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V Mware Workstation 6 Ivnua

  1. 1. VMware Workstation 6.0 Overview
  2. 2. VMware Workstation 6.0 VMware Workstation 6: A groundbreaking new release of the industry’s “gold standard” virtualization software for desktop and laptop computers. “A combination of class-leading features and excellent scalability make VMware Workstation 6.0 the only choice for serious virtualization users.” – Randall Kennedy, Infoworld
  3. 3. VMware Workstation Market Leadership A History of Success VMware VMware VMware One million VMware VMware VMware VMware VMware Workstation1.0 Workstation2.0 Workstation3.0 registered Workstation4.0 Workstation4.5 Workstation5.0 Workstation5.5 Workstation6.0 Shipped Shipped Shipped users Shipped Shipped Shipped Shipped Shipped 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 Millions of registered users; winner of dozens of awards
  4. 4. VMware Workstation Market Leadership Global Customer Base And thousands more…
  5. 5. VMware Workstation Product Leadership The Industry’s Gold Standard Broadest OS support (both host and guest) More than 19 flavors of Windows and 26 flavors of Linux supported Windows 3.1, 95, 98, 2000, 2003, NT, XP, Vista, Linux, Solaris x86, Netware, FreeBSD Best-in-class virtual machine architecture Full 32- and 64-bit support, 10 virtual NICs, up to 8GB RAM per VM, 64-bit sound driver, 2-way vSMP Richest desktop experience Multiple monitor support, plug-and-play USB 2.0 support, isochronous USB devices (webcams, etc.), 3D graphics acceleration Unmatched value-added features Multiple snapshots, teams, liked clones, movie capture/playback, headless mode, VNC support, portability (Pocket ACE) Powerful set of plug-ins and APIs Integrated virtual debugger for Visual Studio and Eclipse, VIX automation APIs, scripting APIs Continuous investment in technology innovation Record and replay, paravirtualization support
  6. 6. VMware Workstation Technology Leadership A Track Record of Innovation VMware Workstation Technology “Firsts” First commercially viable x86 virtualization product 1999 First to support CD-ROM, networking and sound 1999 First suspend/resume capability 2000 First SCSI device and disk support 2000 First to support USB 2001 First snapshot capability 2003 First to support shared folders, drag and drop, and copy/paste between host and guest 2003 First multiple snapshots 2005 First desktop virtualization product to support paravirtualized hardware (vmxnet) 2005 First desktop virtualization product to offer memory sharing between virtual machines 2005 First to support 64 bit virtual machines (even before ESX) 2005 First shipping virtualization product to make use of Intel’s VT 2005 First to support USB 2.0 2007 First desktop virtualization product to offer full-fledged APIs and running VMs as a service 2007 First with true multi-monitor support (where guest can natively span multiple monitors) 2007 First with native VNC connectivity to any virtual machine 2007 First with continuous VM state record/replay capabilities 2007 First with seamless cross-platform drag-and-drop of files from host to guest, guest to host, and guest 2007 to guest First with a debugger integration to Microsoft Visual Studio and Eclipse IDEs 2007
  7. 7. What Does Joel Spolsky Use? “One of the most crucial tools in our toolbox is VMware Workstation, which I’ve been recommending for years.” www.joelonsoftware.com/items/2005/05/02.html
  8. 8. What Does Sergey Brin Use? “I use VMware Workstation to test Google on a variety of platform and browser combinations without having to reboot my computer or leave my desk.” Sergey Brin Co-Founder and President
  9. 9. What Does Michael Dell Use? http://www.dell.com/content/topics/global.aspx/corp/biographies/en/msd_computers?c=us&l=en&s=corp
  10. 10. VMware Workstation: Key Use Scenarios
  11. 11. Who Needs VMware Workstation? Software Developers IT Admins and Testers Sales, Training and Support Anyone who needs to create virtual machines needs VMware Workstation, VMware’s universal authoring tool.
