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Introduction of the personal side of Andrea Sitler, PhD aka The DOT Doctor

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  • Degrees and Certifications
  • Meet the DOT Doctor (Personal side)

    1. 1. This is Andrea Sitler. Ienjoy “mousing”around at Disneyland
    2. 2. 3rd generation transportation executive with focus in safety and logistics. Over 2 decades of experience in the field. CDL-A with full endorsements and over-the-road experience. Former small fleet owner and transportation company President. Almost a decade of global consultancy experience. Multi-mode transportation experience. Summa Cum Laude graduate Owner of BS Logistics and Environmental Management The DOT MS Environmental Management Doctor DS Global Business( Management Berkshire University London England
    3. 3. Multifaceted executive with decades of experience, highly profitable business plansfor expansion and niche marketing. Safety minded with solid logistics background ina myriad of fields within the transportation industry. Seasoned in executing in-depth analysis, marketing strategy and proactive “outside the box”solutions. Focused on business growth and development with a reputation ofestablishing excellent customer service, client recommendation and customerretention. Skilled in budget management and complete P&L functions. Proventrack record of resource optimization, leadership skills and exceeding corporategoals. Travel 90%+ acceptable Industry ExperienceTransportation, common carrier, air freight, expedited, hazardous material handlingand hauling, drayage, warehousing andstorage, distribution, aerospace, manufacturing, machinery, construction, oil field(EPA), petroleum, chemical, cryogenic, pharmaceutical, food products(FDA), medical waste, radioactive waste (NRC), real estate / landdevelopment, printing, service industry, moving (HHG) and hospitality. International / global logistics experience inLand, Air, Ocean, FLC/LCL, Brokerage, Customs and import/export regulations. Transportation ExperienceRefrigerated van / containers, CCM / temperature control, liquid and drybulk, totes, dry van, JIT/expedited, air freight handling andforwarding, TL/LTL, dry, FAK, food, governmental hauling, generalcommodities, cement, intermodal (ocean and rail containers), FCL /LCL, electronics, high value, permitted / escorted loads (over-size / over-dimensional, heavy haul), covered wagons, flatbed and SCM.
    4. 4. The DOT Doctor offers nationwide service that caters to the Transportation Industry. With almost 30 years of experience and expertise you can feel comfortable and confident that your regulatory matters are being handled professionally, properly and timely. Federal and State regulations are very complex and constantly changing. Let our experienced staff access your needs and design a custom safety management program for you. Our services are available in a number of options from flat rate to hourly or product services such as: subscription services, package services and ala carte. Choose one service or a variety of services to keep you compliant. Owner Operators and small fleets are our specialty. No company is too large or too small for The DOT Doctors services.The DOT Doctor will handle all your compliance needs from hiring through driver training and orientation to monthly safety meetings complete with newsletters. Our staff can handle all your HR needs including Driver Qualification files and annual reviews. We monitor driver performance, audit logbooks for US Department of Transportation Compliance, write corrective action letters and provide training from the Smith System trained staff.Let us take the worries off your mind with our IFTA quarterly filing services, annual Heavy Vehicle Usage (Form 2290) tax filing and Unified Carrier Registration calculation and filings. We handle your trip packs and keep your fleet legal. Our maintenance program documents all Driver Vehicle Inspection Report activity, records repairs and maintenance plus provides you with Preventive Maintenance alerts customized to your maintenance schedule. We can even offer advice to your tax accountant to help save you money along with supplying tax exempt forms for fleets with Motor Carrier numbers which will save you money on the spot.Do what you do best and let us keep your fleet compliant. Call the DOT DOCTOR today! Visit the DOT Doctor on the web at:
    5. 5. High School Graduation Christmas with 1st Granddaughter
    6. 6. DOT and regulatory compliance, hazardous cargo and handling, fleet operationsand safety management expert. Unique ability to find the strengths inemployees and guide them to function to their full potential through “hands on”management style. My hands on management style gained me the respect ofupper management as well as my subordinates.Accomplished, logical and organized leader with outstanding history ofidentifying financial gain opportunities while providing Superior CustomerService. Proven ability to find and recover loses. Highly analytical and versatileleader with big-picture concept for success in everyday operations. Excellenttrainer with vast computer skills; exceptionally skilled in EXCEL. My skills havebeen honed as a top-notch manager with a strong attention to detail. Myexpertise has enabled me to save on unnecessary spending while fueling profitsfor the companies I have served.Exceptionally skilled communicator and negotiator with interpersonal skills andextensive experience in the global market that have allowed me to spearheadedprofitable corporate relationships while internally mentoring others for similarsuccesses. Loyal and dedicated professional. Hard worker who is use to 70-100+hour weeks. I am an organized self-starter with the ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment and ensure tasks are completed correctly the first time.
