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  1. 1. PICTURE STORYBy: Mili Alezzandrini and Maria Brito Peret
  2. 2. Tina and Thomas had been togetherfor a long time. They were very happy, but one day Tina saw Tom with another girl
  3. 3. Tina ushered Stephanie, her best friend in
  4. 4. Tina and Stephanie went to Pizza Hut.
  5. 5. Tina told Steph what had happened with Tom and that she couldn’t put up with the idea of breaking up with him and she began to cry
  6. 6. Suddenly, Steph and Tina saw Thomas with a flower in his hand. The flowerwas for Tina. He wanted to apologise for cheating on her.
  7. 7. Tina decided to give him another opportunity.
  8. 8. They are now married, they have 2kids and they are very happy together.