDITION?After you first receive your massage table, it is a good idea to check allscrews and knobs to verify that they are still tight. During transit,temperature changes and varying humidity levels may loosen them. Thisprocess will take only a couple of minutes.To help maintain the tables stability in the future, follow this simplemaintenance schedule: Every 1 to 6 months (depending on how frequentlythe table is used), or if you notice any looseness in the table, check andtighten:•the 8 knobs for the height adjustment (by hand)•the 8 screws on both wooden leg panels (use a screwdriver)•all joints of the leg and frame system (use an Allen wrench AKA hex key)
  • 12. Of course, maintenance also includes cleaning the table after each use. Wesupply a variety of massage covers to aid in maintaining a clean table. Toclean the table you can use a mild soap and water. We also sell a vinyl andleather cleaning solution for this purpose. Feel free to send regular postal mail or Express Mail to our mailing address: – TAO Trading Corporation 1419 W. Howard St. Chicago, IL 60626