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Solar Microgrids David Cohen Evolution7 Labs

Solar Microgrids David Cohen Evolution7 Labs



Microgrid Architecture for Solar Microgrids

Microgrid Architecture for Solar Microgrids



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    Solar Microgrids David Cohen Evolution7 Labs Solar Microgrids David Cohen Evolution7 Labs Presentation Transcript

    • !"#$%&'#()*+,-. Crea1ng  a  Distributed  Revolu1on   Evolu1on  7  provides  a  combina1on  of  technology  (PowerSta1onTM  gateway  and   soJware)  to  support  distributed  energy  integra1on  and  advanced  Microgrid   opera1ons       Solar  Microgrids  and  Architectures   David  Cohen   CEO  –  Evolu1on7  Labs     December  16,  2013   Copyright© by Evolution7
    • The MicroGrid Universe Microgrids, Compact Networks, Virtual Power Plants, SmartGrid Coordination - Local generation sources Storage devices. Responsive load. Smart switch controls. Copyright© by Evolution7 Copyright© by Evolution7
    • David  Cohen:  Deployed  Microgrids  and  Control  Schemes     Con  Edison  3G-­‐SOF   Marin  Renewable  Communi1es   EU  Integral  Project   Copyright© by Evolution7 December 17, 2013 Copyright© by Evolution7 3
    • Evolution7 Applications – Compact Network Management •  Hierarchies of GridAgents can be used to: –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  Manage and reconfigure compact networks Dispatch DER Maintain PQ Dispatch DR Isolate buildings, MicroGrids, or feeders. Facilitate energy market transactions Intelligent Condition Monitoring Integrate with Building EMS systems and HVAC Copyright© by Evolution7 Copyright© by Evolution7
    • Projects: MicroGrid 2011 - Integral EU project –  Develop and validate innovative control strategies and network architectures for active networks with large-scale penetration of renewable sources and distributed generation –  Increase market exposure of small ‘prosumers (consumers with local generation) –  Normal and Critical Operating Scenarios Copyright© by Evolution7
    • Evolution7: Renewables Aggregation MicroGrid 2010 – Marin Copyright© by Evolution7 Copyright© by Evolution7
    • Basic  Microgrid  Form  Factors   U7lity-­‐Scale   Medium  Voltage   Distribu1on   Interconnect  with   Solar,  Wind,   Energy  Storage,   Generators     December 17, 2013 Commercial  and   Industrial  with   future  PEV,  Solar,   Energy  Storage,   Generators,  and   C&I  facility   integra1on   Copyright© by Evolution7 Solar  Microgrids   PV  Solar,  Plug-­‐ Electric  Vehicle   (PEV),  Smart   Appliances,   Energy  Storage,   and  Home   Integra1on  
    • Why  Solar  Microgrids  -­‐  Non-­‐Linear  PV  Dispersiona   Copyright© by Evolution7
    • Why  Solar  Microgrids  -­‐  Non-­‐Linear  PV  Dispersion   Copyright© by Evolution7
    • Why  Solar  Microgrids  -­‐  Non-­‐Linear  PV  Dispersion   Copyright© by Evolution7
    • SmartGrid: Evolutionary Forces Centralized to Networked Passive to Transactive Central to Distributed to Micro Source: Infotility Copyright© by Evolution7 Source: Center for Smart Energy
    • !"#$%&'#()*+,-. PowerSta1onTM  Gateway     To  enable  Solar  Microgrids   Copyright© by Evolution7
    • PowerStationTM Gateway Solar  Microgrid   Smart  EV  Charging   E7 PowerStation GatewayTM OBD II Port Transceiver December 17, 2013 OEM  PowerSta1on  Gateway     Compa1ble  with  any  EVSE  Car   Charger  or  available  as  stand-­‐ alone  device.   Smart  charging  schedules  available   on  mobile  or  internet  devices   (integra1on  to  EV,  solar  array,   smart  appliances  in  home,  and   electric  grid.)     E7 PowerStation GatewayTM OEM Vendors System-on-aChip (SOC) Copyright© by Evolution7 13
    • PowerStationTM   Gateway   Power   Data   AMI   Smart   Meter   Zigbee™   External   Networks,   &  Data   Internet   (Wireless,  DSL,   Cable,  etc.)   USB™   Zigbee™   PowerSta7on™   Gateway   PEV  Charge  controller     Smart  Inverter(s)     and  Power   Condi1oning   Modbus   EVSE   Premises  Ba`ery   Storage   ISO/IEC  15045/18012   PHEV   Charge   Mgmt   App   Agent   DER  &   Power   Mgmt   App   Agent   GPRS   wireless   Examples  of  Modular     Plug-­‐in  App  Agents   Copyright© by Evolution7 OBD-­‐D   Plug-­‐in  Hybrid   Electric  Vehicle   SAE  J1772  
    • PowerStationTM   Gateway   Copyright© by Evolution7
    • Evolu1on7  Labs  Demo  System   Copyright© by Evolution7
    • Solar  Microgrid  Functions   •  Management  of  EV  load  in  synch  with  demand  reduction  and   solar/wind  generation  ramps   •  Energy  storage  to  mitigate  Fast  Charge  grid  impacts  and   emergency  power  in  the  home   •  Low  power  bi-­‐directional  energy  management  of  PEVs  –   integration  with  commercial  building  DC  bus   •  Vehicle  to  building  peak  load  reduction   •  Vehicles  as  a  flexible  MicroGrid  component   •  Charging  vehicles  from  Solar  directly   Copyright© by Evolution7 17
    • A Very Different Future? •  As the number of loads and generators connected to the grid increases; –  the controllability and control model of the grid will change –  reliability will only be maintained through distributed intelligence and control •  Complexities at the edge – DR programs, DG programs, MicroGrids, grid divorce, AMI / HAN •  This strongly suggests a more highly distributed energy system will play a major role in the modern grid. Powering the 21st Copyright© by Evolution7
    • Hybrid Integrated Systems (Microgrid) Trends •  MicroGrids  will  con1nue  to  be  an    important  niche  for  high-­‐ reliability  and  emerging  markets  (premium  product  or  grid   parity  driven)   •  Integrated  systems  with  capabili1es  to  locally  reduce  the   renewable  genera1on  variability  (VRG)  in  output  will  increase   the  viability  of  renewables   •  Predic1on  that  hybrid  systems  (Renewables  and  natural  gas,   Renewables  and  storage,  Grid-­‐Friendly  Renewables)  will   become  the  next  mass  market  product  (Grid  Variability  +   Economics  +  Risk  Reduc1on  +  Co-­‐loca1on  with  home  solar   and  Electric  Vehicles  ==  Solar  Microgrids   Copyright© by Evolution7
    • !"#$%&'#()*+,-. Crea1ng  a  Distributed  Revolu1on   David  Cohen   CEO  –  Evolu1on7  Labs     dc@evolu1on7.net   Copyright© by Evolution7