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ICT for Automotive Industry

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ICT for Automotive Industry

  1. 1. In Circuit Test for Automotive Industry By Sam Wong Agilent Technologies Business Development Manager Agilent RestrictedPage 1
  2. 2. Agenda 1. The Automotive Electronics Industry 2. Challenges in the Automotive industry ICT 3. How did Agilent solved these Challenges 4. More of Agilent ICT Features to meet your needs 5. Questions and Answers Agilent RestrictedPage 2
  3. 3. Agenda 1. The Automotive Electronics Industry 2. Challenges in the Automotive industry ICT 3. How did Agilent solved these Challenges 4. More of Agilent ICT Features to meet your needs 5. Questions and Answers Agilent RestrictedPage 3
  4. 4. Automotive Electronics in Cars Today Power Train & Hybrid - Engine Management - Braking System - Power Steering - EV and HV Body Electronics - Comfort / Convenience - Instrument Cluster - Remote Keyless Entry - Climate Control Infotainment & Communications - Audio Systems Safety and Driver - Multimedia Systems Assistance - Rear Seat Entertainment - Adaptive Cruise Control - Collision Warning -Tire pressure Monitoring - Airbag Time to market and market penetration periods are becoming shorter , example ABS started in 1970s and take 20 years for mass acceptance. It’s typically accepted to be 2 to 7 years today Agilent RestrictedPage 4
  5. 5. Agenda 1. The Automotive Electronics Industry 2. Challenges in the Automotive industry ICT 3. How did Agilent solved these Challenges 4. More of Agilent ICT Features to meet your needs 5. Questions and Answers Agilent RestrictedPage 5
  6. 6. General ICT Challenges in the Industry LOST OF TEST ACCESS • Increased board functionality • Highly dense board and design complexity INTENSE COST PRESSURE • No layout space for targets • Fierce competition in the global market • Finer trace-spacing routing • Customers expecting more functionality, • Higher frequencies better quality and at lower cost • Lower equipment cost Test Access (%) over the years • Lower deployment cost • Lower cost of ownership 100% 80% 60% 40% In Traditional ICT, Lost of Access = Lost of 20% Test Coverage 0% 1990 1995 2000 2005 2010 2015 Agilent RestrictedPage 6
  7. 7. ICT Challenges in Automotive Industry Reduction in Cycle Time with Increasing Nodes Count, example 1200 nodes in Engine controllers 1 and Electric Car Modules. Increase in IC functionality, Use of Boundary Scan in Testing and Larger Memory devices 2 Mandatory Programming of Serial Controllers and Serial Protocol Testing (example CANBUS, 3 FlexRay, LIN) Global deployment with hardware / fixture support – programs transportability and guarantee 4 protection of zero unauthorized change. Agilent RestrictedPage 7
  8. 8. Challenge #1: Larger Boards and Faster Cycle Time Production In Pretest Challenges and Circuit Final Programming Concerns: with/without Test Test Station Quality, Product temperature Traceability, Costs, etc Engine controllers modules have node counts that are close to the limit of a single 3070 module. Fastest Faster Fast Agilent RestrictedPage 8
  9. 9. Challenge #2: Larger IC with Increased functionalityBoundary scan usage Boundary Scan usage, IC BIST and IC embedded measurement capability will increase and be accessible through the boundary scan port. Agilent RestrictedPage 9
  10. 10. Challenge #3: Mandatory On Board ProgrammingProgrammable Device Market Analysis Technology Trends ICT Flash Programming Solution Agilent RestrictedPage 10
  11. 11. Challenge #4: Worldwide deployment Management Cost Software revision control Local Support for fixtures Time Local Application expertise Quality System configurations differences Spare parts inventory management Agilent RestrictedPage 11