    8. 8. Certifications Hazardous-Material Handling / Transport & Storage, HM126-F, IT certification through NCSA: HTML, XP Office Expert, Computer Technician, HTML 4.0 Expert, Certified Logistics Professional and Certified Safety Professional______________________________________________________________________ Trainings Smith System, HAZ-WOPPER, MCSE+I, MSCE 2000, A+, Network+. DBA, Hazmat, Six Sigma Green Belt, Project Manager, OSHA training,EPA training, DOT training, Leadership Training, Communication / Speech Training MD Leadership Workshop, Gifted and Talented program, Logic classes Concurrent enrolment at U.S. Naval Academy, John Hopkins University University of MD – Baltimore County and BPHS with focus in advanced mathematics, analysis and cryptology Legal Studies and various other class / certification courses.
    9. 9. Listed on Madison’s Who’s Who Customer Service Awards Employee of the Month(23x) Employee of the Year(7x) Boss of the Year(5x) Employee of the Decade(90s) Most Travelled(10x)Best (most productive) Team(12x) Most Productive Team Leader Highest Mileage Team(7x) Accident / Incident Free(12x)
    10. 10. Perfect Attendance (8x) Science Contests(4x) School Service Award(4x) Citizen of the Year 1976 Deans List (entire academic career) Most Accomplished(3x) Distinguished Photographer Award 2006 & 2007 Editors Choice EditorsChoice Published Photographer Award 5X Oratorical Contest Winner Lettered in Cross CountryState Champion Basketball Team (3x) Worlds Greatest Grandmother
    11. 11. Highly experienced and certified in various computer applications and softwares / hardwares. New System Installs & Networking Troubleshooting, Diagnostics & Repair Imagining (Ghost/Ghost walker) Upgrading Systems and Software Preparing Systems for Sale or Salvage Recovery Maintenance Taught Software / Hardware Installation of Hardware / Software Consultant FTP of Files Intranet / Internet Server Management (Network, Developer, Production) Help Desk (technical support) Business DSL Support TCP/IP Web Site Design, Development & Testing Web Site Management HTML, Java, SQL, C+/C++, .asp, Cold Fusion, Visual Basics Multiple System Support System Administration (3.x, 95, 98, NT, XP, 2000, Vista) MCSE+I, MCSE 2000, A+, Network+, DBA System Relocations Virus Management & Prevention Video Conferencing & Training
    12. 12. IBM and MAC Compatible Platforms Main Frames, Workstations, Palm Pilots / PDAs and Laptops Brother & IBM Word Processor w/TX pk 3 MS Home and Office Suite (95-2010) MS Windows (3.x, 95, 98, 2000, XP, NT, Vista, W7) NEC Software Collection Lotus 123 MS Mail, Messenger, Skype, Outlook and Exchange Netscape Explorer, Netscape AOL and other online services DOS 3.0 and up Lawson SAP Express Maintenance Professional Editor 32 / Visio Technical Win Zip E-Stamp Savi AS400 Axom Hummingbird Turbo Tax, Quicken, Quick Books, MS Money, Peachtree Qualcomm / Road Ranger Oasis / Remedy / BABSC Help Desk Ticketing SystemsWeb Studio, Adobe, PhotoShop, Cannon Creative, custom software packages, proprietary software, and other graphic arts software
    13. 13. Online Resume Available at: dot_doctor
    14. 14. Logistics * Operations Management * Negotiations* Safety * Regulatory Compliance * CDL-A(TX) * Team Leadership and Motivation * Environmental * Hazmat * DOT * OSHA * EPA * Analyst * Global Business Management * Import / Export * 3PL * Multi-location Management *Warehousing & Distribution * Geography * Freight Auditing
    15. 15.  Accident and incident prevention / reduction by 30% Lean management implementation for budget reductions up to 50% Equipment optimization and maintenance cost reduction by 10% Transportation cost reduction by up to 60% Global product relocation and transportation cost reductions in excess of $1m / annual Global product availability matrix designed ISO Certification Process for multiple companies Business Development and Expansion (over 800% increase in annual revenue within 5 years) Claims reduction up to 85%
