2012 Neils Lunceford, Inc. - Marketing Book


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Neils Lunceford has completed over 9000 projects and has been providing award‐winning, full‐service professional landscape design, installation and maintenance in Colorado since 1980. Respect is the heart of a strong business relationship and we look forward to earning yours.

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2012 Neils Lunceford, Inc. - Marketing Book

  1. 1. Design | Build | Maintain | Nursery & Floral | Property Management
  2. 2. “Form follows function - that has been misunderstood. Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union.” -Frank Lloyd Wright
  3. 3. Property Management | Nursery & FloralNeils Lunceford, Inc. has been providing highquality landscape design and constructionservices to the Colorado High Country for threedecades. Based on the philosophy that researchand knowledge lead to superior solutions, NeilsLunceford has been studying the effects of highaltitude conditions on landscape plants and |materials for over 30 years.Established in 1980, Neils Lunceford has been Maintainexceeding clients expectations throughdesigning, developing and maintaininglandscapes throughout Summit, Eagle, Grand,Routte, and Garfield Counties. Based inSilverthorne we have completed work reachingfrom Breckenridge to Vail, Aspen, Steamboat,Granby and Winter Park. We have been able to |develop the experience and expertise tosuccessfully complete any residential orcommercial landscape project. BuildNeils Lunceford is a full service landscape design,build and maintenance company including over8 acres of nursery space in our Silverthorne,Farmers Corner and Granby locations. With our |staff of Landscape Architects, Landscape,Irrigation and Construction Professionals,Maintenance Experts and Horticulturists Designspecializing in High Altitude plant material, we areable to bring life to any landscape.
  4. 4. The Neils Lunceford Design Team has built it’sreputation on providing high-quality, creativedesign solutions for it’s clients. Landscape designin Colorados high country can be challenging,but it also presents special opportunities. OurDesign Team knows the proper balance betweencreativity and site-planning is essential whendesigning long-lasting landscapes. OurLandscape Architects strive to create distinctiveproducts for each of our clients, while exceedingtheir expectations throughout the process. Theywork diligently to realize our clients visions nowand ensure their satisfaction into the future.Scope of ServicesLandscape Design- Single family- Commercial- Municipal- Planting plans- Water features- Spas and hot tubs- Decks- Rock features- Planting wallsSite Planning- Building orientation- Vehicular and pedestrian circulation- Plazas, patios and other outdoor spacesPresentation Drawings- Plans, sections and perspectivesSite ConsultationsHigh Altitude Planting KnowledgeLEED Accredited |Outdoor Rooms3D Modeling DesignFireplaces and Custom Barbeque Grills
  5. 5. The Neils Lunceford Implementation Team has been building landscapes for residential and commercial clients in the Colorado Rocky Mountains for over 30 years. We are committed to creating quality landscapes for our clients and exceeding their expectations at each step of the construction process. Its not easy constructing landscapes in the High Country, with steep building sites, poor soil quality and specific snow storage requirements. Our Implementation Team has the experience and knowledge to offer our clients creative and thoughtful solutions for every challenge presented. We help our clients select plants that will thrive in their gardens, despite the harsh climates. Our professional landscape and irrigation installation teams will help you create colorful, lush and beautiful gardens. At Neils Lunceford, we look forward to assisting you with your project, whether youre creating a landscape for your newly constructed home or remodeling an existing one. Our goal is to enhance your property with a landscape that will give you long-lasting value and pleasure.| Scope of Services Landscape BuildBuild - Tree, Shrub, and Perennial Planting - Retaining Walls - Patios and Walkways - Water Features| - Wetland Plantings - Grading and Drainage - Seeding/ Sodding - Irrigation Design and Installation - Garden and Site Features - Landscape Lighting
  6. 6. Once we design and build a landscape, NeilsLunceford will also care for it. The Neils LuncefordMaintenance Department is responsible forpreserving and enhancing the beauty of theresidential and commercial landscapes weconstruct. Our experienced staff works to protectand augment landscapes as the plants grow andmature. |Each spring, our Maintenance Team preparesproperties to ensure a healthy growing season. Inthe autumn, we protect your landscape for the Maintainlong winter ahead. After the time, effort and costof planning and building a landscape you love,you should protect your investment. Ourexperienced and reliable maintenance team willensure that your landscape and gardens arealways at their best. |Scope of ServicesLandscape Maintenance- Turf Fertilization- Tree and Shrub Pruning- Deep Root Fertilization- Mowing and Weedeating- Weed and Pest Control- Winterization of Evergreens- Lawn Aeration- Planting Bed Re-Mulching- Irrigation Systems Service- Grass and Wildflower Seeding
