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  • Don’t elaborate on the brand personality.. It will be dealt with later
  • Hello kitty ppt

    1. 1. Branding of Japanese Super Brand “Hello Kitty” By: Danish Shamsher Roll # 68 , B1 IIPM
    2. 2. Who Am I ? I am worth billions of dollars. I have been given a special honorary title by UNICEF. I have my own theme park in Japan. I have turned 35, but am still fresh like my day of birth. Google search yields more than 1.5 million results. Ken Belson and Brian Belmner have authored a book on me.
    3. 3. Birth of an ICON…. Sanrio, a Japanese company created the cartoon cat Hello Kitty in 1974. Focused on selling character–branded goods to young people Driven by the idea of Japanese custom of giving gifts. Main Business defined as “Social Communication Gift Products” “SMALL GIFTS, BIG SMILE” 
    4. 4. The Brand Kitty…. • Physical Attributes: – Oversized Round Face – Two dots as eyes, Button nose – No mouth – Six whiskers and red bow on left ear • Brand Identity: – She lives in London with her parents and twin sister – Real Name: Kitty White – She is in Grade 3 and Blood Type: A – Kitty is a cheerful, warm-hearted little girl – Loves Baking cookies – Favorite things : Candy, Stars, Goldfish • Brand Personality Associations: – Cute, Lovable, – Mysterious, Zen-Like Quality
    5. 5. Brand Building….The Beginning o Carried out a consumer survey revealing the most popular cartoon characters in Japan o Hello Kitty given a solo launch in 1975, due to positive response o Started selling toys, stationery items as well as other gift articles with pictures of hello kitty o Affordable pricing to suit the target customer (Girls aged between 4 and 6)
    6. 6. Attempts to Reinvent a Fading Brando Growing popularity of anime characters in Japan as well as other countries during 1980s.o Efforts towards broadening the target segment.o Brand extension of Hello Kitty into: candy accessories, clothes and electronic goods.o Shop visits conducted to understand the consumer expectations.o Sober black and white Hello Kitty design introduced for capturing the older consumers.
    7. 7. Hello kitty –mid 1990s to 2004 • Changed the positioning of the brand. Targeted high- school girls. • Launched design hip products like Hello Kitty mobile phone cases. • Revival of the brand took pace due to the endorsement of the brand by young Japanese singer , Tomomi Kahara.
    8. 8. Revival of the brand• Young women remain brand loyal. Who had been fans in their childhood continued to buy them.• They bought Hello Kitty merchandise (toasters, hair curlers etc) for themselves as well as for their children.• Early 2000s brand became popular among 4 to 30.
    9. 9. Hello Kitty Boom• The brand became extremely popular in U.S and some south Asian countries.• The brand became favorite among many Hollywood celebrities like singer Christina Aguilera, Heidi Klum, Nicky hilton ,Ashley Judd, etc.• The brand becoming Hollywood Favorite helped gain visibility .
    10. 10. Hello Kitty- a fashion symbol• Gained acceptance as a premium brand due to endorsements by celebs• Early 2000s brand reached saturation point for its traditional products.• Revive the brand once again by tying up with high- end luxury items.• Hello Kitty was used as a fashion label by Heatherette , a fashion label brand for spring /summer 2003.
    11. 11. Contd…• Swarovski offered a range of Hello Kitty merchandise like watches, jewelry, charms for mobile phones.• Came as a limited edition of Hello Kitty Swarovski watches and dolls.• It completed its 30 years on November 2004.
    12. 12. Jewelry..
    13. 13. Celebs…
    14. 14. Licensing of Hello Kitty• Licensing helped Hello Kitty brand to extend.• Helped to feature on variety of products .• A popular hotel chain in Japan offered Hello Kitty –themed suites• Launched a line of jewelry called „ Hello Kitty pink head collection‟.
    15. 15. Contd …• Understood the needs and preferences of the of the target market.• Introduced many items every year through licensing.• Kept the brand trendy and relevant by introducing 100 new design every year.• Protect the brand‟s image by not featuring on alcohol, firearms, tobacco.
    16. 16. Contd…• Used minimal advertising. The brand believed on word-of- mouth publicity.• Hello Kitty involved itself in co-branding by entering into tie-up with Mc Donald‟s Corporation.• Gave away Hello Kitty wedding dolls with every purchase of Happy Meal.• By early 2000s Hello Kitty was recognized in Asia ,Europe and America.
    17. 17. What made Hello Kitty Click ???• Prevalence of Kawaii culture• Simplicity of design- simple lines and very little detail• Mysterious character- minimalist• The Zen connection
    18. 18. Contd…• Emotionless face• Plain luck• Thought of as „cool‟• Functional stuff with fun design
    19. 19. Thank you!