  12. 12. Agenda 1. The Automotive Electronics Industry 2. Challenges in the Automotive industry ICT 3. How did Agilent solved these Challenges 4. More of Agilent ICT Features to meet your needs 5. Questions and Answers Agilent RestrictedPage 12
  13. 13. Agilent’s respond to ICT Cost of Ownership  Average price of a 3070 have steadily declined over 50% in the last 10 years, while test throughput has increased.  Advanced parallel testing capability with Throughput Multiplier and Dual Well fixturing  2x throughput for CET and increased ICT throughput with ASRU-N and VTEPv2.0 enhancements  Continued R&D emphasis on compatibility and upgradeability with previous generation ICT, to preserve your investments  Lower deployment costs and lower cost of ownership By Bill Lycette & Duane Lowenstein, IEEE 2010 Paper, The Real Total Cost of Ownership of Your Test Equipment Agilent RestrictedPage 13
  14. 14. Agilent’s Respond to Limited Access Challenges Suite of Test Point Accessibility Technology Agilent RestrictedPage 14
  15. 15. Agilent’s Response to challenge #1 Platform Scalability Larger Boards and Faster Cycle Time • S1, S2 to S5 • Expandable slots • Module Activation  New ASRU-N cards will give 20% to 30% faster Tests Time by using the Digitized Measurement Circuits Build in Features  Includes Power Monitoring • Panel Test Circuit to prevent damage to ICs • Throughput Multiplier during debug and testing • Dual Well Fixture • Vacuum Fixture • FPY Monitoring Throughput by bank Coming Soon A 1259 node board with 1670 Analog and 44 Digital Components Agilent RestrictedPage 15
  16. 16. Agilent’s Response to challenge #2 Larger IC and Increase in Boundary scan usage Agilent solutions provide full support and diagnostics for IEEE 1149.1 and IEEE 1149.6 Cover Extend Technology test devices connected to Boundary Scan components. Leading IEEE 1149.1 extensions for IC Initialization Leading IEEE 1149.8.1 standard – Vectorless test extensions Participating in IEEE 3D IC test study committee IC Embedded Measurement technology  Multiple divisions contributing R&D, Marketing and Sales resources to leverage Agilent’s expertise and technology to deliver embedded measurements.  Participating with iNEMI working group to leverage IC BIST  Participating in IEEE P1687(IJTAG) working group Agilent RestrictedPage 16
  17. 17. NEW COMPLETE BUNDLE AVAILABLE. • PC Controlled (Ethernet). • Four TAP/IO. - 1x TAP(TMS,TCK,TDI,TDO). - 4x Digital input ports. - 5x Digital output ports. • One Diagnostic Clip. • Add-on Cover-Extend Technology capability - Vectorless testing of ICs or Connectors through boundary scan • Scan Path Linker - Connecting physically separate chains to test the interconnecting nets Agilent RestrictedPage 17
  18. 18. Agilent’s response to challenge #3: Mandatory On Board Serial Programming Key benefits of Utility card flash programming Lower Cost Reduced inventory of pre-programmed device Fewer devices damaged by handling Increase flexibility in code or engineering FlashProgFR changes by Essepie S.R.L Ease of implementation A wide range of supported device protocols, with extensive device coverage Collaboration with programmer partners, end users will have a significant source of competitive advantage FR3070A ISP3070 by by SMH XeltekPage 18
  19. 19. Agilent’s Response to challenge #4 Worldwide Deployment Management ONE STOP SHOP ONE supplier NEW hardware upgrades Stable, Reliable, Repeatable System EXPERT help • Highest accuracy and signal fidelity SOFTWARE upgrades • Fast analog 2/4 wire Analog Stimulus TRACEABLE and trusted Response Unit calibration • Power monitoring protection & per pin ORIGINAL and qualified parts programmability PARTS availability worldwide Agilent RestrictedPage 19
