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Company Presentation

  1. 1. Providing First class, year round lawn & landscape maintenance services to Central Florida’s Commercial & Residential properties since 1982
  2. 2. Anyone who truly know TheSweeney Family understandstheir passion anddetermination that hasfueled their success since1982. Well recognized withinthe Industry, the family haveremained humble and wellgrounded allowing them theopportunities to a build solidreputation.It can be said that Florida CutLandscape Services has theexperience, knowledge andresources to not onlycomplete with the largecompanies but to outperformthem with a wide range ofservices they are able toprovide throughout theCentral Florida area tocustomers looking for andexpecting excellent value,exceptional service andquality workmanship.
  3. 3. EXCELLENT SERVICEWe strive to give you more value foryour dollar and work hard to ensurewe stay competitively priced yetmaintaining exceptionally highstandards.EXCEPTIONAL SERVICEMany people tolerate inadequateservice We do not acceptmediocrity and our employeesknow that. We expect ouremployees to take exceptionalcare of you and your landscapes.QUALITY WORKMANSHIPEvery company preaches qualitybut so few can deliver. We are ourharshest critic and know what isacceptable therefore we haveextremely high standards – Ourreputation is in your hands and wetake that seriously.
  4. 4. At Florida Cut Landscape Services, we make certain we understand your landscape needsfrom the outset. Our professionals take the time to get to know you, your property & once youbecome part of the Florida Cut family, our trained, uniformed technicians will visit regularly toservice your landscapes and strive to keep each and every plant as health and attractive aspossible.Our landscaping programs are tailored to meet your needs and we work hard to ensure wemeet and exceed your expectations in all the services we provide.Our Grounds Maintenance teams provide complete weekly mowing and detail servicing formany of Central Florida’s commercial & residential properties.Our services include:• Landscape construction & soft landscaping;• Turf management - regular mowing;• Complete landscape enhancement services (edging, shearing, pruning and weeding); and• Power sweeping and cleaningAll professionally undertaken with full adherenceto all Health & Safety guidelines.Florida Cut is also proud to be aDrug-Free workplace.
  5. 5. A vital part of maintaining your landscape investment is the fertilization and weed control of yourturf. Florida Cut Landscape Services can provide landscape pest/insect control and theapplication of herbicide and fertilizers.Our high-tech equipment and skilled technicians in the Horticultural Services teams enable us toguarantee the finest, most precise and efficient care.Our professionals perform inspections, schedule applications, provide quality control, and policethe programs progress – all for a cost that is up to 30% below conventional methods of landscapepest control Some common pests: Chinch Bug Fire Ant Mole Cricket Spider mites Sod Webworm AphidsOur care for your turf begins with early season applications that give your turf a sturdy base for thefollowing growing season. We strive to use environmentally friendly, weed-killing formulas that weapply to help eliminate common weeds more quickly. These treatments will continue throughoutthe year to keep your turf healthy and weed-free. Some common weeds: Dollar Weed Crabgrass Yellow nutsedge Hawksbeard Ragweed Dandelion
  6. 6. Dry spots and wilting plants can be a dead giveaway for a poorly maintainedirrigation system and in the heat of the Florida Summer, it doesn’t take long forthese problems to appear and the potential damage can far surpass the cost ofregular maintenance.Especially now with the jurisdictional restrictions on water usage becoming moreand more strict, the allocation of water is becoming more and more important.Our Irrigation Services teams provide System Installations and Maintenanceprograms for jobs of all sizes.Factory-trained technicians in state of the art trucks are ready to come to yourdoor. Our Irrigation Services Include:• Monthly Inspections• General repairs such as head adjustment for better coverage & head repairs/replacements, clock/seasonal adjustments• Water Management• Repairs & Upgrades• Underground Drainage• Pump Stations• Mainline Repairs• Hand Watering• Backflow Certifications
  7. 7. At Florida Cut Landscape Services we have anentire team dedicated to making the most ofyour property; whether it be installing yourseasonal annuals, mulching, a small landscapeupgrade or an emergency requiring immediateattention, we always have a team on hand.COLOR REPLACEMENT / SEASONAL ANNUALSIn most cases, we replace annuals between fourto six times per year depending on yourpreference and budget. Due to the wide rangeof colors and plant materials available, we willhelp select plants and arrange them in a waythat clearly sets your property apart from the rest.MULCHING INSTALLATIONWe install mulch, ideally several times a year, toalways ensure your property has a freshappearance. This also give us the opportunity totidy up bed lines and ensure things like tree ringsare equally sized.LANDSCAPE REPAIRS & UPGRADESFrom simple repairs such as sod replacement toinstalling new landscaping and trees, Florida CutLandscape Services can help execute yourproject from start to finish.
  8. 8. COMPREHENSIVE EVALUATIONAt Florida Cut Landscape Services we have an entire team ofCertified Arborists who are able to assess your trees & shrubs andtheir surroundings to determine the best course of action whether itbe pruning or removal.PRUNINGProper pruning will help maintain the health and beauty of your treeso it can live a very long life. Pruning can also contribute to thevalue and beauty of your land. Expert pruning will increase theability of most trees to withstand high winds.REMOVALSIf a tree must be removed due to disease, safety concerns or otherissues, our experience and expertise allows us to remove your tree inthe safest and most economical way. We specialize in removingtrees in very difficult areas.HAZARD EVALUATIONIf you have concerns about a tree or branch on your property, wecan assess the tree from the roots to the top and advise you whataction is recommended, if any action is advised.LARGE TREE PLANTING / TRANSPLANTINGIf you are considering planting or transplanting trees, large or small,we can help you. Our Certified Arborists are trained in all phases ofplanting and transplanting to ensure long term success.TREE FALLING, LOT CLEANING & LOT THINNINGWe use the latest safety equipment to fall trees, clear or thin lots forconstruction or storm related damages.
  9. 9. Florida Cut Landscape Services can provide luxurious plant displays of allsizes, types, quantities and locations. We offer both purchase & leaseprograms based on your budget and requirements.Bowls and PlantersEnhance and brighten up a space with stylish plants or arrangements offlowers using real or artificial exotic blooms. Tabletop bowls and floorstanding planters can be supplied in your favorite / corporate colorsArtificial DisplaysWe can create an artificial tropical scene using palm trees from 1meterto 8 meters high or create seasonal flower displays. All artificial plantsare of the highest quality and maintenance is kept to a minimumHanging baskets, Window Boxes and TubsYou can choose between baskets, hayricks, window boxes and tubs fora full colorful display. We can also install automatic watering systems toreduce maintenance timeFresh FlowersTasteful fresh flowers for Reception areas, restaurant areas, boardroomsand anywhere else you can think ofExhibition & Seasonal ShowsFor that special Open Day event or exhibition, we offer short term hire oflive and artificial displays and we can create a temporary gardenfeature.Christmas Trees LightsWe have an experienced, enthusiastic team ready to install trees,trimmings and garlands.We use traditional or co-ordinated colors in a variety of designs for largeor small installations.No fuss, confirmed delivery to meet client demands. Premium live interioror exterior trees from 1.2m (4ft) to 8m (25ft plus)
  10. 10. Providing First class, year round lawn & landscape maintenance services to Central Florida’s Commercial & Residential properties since 1982 FLORIDA CUT LANDSCAPE SERVICES 5421 Harmony Lane – Kissimmee – Florida – 34758 Tel: 321 250 0598 /