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Keystone Median Concept - Keystone, CO


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Landscape Architecture, Landscape Design, Park Design

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Keystone Median Concept - Keystone, CO

  1. 1. Project Overview The goal of the Keystone Parkway Design is to create a colorful and memorable entrance to the town while recognizing the constraints of a harsh environment, efficiently using water, and increasing pedestrian safety. Seasonal design, reallocation of existing irrigation water, upcycling of local materials, and installation of plant material are a few of the ways this project will enhance the authentic Keystone experience. "Form follows function - that has been misunderstood. Form and function should be one." - Frank Lloyd Wright photo courtesy of Vail Resorts Montezuma Road Parking Lot Tennis Club Rasor Road Keystone Lake West Keystone Road Golf CourseThe Keystone Experience - While mining was influential in bringing people to the Keystone photo courtesy of Max Colorado Summit Magazine Dercum,area, the love of skiing and the desire to create a world class ski resort in the RockyMountains inspired Max and Edna Dercum to found Keystone. This love of skiing continuesto attractvisitors. The repetition of a skiing theme throughout the parkway will evoke anemotional and lasting impression of Keystone. “Keystone - The nature of the Rockies”
  2. 2. Irrigated Medians Plan View Summer Season Plan View Winter SeasonSeasonal Design - Magnesium chloride, pollutants, sand, salt, compacted soils andlimited root space are additional enemies of plant material trying to grow in theKeystone medians. These enemies are in addition to the extremely short growingseason, harsh winter winds and exposure. Rather than planting trees to fight againstthese horrendous odds, why not create a design that embraces the different seasons?Creating planters with interchangeable liners, one for summer and one for winter,creates an impressive streetscape all year long.Efficient water use - Drip irrigation will be used in the medians and at designatedintersections to water seasonal planters, trees, shrubs, and ornamental grasses. Theelimination of sod areas and spray irrigation will reduce water demands.Upcycling of local materials: Local beetle kill pine, discarded or donatedskis/snowboards ,and local cobble river rock will all be used in the Parkway design.These inexpensive and plentiful resources will be used to create the memorableaesthetic throughout the Parkway.
  3. 3. Irrigated Medians Medians with irrigation are to preserve healthy existing trees and shrubs while reducing water use, and adding interest through seasonal design. Colorful planters can be grown indoors starting in May and moved to the medians for instant, summer long color. Winter interest will consist of cut Christmas trees with decorative light. In exchange for the expense and water used to get plant mate- rial to establish and struggle to Summer Season Raised Planter Winter Season Raised Planter continue growing, the mainte- nance costs of changing from sea- son to season will be more flexible. Summer Season Seasonal Planters Winter Season Seasonal Planters
  4. 4. Irrigated Medians Fence detail on existing planters: Healthy plants and attractive planters currently installed in the medians will be preserved. Ski and a beetle kill pine board fence will add color and provide a "splash guard" against magnesium chloride. Hardscape surfaces will be kept where appropriate and a hard-set cobble or exposed aggregate will be installed where sod has been removed. All sod areas and spray irrigation Summer Season Winter Season will be eliminated in the medians. Drip irrigation will be installed to all seasonal planters and hanging baskets. Summer Season Section View Planters to be manufactured with ski themed detailing Summer Season Material Detail”Splash Guard” Winter Season Section View
  5. 5. Non Irrigated Medians The addition of vertical elements in the non-irrigated medians will provide interest, color, and structure to the medians. Posts with changeable banners will provide color and an opportunity to hang wreaths, lights and other seasonal winter displays. An undulating fence line of wood and ski or snowboard planks will add color and interest to the non irrigated medians. The use of skis and snowboards as accents throughout the medians will create a memorable character. Keystone View 1 View 2 will be further linked as a ski town; the use of skis and snowboards in the landscape will act as visual markers of the Keystone ski culture. View 3 View 4
  6. 6. Non Irrigated Medians Plan View Section View
  7. 7. Intersections Visual markers, signage, and enhanced landscaping at three major intersections will help Connection to Bus Stop welcome people to Keystone. While there are opportunities for landscape improvements along the Keystone Parkway, it is best to focus on enhancing some of the most well traveled intersections, the Main Entrance to West Keystone, the Rasor Drive intersection and the Main Entrance to River Run Village. Sidewalk and cross walk to bike path. Pedestrian traffic and walkways will be focused on in these Summer Season Plan View Winter Season Plan View intersections, connections to existing bus stops and/or the bike path will be improved. Summer Season Section View Angled Wood Planks in the Landscape Winter Season Section View
  8. 8. Intersections In addition to improving pedestrian safety, corners will be enhanced with signage, possible locations for public art, and permanent plantings. Plantings will be set away from the highway at least 15 to avoid the harsh roadway hazards. They will also be elevated; the edge of the planting beds will be clearly defined to separate planting areas from road base areas. Corners designated appropriate for signage and/or public art will be separated from the road edge Summer Season Main Entrance Feature Winter Season Main Entrance Feature by a wood and ski/snowboard accent fence laid into the slope. This wall will be set back from road to accomidate snow plows. Summer Season Main Entrance Feature Side View Winter Season Main Entrance Feature Side View
  9. 9. Intersections Summer Season Secondary Entrance Feature Winter Season Secondary Entrance Feature Enhancing the Keystone Experience...a colorful and memorable entrance.