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Emerging Media's Impact on the Customer Experience



Published in Business , Technology
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  • Very nice presentation. I think Social Media will force companies into outside-in thinking. Focusing on customers will become an integral part of strategy but not just on paper. Because that's where the power of Social Media comes into play: the customers are connected and empowered to give companies very direct feedback. They can promote you or send you to hell (Dell). Old marketeers' tricks won't work anymore. Unless you are not the only company in your market there is only one way: good products, good service, good conversation, good relationships resulting in good customer experience.
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  • 1. Emerging Media's Impact on the Customer Experience
  • 2. “What a splendid head, yet no brain.” ~Aesop
  • 3. Consumers used to be people who consumed stuff. But consumers are people. People who crave good experiences.
  • 4. People are now empowered. Technology enables. Humanity rules.
  • 5. “2.0” is really about people.
  • 6. (Most) people don’t like unpleasant experiences.
  • 7. Successful digital experiences don’t happen by accident. They are designed.
  • 8. The “D” word. Debunking the design myth. Design isn’t just about making something pretty. Design is about creative problem solving. Everything is designed. Marketers need design. Marketers need good design. Good design doesn’t always need marketing.
  • 9. Everyday experiences are designed. Design is all around us.
  • 10. Building blocks of a successful digital experience.
  • 11. Examples
  • 12. Dell homepage moves from company centric…
  • 13. …To customer centric
  • 14. …And learns from “Dell Hell”
  • 15. …And learns from “Dell Hell”
  • 16. …And learns from “Dell Hell” Hi David. Enjoyed reading the dialogue here about keeping up with the real world versus the omnipresent school demands. Thought your talk at Loyola sounded like a good one. As you point out Jeff Jarvis and Dell are certainly integral case studies to be learned from....in the same way that we at Dell learned. Not sure there is any specific roadmap. Certainly we learn everyday from our conversations at Direct2dell; around the blogosphere; at StudioDell; in SecondLife;Michael Dell's meeting with bloggers at the Consumer Electronics show and at Dell's IdeaStorm...and all of that is leading to exciting new chapters for us as we engage direct with customers using various digital media. Should you ever want more detailed information about our journey beyond Dell hell, please let us know. Posted by: RichardatDELL
  • 17. And learns from “Dell Hell”
  • 18. Experience-O-Meter summary
  • 19. USA Today re-design gets social
  • 20. But still gets most basics right…
  • 21. But still gets most basics right…
  • 22. …Though not all features may be useful
  • 23. Experience-O-Meter summary
  • 24. Why YouTube is YouTube (hint, it’s not just the videos)
  • 25. Why YouTube is YouTube (hint, it’s not just the videos) 2 Community features 1 3 Open source sharing/embedding Videos that play without choosing media plavers 4 Playlists, related items and more
  • 26. Why YouTube is YouTube (hint, it’s not just the videos)
  • 27. Hey Bud, YouTube doesn’t ask me to register…
  • 28. Not all blogs are created equal
  • 29. Not all blogs are created equal
  • 30. Not all blogs are created equal
  • 31. Pause for reflection… A. Does any of this sound like marketing? B. Isn’t Marketing about selling stuff? C. Aren’t we supposed to create messages? A. Yes. This is all part of marketing. B. No. Marketing is about relationships. C. No. We’re supposed to reinforce affinity.
  • 32. Pause for reflection… Message Experience Conversation Relationships Affinity *Marketers need to become conversation architects
  • 33. Conversation Architecture in action: Twitter
  • 34. Multiple touch points create a “conversation ecosystem” 2 Web widgets 3 Mobile 4 Web version 1 Desktop widgets/applications 7 6 Start page / feeds Virtual words 5 Mash Ups
  • 35. Gratuitous analogy: Is Twitter the crocs of the web? Love them or hate them Love it or hate it Recommend them to friends Recommend it to friends Makes a statement Makes a statement Encourages community Encourages community Supported by enthusiasts Supported by enthusiasts Might like after trying Might like after trying Neither is a mediocre brand
  • 36. Experience-O-Meter summary OR Twitter could to become a break-through form of digital communications or implode horribly
  • 37. So?
  • 38. Marketing needs T-shaped teams
  • 39. …And thinking Embrace your inner-designer. …And your inner-geek. Become a “conversation architect”. Don’t just market messages. Create good experiences. Social experiences. Design conversations. …And relationships
  • 40. We live a life in beta ~Bruce Nussbaum, BusinessWeek