Telematics MarketPlace: Reality Check


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Cyril debunks the reality of a MarketPlace model for the Telematics sector.
Highlighting a few important trends
Looking at the key requirements for an open application platform to take shape
and illustrating what Mobile Devices is able to do today to foster the concept of a telematics marketplace

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  • Except QUALCOMM, no one sold over 250,000 units today.In the world, only 12 companies sell over 100,000 units.I could count about 18 acquisitions in the past 12 Months
  • Examples: Accelerometer/ gyro for insuranceNew Price and channel for Small fleet marketNew service: Vehicle inspection + Hours Of Service regulationCan BUS for Driver logLive Traffic or Driver profiling transcend all markets
  • Application providers are now allocating much more resources to their own applications
  • Do you remember what your phone was like before the iPhone?
  • A telematics OS is just the start
  • Apps running simultaneously:Navigation, guidanceSpeed alertLive traffic alertPoiParking+ what is not visible: Task management? Driver log?…
  • Sales speech alert
  • Black ice alert in Florida?Tornados forecast in Alaska?Live Traffic and reroute in the MidWest?
  • Sales speech alert Communication protocol ensure multitasking on the device plus strict data transfer managementProxys on the CloudConnect server allow each content provider to send its data feedCloudConnect allows for unlimited content feeds connecting to unlimited amount of devices With CloudConnect handling the service feeds to the devices’ Operating System, the final solution can be adapted to any vertical markets.
  • No differenciation between
  • Millions of boxes running the same OS will not materialise tomorrowWe’ll never reach the scale of the smartphonesThere are probably around 20 different apps that are relevant in helping the driver driveA “device with screen” cannot be used by the driver unless it helps with driving (new law in France)At least one of each of these app could be simply developed by us directlyWe won’t have application publishing themselves on the MarketPlace for a while yetThere is no Business case for ASP to build applications on an Open OS today!Application set will be defined first by the contractor (donneurd'ordre). Development will be made for the required set. SmartPhoneappshop compete on size, not on qualityA Telematics MarketPlace will stand out by the quality, reliability and relevance of its service set.
  • The opportunity is real and the time is now This is the only logical way forward so everybody should be now trying to build their own Open Telematics OS!I told you what it needsContact all the service providers to teach them how to use your SDKBuild Black boxes that run them for less than 100$Build screens that run unlimited number of apps for less than 400$Or just focus on your core Value and chose a box than runs an OSAnd choose a set of services that fits your customerBut never again should you start working on a proprietary solution based on proprietary software on proprietary hardwarethat keeps us ALL in the dark ages of the Telematics World.!!
  • Telematics MarketPlace: Reality Check

    1. 1. Let’s All build a MarketPlace !<br />
    2. 2. QUICK OVERVIEW<br />Part 1: Opening suggestions<br />Part 2: Fundamentals of a telematics OS and MarketPlace<br />Part 3: How to build a telematics MarketPlace<br />Part 4: Reality check<br />
    3. 3. 3<br />TELEMATICS BASIC MODEL HAS NOT EVOLVED MUCH SINCE 2000<br /><ul><li> Many channels to market
    4. 4. Complex ecosystem
    5. 5. No interoperability
    6. 6. Firmware based</li></ul>ASP<br />TSP<br />Map<br />Network<br />SIM<br />Brands<br />OEM<br />Integrators<br />Live Content<br />Reporting<br />Resellers<br />
    7. 7. 4<br />MARKET AND SERVICES ARE MATURING SLOWLY<br />Source: Licht Associates<br />
    8. 8. 5<br />BUT THE DEMAND IS STILL EVOLVING RAPIDLY<br /><ul><li> Benefits understood by the users
    9. 9. MRM business case made
    10. 10. Demand is more complex
    11. 11. Multiple applications
    12. 12. New actors types
    13. 13. New devices
    14. 14. New verticals
    15. 15. Regional requirements
    16. 16. New applications merging the MRM and consumer markets</li></ul>Large screens overselling small ones<br />OBD widely required<br />Live traffic, speed limit alertsnow competitive advantagesin dispatch<br />
    17. 17. 6<br />THE BATTLE IS ON FEATURE SET INTEGRATION, SPEED AND QoS, NOT JUST COST<br />$ UI <br />$ Features<br />$ Speed<br />$ QoS<br />“Hardware agnostic” solutions don’t exist!<br />