  12. 12. VMware Workstation for IT Administrators Use Scenario Benefits ► Configure and test desktops and ► Reduce hardware costs by 50-60% servers in virtual machines before deploying them to production ► Increase operations efficiency by up to 50% ► Test new multi-tier applications, ► Reduce time needed to test new software service packs, application updates, and improve quality of deployments and OS patches on a single PC ► Eliminate risk to production networks by ► Host legacy applications within virtual creating isolated virtual test networks machines, thus facilitating OS migrations and eliminating the need ► Complete OS migration projects with to port legacy applications minimal end-user disruption ► Create a virtual library of end-user ► Accelerate help desk resolution of end-user configurations on a shared drive problems
  13. 13. Rehost Legacy Applications Workstation on Vista with XP guest
  14. 14. VMware Workstation in Action: IT Administration The Challenge Replace 27,000 NT and W2K trader Workstations with XP-based systems “VMware enables us to The VMware Solution solve a variety of Windows NT apps running in VMware Workstation challenging IT issues in a quick, cost-effective manner…We’re using VMware Workstation to • Saved millions of dollars by reducing costs manage risk in transition by 40-50% – it’s running on each • Migration planning, testing and deployment financial adviser’s on Windows XP desktop.” • Manage risk in transition phase John McKinley • Cost savings and reduction in deployment Chief Technology Officer time for 28,000 Workstations Merrill Lynch
  15. 15. VMware Workstation for Developers and Testers Use Scenario Benefits ►Develop and test multiple operating Accelerate dev/test cycles and reduce systems and apps on a single PC time to market Reduce hardware costs by 50-60% ►Integrate seamlessly with Visual Studio and Eclipse Reduce costly configuration and set-up time by 25-55% ►Connect virtual machines to simulate and Improve project quality with more test multi-tier configurations rigorous testing ►Use multiple snapshots and debugging Ensure that users always test from a support to facilitate testing "clean" state ►Archive test environments on file servers where they can be easily restored/shared ►Securely transport virtual machines on a USB drive between work and home office, or when you’re on the road
  16. 16. VMware Workstation in Action: Software Development, Testing and Deployment The Challenge Build and manage a secure, distributed developer network while keeping hardware costs down, without compromising the security “VMware offered an The VMware Solution effective solution to minimize hardware Use VMware Workstation to run three different and infrastructure configurations on a single workstation, each with a different operating system and security setup costs.” Nancy Patterson • Allow student developers access to their Engineering Director own virtual environments CSOC at NASA Johnson Space Center • Reduce hardware costs by consolidating physical machines • Maintain and manage complicated security policies • Accelerated the time it took to deploy and get the programs up and running
  17. 17. VMware Workstation for Sales, Support, and Training Use Scenario Benefits Demo complex or multi-tier More stable demos and reduced setup time configurations on a single laptop in a and hardware costs repeatable, reliable manner Reduce hardware needed in classroom Create digital rights enabled virtual Decrease time required to prepare for a new machines suitable for software class evaluations. Ensure that students always start from a Package and deploy classroom "clean" state material in virtual machines Allow students to experiment with multiple operating systems, applications, and tools in secure, isolated virtual machines Configure virtual machines to "undo" all changes at shutdown
  18. 18. VMware Workstation in Action: Sales Demos The Challenge Building customized product demonstrations, installations and proof of concepts were complicated, lengthy processes that slowed the sales cycle for PTC. The VMware Solution “With VMware software, we can tailor solutions Using VMware Workstation, PTC can pre-configure product installations and effectively demonstrate its solutions. and systems quickly and focus our time and energy on our • Improved responsiveness to sales force customers. ” • Over 800 man-hours saved in the first six months of doing standard installations Peter Borden Director • Provided readily-available, complex Worldwide Technical Sales installations and configurations, more off-the- Operations shelf solutions and industry-specific demos for PTC customers • Reduced hardware requirements and hardware shipping costs
  19. 19. What’s New in VMware Workstation 6.0
