Education Background Checks: What Employers Wants to Know About Your Education?


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More than 100 million education background checks are performed each year by employers around the globe using third party education verification and background search companies.

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Education Background Checks: What Employers Wants to Know About Your Education?

  1. 1. Education Background Checks: What Employers Wants to Know About Your Education?More than 100 million education background checks are performed each year byemployers around the globe using third party education verification andbackground search companies. This is a huge figure which reveals that educationis the most prominent factor in deciding an applicant’s future.Employers invest a lot of time and money in hiring and training new employees.As a result, they want to find out as much information as possible before informationcommitting to hiring an individual. Often, former employers and supervisors canprovide most helpful information about a candidate and it contributes a lot in acurrent hiring company decision making.But the problem is that many employers are reluctant to provide detailed employersreferences for former employees for fear of legal repercussions. Actually there isa defining line which can make an employer less reliable on reference checks andthat is, education background check checks.
  2. 2. As education is considered to be the foremost factor of selecting a candidate foran appropriate position, it is also considered to be defining factor for an employerto rely on a candidate if his or her education is legitimate, as it has found in manycases that job applicants forge resumes by mentioning wrong dates of attendingthe school, and as the higher qualifications are becoming the criteria, many jobcandidates use forged or fake degrees to get the job.These issues are very common these days, but they can be handled accurately byusing education background checks services by professional education verificationproviders. Education verification is a very sensitive matter as well, because forgedor fake degrees cannot be detected until it is verified and checked by aprofessional education background checks professional.Primary source verification method is considered to be the best educationbackground checks criteria used which ensures the accuracy and authenticationof the provided transcripts/degrees/certifications or any other educationaldocument of a prospective job candidate.5 Things Every Employer wants to know about an Employee’s Education: 1. Any employer verifying education of a prospective candidate always want to know the schooling details, which university or school they have passed, what are the ratings of the university. 2. Employers checks the accreditation of the university or school from where the degrees are obtained, because there are many universities reported which are not accredited from higher education boards of the country and also alleged in producing bogus degrees. 3. Employers want to know the degree/diploma/certification authentication by checking the attending dates of the school and by referencing through the teachers and degree issuing authorities. 4. Employer’s wants to look into diploma mills directories as well to find out if the degree is obtained from such malicious business. 5. Employer’s verify the attestation details as well to get know that whether your credentials are attested by a right person, who is eligible to attest a document or not. This can also testify fake attestation threat.
  3. 3. Conclusion:Regarding education background checks, often a deceptive applicant with acomputer and printer technology skills can create realistic-looking diplomas.Because of the large number of applicants who make false educational claims, it isstrongly recommended that an Education Verification must be performed when adegree or certification is required for a given position. Education backgroundchecks are also valuable honesty check, while helping to protect an employeragainst negligent hiring claims and it’s a must.Muhammad Saad Khan is a Writer, Social Media and Business ManagementThought Leader Working with Dataflow Group, the worlds leading primary sourceverification company headquartered in Singapore. His current research is aboutHow Employers Do Education Background Checks of employees.