Stuart Henshall's Presentation at Emerging Communication Conference & Awards 2009 Europe
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Stuart Henshall's Presentation at Emerging Communication Conference & Awards 2009 Europe

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  • Good Afternoon!
  • So I’d like to share a little more of the solution with you. I’d like you to imagine a world where the status update is king. I’m going to use and refer to twitter.... although I don’t believe this solution is limited to or by Twitter.
  • Any quick search will tell you.... People talk on twitter all the time. Not a surprise they do it on all social networks.
  • well they leave the twitter network to talk on another network with another ID
  • yeah, right. Let’s see if she doesn’t follow me i can’t DM her. Yet unlike IM systems I can send an @message. Thats as close as we get to the traditional ringer!
  • still when will he see it?
  • talk is in the flow... we just don’t capture it or make a notation about it right now. There’s real benefits when calls become part of your searchable database.
  • Escalation.... oops it may take some time. which channel, which identity? all I want to do is join your discussion.
  • some things should be private. Twitter allows for that. Still there are real benefits for sharing who you talk to.
  • When you see these messages don’t you just want to join in some times. Only Skype has ever come close with the rapid escalation to a conference call... but Twitter is creating more opportunities for people to “pile on”
  • Twitter has an effective CallerID built in and defined by the individual. It even has some reputation aspects to it.
  • Add to that “context” why you want to talk. Example “discuss the website and more”
  • Let’s talk the next generation “consumer code” for adding talk to twitter.
  • For a successful telecology we will require quick friction free methods to
  • Phweet launched in July 2008. We learned a lot from it. Phweet inserted a ULR into Twitter. When you clicked on this URL the parties were talking. Nothing further was exchanged.
  • Hmm do I want to talk to her or not? <br /> <br /> All parties could manage their call channels independently. You could also change channels while in sesssion. The URL was promoted in Twitter and others tweeters could ask to join the conversation.
  • Still we had some problems. Biggest issue was message or notification latency. Many people didn&#x2019;t frequent Twitter and just didn&#x2019;t see the @messages. That was then. <br /> Since then Twitter has changed some of their own messaging and notification rules. With growth it is poised to become a broader communications platform. <br /> Second> you had to be online or visit the URL. We&#x2019;re making that optional.
  • so how do you simplify? you get rid of the URL in the tweet. You turn the name into a callme instruction add the description and leave the rest up to Phweet.
  • We can deliver the callme request even if the Twittername has never used Phweet before.
  • think about it. you... never need to wait in a calltree. you just tweet for customer service and you will know who you are talking to.
  • the business saves time and money too. an outage just needs a simple message and saves the call.
  • then not all calls should be public. No problem Phweet continues to route them sight unseen.
  • In practice you can even create a conference call with SMS. Using twitterSMS we&#x2019;ve eliminated the need to have be online to make a callme request.
  • sometimes we want to sell and expect calls. Phweet can place that classified on your behalf
  • Here&#x2019;s an example from the alpha. When location by tweet arrives a twitter update will become the most interesting mobile social classified on the web.
  • We&#x2019;re working to bridge the world of social communications with traditional telephony. It&#x2019;s time the users took control.
  • with twitter like services providing the signaling...
  • Phweet - telephony my way. Names not numbers Thank you.


  • 1. 2009 | Westergasfabriek | Amsterdam |
  • 2. The Emerging Telecology of Social Networks and the Status Update @StuartHenshall Phweet Phone + Tweet
  • 3. “Today we've got missed calls, tomorrow the phone will tell you why you should call back.” Martin Geddes
  • 4. search “call me”
  • 5. “Skype me”
  • 6. Is she following me?
  • 7. hmmm timely delivery?
  • 8. talk is in the flow!
  • 9. many extra steps
  • 10. (@) or (d) private
  • 11. may I join in?
  • 12. CallerID + Reputation
  • 13. context - “talk about”
  • 14. Next Generation Twitter Talk the “consumer code” for adding talk to Twitter
  • 15. telecology • calls outside buddylists • location based connections • control over interruptions • proliferation of channels and networks @stuarthenshall
  • 16. Phweet Alpha
  • 17. accept, talk and manage
  • 18. Problems Making Twitter Talk
  • 19. Simplified Phweet Beta
  • 20. +Geico* - Callme!
  • 21. what happens.... • Geico gets a notification from Phweet with URL including profile and the context. • A notification to John Smith says who will call (and when). • Geico makes the call connecting the parties. • The parties have a shared space available. @stuarthenshall
  • 22. no call tree | public
  • 23. efficiencies
  • 24. it can always be private
  • 25. SMS for a conf. call
  • 26. Real-time Callme Ads
  • 27.
  • 28. the solutions are in the notifications • signaling is outside control of carrier. Phweet manages contextual notifications • no need to share numbers, or visit Phweet to setup, make or complete calls. • the profile is the Caller ID. URL represents exchange contract - public or private • the solution is not limited to Twitter! @stuarthenshall
  • 29. social communications
  • 30. push requests control my access choose my identity select my channels
  • 31. “Phweet founded by David Beckemeyer of PhoneGnome fame and Stuart Henshall works beautifully. I just entered my sip address received the call for free here in Spain and suddenly twitter has become a real chat channel Well done guys, big kudos due”
  • 32. Headline Sponsor Platinum Sponsors Gold Sponsors 2009 | Westergasfabriek | Amsterdam |