Winter 2011 Newsletter


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Winter 2011 Newsletter

  1. 1. EDGEWOOD.ORG SPRING 2011CEO LETTERIn 2011, Edgewood celebrates 160 yearsof transforming lives and restoring hope.Reaching this significant milestone is atestament to our enduring legacy of helpingto build better lives and brighter futuresfor at-risk children and families in ourcommunity. As the new CEO of Edgewood,I look forward to contributing to ourcontinued success as we embark on thenext 160 years.An organization does not thrive for morethan a century and a half without shiftingwith the times. The Edgewood GardenLearning Center provides a perfect exampleof how we continue to adapt to newsocietal trends and community needs. Theexpanded garden project reinforces thecurrent “green” movement by creatinga space for our children and families togrow seasonal produce in a sustainablesetting. We take the green trend furtherby emphasizing the therapeutic benefits ofworking in the soil, the tangible rewards ofhard work and nurturing, and the lifelonginvestment in healthy eating.On the topic of healthy living, my family Mavis Martin was excited to enter her everything, 1-800-KIN-0037. This toll-and I had the opportunity to participate fifties. She had a job she enjoyed as a free number connected Ms. Martin within our first Emerald Across the Bay 12K. business systems analyst and she finally the California Kinship Navigator program.Edgewood has been the beneficiary of had her Livermore house to herself after Navigators are available 10 hours a day,the race since its inception 28 years ago. successfully raising three daughters on her seven days a week and are all current orThank you to the thousands of runners, own. Her youngest daughter Tonya suffered previous kinship caregivers with a worldvolunteers, and personal fundraising from severe schizophrenia. of knowledge and experience. Navigatorsparticipants who made this year’s event a provide referral and information services Tonya became the victim of sexual assault;success! to callers of the warm line and assist with an attack that left her not only traumatized, finding services that the family requests.Warm regards, but pregnant. Tonya had a boy she named Jamal, but it was apparent to Ms. Martin Ms. Martin’s Navigator connected her with that Tonya, who struggled to manage her financial aid for which she wasn’t aware sheMatt Madaus, CEO mental health, wasn’t properly caring for qualified and found a subsidized daycare her child. One day after babysitting a visibly to enroll Jamal in. Finally surrounded by disturbed Jamal, Ms. Martin refused to children his own age, Jamal flourished. let Tonya take him home. Ms. Martin and He especially took to arts and crafts. Jamal lived with the constant fear that The Martins’ Kinship Navigator also Tonya would force her mother to return her advocated on Tonya’s behalf. With the grandson to an unsafe home. Jamal had Navigator’s help, Tonya was able to treat her trouble sleeping through the night because schizophrenia and reconnect with her son of intense nightmares caused by this fear. and mother. Also, like many kinship caregivers, Ms. Kinship Navigator is a formula that works. Martin was isolated and didn’t know who to In the words of Ms. Martin, “with other trust in her community. programs it always felt like there was Then one day a social worker who attended something missing, but with Edgewood this the same church as the Martins passed gap was filled in. Our family became whole along a phone number that changed again.”
  2. 2. A schematic of the Edgewood Garden Learning Center by SWA’s Zachary Davis. The community garden located at Edgewood’s San Francisco Campus will be accessible to all Edgewood families in San Francisco and San Mateo Counties.This year, Edgewood plans to break ground Among the most exciting developments in The construction project will culminateon an exciting community outdoor wellness the Garden’s creation are the significant in a day of volunteerism on April 30 withproject. We will build out the Sally Gotcher partnerships that have evolved. The design Rebuilding Together San Francisco bringingChildren’s Garden and transform it into was created pro-bono by Zachary Davis together a talented team of contractors andthe Edgewood Garden Learning Center – of SWA Group. SWA is most notably experts. Edgewood is extremely fortunate toa safe, positive, sustainable green space, recognized for the Living Roof at the have this partnership to match and leveragewhere our community can come together to California Academy of Sciences. Ground will the dollars raised against the in-kindlearn about growing and preparing healthy, break this spring with Jensen Corporation donations and service hours provided fororganic food, connect with and learn and Webcor Builders providing contractor free by Rebuilding Together San Francisco.about the natural world, and participate expertise and oversight. Small Brownin cultural celebrations that showcase the Landscape and Gonzales Architects arevalue of food across generations, all within providing project management and generala therapeutic setting. support for landscaping and structural elements. All of these partners are donatingThe Sally Gotcher Children’s Garden, their expertise pro-bono or at-cost.originally established fifteen years ago,will remain at the heart of the EdgewoodGarden Learning Center. Our goal is tohonor and preserve the integrity of thecurrent garden while providing many moreexperiences that link to the classroom witha focus on nutrition, health, and exercise,as well as integrating with the more formalarts, science, literacy, and math curriculum.The garden will provide a safe and beautifulenvironment free from the violence andinstability many of children, youth, andfamilies experience in their neighborhoods.Every program that Edgewood offersregardless of location and focus will haveaccess to the Edgewood Garden LearningCenter. From the children who live on theSan Francisco campus, to those attendingthe Non-Public School, to the youth andcaregivers in our San Francisco and SanMateo County kinship programs, everyone isinvited to use the Garden.
  3. 3. Forum on Family:Family ResilienceOn Friday, March 11, 2011 Edgewoodhosted Forum on Family: Family Resilience.This full-day conference featured keynotespeaker William Madsen, Ph.D. Break-outsessions examined the resilience of familiesconfronted with domestic violence, learningdisabilities, chronic illness, advocating forchildren in the school environment, creatinga map to guide conversations for familiesin crisis, and LGBTQ family dynamics. Theday was a powerful learning collaborativefor service providers, educators, healthprofessionals, policy makers, parents, andcaregivers. Matt Madaus, CEO with keynote speaker William MadsenHaiti in the Classroom