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AppEnsure - Enhance TRUE End User Experience


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4th PLCUG, Warsaw, 30th of October. Session by Sri Chaganty, AppEnsure, CTO.

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AppEnsure - Enhance TRUE End User Experience

  1. 1. Enhance “TRUE” End-User Experience Sri Chaganty, CTO/Founder September 30th, 2016 10/16/2016 AppEnsure Confidential 1 Technical Presentation & Demo End User Centric APM
  2. 2. In a nutshell 10/16/2016 AppEnsure Confidential 2 • Established in 2012 • 15+ years of consulting practice • 60 Employees – mostly in R&D • First Release in 2014 • World wide deployments - 2016 + Venture backed • Proactive rather than reactive • Resolve performance issues 10x Faster • “Not my problem” -> Resolve the problem • Silo Visibility -> End-to-End Visibility • SLA driven true end user experience All Apps, Any Delivery, All the time End User Centric APM Nie Dev Ops Tired of finger pointing Who are we? Our Focus? Why should you care?
  3. 3. How is AppEnsure different? 3 Commodity data App Performance Code Perfection Visibility Commodity results Resource utilization Operational Perfection More data on the screen • Response Time and Throughput for every user for every application accessed • Real Traffic and Real End-User Experience • Service Levels in terms of response time and throughput • Correlate/Substantiate/Add Value to Unique Metric • Alerting & Alarming with root cause • Proactive, Predictive, Preventive • Dependencies on infrastructure • Real-time interaction with infrastructure • Actionable Intelligence
  4. 4. Unique Capabilities 10/16/2016 AppEnsure Confidential 4 • Ability to support : Any Application, Any Delivery, All the time • Real end-user experience measured based on response time & throughput of applications and/or VDI for every user • Baselining against desired Service Levels • Drastically reducing “return to operational” time when outages happen • True Live Traffic – Not Simulated or Synthetic
  5. 5. Solution Basics • Agent based solution • Agents reside in servers(mandatory), VDI (mandatory) and End Points (optional) • Universal & Self Policing Agents • Runs as high available set of services in the OS • No Server restart required • Low Resource Consumption • Agents communicate with Master Appliance • Secure one way upstream communications • NoSQL Database. Scales to hundreds and thousands of agents • Real-Time, live traffic monitoring • Not synthetic transactions. Not deduced from resource utilization metrics. 10/16/2016 AppEnsure Confidential 5
  6. 6. Reach Out Contact me at
  7. 7. Agent Internals 10/16/2016 AppEnsure Confidential 7 Sensor at network layer that constructs the incoming and outgoing flows without terminating any flows. Acts like a shim at driver level Sensor at kernel level that discovers the transacting process and its kernel dependencies Sensor that detects the resource utilizations and external services that the transacting process is dependent upon • Non-Stop monitoring of all discovered elements of the eco system • Non-Stop monitoring of the traffic flows and flow construction • Proactive diagnostics if dependencies get affected AppEnsure Agent
  8. 8. Solution Architecture 10/16/2016 AppEnsure Confidential 8 Master End Points (Desktops or Laptops) Servers Server or Desktop Images Optional Optional Open 443 for outbound Required for License validation & Update service GUI : 80 Virtual Appliance or Standalone 7443 7443 443 Emails, SNMP Traps, RestAPI AppEnsure Agent Other BIG data stores Optional JSON insertions NOSQL