Double Duct Interior Mount Heat Pump
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Double Duct Interior Mount Heat Pump



A single chassis heat pump. Ideal for light commercial, residential, and historical buildings. NO refrigerant line-virtually hang, plug, and play.

A single chassis heat pump. Ideal for light commercial, residential, and historical buildings. NO refrigerant line-virtually hang, plug, and play.



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Double Duct Interior Mount Heat Pump Double Duct Interior Mount Heat Pump Presentation Transcript

  • The PTTW-10-EC Monobloc Heat Pump• A+/A+ COP and EER efficiencies• Between 7,000-10,000 BTU/hr of Integrated heat -ARI-V1.1 ARI- 1
  • CONTENTS Page1. Product Line Introduction 3,42. Product Specifications 5,63. Product Features  Plug-and-play installation 7  Indoor appearance of installed unit 8  Outdoor appearance of installed unit 9  Heat pump and air conditioner 10  Sound performance 11  Cold weather operation 12  Tropical condition operation 13  Energy Performance 14  Product Comparison 15  Control system 16  Indoor air quality solution 17  Fresh-air intake system 18  Condensate drainage removal system 19  BMS enabled data controllers 20  Customized panel solutions 214. Dimensional Drawings 22 2
  • 1. Product Line IntroductionCommercial Advantages:  modern and attractive unit outlook suitable for high-end residential and commercial applications  package product suitable for retail, direct sales and professional HVAC channels  plug-and-play installation without brazing or refrigerant charging required  suitable for hotels, historical buildings, government housing and other buildings with restrictions on outdoor units or refrigerant piping distance  customized panel designs and commercial solutions available 3
  • 1. Product Line Introduction Technical Advantages:  Next generation product design and construction  Market leading energy efficiency  Market leading sound performance (42 dBa to 48 dBa indoor SPL)  Market leading operating range (5°F to 125.6°F) with up to 7000 BTU/hr integrated electric heating for cold weather operation  Flexible condensate drainage solutions  Multiple fresh air intake solutions  Fully enabled MODBUS solution with optional local PC host control program (controls up to 400 units) 4
  • 2. Product SpecificationsMODEL PTTW-10-EC H 15,890 3Airflow M ft / h 14,120 L 12,360Cooling capacity Btu / h 9,890Heating capacity Btu / h 10,060Electric Heater Capacity Btu / h 6800EER Btu / W 11.16COP Btu / Btu 3.54 H 48 Indoor M dB / A 45.5 L 42.8Noise level @ 3.28ft H 56.5 (53) Outdoor * M dB / A - L 41.6 (38.1)Electrical insulation protection class IWater proof class IPX4Dehumidification gal / h 0.217All capacities are based on: cooling: indoor 80.6ºF DB, 66.2ºF WB, outdoor 95ºF DB, 75.2ºF WB 09 V.1.0 heating: indoor 68ºF DB, outdoor 44.6ºF DB, 42.8ºF WB* Values in parentheses refer to outdoor sound pressure levels with optional sound attenuation device installed 5
  • 2. Product Specifications - cont’dMODEL PTTW-10-ECPower supply V / Ph / Hz 220-240 / 1 / 60 Cooling W 885Power input Heating W 830 Cooling A 4.1Running current Heating A 3.88 Cooling A 12.3Start current Heating A 11.6Electric heater running current A 2.24Compressor ROTARYRefrigerant control CAPILLARYRefrigerant charge lb 1.43Refrigerant type R410A Width 39.37Dimensions Height in 22.83 Depth 9.65Gross weight lb 99.21 09 V.1.0 6
  • 3. Product Features - Plug-and-play installation Installation - in 3 quick and easy steps: STEP 1: Measure and drill two 6.38” diameter holes and one 0.79” diameter hole for condensate discharge in outer building wall STEP 2: Install external grilles, intake and discharge air hoses, condensate drainage line and mounting brackets STEP 3: Mount unit, connect wiring and run Notes:  Installation kit including air intake and discharge hoses, wall brackets and condensate drainage line supplied as standard  No welding, brazing, or refrigerant charging required for installation 7
  • 3. Product Features - Indoor appearance of installed unit Modern, stylish indoor appearance  Suitable for high-end residential and hotel applications  Blue light LED temperature display  High quality ABS plastic frame with laminate panel overlay  Brand logos reverse printed on laminate overlay for elegant brand presentation 8
  • 3. Product Features - Outdoor appearance of installed unitDiscreet outdoor appearance Limited modification to outer building wall Suitable for residential applications withbuilding wall restrictions, including hotels,historical structures and government housing Patented flexible external grilles  UV resistant  Constructed of EPDM  Designed for easy installation on outer building wall from inside the heated or cooled space. 9
  • 3. Product Features – Heat pump and air conditioner Discreet and Elegant Installations The PTTW through the Wall unit is unique as a room air conditioner, as it designed to operate without an outdoor unit. More and more countries now apply strict rules that forbid outdoor installation of air conditioners, in order to preserve the aesthetic properties of historical buildings. The PTTW is a revolutionary and innovative solution to this challenge. The picture on the left shows the minimal effect of a PTTW installation on the outer appearance of a building, in contrast to standard split and window unit installations.PTTW-10-EC installation Window type installation Split type installation 10
