Family connections brochure


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Family connections brochure

  1. 1. FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACT: San Francisco Human Services Agency 415.557.5000 FAMILY CONNECTIONS Edgewood Center for PROGRAM Children and Families GUIDING PRINCIPLES• Respect the family’s culture, 1801 Vicente Street San Francisco, CA 94116 Family 415.681.3211 individuality, and humanity Connections• Focus and build plans of care based on individual strengths, needs and goals Program• Ensure active and equitable family Seneca Center 6925 Chabot Road The Family Connections Program actively participation Oakland, CA 94618 involves and supports families in the 510.654.4004 residential treatment of a child, and• Understand and support the provides ongoing support and aftercare emotional, behavioral, intellectual once a child returns home. Promoting and physical development of children safety, permanency, and well-being to at- and youth risk youth and their families, the program• Help children and youth to: provides a flexible continuum of services ranging from residential treatment to St. Vincent’s School for Boys • Replace behaviors requiring work at home, school and the community. One St. Vincent’s Drive residential placement with This family-centered, team-driven San Rafael, CA 94903 pro-social alternatives approach provides a consistent support 415.507.2000 team throughout the stages of treatment. • Develop and sustain positive The ultimate goals of the program are connections, and remain with permanency and connectedness. their families, schools and This San Francisco County Residential-Based Reform Pilot Program is a partnership between San Francisco County, communities Edgewood, Seneca, and St. Vincent’s.
  2. 2. FAMILY CONNECTIONS CHILDREN AND YOUTH MAY WHAT ARE THE COMPONENTS OF CARE? PARTICIPATE IN THE PROGRAM FOR UPPROGRAM works to ensure Residential Care where families can rebuild TO TWO YEARS. SERVICES AND SUPPORTthat all children and youth INCLUDE: or develop their relationship, and where short- term intensive intervention is available ifwho receive services are Family Connections Center needed.ultimately able to connect or A welcoming place at the residential treatment Community Care when children and youthreconnect with family, school facility where families can spend time with return to a family home, anchored by youthand community following their children. and family support staff, care coordinators andplacement. To help achieve family partners. Family Finding and Engagementthis goal, the program provides Clinical Care anchored by youth and family Identification and engagement of family andfor active family involvement, community members committed to helping the clinicians and mental health rehabilitation specialists who work with the children, youthbehavioral stabilization, child or youth have a better life. and families to address mental health andintensive treatment, parallel Family Support Team behavioral services, and • Focus on voice and choice for the child andfollow-up support. family. • Informal, “natural” supports include: family WHO CAN PARTICIPATE? members, friends, community members. Youth who: • Consistent team support both during placement in the residential center and • Are court dependents of San upon returning to a family home or Francisco County community. Formal supports include: • Are aged 6 through 16 • Clinical Care Coordinator who helps the family design and implement an • Are enrolled in St. Vincent’s, outcome-driven plan of care; Seneca’s or Edgewood’s residential treatment programs • Family Specialist who helps the family implement the behavioral health goals • Have family or other caregivers of the plan; available to work with the program • Family Partner who helps the family to help them achieve permanency, insure they have access, voice, and safety, and well-being ownership in the process.