www.dreamcityfest.tumblr.com            english
1. Yerly plan of activitiesPROJET PROGRAMME                                                                     October 20...
2. Detailed Description of the Project Proposal                                                   2.3 What is Dream City F...
2.4 Methodology                                                                                            a) Description ...
2.5 Competion programme                                                                 f) submission of boardsa) Procedur...
g) Methods of evaluation                                                                  k) Applicants and their property...
2.6 Partners                Tirana	city	hall-consulting	partner	regarding	the	problematic	issues	of	 the	city	will	have	an...
2.7 Panel of organisatorsThis	proposal	is	handover	with	the	approval	of	the:Executive Director:Enri	MATOBorde:- Ark.Koco K...
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Dream city fest english


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Dream city fest english

  1. 1. www.dreamcityfest.tumblr.com english
  2. 2. 1. Yerly plan of activitiesPROJET PROGRAMME October 20111. Yerly plan of activities • Preparation and Architecture Meetings.2. Detailed Description of the Pro- November 2011ject Proposal • Official Opening. • Architecture Snob from Poland is going to make a lecture for the opening 2.1 Dream City FEST ceremony of Dream City Fest. • British week of Films. 2.2 Description of the situation December 2011 and justification of the proposal • 5th Decembre 2011 Work shop: In love with my city. • 20th Decembre 2011 Exhibitoin.2.3 What is Dream City Fest, Aimand Specific objecives of the pro- January 2012 jects • 15th January 2012 Forum for the theme of the festival. • 16th January 2012 Early registration deadline.2.4 Methodology February 2012 • 1st February 2012 Late registration deadline2.5 Competion programme • 7st February 2012 200th anniversary of Charles Dickens March 2012 2.6 Partners • 26th March 2012 Submission deadline.2.7 Panel of organisators April 2012 • 3rd Avril 2012 Projects exhibition, Announcement of results. May 2012 • 15th May 2012 Festival. • 23th May 2012 Awards Ceremony and Conference June 2012 • 29th June 2012 Projects exhibition July 2012 • 10th July 2012 Exhibition “Details of my city” CONTACT: August 2012 6. Rr. IBRAHIM KURKIQI 1001 TIRANE • 20th August 2012 Exhibition. Tel. +355. enrimato@gmail.com September 2012 www.dreamcityfest.tumblr.com • 15th Septembre 2012 Workshop “My City”
  3. 3. 2. Detailed Description of the Project Proposal 2.3 What is Dream City Fest, Aim and Specific objecives of the projects2.1 Dream City FEST Dream City Fest (DCF) is a non-profit project aiming at testing the boundaries of architecture and confronting architecture with different disciplines.2.2 Description of the situation and justification of the proposal –Analys- DCF is also a platform for discussion between artists, architects, critics of arts, cura-ing the problens and needs the project will tackle tors, experts from other fields and citizens. DCF initiates discovering and reinterpretation of reality through exhibitions, perfor-Recent years in Albania architecture has had a significant role in the development of mances, workshops and lectures.people’s lives. This rapid progress is accompanied with a strong impact on the state’s economy making constructions as one of the most powerful sectors of the economy. DCF attempts to broaden our definition of architecture,and thus to challenge the Different cities have become part of the internationals competitions in architecture. traditional methods of architectural practices and architecture’s representation. DCF intends to diversify the ways of understanding the architecture.The new generation of young students has an significant professional results.This results depend on the teching quality at school and on their personal education in The aim of the project is to initiate new creative processes, which will be devel-taking part in different activities in the area of architechture within and out of the school. oped through permeating of theoretical and practical research.Nowadays in the world the young students of architechture do actively contribute in the architechtonic issues of their cities and thus contributing in improving the com- DCF shall investigate latest theories and tendencies in contemporary architecture munity life but also their further qualification. Such cases we can mentioned (Goroda and, because of its constructive perception, has a chance to make a major im-Fest) in Russia, (Bellastock) France and the (London Festival of Architecture) England. pact on the contemporary shaping of our architecture.In Albania the intervention of the young architects directly on their community Dream City FEST aims to integrate students of the architecture in projects that will is yet unexperienced.This is why this project aims bringing these students togeth- bring the improvement of life in those areas where it is needed, in order to make er to change the areas into atractive places for youngsters and elderly people. those areas more attractive and useful for the community and especially for chil- dren and third age people.The project will be in close collaboration with the Faculty of the Civil Engineer-ing, the Association of Architects, the local government of each city where it will be organised, with interanional partners, different businesses, etc. Such ini-tiative would serve all architectcs to present their projects and desings and to create a continuous and suistanable cooperation with their community.
  4. 4. 2.4 Methodology a) Description of the methodology used to achieving the objectives The methodology will be based on a close collaboration among partners in the project. For each objective of the project will be settled specific working group. These working groups will be composed with qualified students. All the steps of activities will be recorded in order to be used later by otherssuch as studnets or local governance. The project will also have a bord of Quality Assurance, which will monitor the pro- gress and the results of the project. This board will be formed by the headmasters of the Faculty of the Civil Engineering and other Universities. b) Organizing Dream City Fest 1. Identifying the theme of the festival, which is laterpresented to the local gov- ernment. The last one will offer also the space/areas where the activities will take place. 2. The first designs 3. Preparations of stands and festival. 4. Construciton part. 5. Exhibitions. 6. In the end, all the objects will be donated to the city and have their use among citizens.Organized twice a year the festival has as specific objectives: c) Expected results and project monitoring- To engage young students in design work and in defferent competions and ac- With the implementation of this project the following results will be achived:tivities which will serve the city life. - Development of ecological ideas in architecture.- To promovote Albania’s cities cultural identity as contemprary cities of achitech-tures, quality life and development. - Increase student experience contributing in city architectonic challenges.- To contribute in involving community in having a sustainable and well construct- - Strengthen the relation among the architect, the sociologist and the citizen, giv-ed envirnoment. ing them the chance to contribute into “the city of tomorrow”.The activities of this festival will present an informative program rich with profession- - Professional alliance and cooperation with foreign partners in the area of archi-al architechtonic talks, exibitions, movies, workshoos, study tours, etc. tecture.