    16. 16. •Interface with clients, negotiated contracts, created and implemented business developmentplans, resulting in growth of global business in excess of $120MM.•Responsible party to all Regulatory Commissions. Established relationships with EPA and localhazmat response teams in MD, DC, VA region ensuring fair practice and quick response to spilland recovery procedures.•Expanded import / export lanes due to new NAFTA agreement through internationalrelationships with other freight forwarders as well as other global lanes•Establish policies and procedures to place BPAC on ISO certification track.•Installed a computer network and automated BPAC allowing for global growth throughimproved communications and tracking. Interfaced with clients, negotiated contracts,created and implemented business development plans, resulting in growth of global businessfrom $150k to an excess of $120MM.•Reduced BPAC’s freight claims (loss prevention) by 85% through reporting and better trackingmethods including root cause analysis.•Improved safety programs through further employee training, heightened safety awarenessand awards programs. Results: 10% reduction in 1st year of safety related issues; netted >50%reduction in safety related issues overall (e.g. Workers Comp. claims, warehouse incidents,road accidents) Awards & AccoladesCustomer Service Awards, Employee of the Month, Employee of the Year
    17. 17. •Co-establish and serve on safety review / accident investigation panel (P&R). Result 30%reduction in accidents and incidents.•Establish US DOT compliance and training for several small trucking companies resulting in areduction of accidents / incidents, raised safety ratings, reduced insurance premiums,reduced log book issues / fines and safer drivers.•Cut Northrop Grumman’s F-14 budget by 50% (.25 Billion saved) through discovery ofdeficiencies and excessive expenditures. Reduced government contractual suspense billing toits lowest ever.•BTU – set up fleet maintenance program including computer tracking with db import forimproved fleet management and tracking resulting in reduced downtime, optimizedequipment usage and a 10% reduction in the maintenance budget.•Relocation of over 85% of a global fleet from a stock pile, non-profit area to areas of highrevenue, developed a trucking matrix resulting in >10% reduction of trucking costs. Improvedequipment optimization: .87 to 1.32 trips per month. Realized savings >$1m.•Document and establish procedures and polices to qualify companies for ISOcertification. One company was moved out of the red through a >30% increase in trafficlanes due to certification.•Establish the whiteboard for tracking DSL failures during the roll out of the Verizon BusinessDSL division. This allowed for the analyzing of failures reducing DSL failure by 50%.•Business Turnarounds – transform non-profit generating companies into profitable companiesthrough my business visions.•Freight auditing for massive rate reductions cutting trucking costs by up to 45%•Chosen as conference speaker / trainer re: transportation safety and log book training•Expert Witness testimony including testimony before Congress•Published author of numerous papers in regards to the Transportation Industry
    18. 18. TEA 21Department of Transportation Hours of Service LawsNeeds Adequate RevisionPreparing for Global WarmingYucca MountainNuclear Regulatory Commission and the Nuclear WastePolicy Act of 1982: Establishing Yucca Mountain asAmericas Nuclear Waste Dump SitePlutonium: Energy Source or Death Source More papers available at:
    19. 19. RESPONSE FROM THE DOT DOCTOR REGARDING QUEBEC REQUIRING SPEED LIMITERS ON ALL TRUCKS SET AT 105/KMPSpeed limiters are an unsafe idea unless you are going to place speed limiters equally set on ALL vehicles. It is just likesplit speed limits which are equally unsafe. Singling out trucks is unsafe and should be illegal. Traffic needs to flowtogether not in status clumps with rolling roadblocks due to slower vehicles. States and Providences that require “special”regulations to operate in their jurisdictions are hurting the economy. CA has excessive rulings in place at the ports as ofOct 1 and now Quebec wants to join that same status making them undesirable to do business within theirjurisdiction. San Francisco’s “special law” regarding forced health insurance coverage if you do business in the city isforcing businesses out instead of protecting employees which was the intent of the law. The speed limiters and clean airrestrictions will produce similar results.These insurance, clean air and speed restrictors are not the answer. The special interest groups behind these regulatorydecisions are only trying to force the little guy out of business; just as your article states. It is tipping the field in favor ofbig business who can afford these restrictive items. To me, this is along the same lines as the US Government who wantsto implement the EBORs which only big business can afford. Both the US and Canada are both moving in the direction ofputting the small business man out of business. What they do not realize is that the big business man cannot do some ofthe specialty jobs that the independent can. Moreover, they are not willing to do the job