Gallery of california native plants c


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Gardening information sheets and pictures of California native plants suitable for S. California gardens.

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Gallery of california native plants c

  1. 1. Gallery of California Native Plants for S. California Gardens Download this file (click the ‘Save’ icon, below) – then open or save. You can then click on the links. Name Garden Information Sheet Photo Gallery More Information * Calamagrostis foliosa Dwarf reed grass heim/calamagrostis-foliosa * Calamagrostis nutkaensis Pacific reed grass heim/calamagrostis-nutkaensis Calandrinia ciliata Fringed redmaids heim/gardening-sheet- calandrinia-cilliata im/calandrinia-ciliata-web-show * Calliandra californica Baja fairyduster heim/caliandra-californica im/calliandra-californica-web- show * Calliandra eriophylla Pink fairyduster heim/calliandra-eriophylla * Calocedrus decurrens Incense cedar heim/calocedrus-decurrens Calochortus albus White mariposa lily heim/gardening-sheet- calochortus-albus * Calochortus amabilis Yellow globe lily heim/calochortus-amabilis Calochortus catalinae Catalina Island mariposa lily heim/gardening-sheet- calochortus-catalinae im/calochortus-catalinae-web- show
  2. 2. Name Garden Information Sheet Photo Gallery More Information * Calochortus luteus Yellow mariposa lily heim/calochortus-luteus im/calochortus-luteus-web-show Calystegia macrostegia Island morning glory heim/gardening-sheet- calystegia-macrostegia im/calystegia-macrostegia-web- show * Calystegia purpurata Pacific morning glory heim/calystegia-purpurata Camissonia bistorta Southern suncups heim/gardening-sheet- camissonia-bistorta im/camissonia-bistorta-web-show Camissonia cheiranthifolia Beach suncup heim/gardening-sheet- camissonia-cheiranthifolia im/camissonia-cheiranthifolia- web-show Camissonia ignota Jurupa hills suncup heim/gardening-sheet- camissonia-ignota im/camissonia-ignota-web-show * Carex barbarae Santa Barbara sedge heim/carex-barbarae * Carex pansa Dune sedge heim/carex-pansa im/carex-pansa-web-show Carex praegracilis Clustered fieldsedge heim/gardening-sheet-carex- praegracilis im/carex-praegracilis-web-show * Carex spissa San Diego sedge heim/carex-spissa im/carex-spissa-web-show
  3. 3. Name Garden Information Sheet Photo Gallery More Information * Carex subfusca Rusty slender sedge heim/gardening-sheet-carex- subfusca Carex tumulicola Berkeley sedge heim/gardening-sheet-carex- tumulticola im/carex-tumulticola-web-show * Carpenteria californica California bush anenome heim/carpenteria-californica im/carpenteria-californica-web- show Castilleja exserta ssp. exserta Purple owlsclover heim/gardening-sheet-castilleja- exserta im/castilleja-exserta-web-show * Caulanthus inflatus Desert candle heim/gardening-sheet- caulanthus-inflatus Ceanothus arboreus Catalina island ceanothus heim/ceanothus-arboreus im/ceanothus-arboreus-web-show * Ceanothus cuneatus Wedgeleaf ceanothus heim/ceanothus-cuneatus im/ceanothus-cuneatus-web-show * Ceanothus cyaneus Lakeside ceanothus heim/ceanothus-cyaneus * Ceanothus gloriosus Point Reyes ceanothus heim/ceanothus-gloriosus
  4. 4. Name Garden Information Sheet Photo Gallery More Information * Ceanothus griseus var. horizontalis Carmel creeper ceanothus heim/ceanothus-griseus im/ceanothus-griseus-web-show * Ceanothus hearstiorum San Simeon ceanothus heim/ceanothus-hearstiorum im/ceanothus-hearstiorum-web- show * Ceanothus leucodermis Chaparral whitethorn heim/ceanothus-leucodermis im/ceanothus-leucodermis-web- show * Ceanothus maritimus Maritime ceanothus heim/ceanothus-maritimus Ceanothus megacarpus Bigpod ceanothus heim/ceanothus-megacarpus * Ceanothus thyrsiflorus Blue blossom ceanothus heim/ceanothus-thyrsiflorus * Ceanothus tomentosus Woolyleaf ceanothus heim/ceanothus-tomentosus * Ceanothus verrucosus Wart-stem ceanothus heim/ceanothus-verrucosus * Celtis reticulata Netleaf hackberry heim/gardening-sheet-celtis- reticulata im/celtis-reticulata-web-show Centaurium venustum Beautiful Centaury See Zeltnera venusta (new name)