  20. 20. What’s New in Workstation 6.0? Support for Windows Vista Use Windows Vista as guest and host operating system Multiple monitor display You can stretch a virtual machine to span multiple monitors, or multiple virtual machines to each display on separate monitors Support for USB 2.0 devices You can now use peripherals that require high- speed performance in your virtual machines, such as iPods and fast storage devices ACE authoring capabilities You now have the ability to create and run ACEs, including Pocket ACEs for easy, secure transport of your virtual machines on a thumb drive
  21. 21. What’s New in Workstation 6.0? Headless mode Run virtual machines in the background without using the Workstation user interface Remote Access Optionally turn on for any VM running in Workstation No need to modify guest by installing VNC or RDP server VMware Converter Included Turn a physical computer into a virtual P2V machine in minutes Integrated Virtual Debugger Integrates with Visual Studio and Eclipse so you can deploy, run, and debug programs in a virtual machine directly from your preferred IDE
  22. 22. Virtual Machine Record/Replay Record all virtual machine activity over a period of time Captures machine state -- unlike screen/movie record/replay Stop playback and go live at any point in the recording The ultimate debugging tool! Snapshot Manager Takes a new snapshot at the beginning of a recording Displays all recordings per VM Record/Replay Toolbar Record/Stop Recording Replay last session
  23. 23. Paravirtualization Support What is paravirtualization? Virtualization support in the operating system for improved performance Based on VMI 3.0 (Virtual Machine Interface) Benefits Get up to 25% performance boost for disk IO, network and graphics Take advantage of virtualization support in recent Intel and AMD chips Example Ubuntu 7.04
  24. 24. VMware Workstation 6.0 Features and Capabilities
  25. 25. Broad Operating System Support Guest OS Support Microsoft Windows 3.1, 95, 98, 2000, 2003, NT, XP, Vista RedHat, SUSE, Ubuntu, Mandrake, Mandriva, Turbo Linux Solaris 10 x86, Novell Netware, and many others! Para-virtualized guest OS support for up to 25% performance increase 32- and 64-bit Support Support for AMD Athlon, Opteron and Intel EMT 64 with VT Virtual SMP Enable one or more CPUs per VM
  26. 26. Advanced Configuration Options Hardware Support 8GB RAM per VM / unlimited RAM across VMs IDE or SCSI disk support with configurable size Support for USB 2.0, DVD, CD-ROM devices CD and floppy support Guest Interaction HGFS 2.0 (Shared Folders) Cross-Platform Drag-N-Drop VMware Tools Auto-Upgrade Up to 10 Virtual PCI Slots
  27. 27. Powerful Networking Options Physical Virtual Build complex networks on single PC Client Bridged networking NAT-ed networking Web Server Host-only networking Private LAN segments (Teams) App Server Simulate and test multi- DB Server tier configurations Database Reduce costs and save time
  28. 28. Multiple Snapshots Capabilities Capture entire state of virtual machine at different points in time Revert to any saved snapshot Branching is supported Benefits Easily capture complex configurations Spend more time testing/developing than setting up configurations to reproduce defects
  29. 29. Teams Collection of one or more virtual machines and network segments that connect them. App Servers DB Capabilities Create, Update, Remove Power on/off, Suspend/Resume DB Middleware Server (JMS, etc) Create and configure network segments with bandwidth, packet loss, etc. Benefits App Server (EJB, BEA) Build real-world networks on developer desktops Orchestrate actions across group of VMs Web Server Provision and configure once Browser Consolidate hardware
  30. 30. VMware Converter Included Physical to Virtual (P2V) Connect to any local or remote computer over the network and import the physical diskimage into a virtual machine Import 3rd Party Formats Microsoft Virtual PC and Virtual Server Symantec Backup Exec, System Recovery StorageCraft ShadowStor Convert File Formats Between any VMware desktop and server product
  31. 31. Workstation ACE Option Pack (NEW) The ACE Option Pack is an upgrade for Workstation 6 that gives you the power to create and deploy portable, secure virtual machines, or ACEs, that you can run directly from removable media such as portable hard drives, USB thumb drives and even Apple iPods. Pocket ACE delivers security and mobility for your VM. For a limited time, you can get the ACE Option Pack and an ACE client license ($150+ value) for free when you purchase VMware Workstation 6. No additional software installation is required. Learn more about this promotion at: http://www.vmware.com/products/ws/aop.html
  32. 32. Integrated Virtual Debugger Complete IDE Integrations Visual Studio 2005 Professional and Team Editions Eclipse 3.2 Supported Debugger Actions Start debugger Run application Attach to process in guest Pre- and Post-Debug Events Revert to Snapshot Copy data to guest Set up shared folders