and if they do the cost will beexceedingly high. If the small business man, who is currently doing the work, charged the rates that the big business willultimately charge, they too could remain afloat with the ever increasing regulations.The government needs to stay out of business. Oversight is one thing but this is now moving to a new ground ofinterference. The US has gone over the deep end with the preface of “Homeland Security” before anything they desirethat would not otherwise be legal. Now state and providential jurisdictions are jumping on a similar bandwagon to strong-arm their will into the business arena. Their mask is the preface of “safety”. It is good to see the ATA and US Justice Deptstanding up to CA legislators against the Port Authority. The Owner Operator Associations in the US and Canada need totake a stand against Quebec.It is sad that we cannot afford to just boycott these areas of excessive regulations without causing ourselves excessivefinancial harm. Hitting ones bottom-line is always the best way to make a point. They are hitting ours. It is time to hitback. We all need to be safe, obey the law and work together out there. The trucker has enough limitations andunrealistic time frames on him/her already. Adding more regulations only hurts the economy, the consumer and trade.Want to read more?
    20. 20. English (American) English (British) French (Canadian) French (France) Spanish (Mexican) Spanish (South American) Spanish (Castilian / Spain) Studied but limited proficiencyKorean, Portuguese, Germany, Yiddish, Russian, Italian, Swedish, Dutch and Greek Several Native American Languages to include: Cherokee, Iroquois, Lakota Sioux and Navaho
    21. 21. Society of Industry Leaders, Transportation Club of Dallas/Ft. Worth, Council of SupplyChain Management Professionals, Women in Logistics, Women in Supply ChainManagement, BAIC, Toastmasters International, Dr. Who Fan Club, American Society ofWomen Accountants, Margarita Society of Ft. Worth, Environmental Defense Fund,Sierra Club, Native American Rights Foundation, Children Safety Awareness, GreenPeace, WLDF, NALF, OOIDA, TVC, IATA, LIPF, ExecuNet, Speak French in Plano, Hazmat101 List, Dangerous Goods Group Discussions, DFW Chemists, American ChemistryCouncil, Safety News Group, Parrotthead Groups, GS of NETX, GS Alumni and Founderof DOT Help Group.Former member of: ATA, MMTA IATA, GMTA Safety Council, Chamber of CommerceTransportation and Governmental Committees, Team Captain for Girls ChampionshipBasketball Team, BPHS Cross-Country Team, BPES Tennis Team, BPES Track Team, SGA(Class President+), CRASC (Secretary), MASC (Treasurer), Junior Achievement, GirlScouts (Junior – Senior), Model Legislature, Model UN and Local Softball Team Pitcher.Service on several advisory / consulting panels for the transportation, safety, hazmatand logistics industries where I act as advisor and advocate for the accused driver,transportation company, transportation industry and/or its member companies onfederal, state and international transportation management issues, focusing onCongressional lobbying, expert witness testimony, state and regional governmentaffairs and Green /Sustainable initiatives.
    22. 22. WHITE DOVE ART 200 Wise Avenue Dundalk, MD 21221 August 13, 2004 To Whom It May Concern: Andrea Sitler was brought in as a consultant to handle our logistics needs. She showed us how to choose the most cost effective method of packaging and delivery while still meeting the needs of our customers. Added value services such as uncrating and installation was written into the contracts of our transportation providers. Crating services for returns, repairs, etc... were also negotiated. Andrea designed a trucking matrix that we could easily update. This matrix provided us with the average cost for a shipment. It was set up by lane, speed of service required, season and various other factors that contributed to our daily work flow. There was an addendum for value services. We were educated on the difference between dimensional and weight based services. Several contracts with carriers were negotiated and Andrea was available for future assistance, should it be desired, for negotiation with other carriers or to supply us with contacts to additional carriers. We called upon her several times. We are very pleased with her services. She helped our young business off to a solid start. I am pleased to recommend her services to anyone in need of logistics advice. With Fond Regards, Charlene BellosoMore References:
    23. 23. Leave comments or learn more at: dot_doctor@yahoo.comDOT Doctor Ad follows