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Emr training

  1. 1. David BattleAdvanced Health Info
  2. 2. REPORT 9 –EMR TRAININGTRAINING NEEDEDCreating a training strategy for an organization is a process that could be fairly easy or achallenge depending on the end-users ability to adjust to the new change. An assessment hasto be completed for the organization providing the trainer with the information needed tocreate a detailed strategy of what training will be needed, the way it should be conducted, andthe timeframe needed to complete the training process.The creation of the strategy wouldbegin with an assessment of the organization finding out what information or skills they wouldlike to learn. Followed by the assessment would be a GAP analysis required by each memberwho would need to attend the training sessions. The GAP analysis would determine the basicknowledge that each member had about technology and tell what they should be learning.Based on knowledge they would be separated into groups. When the analysis was completed itwould help decide how long the training process would take and a schedule could then becreated.This organization happens to be a medical facility that wants to make the transitionfrom using paper documents to performing all tasks on the computer. Committing totechnology based organization is a huge step especially when the organization isn’t familiarwith technology. Most individuals are technology illiterate which hinders the learning processwhen trying to implement this type of process. Being that they are welcoming the introductionto new technology the transition will be much easier.The initial training would consist of learning what the windows system was and how itoperated. Assuming the staff already knows how to turn the computer on and use the mouseand keyboard I would move to the windows interface. The windows interface training wouldconsist of. The basics of the interface would be learning to find programs under the start menuand operate the directory. The function of the directories would include finding folders,creating new folders, and deleting folders. I would then show them how to log into the systemto create a username and password while explaining the importance of security.Installing programs will be one the most important aspects to using a computer so Iwould show them how to install and uninstall all the programs they need such as MicrosoftOffice. The staff would also need to know howset their email system up in which MicrosoftOutlook could be used.Creating a website is not something you can learn in a few months. It takes years ofpractice to learn how to create a decent website so I would install Wordpress on their system
  3. 3. allowing them to manage their domain and website easily. The Wordpress would contain all thepost-surgery videos, training material for patients, and paper instructions for patients.Setting up the network connection would probably be one of the more challenging tasksfor the organization. Having to understand how the network connections work with IPaddresses would take a while for them to understand so setting up a wireless router would bethe simplest solution. They would also need to know how to set up backups and other thingslike running virus protection software. So I would show them how to set a group policy toautomatically run backups, system updates, create system restore points, etc.TRAINING SCHEDULE -16 Week ProcessAssessmentWeek 1o Perform Initial Assessment - Monday - 10:00am – 12:00pm Have the organizational leaders perform a Delphi Analysis to see whatskills the employees would like to learno Assessment Data Collection – Wednesday - 10:00am – 12:00pm Meeting with organizational leaders to discuss the skills the staffmembers would like to acquireAnalysisWeek 2o GAP Analysis Give staff members a week to fill out the survey composed of a list ofskills that would be needed to learn the material they requested Analyze responses Find a championDesignWeek 3o Create Design and Timeframe Design a training strategy consisting of the tasks requested Tell staff what the training lessons will consist of Create a schedule and distribute it to the organizationImplementationWeek 4-6o Implement Training –2 Classes/10:00am – 11:00am then 1pm-2pm Start with basic skills of learning how windows interface works with halfof the staff before lunch and second half after lunch Login and Security Informational
  4. 4.  Get staff started on practicing how to type using Mavis BeaconWeek 7o Software Installation Start installing necessary software Show them how to install softwareWeek 8-9o Software Usage Introduce to Lynda.com Show them how to use Microsoft Office: Word, Outlook, etc. Show them how to use WordpressWeek 10-14 – The site will be visited for in person trainingo Networking Group Policies, Wireless, Backups, System Restores, Printers, etc.Week 15o Specialized Review This will cover any classes that staff missed or if they have questionsabout a particular section of trainingEvaluationEvaluations will be conducted starting week 4 and continuing until the final week. Eachevaluation will measure how well the knowledge is being retained.Changes will be made accordingly to analysisSchedule adjustments will be made accordinglyFinal week analysis will be conducted measuring the final state of the organizationWeek 16o Close Contracts CelebrateTRAINING TOOLSThe first training session would be about the Windows interface. Depending on whetherthe organization wanted to use Windows 7 or Windows 8 would decide which training methodwas used. If W7 was chosen I could walk the organization through the steps without anyassistance. If W8 was chosen I would have to use a few videos from Lynda.com because theinterface varies a little from W7. Lynda.com is a training site that contains tutorials on differentIT topics. The training process for learning how to install software would consist of watching thewebinar that I would host. The security portion is one of the most important parts. Some of thetutorials would come from myself and some would come from HIPAA considering they probablyaren’t familiar with HIPAA’s rules concerning technology.
  5. 5. Microsoft Office products would be the next focus of the training session. Since I have alot of experience with Microsoft products most of the training would come directly from myknowledge which would be compiled into a video format for the trainees to watch. It wouldalso be recorded so they could go back and watch the video whenever they pleased. I wouldalso use Lynda.com being that it contains just about all the information that would beneeded.Mavis Beacon would also be used as a training tool to teach the employees how to typeefficiently. Knowing how to type with accuracy would save a significant amount of time for theorganization.Wordpress is a content manage system that’s easy to use which will allow them to maneuverthrough the software. I will conduct a lesson through the webinar showing them how to download thesoftware.Wordpress is simple website where it tells you what you should click. For example, there’s anAdd Media button that would allow them to upload the post-surgery videos. If they wanted to learn themore complicated side of web design such HTML, CSS, or PHP I would direct them to W3Schools.Lynda.com could also be used for this training for as it covers these topics.When preparing to show the staff members how to setup their network I would show them inperson. I believe this method is more effective than showing them via satellite. I would use videos toshow them terminology but I would hook up the systems for them while they watched then allowedthem to practice. A demonstration would be performed showing them how to set a password for thewireless router and how to find their IP addresses. I would also demonstrate how to add a printer totheir network. Being that they would be using a wireless system I would make sure there was a wirelessprinter and not have to worry about using an Ethernet port.The training lesson to set up group policies for the entire organization would only be showed tothe organizational. Only the administrators will be controlling all the computers in the office so theywould be shown in a separate training session. There would be a video that I would only give to them. Ifthe other employees even knew what a group policy was they would have to search for it. I would set upthe automatic updates through the group policy and show them how to setup create a restore point incase one the computers catches a virus or something where they have to revert back to an earlierperiod. Since all these tutorials have videos the staff members can always review any topic they please ifsomething is unclear or forgotten.