  33. 33. Automation API Automation via expanded VIX API Language bindings for C, Perl, COM, and shell scripts (vmrun) Control many basic VM operations: power-on, snapshot, power-off New, powerful functions for in-guest operations VixError err = VIX_OK; VixHandle jobHandle = VIX_INVALID_HANDLE; // Power off the virtual machine. jobHandle = VixVM_PowerOff(vmHandle, 0, // powerOffOptions VIX_INVALID_HANDLE, // propertyListHandle NULL, // callbackProc NULL); // clientData err = VixJob_Wait(jobHandle, VIX_PROPERTY_NONE); if (VIX_OK != err) { // Handle the error... goto abort; } Vix_ReleaseHandle(jobHandle);
  34. 34. Handy Tools Remember a VM is like a physical server: PXE, CDROM and floppy boot CDROM can be ISO image WinISO dd if=/dev/cdrom of=mycd.iso bs=32k Floppy can be flp imageWinImage dd if=/dev/floppy of=myfloppy.flp Use “Helper VM” vmware –X (and others) to start VM in full screen vmrun commands to automate VM operations
  35. 35. Virtual Disk Manager vmware-vdiskmanager.exe OPTIONS <disk-name> To extend a disk: vmware-vdiskmanager.exe -x 36Gb myDisk.vmdk To convert a disk: vmware-vdiskmanager.exe -r source.vmdk -t 0 target.vmdk Disk types: 0 : single growable virtual disk 1 : growable virtual disk split in 2Gb files 2 : preallocated virtual disk 3 : preallocated virtual disk split in 2Gb files
  36. 36. VMware Player 2.0 Run preconfigured virtual machines on any PC Also available and free as standalone software. Benefits Enables new software distribution paradigm using virtual machines Allows users to take their virtual desktop everywhere they go Facilitates easy sharing and collaboration. Increases enterprise productivity
  37. 37. VMware Workstation 6.0 Learn more Download product information View demo Join the Community Forum Try or buy VMware Workstation Free 30-day trial The only choice for serious virtualization users. www.vmware.com/products/ws
  38. 38. Backup Slides
  39. 39. How VMware Workstation Works • Workstation installs on a host Windows or Linux OS and runs like an application • OS and associated applications are encapsulated as a virtual machine that then runs on Workstation • Each virtual machine has its own virtual CPU, memory, disks, I/O devices, etc. • Each virtual machine is like a physical x86 machine
  40. 40. Result: One Physical Machine, Many Virtual Machines Run multiple operating systems simultaneously on a single PC in fully networked, portable virtual machines (VMs).
  41. 41. Key Advantages of Virtual Machines Isolation Each virtual machine is isolated from the host and other virtual machines Efficiency No need to dual-boot or repartition hard drives Encapsulation Each entire virtual machine state is a portable, reusable set of files Robust Networking Create complex networks in a box. Compatibility Virtualization eliminates hardware incompatibilities
  42. 42. VMware Workstation: Dozens of Industry Awards
  43. 43. VMware Workstation 6.0 vs. Virtual PC 2007 Virtual PC 2007 Workstation 6 Operating Systems Windows 98, 2000, Windows 3.1, 95, 98, 2003, NT, XP, Vista 2000, 2003, NT, XP, Vista, Linux, Solaris x86, Netware, BSD Multiple Monitors No Yes USB Support No Yes Multiple Snapshots No Yes Virtual Debugger No Yes Virtual Networks No Yes Headless Mode No Yes Movie Capture No Yes
  44. 44. Rehosting Legacy Applications…
  45. 45. ACE 2 Appendix
  46. 46. ACE 2 Solution Components Create Package Deploy Manage ACE Player
  47. 47. Deep Dive: VMware ACE 2 Enterprise Edition VMware ACE 2 Enterprise Edition delivers the only controlled and easily managed desktop virtualization solution for enterprise users. Deliver Secure & Streamlined Enterprise Management Create and Manage granular policies on VMs Active management and tracking of VMs Integration with standard enterprise IT tools (AD; VPNs) Standardize on a Single Virtual Client Platform Workstation can generate ACE content Properly licensed VMware Player can run ACE content All the latest platform enhancements inherited Vista host and guest support; Linux support; USB 2.0 Enable New Desktop Virtualization Use-Cases Pocket ACE introduces new portability use cases, including kiosk, desktop disaster recovery, evaluations
  48. 48. Key Solutions — How Customers Use ACE Home-Users / Remote Workers Secure Portability Create an IT managed “virtual laptop” Deliver complete operating environments on to deploy and manage remote workers secure, portable devices with Pocket ACE. and manage with enterprise tools. 3rd Party Unmanaged PCs Vista Migration Manage these hostile PCs as if they were Run legacy applications and operating on the domain while securing IP and systems on a single PC. Contain access from sensitive data. legacy OS with security and isolation policies. Kiosks / Shared PCs Activity Partitions / Sandbox Environments Set the Virtual Machine to a non-persistent / Isolated, secure environments for accessing stateless mode and changes are wiped away corporate resources, while another is a more at reboot. Install ACE on Linux and deliver a open, configurable environment in the low cost, low maintenance kiosk. enterprise. More information can be found at http://www.vmware.com/go/ace