What is attraction marketing And How Can i use it to build my business?


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What is attraction marketing?This concept was first exposed by Mike Dillard and since then multiple people have used it to achieve exceptional results in their business.Learn how to use the concept of attraction marketing to build your business!
Attraction marketing works if you know how to work it and you will be shown a simple formula to making it work on this presentation and be shown how you can make a $1000 minimum in the next 30 days guaranteed or you get paid $500!

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What is attraction marketing And How Can i use it to build my business?

  1. 1. Attraction Marketing Revealed: What is attraction marketing and how can you use it? Sometime in 2008, Mike Dillard released
  2. 2. his industry famous book - "magnetic sponsoring" and since then, the concept of 'attraction marketing' was born. Before The method was made popular by
  3. 3. Dillard, a few people had been using it successfully without really knowing what they were doing and they had amazing results. i know of someone
  4. 4. for example,who recruited 17 people in a single evening and built a downline of over 3000 people in a year using these techniques before the book came out.
  5. 5. On this presentation,i am going to answer the question: What is attraction Marketing? Before i get started,i want to explain why understanding this
  6. 6. concept is highly crucial for you to succeed in MLM and network marketing. EVERY single successful network marketer uses these
  7. 7. concepts to generate hundreds of ultra responsive leads super fast for free, sponsor more people,'inject' cash into their business and to build a multiple 4,5,6 figure
  8. 8. business WHAT IS ATTRACTION MARKETING? 'Attraction Marketing' is simply a method of marketing where you
  9. 9. 'attract' people to join you in your business without any form of 'begging' or harrasment. You see, what 95% of network marketers do is to chase down
  10. 10. prospects,buy overpriced leads,harass friends and family to join their business and cold call leads What 'attraction marketing' does is to
  11. 11. completely eliminate buying of leads,cold calling and all the bizarre ways that people try to recruit people into their MLM company. People are naturally
  12. 12. attracted to people in power and what this method of marketing does is to position YOU as a leader in the eyes of your prospects making them 'attracted' to you.
  13. 13. When you use this concept correctly, You will get emails and phone calls from people who have a credit card in hand and want to join you
  14. 14. in your business.This means you become something like the 'hunted' instead of the 'hunter' :) SO HOW DOES 'ATTRACTION
  15. 15. MARKETING' WORK AND HOW CAN I USE IT TO BUILD MY BUSINESS? The concept of attraction marketing is very simple.
  16. 16. Make yourself valuable Instead of promoting your business opportunity on the front end,you promote a generic product. when you do
  17. 17. this,you will be able to instantly inject cash into your business and generate an unlimited leads for free Let Me Give You A
  18. 18. Practical Example Say i was promoting my primary opportunity, i will promote a generic capture page that offers free training -When someone opts
  19. 19. in, they are then redirected to a sales letter. Because the product is a 'hot' product that works and that network marketers need to be successful,they will
  20. 20. end up buying it if they are ever going to be successful - When They buy, i get a nice commission check that completely erases the cost of my advertising
  21. 21. -I Then send them a mail or give them a phone call and direct them to join my business opportunity That is a basic Overview of how 'attraction marketing'
  22. 22. works For YOU to successfully use this concept, you need a generic product and training system that marketers need and cannot do without
  23. 23. Now,if you are ready for massive results using these concepts (just like i have done) to generate over a 120 leads in a single day and sponsor 5 people within minutes,then you are
  24. 24. ready toDiscover the My Top Tier Business System Model Using the concepts of attraction marketing and top tier sales,you are guaranteed to make at least $1,000 in the next 30 days or
  25. 25. the developer of the system will send you $500! Go ahead,click the link below and check it out! www.workwithpraise.com/1kin30days