  20. 20. Agenda 1. The Automotive Electronics Industry 2. Challenges in the Automotive industry ICT 3. How did Agilent solved these Challenges 4. More of Agilent ICT Features to meet your needs 5. Questions and Answers Agilent RestrictedPage 20
  21. 21. Agilent Medalist ICT Family History Continuous series of compatible upgrades to:  Preserve program and fixture investments  Extend the test capability and support life of the 3070  Continuous product improvement and features enhancement Provide the best balance between compatibility and low cost The introduction of i3070 Series 5 and i1000. Series I Series II Series III 3070 Window/i5000 i3070/i1000 1989 1994 1998 2000/2005 2007 Agilent RestrictedPage 21
  22. 22. Fuse Box Test – Stage 1 Hi-PotentialAvailable in Agilent i1000 Start DUT PS-HV Open Test 150V, 50uA B Bus A Bus DUT (using DUT Shorts Test existing Zener R=4.7k i channel) Volt Meter Analog Test Test Com pare Result Threshold 150V Test i1000 Test card End  Objective is to measure Resistance between the pins to be > 3 Mohms  Method is to run a 150V through the nodes and make sure the current is <50uA  The boundaries are: Test Method and Sequence don’t damage the components Automated and integrated into the Test Flow Agilent RestrictedPage 22
  23. 23. Fuse Box Test – Stage 2 Hi-Current Test for RelaysAvailable in Agilent i1000 Start  Objective is to make sure the relays in red circles are not misaligned Open Test  Method: Run 1A current thru the DUT relays to make sure the pins can handle 1A Shorts Test  The boundaries are: Hi-Current  Reed relays normal range Relay Matrix is about 300mA Analog Test  Automated and integrated into Test Flow  Test terminal voltage without 1Amp Test Max 2Amps turning on the relay Source  Test terminal voltage with the relay turned on while 1A is End applied. Measurement Engine Agilent RestrictedPage 23
  24. 24. LED TestingAvailable in Agilent i3070 Series 5 and i1000 Flexibility on the ICT to LED Test modules add external Using digital camera functional circuits. Software and Integrated with i1000D hardware support powered test included I3070 LED Test Technology will test your Each module provides FEASA LED Analyser LEDs to 154 LED tests i1000D tests voltage and 3rd Party Solution +/-3nm for color current Test up to 480 LEDs in 1 Luminosity within +/-10% LED module test color Integrated and brightness Utility card and 128 LEDs in <1.5 seconds Agilent RestrictedPage 24
  25. 25. High Voltage Zener TestAvailable in Agilent i3070 Series 5 08.20p  New High Voltage Power Supply provides one output from 0 to 50 volts @ 0 to 10 amps (500W).  Installed on Channel 3 or 4 of ASRU-N card, or can be installed on Channel 7 or 8 on Utility card  Support up to 60V  Voltage references – shunt regulators  Surge protection - to limit transient voltage spikes Agilent RestrictedPage 25
  26. 26. Use of DLLAvailable in Agilent i3070 Series 5 08.30 BT-Basic External DLL External DLL dllcall Handle_1, BTBasic_DLL_Call(“bla blank_check(0, 0xffff) “blank_check”, nk_check”, “0, 0xffff”, Var_1, ErrMsg$; “0, Calls ErrMsg, Var_1) Calls 0xffff”  The DLL Integration feature allows user to call external DLL functions from within the BT-Basics.  New Commands: Dllload “<dll-name>”, <dll-handle> dllcall <dll-handle>, “<custom function name>”, [<return number>], [“<return string>”]; [“<custom parameters>”]  dllunload [<dll-handle>]  Multiple DLLs are allowed to be loaded at the same time Open up opportunities to integrate external third party devices for testing of standards (such as CANBUS, FlexRay and LIN ) Agilent RestrictedPage 26
