Sims 3   The Deans
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Sims 3 The Deans



The Deans live in Riverview. This family begins with Tansy Parker who later marries George Dean.

The Deans live in Riverview. This family begins with Tansy Parker who later marries George Dean.



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Sims 3   The Deans Sims 3 The Deans Presentation Transcript

  • The Deans: Riverview
  • Tansy Parker joins a demonstration during her first few days in Riverview.
  • Tansy has no idea what the protest is about, but she feels the need to stand up alongsideher fellow community members.
  • Tansy meets George Dean at the Gym on her first day in Riverview. They soon begin to date.
  • Athletically inclined, Tansy enjoys long jogs on her days off.
  • Tansy during one of her long jogs
  • Party animal Tansy knows how to throw a party. This is her birthday celebrating her passage into adulthood.
  • George has a big surprise for her on this birthday.
  • Tansy says “yes”!
  • Tansy’s home
  • Tansy & George gets hitched in China. Tansy is now Tansy Dean.
  • Tansy & George begin martial arts training at the academy in China.
  • Tansy on another of her jogs
  • George is mesmerized by the gorgeous scenery in China.
  • George sparring in China
  • George sparring a Chinese native
  • George practicing his meditation in the Scholar’s Garden.
  • Tansy & George at home. Tansy is pregnant with their first & only child.
  • Map View of Riverview
  • Tansy home from the hospital after giving birth to George Jr.
  • Retired police officer George with his son George Jr.
  • George & George Jr. bonding
  • George Jr. at the park with one of his best friends.
  • Teenage George Jr. at the pool with friend Lulu.
  • Teenage George Jr. being comforted by new friend Bianca after the death of both of his parents.
  • The death of both parents forces George Jr. to grow up quickly. Meanwhile, the attraction between him and Bianca becomes very obvious.
  • George Jr. starts a career in the military and wastes no time before proposing to Bianca.
  • I think she likes it.
  • Loves continues to grow.
  • Bianca & George Jr. get married in the park surrounded by friends.
  • Newly married
  • George Jr. in his first sparring tournament in China, during his honeymoon with Bianca.
  • Pregnant Bianca discovers that meditation is a great way to temporarily escape the discomforts of pregnancy.
  • Bianca enjoying her tiny pregnancy bump.
  • George Jr. showing off his salute to his wife, Bianca.
  • George Jr. bonding with his unborn child.
  • George Jr. getting a quick jog in before his new baby arrives…
  • …while Bianca does some more meditating.
  • Bianca visiting the hospital for a quick pregnancy check up
  • George Jr. feeling the baby’s kicks.
  • Baby Tania (pronounced Tanya) is born!
  • Bianca leaves the hospital with her new daughter, Tania.
  • The happy family heads home from the hospital.
  • Baby Tania taking a nap.
  • Bianca and Tania bond
  • Mom and baby continue to bond
  • Bianca feeding baby Tania
  • Tania Dean
  • George Jr. bonding with Tania.
  • George Jr. and Tania
  • George Jr. definitely inherited his parents’ love for fitness.
  • Yet another picture of mother &daughter.
  • Tania’s 1st birthday
  • George Jr. talks to his mother, Tansy’s, old friend and new boss, Ms. Canto
  • Bianca with her mother, Tatiana
  • Tania resting after a long day
  • Tatiana decides to move in with Bianca & George to help out with the grandkids.
  • Tania’s potty trained!!
  • Bianca, pregnant with their second child, welcoming George Jr. home after a long day.
  • A very pregnant Bianca holding Tania, who looks just like her mother & grandmother.
  • Baby #2 is coming!! Bianca & George Jr. arrive at the hospital right in time.
  • Bianca & George Jr. head home with new baby boy, George Dean III.
  • Tatiana gets an opportunity to bond with her grandson.
  • Tania soon grows up.
  • Tatiana pushes Tania on the swing.
  • What fun!!
  • George III takes a picture with his grandmother.
  • Bianca and Tatiana spend a quiet moment relaxing.
  • Tania has breakfast with her father in the morning.
  • Tania heads to school for the first time.
  • George Jr. leaving work in his military uniform.
  • Friends and family look on as Bianca assists George III in blowing out his birthday candles.
  • Tania plays peek-a-boo with George III, who has aged up to a toddler.
  • George III seems to like the attention from his big sister.
  • Tatiana puts George III in his crib for bedtime after a long day.
  • Tatiana is visibly upset when the toilet clogs up for the billionth time.
  • George Jr’s job gives him an opportunity to visit China and participate in a martial arts tournament.
  • He proceeds to move up in the ranks, by winning a few sparring matches in a row.
  • A few more moves like this and he may be able to rank #1 in this tournament.
  • Exhausted from participating in a few tournament rounds, George Jr. decides to tour China for a while.
  • He manages to move up in the ranks once again by beating another opponent.
  • He beats yet another opponent.
  • This trip to China gives George Jr. enough experience to move up to black belt. He still has not reached level 10 of the martial arts skill, but he’s close.
  • This is just an excuse to show the beautiful China landscape!
  • Check out that kick…and the beautiful tree behind him.
  • A very tired George Jr. returns home and spends some time with his daughter Tania, before she leaves for school.
  • A bit of drama hits the Dean family, after the Grim Reaper visits Tatiana late in the night. However, she possesses a death flower, that she immediately gives the Grim Reaper in exchange for her life.
  • Life goes on. Tatiana lives to tell another tale and Bianca decides to pursue a career in fashion.
  • But not before she gets some fashion tips to improve her own look.
  • Little Tania is not so little anymore. She grows into a beautiful teen and is offered an opportunity to visit Egypt and study photography. She decided to makes photography her passion.
  • Back at home, she shows her rebellious streak and decides to participate in a protest in front of city hall, just like her late grandmother Tansy would have done.
  • The town seems to be passionate about the city government spending more money towards new developments in science. I guess we’ll just have to see where this goes…