  • 3. Product Features – Easy installation  The ease of assembly will reduce the overall time of installation by up to 70%.  There are no refrigerant line sets required.  No inspection will be required.  The Monobloc unit is supplied with a 230v wall plug and is virtually “hang, plug, and play.”  The Monobloc unit can be installed without ever living the indoors - ideal for high rise apartments,PTTW-10-EC installation: Inside unit only condominiums, office buildings and alike. Split type installation: Inside unit & Outside unit
  • 3. Product Features - Sound performance Ground-breaking sound performance:  Internal structure constructed from EPP with excellent sound and vibration absorption properties  Innovative cross-flow ventilator fan design for ultra-low indoor air flow sound  Compressor and internal parts noise acoustically channeled to outdoor space via air intake and discharge hoses Sound attenuation device for reduced outdoor sound level - optional on all models  device placed in air discharge hose during installation  reduction of 2.5 dBa to 3.5 dBa depending on unit size and motor speed 12
  • 3. Product Features - Cold weather operationCold-weather heating operation PTTW-10-EC includes:  Hot-gas bypass using electronic expansion valve (EEV) for improved heating performance during defrost cycle  Standard 2 x 3,500 BTU/hr PTC electrical heaters mounted on the unit  2-stage thermo-fuse / thermistor cut-outs 13
  • 3. Product Features - Tropical T3 operation Tropical T3 conditions cooling operation  Effective cooling performance in T3 tropical ambient conditions  Refrigerant system and components designed to withstand sustained cooling operation up to 125.6°F ambient temperatures . 14
  • 3. Product Features – Energy Performance 3.5 3 PTTW COP (Btu/Btu) 2.5 COP Curve 2 PTTW-10-EC 1.5 1 0.5 0 5°F 14°F 23°F 32°F 45°F Temperature (°F) Cold weather heating operation  Effective heating performance in cold weather conditions 15
  • 3. Product Features – Product comparison EER Performance Comparison Product comparison: 11.5 11  PTTW-10-EC has high EER (Btu/Btu) 10.5 10 energy efficiency of ratio (EER) 9.5 and high coefficient of 9 8.5 performance (COP), comparing 8 PTTW-10-EC PTAC Window Unit Split System to other products with relative Relative Products cooling and heating capacities. COP Performance Comparison 3.8 3.6 3.4 COP (Btu/W) 3.2 3 2.8 2.6 2.4 2.2 2 PTTW-10-EC PTAC Window Unit Split System Relative Products 16
  • 3. Product Features - Unit controllers IR handset:  controls all key functions, incl. timer, sleep, set- temperature and fan speed  IR handset standard on all models  handset storage drawer standard on selected modelsOnboard controller: controls all key functions, incl. timer, sleep, set-temperatureand fan speed located on the top-right of the machine standard on selected models 17
  • 3. Product Features - Indoor air quality Indoor air quality filtration  nylon net filter (0.12” thickness) standard on all models  activated carbon and photocatalytic filters available as options (standard on selected models) Activated carbon filter  high efficiency ventilation Activated carbon filter  effective on particulate matter >0.005 microns Photocatalytic filter  eliminates harmful gases Photocatalytic filter  sterilization rate of >99% vs. airborne bacteria 2-step removal and maintenance  lift filter and air inlet grille  rotate plastic clips to remove filters for cleaning STEP 1 STEP 2 18
  • 3. Product Features - Fresh air intake system Solution 1: Fresh air intake via building leakage - standard  utilizes slide gate to create negative air pressure differential which sucks fresh air into the room  no extra installation of components required Solution 2: Direct fresh air intake - optional  1.97” diameter hole in unit casing for fresh air intake direct from outdoors with pre-installed nylon net filter  Fresh air volume up to 29.2 CFM at high speed 19
  • 3. Product Features - Condensate drainage Flexible drainage solutions  2 drainage connection points (each 0.74” dia.): 1 for outdoor drainage, 1 for indoor drainage  7.87’ drainage hose and connector as standard on all models  mini-condensate centrifugal pump available 2 1 REVERSE VIEW DRAINAGE POSITIONS: INDOOR 1 / OUTDOOR 2 Mini-condensate centrifugal pump  maximum discharge head of 16.4’  maximum flow rate of 132 gal/h  120 - 230V / 60 Hz models available 20
  • 3. Product Features - BMS solutionBMS solution 1 data logger per 200 unit sub-network Max. 2 data-loggers per computer Data-logger to unit connection using RJ45 telephone wire Data-logger to PC connection using USB port BMS data logger MODBUS communication protocol Local PC software control program  Control full functionality of unit  Program runs on Windows 98/NT/XP/Vista  Suitable for small to medium size hotels Software screenshots 21
  • 3. Product Features - Front panel optionsWide range of standard panel colors Customized panel designs 22
  • 4. Dimensional DrawingsNote: Air inlet hose diameter Φ6.3” Air outlet hose diameter Φ5.91” 23
  • THANK YOU FOR YOUR KIND ATTENTION AND INTEREST! Headquarters, Hong Kong Office 6, 9/F, Block A, New Trade Plaza, 6 On Ping Street, Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong Tel. +852 2648 8887 Fax. +852 2636 6608 E-mail: Website: Branch Office, Spain C/Actriz Margarita Lozano 5, 2 5D - 30100 – Murcia, Spain Tel. +34 687207815 E-mail: Branch Office, China Jinxiu 19-305, Lucheng, Wenzhou, China Tel. +86 577 8831 1691 Fax. +86 577 8831 1691 E-mail: Branch Office, North American Distribution Partner 230 Dalfaber Lane, Springboro, Ohio 45066 USA Tel. +1 937 838 0019 Fax. +1 707 929 2588 E-mail: