What to do when Social Media Bites Back (Media Pro presentation Nov 2011)


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How to deal with a social media crisis, by social media management agency eModeration and PR company Carrot Communication

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What to do when Social Media Bites Back (Media Pro presentation Nov 2011)

  1. 1. http://www.greenpeace.org.uk/files/po/index.html
  2. 2. 1 What issues are you likely to face?2 Which are avoidable, and which unavoidable?3 What action do you need to take to avoid a crisis?
  3. 3. VIDEO: EMBED CODEhttp://youtu.be/yK5SzV4OBF0
  4. 4. "The information provided by the BBC [onchild labour being used by one of Primark‟ssubcontracted factories in India] enabledus to identify that illegal sub-contractinghad been taking place and to take actionaccordingly"
  5. 5. VIDEO EMBED CODE:http://youtu.be/A5zs5fUhspE
  6. 6. The situation room
  7. 7. Monitors forOversees the Measurement and research mentions andoverall crisis issuesresponse PR and Tech Support Reputation Management Defines Communications strategy and Director works with CM Legal Customer to deliver Support message Community Marketing Management Works with all teams and leads communication style
  8. 8. Measurement and research  Access to mobile / home Tech Support PR and Reputation numbers/ time zones Management  Access to passwords and Communications platformsLegal Director Customer  Clear defined escalation Support paths including any 3rd party Community contacts (PR, Community Marketing Management etc.)
  9. 9.  Social media will influence your crisis response Consumers contact you over Facebook, Twitter… …and share rumours with each other on forums
  10. 10.  Why are you monitoring? What to look for: cut out the chatter When to react and when not to Monitor own channels
  11. 11. • LOFT: a brand of Ann Taylor• LOFT faced criticism over photos of size zero models on its Facebook page• Customers demanded to see „real women‟ wearing the trousers
  12. 12. • LOFT responded by replacing the size zero models with pictures of real women – staff from LOFT‟s office – modelling the cargo pants “Love this idea!!! Thank you so much for• The result: glowing praise from using a real person, makes a world of difference!” customers; 800 positive reviews of the new cargo pants in prominent news sites, and an additional 10,000 Facebook fans
  13. 13. Be in the conversation…
  14. 14. .. When you’re in the wrong
  15. 15.  Manage your reputation before the crisis Community managers are first line of defence Identify your ambassadors: they’ll defend you publicly
  16. 16. Crisis tools
  17. 17.  Documented policies: operations, stakeholders and communications Social media policies Escalation processes Infrastructure Communications materials Spokespeople Community management
  18. 18.  Speed, speed, speed! Talk to consumers Measure their reaction Remember all your channels Prepare for mass hysteria Disregard for laws (libel, contempt) Avoid firestorms
  19. 19. 1. Contact your crisis team 6. Communicate and agencies consistently2. Assess the crisis level 7. Keep an appropriate tone3. Agree the appropriate of voice response 8. Escalate serious issues4. Decide if you need to take 9. Monitor what’s being said business action an on what channels5. Agree channels for 10. Review crisis handling and communication results Or visit www.bunkerbriefing.com
  20. 20. http://www.bunkerbriefing.com @eModeration @Carrotcomms