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7.3_Schneider Electric_Barton_EPRI/SNL Microgrid Symposium


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Presentation from the EPRI-Sandia Symposium on Secure and Resilient Microgrids: Requirements of energy storage and controller within microgrids, presented by Phillip Barton, Schneider, Baltimore, MD, August 29-31, 2016.

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7.3_Schneider Electric_Barton_EPRI/SNL Microgrid Symposium

  1. 1. Page 1Confidential Property of Schneider Electric |
  2. 2. Page 2Confidential Property of Schneider Electric |
  3. 3. Page 3Confidential Property of Schneider Electric | Advanced* Microgrid Battery Anchor CapEx project Oncor 1.25 MW Ameren 1.5 MW Miramar 6.5 MW ? Shell ET 1.0 MW MCLB Albany 12.5 MW Ford DBOOM 25 MW Advanced* Microgrid CHP / Rotating Machine Anchor Costa Mesa BESS 1 MW / 2 MWh Shedd Aquarium 1 MW / 0.5 MWh Stub Hub 1 MW / 2 MWh Traditional Microgrid No Inverters Omohundro Water Plant 10 MW White Sands Missile Range 10MW State Department Missile System x2 1.5 MW each ? OpEx project “as a service” MOCO Public Safety 3 MW MOCO Correctional 1 MW Fairfield Public Works 2 MW Fairfield Public Safety 1 MW * Advanced Microgrids include Inverters NAM Microgrid projects are based on: • IEEE 1547 Interconnection Standards • IEEE 2030 Interoperability Standards
  4. 4. Page 4Confidential Property of Schneider Electric | • Our primary competitors are also pursuing Microgrids and DERs • If we are successful in Microgrids in NAM, SE will be able to take market share • To accelerate growth, we need more Repeatable, Modular, Scalable solutions How do we best accelerate SE Microgrid success? Microgrids and DERs are experiencing significant growth rates
  5. 5. Efficiency gains for SE and MGCC from Use Cases & Standardization Benefits of Use Cases & Standardization repeatability streamline proposal process reduced engineering reduced field commissioning documentation & support Custom Engineered / Brownfield upgrades No No No No No Pre-engineered Modular systems design Partial Yes Yes Yes Yes Load management algorithmns Partial Yes Yes Yes Yes Repeatable generation templates Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes DER Optimization software Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Open Automation Standard IEC 61850 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Open Interoperability Standard IEC 2030 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Open Interconnection Standard IEC 1547 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Reference Design Modeling & Simulation Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Modular Component Assembly Testing Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Standard Microgrid SCADA configuration Partial Partial Partial Partial Partial Cybersecurity for Microgrid Partial Partial Partial Partial Partial Long term Service and Support Partial Partial N/A N/A Yes
  6. 6. • Repeatable modules require less engineering, implementation and testing • Shorting project cycles - Faster Turnkey Project • High system quality and functional assurance from system simulation & test • Improved project confidence with less risk • Flexible to be more easily reconfigured to reflect changing generation & load assets • Easier to troubleshoot • More efficient system support documentation & training • Single point of responsibility • Turnkey and full life-cycle support Benefits of Use Cases and Standardization
  7. 7. Page 7Confidential Property of Schneider Electric | • We need to identify Use Cases that can be utilized by multiple Customers • Global Offer Development team will be working with NAM MGCC to standardize In the center of the bullseye – Microgrid as a Service Repeatable, Modular, and Scalable
  8. 8. Page 8Confidential Property of Schneider Electric | • This Customer-facing example is a Large Data Center reference design from ITB An example System that is similar to the application Reference Designs
  9. 9. Page 9Confidential Property of Schneider Electric | Example of Reference Design from Global Team
  10. 10. Page 11Confidential Property of Schneider Electric | • Identify Use-Cases that we can serve up / prioritize with Global Development team – Microgrid control algorithm / applications – DSO functionality that would appeal to multiple user segments – Identify solutions and DER technology partners for common Use-Cases Repeatable, Modular, Scalable What can you do to help? Seamless Islanding Black Start Frequency & Voltage Control System Balancing Renewable optimization Least Cost
  11. 11. Page 12Confidential Property of Schneider Electric | • Please report significant competitor actions or intelligence – New products, marketing, partnerships, key projects, gaps, and failures Repeatable, Modular, Scalable – in the MGaaS bullseye What can you do to help?