  5. 5. 2.5 Competion programme f) submission of boardsa) Procedure of partecipation This is a digital competition and hard copy proposals will not be accepted. All en- tries are to be submitted via e-mail on and before the 26th Mars , to the following Registration is done by sending an electronic form to: email address: submission@dreamcityfest.com.registration@dreamcityfest.com The attachment, packed in a ZIP file, should include 2 boards of project in A2 hori-The form contains: zontal format, a technical/written report in A4 format and partecipation data in The group leader (name, surname, profession, contact number, e-mail) A4 format.Group members (name, surname, profession) BOARD 1: in A2 horizontal format with the principal image of the b) Language entry useful in showing in its entirety the planning idea saved as follows: (xxxxx_01.jpg).The official competition language of the competition is English.Dream City Fest will provide also a competion brief in Albanian language but the BOARD 2: in A2 horizontal format which describes the project in final proposal must be submitted only in english. detail with proposed sections, elevations, planimetries, schemes and images which will be useful for the understanding of the pro-c) Registration ject saved as follows: (xxxxx_02.jpg)Architects, engineers, designers, students and creatives are invited to take part in this competition. TECHNICAL/WRITTEN REPORT: in A4 vertical format maximum 2 pages of useful text to explain the planning proposal saved as Participants can register at: www.dreamcityfest.com follows (xxxxx_description. doc)-from 16th January to 1st February, 2012 paying via paypal with a fee of 20€There is an entry limit of individuals/ max 10 individuals per group. PARTICIPANTS DATA: 1 file doc containing the names of the par- ticipants with profession, address and email saved as follows: After your registration Dream City Fest will provide by email a registration number (xxxxx_info. doc)which must be included on all entry panels.d) Question Entries are encouraged to inclued all necessary information to clearly explain the proposal. Board resolution should not be less than 150 pixels/inch, RGB color mode Further character references should be sent via email to to the following email in JPEG format. No other form of identification permitted.address:info@dreamcityfest.com The file names should quote the entry ID number followed by an underscore and e) Awards number of the board as follows: xxxxx_01.jpeg and xxxxx_02.jpeg. The same system is to be used for the technical report (xxxxx_description. doc) and the participants 1st place. € 1.000 data (xxxxx_info. doc) All files should be packed in a ZIP file labeled with your Registraion Number, as fol- lows: xxxxx.zip The choice of the graphic representation is completely open to the entry team. Refusal of any entry may occur if the mentioned guidelines and meth- ods are not met.
  6. 6. g) Methods of evaluation k) Applicants and their property rightsThe entries will be judged based on the following criterias: USE and PROPERTY: All enrolments in the competition will remain in the care of the Organizer, who has the right to publish or exhibit the material presented accord-1. Visionary potential; On the base of which the jury will concentrate on originality, ing to the formal procedure indicated in the present program, without obligation sustainability, and the innovative character of the proposal. of remuneration to the applicant. During the period in which the projects are in the care of the Organizer, the organizer has the right to use thematerial for education-2. Architectural integrity; Formal composition, integration with the urban environ- al purposes, without obligation of remuneration to the applicant.ment, in the context of which the jury will review the coherence of the proposal. b) Organizing Dream City Fest DISAGREEMENTS: Any disagreements that rise between the organizer, Operating Body of the panel, including disagreements with one of the above conditions will 3. Ecological sustainability. be resolved by arbitrationh) Selection objects. IN CLOSING: This competition is subject to the terms of this program. The program of the competition is the definitive declaration of the terms and conditions of this The 20th best projects chosen by the jury wil be build in the festival competition. The conditions are binding for the Organizer and the panel of judg- es. By presenting a design, the participant declares that he / she is aware of and i) Announcement sad schedule accepts the terms and conditions of the competition.15th January 2012 Announcement of the competition16th January -1st February 2012 Registration deadline26th March 2012 Submission deadline3rd Avril 2012 Projects exhibition, Announcement of results15th May-23th May 2012 Festival,Awards Ceremony and Conferencej) Rules and regulation of the competitionTo take part in this competition, all applicants must accept the rules. Every infringe-ment of the rules will be noted and subject to the evaluation by the panel of judges. This is an anonymous competition and the Registration Number is the only means of identification.The files containing the personal information are confidential and known only to the Organizer Responsible and will not be revealed to the Panel until the final win-ners have been selected.1. The official language of the competition is English.2. Applicants who try to contact members of the jury will be disqualified.3. Participation requires that all the above rules are adhered to.
  7. 7. 2.6 Partners Tirana city hall-consulting partner regarding the problematic issues of the city will have an important role in identification of spaces where the activities will take place. Red Cross –in case of need it will provide us the necessary suport.International Architectural Goroda Fest- will have a major role for the festival man- agement. Exchange of experiences will be concluded with twining events. Architecture Snob- will lead the opening ceremony and will contribute with their architectural experience. FIN-the most important consulting partner in every step of the festival..Trenkwalder CIVET2000– the most professional recruitment company in Albania will support in employing the best graduates in the future.
  8. 8. 2.7 Panel of organisatorsThis proposal is handover with the approval of the:Executive Director:Enri MATOBorde:- Ark.Koco KASKAVIQI- Ark.Armand VOKSHI- Maria TROSHINA- Buli PETROMILO- Elvana GADESHI