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Celebrating its 160th anniversary in 2011, Edgewood                            Center for Children and Families (Edgewood)...
Edgewood Wraparound is founded on the principles of wraparound                                               EDGEWOOD TEAM...
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Wrap brochure

  1. 1. Celebrating its 160th anniversary in 2011, Edgewood Center for Children and Families (Edgewood) helps children and families take back their future by working with them to overcome severe challenges like abuse, neglect, mental illness and crisis. The oldest children’s charity in the western U.S., Edgewood has evolved to meet the community’s changing needs. What began as a refuge for Gold Rush orphans is now a nationally recognized, multifaceted agency. Edgewood serves more than 5,000 children and families in the Bay Area each year through behavioral health, family support, and educational services. Edgewood: transforming lives, restoring hope. Edgewood 10 PRINCIPLES OF THE OUR MISSION The mission of Edgewood Center for Children and Wraparound Families is to strengthen children, youth, families, and WRAPAROUND PROCESS: their communities through service, training, advocacy, and research. The goal of Edgewood Wraparound is to• Family Voice and Choice provide the skills and support necessary for OUR SERVICES youth to function in their communities in• Team-Based Learn more about Edgewood and its services at family and family-like environments. Wrap principles and practices, including youth• Natural Supports and family voice and choice, comprehensive CONTACT US assessment, and intervention techniques are• Collaboration used for youth at-risk of stepping down from Natalia Estassi Papakostas, MA, PsyD• Community-Based Director of Integrated Wrap Services, Family Connections RCL level 10-14 programming. Intervention Program, and Hospital Diversion and treatment are comprehensive and focused• Culturally Competent 415.682.3218 on permanency planning.• Individualized EDGEWOOD CENTER FOR CHILDREN AND FAMILIES• Strengths-Based 1801 Vicente Street• Persistence San Francisco, CA 94116 Tel: 415.681.3211• Outcome-Based
  2. 2. Edgewood Wraparound is founded on the principles of wraparound EDGEWOOD TEAM services and provides unconditional care that is family-centered, Care Coordinator: individualized, culturally competent, and strengths-based. The Care Coordinator is the central contact person for all Edgewood Wraparound team Edgewood Wraparound is a team-based members. He/She manages the collaborative process, aimed at helping youth and their effort by working closely with the youth, families in San Francisco County’s Child PHILOSOPHY family, and the Edgewood team to achieve Welfare, Probation, or Mental Health the family’s goals. systems who are at-risk of group home As each child and family is care or are transitioning from group care unique, Edgewood Wraparound Family Specialist: to a family setting. Families are referred to prides itself on creating The Family Specialist provides one-on-one Edgewood by child welfare workers, AAP individually tailored programs support to the youth. This support may workers, probation officers, or mental that fit the specific needs of include, but is not limited to, connecting health workers. those we serve. the youth to a variety of community resources such as: after school programs, For each family in Wraparound, a team mentors, hobbies, and job opportunities; The development of the plan for is developed that includes formal and assist in the care and supervision of the informal supports identified by the the family occurs in regularly scheduled Child and Family youth; and implement individual and group family. The hope is to have more “natural activities that encourage the youth’s social supports” than paid workers. This team Team meetings which are a collaborative effort among the development. discovers what each family’s goals and concerns are; then services are designed Edgewood Wraparound team, Family Partner: in a creative and flexible manner to meet the County, the family, and The Family Partner comes to the Edgewood these needs. Edgewood Wraparound is able their support network. Wraparound program with the personal to support children and families who need These meetings focus on experience of successfully integrating his/ assistance with issues related to mental creating and maintaining a her child back into the home after being health, substance abuse, or co-occurring involved in the Child Welfare, Probation, or disorders. family mission, identifying Mental Health systems. The Family Partner the strengths and needs of the The Wraparound approach focuses has a unique perspective of these systems family, and creating goals that and is able to provide peer support from a on supporting children by enhancing the members of the team can “been there” position. The Family Partner is natural resources within their families and communities so that they can live achieve to support the family. responsible for coordinating parent support in the least restrictive, most family- activities and resources; engage family like setting possible. Permanency and members in the process to increase their connectedness is the ultimate goal. involvement; and assist them in achieving their goals.For more information, please call 415.681.3211 or visit us online