  7. 7. When it comes to your high-altitude gardening needs, Neils Lunceford Nursery has it all. We carry more than 400 plant species, selected to thrive in Summit County gardens and landscapes. Come to our nursery center in Silverthorne to browse through our large selection of annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees. Whether youre looking to xeriscape or create a colorful butterfly garden, our friendly and professional nursery staff can help you select the right plants for your gardening needs. Let Neils Lunceford Floral help you express your| style with ease and grace. Whether you want bouquets or topiaries, centerpieces or a stunning alter arrangement, our expertise will make yourNursery & Floral experience both beautiful and enjoyable. Our exquisite designs vary from traditional to contemporary. We work with you to find flowers and plants that fit your personality and event. From birthdays to banquets, communions to weddings, memorials to special events, well fulfill your requirements with flair. Delivery is available throughout the high country. Our Indoor plant department boasts a large assortment of tropical and flowering plants. We| have succulents, tropical plants, and high and low light plants to suit your lifestyle. In conjunction with our property management department, we can decorate your house with plants and then care for them while you are away. Well bring fresh cut flowers to your house before you arrive in town for your visit. Try our sunshine vase exchange program. No matter how large or small your need, we will rise to the occasion. Scope of Services Nursery - Consultation on High Altitude Gardening - Over 400 Select Plant Species - Custom Annual Color Bowls - Bulk and Bagged Planting Mix and Mulch - Seed Mixes Designed for the High Country - Display Garden and Sample Plants - Irrigation Supplies - Hardgoods - Free Informational Handouts - Knowledgeable, Friendly Staff
  8. 8. Property Management| Allow us to take the stress out of your time away from your mountain retreat by overseeing the care of your home. Our staff has over 30 years of experience in the high country. You can be confident your home is in good hands. Give us a call today for a free site visit and estimate! Scope of Services Property Management - Security Checks: Weekly home visits to regulate thermostat settings, alarm systems, locked doors and windows, utilities, appliances and other amenities, potential water, plumbing and freezing issues and overall home security. - 24hr service for security system emergencies (burglar alarms, low heat alarms, etc.) - Domestic Cleaning on schedule or as needed. - Hot tub chemical regulation and cleaning. - Stocking your home with whatever you need for your visit (fire wood, groceries, ski passes, etc.) - Guest meetings and home walk through with your family and friends who are not familiar with your mountain home or Summit County. - Pre and Post Storm watch service. - Small home repairs. - Subcontracting Coordination for Larger Repairs - Residential Snow Removal - Seasonal Décor Setup - Shipping and Delivery Service - Other services as requested
  9. 9. Cascading waterfalls, reflections of the mountainrange, and the serene movement of fish in clearwater are just a few of the amenities of this privateresidence’s water features. Building a series ofponds and waterfalls requires suitable design,quality components and technique, and a teamcommitted to precision in installation. Waterfeatures placed purposefully in a landscapeprovide a dynamic element to what is usually astatic design. They provide a sense of calm andtranquility in the landscape. Our teamaccomplished this by amplifying nature and usinginnovative methods in both design andconstruction, while respecting the environmentand its natural contributions to the designedlandscape.Rushing down the flanks of Ptarmigan Mountainand through the meadow, two cascadingwaterfalls greet the visitor upon arrival to the Private Residence - Summit County. COresidence. Lined by aspens, evergreens andflowering shrubs, the upper streams mimic the wildand untamed nature of many of the nearbynatural mountain streams. The organic series ofwater features were designed to bring nativeelements adjacent to outdoor living areas. Inaccordance with GreenCO BMPs, a recirculatingsystem of water was used to prevent stagnantwater and algae build-up. In addition, theaeration of the system is wind-powered by anon-site windmill. The implementation team facedthe construction challenge of involving live waterfrom an adjacent stream to feed the waterfeatures and irrigation system. The team visuallycoupled the two sources of water seamlessly intoone, harmonious body of water. Theaccomplishment of three ponds, three multi-levelcascading waterfalls and two meanderingmoss-rock streams provide an overall sense ofplace that reflects the natural landscape of theRocky Mountain region.