  27. 27. Diagnostic Test SystemAvailable in Functional Test Rack Diagnostics Test Solution Concept + Just enough test 4-256 points ICT + Boundary scan (4 test points) for IC interconnect + CETBSCAN for devices connected to Boundary Scan devices + Utilize board-level test software for CETBIST + Opportunistic ICT during NPI for limited access boards + Standalone Repair Station or Integrated to functional tester Other Key Features:  4U Rack box  RLC analog measurement  Voltage measurement  Frequency measurement  Boundary Scan, Cover Extend Technology  On Board Programming  Digital Library Test and SPI or I2C  Client-Server Software API Agilent RestrictedPage 27
  28. 28. Automation Ready Available in Agilent i3070  Complete Solution from Agilent  Built on industry leading i3070 ICT Platform  Short Wire Fixture – preserving core value of TRS  Small Footprint, better mobility  Easy maintenance and fixture change  Lower Upgrade costs NEW Video Link Card cage can be rotated 110 deg anti-clockwise to access blower door Agilent RestrictedPage 28
  29. 29. Automation Ready Available in Agilent i1000 Off-line System In-line System  Complete Solution from Agilent  Smallest Foot Print ICT  Convertible between Inline and Offline  Highest Top and Bottom Clearance  Solution for Test Access on the Edge  ICT with full powered testing capabilities, with simple fixtures NEW Video Link Agilent RestrictedPage 29
  30. 30. In-circuit Test Technology To Meet Future Challenges and Trends Measurement Systems DivisionPage 30
  31. 31. Back Up Agilent RestrictedPage 31
  32. 32. Manufacturing Line – Test Strategy Stretch $ Modular & Compatible Test coverage In-line Test In-line Flash (CAN & Functional) Programming In-line ICT Agilent RestrictedPage 32
  33. 33. Cover Extend Technology (VTEP + Boundary Scan) CET : NOW on ICs! Greater Throughput Greater Coverage Greater Usability Greater Stability to ICT tester … VTEP sensors Boundary Scan device Connector or other device Remove Test Access TD0 TDI TCK TMS Test Access pins Agilent RestrictedPage 33
  34. 34. Bead Probe Technology (adopted by >70 companies) Bead probes Conventional Test points and probes ABPT is a patented innovation, To be used in Agilent Testers only. Agilent RestrictedPage 34
  35. 35. Features of our i3070 over the decade Throughput Coverage Ease of Use LED Test 2012 Rel 8.30P Windows 7  Ext DLL 60V Zener 2011 Rel 8.20P N5747A Pwr Supp Unit i3070 S5 DC test for big Caps 100KHz & 200KHz for small Caps 2010 Rel 8.10P RP5700 PC CET on IC Utility card TestPlan Analyzer 2009 Rel 8.00P ASRU N "AS"  Pwr Monitor Flexible Pwr Channels  High Pwr Channels Fixture Pwr Supp 2008 Rel 7.20P VTEP v2.0 CET VTEP enhanced guarding i3070 2008 Rel 7.10P VTEP speed up 1149.6  Enhanced Log record IPG enhanced Switch btw Mux : Unmux 2007 Rel 7.00P  VTEP v2.0 NPM Auto Optimizer Browser Pin locator New GUI  FPY, Worst Probe 2006 Rel 6.00P  XW4200 PC AutoDebug WinXP 2005 Rel 5.40P  iYET  iVTEP i3070 S3 Coverage Analyst NAND/XOR Tree Pattern User Fixture Component 2003 Rel 5.30P VTEP Scanworks GUI Localization ISP suite Auto Si nails 2001 Rel 4.00P-5.20P 50% faster in sys diag ControlXTP - SW5.0  Windows NT Panel Test < 2001 < Rel 4.00 Testjet Throughput Multiplier Agilent RestrictedPage 35
  36. 36. Window 7 migration for business continuity after 22nd Oct 2011 Is Is not supported on Win XP/Win 7 32-bit OS supported on Win 7 64-bit OS the same as 08.20pb with additional developed based on new feature to support Win 7 OS CR/enhancement available on new system, controller available via software update upgrade & one-time software update subscription (SUS) Note: 1. Board test program developed in earlier Win XP software releases is transportable to 08.21p Windows 7 2. 08.30p will support Windows 7 32/64-bit OS 3. 08.21p WinXP and 08.21p Win 7 are compatible 4. Old PCs prior to RP5700 are not supported for Win 7. 5. Version 8.21p has the same functionality as 8.20pb 6. 08.20p or earlier are not supported for Win 7 7. Microsoft does not allow Agilent to downgrade to WinXP. Agilent RestrictedPage 36

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