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Sfdc user group good data012712(1)

  1. 1. 5 Killer Reports For Your DashboardRaleigh Salesforce User GroupJanuary 27, 2012
  2. 2. Agenda•  GoodData at a Glance•  5 Killer Reports for Your Dashboard•  Demo•  A few words from Mike Rogan @ Lenovo•  Q&A
  3. 3. GoodData at a Glance•  End-to-end cloud business intelligence platform built to scale BI to the masses•  Connects business people with their silo d business data•  Operational dashboards, advanced analytics, data warehousing, integration; all as an on-demand service•  Allows for ad hoc analysis / data discovery by non-technical users•  Any data, any system!
  4. 4. Typical BI Software Value ChainIntegration OLAP Reporting/ EDW Dashboards Visualizations Predictive Quality Cube Query SAP: NetWeaver BW, BOBJ, Crystal Reports, Web Intelligence, Explorer Tableau SAS Informatica Vertica Pentaho Actuate QlikView Spotfire SPSS
  5. 5. Old School BI vs. GoodData Dash Dash Report Board XLS Board Report $$$, Scattered, Multiple The Future of BI Truths Cube Cube Cube Cube $$$, Slow, Requires IT to make report changes GOODDATA Data Mart 1 Data Mart 2 $$$, Need Dedicated IT to Maintain Data Warehouse Hardware - Empowers End Users - Unburdens IT - Rapid Time to Value - Cost Efficient $$ 3rd Party $$$, - The Complete Solution CRM SFA ERP Social ETL service - Single Version of the Truth needed
  6. 6. We Manage the Full Stack …freeing customers to focus on core competencies Infrastructure Platform Services Operations Network Security AuthenticationDistributed File System Sharing Resource Scaling Distributed Storage Integration Availability Workflow Engine Customization Connectivity Data Warehouses Metadata Layer Monitoring Event Stores Web Services / APIs Patch Mgmt Data Marts Modeling Framework Upgrades App Web Servers Reports Dashboards Backup Load Balancers Notifications NOC
  7. 7. Agile Deployments Releases• Short release cycles – 2 weeks• Rapid innovation• Faster time to value• Everyone gets the latest greatest• No Upgrades!
  8. 8. Extensibility….Any data, any system Uncover + Synthesize + Lead to Cash Expose
  9. 9. 5 Killer Reports for Your Dashboard
  10. 10. Historical Trending Reports•  Track changes over time of a specific metric or series of metrics•  Enables you to see how your business is changing over time vs. only today s view•  In this example, you can see that while your sales pipeline size fluctuates over time, the majority of the pipeline is dominated by deals in the $5001-$50000 and $0-5000 range.
  11. 11. Tiering Grouping Reports•  Take any metric and group them for easier reporting and analysis.•  For instance, it is easy to track deals that are 0-60 days old or opportunities that are between $50,000 - $2000,000. This example shows a breakdown of the sales pipeline by opportunity age and deals that are 0-60 days, 61-120 days, 121-180 days, etc.•  Sometimes the simplest visualizations are the most powerful.
  12. 12. Waterfall Reports•  Track a cohort group of metrics or facts over time to see what happens to them. In this example, we are tracking sales deals that start a quarter in the Discovery stage.•  You can see that 93.9% of the deals remain in the Discovery stage throughout the quarter, while only 5.7% moved to a later stage.•  Waterfall reports are useful for uncovering trends and patterns for marketing and customer support analytics too. Track tradeshow leads, page visits, ticket sources and more.
  13. 13. Exception Reports•  Allows you to track metrics that deviate from any set standard. Tracking where marketing leads, sales opportunities or support tickets are deviating from the norm is an extremely powerful reporting tool.•  In this example, we are monitoring marketing campaigns spends that are greater than what sales generated.
  14. 14. Multidimensional Reports•  For immediate visual insight, start tracking many dimensions of your data.•  You can track sales opportunities across size, age, win status and time.•  In this example we are tracking support activity across four dimensions: support request, priority, case type and time. This reports is great for monitoring what case types are closing the fastest according to priority status.
  15. 15. Demonstration
  16. 16. Thanks! Matt Perrin GoodData Corporation Matthew.perrin@gooddata.com