    18. 18. 7<br />WE ARE STILL LIVING IN THE PRE- iOS ERA <br />Do you recognise this pattern?<br />Service provision model breaks/ changes<br />Volume growth<br />Services multiply<br />Complexity emerges<br />Value understood<br />Brand education push<br />Hardware cost fall<br />OS model<br />
    19. 19. 8<br />WITH TELEMATICS, THE LACK OF OSIS FELT THROUGHOUT THE VALUE CHAIN<br />OEM<br />LEASING<br />FLEET<br />DRIVER<br />Trafficspeedcam…<br />Each Driver has different needs<br />Task Management…<br />??<br />No visibility on the Fleet’s need<br />Assets Management<br />…<br />??<br />No visibility on the Leasing app<br />??<br />Diagnostics<br />Safety…<br />OEM specific priorities<br />
    20. 20. 9<br />SMARTPHONE STYLE SERVICE PROVISION CAN’T WORK NOW IN TELEMATICS<br /><ul><li> Too many devices & no platforms
    21. 21. Complexity not well supported in firmware environment
    22. 22. Calculation and data manipulation cannot be scaled on the embedded side
    23. 23. Web-based platform not ideal today because of high bandwidth cost</li></li></ul><li>QUICK OVERVIEW<br />Part 1: Opening suggestions<br />Part 2: Fundamentals of a telematics OS and MarketPlace<br />Part 3: How to build a telematics MarketPlace<br />Part 4: Reality check<br />
    24. 24. 11<br />HOW TO BUILD AN OPEN TELEMATICS OPERATING SYSTEM<br />Requirements:<br /><ul><li> Availability on a range of form factors
    25. 25. Multitasking between every services installed
    26. 26. In-car usage / adapted UI
    27. 27. Integration of each application with the navigation engine
    28. 28. Adaptation/ localization…
    29. 29. Built-in resistance to bugs and viruses</li></ul>Barriers:<br /><ul><li> CPU speed / BOM cost
    30. 30. No carrier support/ low ARPU</li></ul>How many apps are running here?<br />
    31. 31. 12<br />AN OPEN TELEMATICS OSNEEDS TO BE AN APPLICATION ENABLER<br /><ul><li> High Level APIs</li></ul>Remote diagnostic<br />DriverProfiling<br />Text toSpeech<br />Push Messaging<br />Navigation<br />Tracking<br />ScreenShareengine<br />OBD Library<br />Power management<br />Optimisedwirelessprotocols<br />Low level interface: GPS, GPRS accelero, battery,CAN, OBD… <br />Memory management<br /><ul><li> Flexible intercommunicatingcore components</li></ul>BUT MORE THAN THAT…<br />
    32. 32. 13<br />AN OPEN TELEMATICS OS<br />NEEDS A LINUX KERNEL<br />The OTOS needs: <br /><ul><li> The friendly environmentof Windows CE
    33. 33. Drivers
    34. 34. SDK
    35. 35. Flexibility of Linux
    36. 36. License free
    37. 37. Compatibility with numerous VM</li></ul>CORE<br />&<br />eCall Black Box<br />Black Box<br />Smart screen<br />Dongle<br />PND<br />PND 2<br />BUT MORE THAN THAT…<br />
    38. 38. 14<br />Navigation<br />AN OPEN TELEMATICS OSNEEDS TO INCLUDE A NAVIGATION ENGINE<br />Rendering<br />Routing<br />GUI<br />Embedded DB<br />Announcement manager<br />Remote diagnostic<br />DriverProfiling<br />Text toSpeech<br />Push Messaging<br />Navigation<br />Tracking<br />ScreenShareengine<br />OBD Library<br />Dynamic Navigation Engine<br />Power management<br />Optimisedwirelessprotocols<br />Low level interface: GPS, GPRS accelero, battery,CAN, OBD… <br />Memory management<br />The Nav engine interact also with all the other embedded applications<br />BUT MORE THAN THAT…<br />
    39. 39. 15<br />AN OPEN TELEMATICS OSNEEDS TO BE A LOT MORE<br />Driver Profiling<br /><ul><li> Open on top and at the bottom
    40. 40. Multi applications
    41. 41. Performance
    42. 42. Reliable
    43. 43. Hardware agnostics
    44. 44. Built from the ground up with telematics in mind</li></ul>CORE<br />
    45. 45. 16<br />MOBILE DEVICES PROVIDES AN OPEN OPERATING <br />SYSTEM FOR THE TELEMATICS INDUSTRY<br />We offer Telematics Service Providers the simplicity enjoyed by Consumer Electronics players<br />PC & SmartPhones<br />Telematics Today<br />Telematics with <br />Morpheus3 <br />
    46. 46. 17<br />THERE MIGHT STILL BE A VALUE TO FIRMWARE<br />BUT FOR HOW LONG?<br /><ul><li> Still the best approach if: Simple solution, one App, No update, Slow evolution
    47. 47. C++ control Vs. Java’s flexibility
    48. 48. Configuration tool : Ready Mix Pancake
    49. 49. The OS approach is not an alternative, it opens up more choices:
    50. 50. Advanced config tool to tune only the events
    51. 51. Ability to use a 3rd party developer
    52. 52. Brand or distribute an already-integrated app
    53. 53. Create your own solution from starch!