  10. 10. As one approaches the main entrance of thismountain home, trickling water is heard weepingfrom a wall into a small natural pond located inthe front yard. The pond spills into a flowing streamwith boulder drops that meander under the stoneresidence hallway, which connects the masterbedroom with the main home. The stream thenflows into a large natural pond overlooking theGore Mountain Range. The views from thebackyard are breathtaking. A large gatheringspace located on the edge of the pondincorporates a rustic stone fire pit. From the fire pitarea, you can see the mountain range reflectedin a nearby pond. Water from another mountainstream rushes around you, flowing into the pondnear the base of the fire pit.To achieve the natural look of streams and pondsin this high altitude environment, our team utilizedcareful site design, specialized construction Private Residence - Summit County. COtechniques, and quality components. By usingthe proper GreenCO best managementpractices and minimizing damage on the existinglandscape, we were able to meet the designintent of the client without sacrificing thesurrounding landscape. Special care was given topreserve native grasses and aspen stands withinthe landscape.By designing a custom re-circulating pumpsystem, water is deliberately collected andpumped to the heads of both streams to preventalgae build-up and create active natural filtrationwithin the ponds. The traffic noise from StateHighway 9, heard in the distance, is completelyeliminated in the back yard when both streamsare flowing at full capacity. Blending theaesthetics of two ponds and two multi-levelcascading waterfalls with a waterfall runningunderneath the residence further enhanced thestunning natural beauty of this Rocky Mountainhome.
  11. 11. As you wrap around the corner of East Vail ValleyDrive, you are welcomed to Manor Vail Lodge bya colorful perennial garden surrounding anengraved stone entrance monument. The lodge islocated at the base of Golden Peak at VailMountain. When you enter through the gates, abeautiful large park comes into view. The sound ofwater flowing within Gore Creek travelsthroughout the courtyard landscape andcompliments the peaceful aesthetics of the wellkept grounds. The design objective given by theowner was to build a usable open space park thatis reminiscent of a garden befitting a statelyManor House. However, this is not just any park; itis unique because most of the open space isactually a large roof garden. It was built on top ofa parking structure located in the center of theManor Vail Lodge building complex.Topsoil depths ranged from 8 inches to 4 feet andwere transported and installed on site to createthe growing media of the park above theconcrete structure. Native ornamental shrubs andperennial beds enclose and protect the largeopen lawn area designed for outdoor events. Apublic heated paver pathway runs through thecentral park and makes its way under a largearched breezeway. The pathway then connectsto the regional bike trail along Gore Creek.Outdoor pools and sport amenities were alsoincorporated in the overall design.GreenCOs Best Management Practices wereimplemented with high altitude specific planting Manor Vail - Vail. COdesign, the use of xeric plants and turf, and theprotection of large native trees on site throughoutthe landscape construction process. The existingirrigation was modified to include drip irrigation toevery planted tree and shrub for proper irrigationefficiency. A big challenge was balancing plantneeds for water versus the drainage systemsinstalled by others over the roof portion of thegarden. After design and installation, the finallandscape is an elegant space that is inharmony with the local Vail Valley climate.
  12. 12. As a collaborative endeavor by the localmunicipality, several private businesses, andcountless volunteers, Silvanas Community Gardenin Silverthorne, CO is truly the result of a teameffort. The garden is a place where education,expression, and community are fostered throughthe development of this communal amenity.Strategically located next to the RecreationCenter and Rainbow Park, the community gardensits on a ¼ acre of town owned land. Ourcompany was instrumental in the design, layout,and implementation of this public space.USDA research shows that the average distance avegetable travels from the fields to the dinnertable is 1,500 miles. By letting children assist in the Silvanas Community Garden - Silverthorne, COcommunity garden they gain a sense of the timeand energy required to grow their own food, andthe sense of accomplishment that comes with it.A childrens specific garden was constructed forthis purpose. There were also plots dedicated tothe local 4H club, Girl Scout Troop, and theHispanic "La Vida Sana" group of mothers throughthe Summit Prevention Alliance.From concept to reality, our team of designersand installers were the backbone behind SilvanasCommunity Garden. We stressed the importanceof establishing a good base of plant mix andorganics to successfully grow vegetables at 8,700elevation. An easily accessible system of bothraised planting beds and in-ground plots was theend product. While relatively new to thecommunity, the garden has already provided ahealthy, inexpensive source for food for areafamilies. In its first year, public interest was so highthat 30 beds were granted, with over 25 peopleon the waiting list. The community garden hasallowed people to be closer to nature, andallowed them to interact with each other in asocially meaningful and physically productiveway.
