ALM@Work - Lab management for everyone


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Sessione "Lab management for everyone" tenuta da Matteo Emili all'evento "ALM@Work" di DomusDotNet il 28/09/2012

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ALM@Work - Lab management for everyone

  1. 1. Lab Management for everyone Matteo Emili @MattVSTS …
  2. 2. Grazie agli sponsor
  3. 3. How do we test our softwaretoday?• Multiple environments• “On my machine!”• Give the package to the test team andforget• Is it seamless?
  4. 4. Visual Studio Team Lab Management2010• First release of the Microsoft‟s solution forautomating Quality Assurance tasks• It needs a huge infrastructure effort (ActiveDirectory in place, Hyper-V, System CenterVirtual Machine Manager)
  5. 5. New technologies on the edge!• Windows 8 provides us Hyper-V likeserver OSes, but without their limits• Visual Studio Team Lab Management 2012provides us a new set of features
  6. 6. Hyper-V Parent Partition Child Partition WMI Provider VM Management Service Applications vmwp.ex vmwp.ex e vmwp.ex e vmwp.ex e e Devic e VS VS Kernel Kernel Driver P C s VMBus VMBus Hypervisor (Hyper-V) Hardware (VT-x or AMD-V capable)
  7. 7. Hyper-V Requirements•Hardware virtualization capable CPU (IntelVT, AMD-V)•NX Bit support on CPU and motherboard(Intel XD bit, AMD Enhanced VirusProtection)•SLAT capable CPU (Intel Core iX, XeonL/E/X55xx, AMD Phenom, Athlon II) •For Windows 8 Hyper-V
  8. 8. Nice to have…• Fast dedicated HDDs (7200rpm+)• Gigabit Ethernet connection (if you want to do storage move)• Tons of RAM!
  9. 9. Hyper-V features for the vDev• Dynamic Memory • Dynamic allocation of memory based on consumption• Live storage move (while they are running,and without a shared storage!)• VHDX file format for Virtual Hard Drives upto 64TB each• Support for hybernation and sleep (so youcan use it on a laptop!)
  10. 10. Developer -> Team• Expanding developers‟ needs to acommon, shared testing environment• The testing environment must bepredictable and capable of managingmultiple, complex infrastructures• You might need allowing someone elseinteracting with it• You might need integration with TeamFoundation Server
  11. 11. Visual Studio StandardEnvironment• New VSTLM 2012 mode• No infrastructure requirements• The only requirements are Microsoft TestManager 2012, Team Build and the VisualStudio Agents
  12. 12. FAQs over Standard Environment“Feedback client?” Yes.“Deploy to it with Team Build?” Yes.“Physical machines?” Yes.“Use it on my laptop?” Yes. “VMWare support?” Yes.
  13. 13. DEMOA lap around Standard Environments a.k.a. Lab Management for Everyone
  14. 14. Virtual labs as a foundation foreverything• Virtual labs can be employed in thousand of different scenarios• It‟s a quality enabler at all levels • Developers can have a „certified‟ environment for testing • Continuous Delivery • Stakeholders‟ feedback
  15. 15. Tips for management• Sysprep Built-in into Windows, it enables creation of a clean base OS with all you need• Snapshots Hyper-V feature which allows taking snapshots to have certain states saved. Be careful: do not use it with Domain Controllers
  16. 16. Best practices• Use a separate high speed drive (7200rpm+) for VMs• Mark the environments „In Use‟ if shared• Use Dynamic Memory and set the OS as if it should save as much energy as possible
  17. 17. Questions & Answers