    54. 54. …. Or start with one choice and evolve!</li></li></ul><li>18<br />MARKETPLACE MODEL: THE BEST WAY FORWARD FOR TELEMATICS<br />- Services are now provided by specialist companies: live traffic, driver profiling, scheduling/ optimization…<br />- Application sets need to adapt to geographical markets as well as verticals<br />
    55. 55. 19<br />MARKETPLACE MODEL: THE BEST WAY FORWARD FOR TELEMATICS<br /> - Screen based apps must be native: <br />the service comes to the driver <br />to maximize relevance and limit distraction<br /> - Screen based solutions are becoming pervasive and crossing over the consumer/ MRM words<br />
    56. 56. QUICK OVERVIEW<br />Part 1: Opening suggestions<br />Part 2: Fundamentals of a Telematics OS and MarketPlace<br />Part 3: How to build a telematics MarketPlace<br />Part 4: Reality check<br />
    57. 57. 21<br />THE PILLARS OF A TELEMATICS MARKETPLACE<br />Developers have access to a full SDK to build applications on the devices and change its settings<br />All devices run on the same Operating System: Morpheus3 OS<br />Smart communication protocols handle all the services at once while restraining the bandwidth used <br />
    58. 58. 22<br />BASIC FUNCTIONS<br />Live Content <br />& Maps<br />Providers<br />Resellers<br />TSPWhiteLabel<br />MarketPlace<br />Customer specific solution<br />Vertical specific application providers<br />TSP<br />Backend software providers<br />Integrators<br />TSP<br />
    59. 59. 23<br />TELEMATICS MARKETPLACEBENEFITS<br /><ul><li> Integrators and distributors come to find the latest and best in Telematics applications and content
    60. 60. Control the device through API Libraries
    61. 61. Control the communication gateway side through REST APIs
    62. 62. Control data plan’s cost through optimised Wireless Telematics Protocol
    63. 63. No joint ownership or shared IP between the MarketPlace and the TSP</li></ul>=> REDUCED TIME TO MARKET<br />
    64. 64. 24<br />CASE STUDY 1: RESPOND TO THE FEDERAL MANDATE ON ELECTRONIC ONBOARD RECORDERS (EOBRS)<br /><ul><li>Hours of Service solution needed for all commercial vehicles
    65. 65. All size fleets now looking for more integrated and comprehensive solutions
    66. 66. MRM companies often don’t have the infrastructure, R&D resources and sales processes to provide for evolving solution</li></ul>Source: Licht Associates<br />
    67. 67. 25<br />CREATING A SOLUTION FOR HOS<br /><ul><li> Use OS based devices
    68. 68. Install a basic set of services
    69. 69. ASP build specific solutions on open SDK
    70. 70. White label solutions available to upgrade the basic service set
    71. 71. Already installed devices can be updated OTA</li></ul>Resellers<br />TSP<br />TSP<br />Integrators<br />TSP<br />
    72. 72. 26<br />THE SERVICE SET BECOMES TARGET SPECIFIC <br /> The service pack is made of:<br /><ul><li> Navigation
    73. 73. Live Traffic
    74. 74. Track and Trace
    75. 75. Hours of Service
    76. 76. Messaging
    77. 77. Task management
    78. 78. Signature recognition
    79. 79. E-call and B Call alerts</li></li></ul><li>29<br />CASE STUDY 2: MAKE YOUR CONSUMER PACKAGE EVOLVE<br /><ul><li> Navigation
    80. 80. Real-time speed camera alert
    81. 81. Local search (Yellow Pages)
    82. 82. Real-time parking place availability
    83. 83. Real-time fuel price
    84. 84. Real-time weather forecast</li></li></ul><li>29<br />CASE STUDY 2: MAKE YOUR CONSUMER PACKAGE EVOLVE<br /><ul><li> Multitask: Get alerts whatever app you are on
    85. 85. Shipped first with 5 services
    86. 86. Weather application pushed OTA to all devices in June
    87. 87. Now added MyLive Traffic, night mode, lane guidance… </li></li></ul><li>QUICK OVERVIEW<br />Part 1: Opening suggestions<br />Part 2: Fundamentals of a Telematics OS and MarketPlace<br />Part 3: How to build a telematics MarketPlace<br />Part 4: Reality check<br />
    88. 88. 31<br />REALITY CHECK<br /><ul><li> Numbers will never compare to SmartPhones
    89. 89. How many apps do we need in a car?
    90. 90. Regulations around the world
    91. 91. Who is actually developing
    92. 92. Who publishes on the marketplace today?
    93. 93. A business case for 3rd party developers?
    94. 94. Who is calling the shot on service sets
    95. 95. How will a MarketPlace for Telematics stand out?</li></li></ul><li>32<br />Consumer services available today<br />(*) Distributed app. means that Mobile Devices can include this application in its quotation – Upon final agreement of the provider<br />
    96. 96. 33<br />Services available in the MarketPlace tomorrow<br />
    97. 97. 34<br />DO THE SAME TODAY!<br /><ul><li> You should build a Telematics MarketPlace too!
    98. 98. Build an Open Telematics OS (instructions above)
    99. 99. Train the TSP with your SDK
    100. 100. Build OS based black boxes for less than $100
    101. 101. Build screens that run unlimited number of apps for less than $400
    102. 102. Or chose to focus on your core business!</li></li></ul><li>THE GENERIC TELEMATICS PLATFORM<br />EXISTS TODAY<br />Thank you !<br />© 2010 Mobile Devices. All rights reserved.<br />