  13. 13. The use of annuals in wildflowers, planters, andborders adds a layer of festivity to the majesticmountain setting of the Running W Ranch. Findingsummer long color in high altitude gardening is amarvel on its own. The long winters, unpredictableweather, and the harsh effects of 9,000 plus feetcreate a challenge for all flora. Neils Luncefordhas put more than thirty years into developing awildflower mix that will flourish at High Altitude inthe rocky native soils. The seed mix used along thedriveway is an exclusive blend called the SummitCounty Annual Mix. This mixture of cold hardyannual seeds has evolved along with thecompany season after season as we strivetowards a perfect blend of colors to last thesummer.One of the owners main objectives was to havetheir guest greeted by an abundance of color.The main entrance of the residence is punctuatedwith various planters overflowing with colorfulannuals such as bidens, Marguerite daisies, wavepetunias, and lobelia. The colors used in theplanters are complimentary to the more loosedisplay of wildflowers surrounding their feet.In contrast to the main entrance with broad Running W Ranch - Summit County. COsweeps of color, the patio area utilizes smallersplashes of color. In order to achieve an air ofrelaxation without losing color, we designed andinstalled narrow color borders, smaller baskets andplanters, and fewer wildflowers. The borderplantings of yarrow, daisies, California Poppies,and others soften the transition between the patioand the building using a mixture of annuals andperennials for maximum impact. The color palettefor the patio area focuses on different hues of red,yellow, and blue. Color specialists feel that thebalance of these colors helps to create arestorative environment.The design and use of annuals for color hashelped us achieve beautiful and appropriatesettings throughout the grounds of the Running WRanch. Through years of experience with HighAltitude Gardens and careful attention to detailsNeils Lunceford created a sophisticated colordesign reflecting both celebration and relaxation.
  14. 14. Traditionally, the favorite hangouts in the home have been the kitchen and family room. But today, the backyard is taking over as the favorite gathering space for cooking, entertaining and relaxation. More homeowners are bringing all the comforts of their indoor rooms to the outside by creating multipurpose outdoor living spaces thatOutdoor Rooms function as inviting extensions of their home. A patio is an essential element to any outdoor living space. Neils Lunceford can design and install any shape or size patio using natural stone or pavers. We use only the highest quality products to construct our patios and we take pride in our superior craftsmanship.
  15. 15. Often, our clients desire something out of theordinary. Neils Lunceford has a talented anddriven team available to create a unique productfor every client. Our Innovative design/buildapproach is a blend of vision and talent. Ourteam looks carefully at the opportunities andconstraints of each site before approaching thedesign.Neils Lunceford has been building andmaintaining water features for over twenty years.We build crystal-clear, low maintenance waterfeatures using natural filtration methods. Whethercreating small unique spaces that enhance thebuilt environment or native streams and pondsthat complement the natural landscape, Neils Water FeaturesLunceford has the experience and knowledge todesign and build.Building functionality into landscapes is a corevalue at Neils Lunceford. We address all aspectsof the existing site conditions, and have theexperience and knowledge to work withdrainage, and water flow and control.
  16. 16. Outdoor Kitchens and Fireplaces Outdoor kitchens are quickly becoming the most popular component of an outdoor living space. From basic grill islands to elaborate gourmet kitchens, Neils Lunceford will work closely with you to design and build the perfect outdoor kitchen for your entertaining style and needs. A Neils Lunceford custom designed outdoor fireplace or fire pit will provide a spectacular focal point for your outdoor living space. Your family and friends will enjoy gatherings in this warm and inviting entertainment area year round. Neils Lunceford will design unique outdoor fireplaces, fire pits and seating areas to complete your backyard retreat.
  17. 17. (C) Neils Lunceford 2011Main OfficeP.O. Box 2130740 Blue River ParkwaySilverthorne, CO 80498Phone: 970-468-0340Fax: 970-468-6865Granby OfficeIntersection of Hwy 34 and Hwy 40Granby CO 80446Phone: 970-887-3977Fax: 970-887-8907Avon and Vail OfficeP.O. Box 9206Avon, CO 81620www.neilslunceford.comText Credits:Neils LuncefordPhoto Credits:Dan SkinnerScott DuffyJim TestinMegan TestinKim KramerMarie OrlinLayout:Dan SkinnerPrinted By:Lulu Enterprises, Inc.
  18. 18. “The mountains are calling and I must go.” -John Muir
  19. 19. Main Office740 Blue River ParkwaySilverthorne, CO 80498Phone: 970-468-0340Fax: 970-468-6865www.neilslunceford.com