ALUIAR Interface queries
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ALUIAR Interface queries

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This is a series of slides to show the possible changes being made to the open source Synote service so that it can be used by researchers

This is a series of slides to show the possible changes being made to the open source Synote service so that it can be used by researchers

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  • 1. ALUIAR
    Interface Design
  • 2. Home Page
    Menu position disappears into the browser
    Where do I go? How do I upload?
    What am I searching? I want to upload a recording
    Can I have a walkthrough or story board to show me what to do next?
  • 3. Home Page (ALUIAR)
  • 4. Login
    Which user name? My university one? I cannot remember my password? HELP!
    Will this allow me to set up user preferences and a profile that suits my research requirements
  • 5. Login (ALUIAR)
  • 6. User Profile
    I expected to be able to change my settings here not use the transcript service? Can’t I have all the personal information in one place when I reach this webpage?
  • 7. This page is confusing – ID? Replay? Print? How do I print a recording? Is this about the transcript? What about date, Where is the play button?
    Can I categorise and group recordings and others to make them easier to find?
    Can I view more than 10 or have a choice of viewing all?
  • 8. Recordings and Groups (ALUIAR)
    Titles are tagged for browsing and sorting
    Titles are tagged for browsing and sorting
  • 9. Show recording
    I expected to see the recording when I selected the title
    What is this page for? Why the URL? When I press print what am I printing? Why Replay for Play?
  • 10. Player
    Uploading of recordings remains an issue – still not clear where this occurs having reached this stage.
    This page is good for playing recordings on a Windows PC!
    Options for colour, font changes etc to show elements of transcriptions and coding conventions plus the chance to edit more easily with timings and tags for coding. Consider an editor window for exporting and saving options etc.
  • 11. Create Recordings
    I just want to be able to upload a recording, know it is secure and encrypted
    What is an xml file? What can it do for me?
    The permissions need to be clearer – annotate? And write?
    Need to know who can use transcription service at this stage and the alternatives.
  • 12. Create Recordings (ALUIAR)
  • 13. Recording Details (ALUIAR)
  • 14. Recording Permissions (ALUIAR)