  5. 5. Name Garden Information Sheet Photo Gallery More Information * Cercis orbiculata Western redbud heim/cercis-occidentalis im/cercis-orbiculata-web-show Cercocarpus montanus Birchleaf mountain mahogany heim/gardening-sheet- cercocarpus-montanus im/cercocarpus-montanus-web- show Cercocarpus traskiae Catalina Island mountain mahogany heim/gardening-sheet- cercocarpus-traskii Chaenactis glabriuscula Yellow Pincushion heim/gardening-sheet- chaenactis-glabriuscula * Chaenactis xantiana Mojave pincushion heim/gardening-sheet- chaenactis-xantiana * Cheilanthes covillei Coville’s lipfern heim/cheilanthes-covillei * Chilopsis linearis Desert willow heim/chilopsis-linearis im/chilopsis-linearis-web-show Chlorogalum pomeridianum Wavyleaf soap plant heim/gardening-sheet- chlorogalum-pomeridianum im/chlorogalum-pomeridianum- web-show Chorizanthe stacticoides Turkish rugging heim/gardening-sheet- chorizanthe-stacticoides Cirsium occidentale Cobwebby thistle heim/gardening-sheet-cirsium- occidentale im/cirsium-occidentale-web-show
  6. 6. Name Garden Information Sheet Photo Gallery More Information * Clarkia amoena Farewell-to-spriing heim/clarkia-amoena dheim/clarkia-amoena-web- show http://mother-natures- of-month-june-farewell-to-spring.html Clarkia bottae Punchbowl clarkia heim/gardening-sheet-clarkia- bottae * Clarkia concinna Red ribbons heim/gardening-sheet-clarkia- concinna Clarkia purpurea Purple Clarkia heim/gardening-sheet-clarkia- purpuria im/clarkia-purpurea-web-show Plant of the Month: http://mother-natures- month-january-purple-clarkia.html * Clarkia rubicunda Ruby chalice clarkia heim/gardening-sheet-clarkia- rubicunda Clarkia unguiculata Elegant Clarkia heim/gardening-sheet-clarkia- unguiculata im/clarkia-unguiculata-web-show http://mother-natures- html Claytonia perfoliata Miner’s lettuce heim/gardening-sheet- claytonia-perfoliata im/claytonia-perfoliata-web-show Plant of the Month: http://mother-natures- month-february-miners-lettuce.html * Clematis lasiantha Chaparral clematis heim/clematis-lasiantha Clematis ligusticifolia California clematis heim/gardening-sheet-clematis- ligusticifolia im/clematis-ligusticifolia-web- show Cleome isomeris Bladderpod heim/gardening-sheet-cleome- isomeris im/cleome-isomeris-web-show
  7. 7. Name Garden Information Sheet Photo Gallery More Information * Clinopodium chandleri San Miguel savory heim/clinopodium-chandleri im/clinopodium-chandleri-web- show Clinopodium douglasii Yerba buena heim/gardening-sheet-satureja- douglasii im/clinopodium-douglasii-web- show Clinopodium mimuloides Monkeyflower savory heim/gardening-sheet- clinopodium-mimuloides Collinsia heterophylla Chinese houses heim/gardening-sheet-collinsia- heterphylla im/collinsia-heterophylla-web- show Plant of the Month: http://mother-natures- month-may-2012-chinese-houses.html * Collomia grandiflora Large-flowered collomia heim/gardening-sheet-collomia- grandiflora Comarostaphylis diversifolia Summer holly heim/gardening-sheet- comarostaphylis-diversifolia im/comarostaphylis-diversifolia- web-show Constancea nevinii Catalina silverlace heim/gardening-sheet- constancea-nevinii im/constancea-nevinii-web-show Plant of the Month: http://mother-natures- month-august-catalina.html Coreopsis bigelovii Bigelow coreopsis heim/gardening-sheet- coreopsis-bigelovii Coreopsis gigantea Giant coreopsis heim/gardening-sheet- coreopsis-gigantea im/coreopsis-gigantea-web-show Coreopsis maritima Sea dahlia heim/coreopsis-maritima
  8. 8. Name Garden Information Sheet Photo Gallery More Information Corethrogyne filaginifolia Common sand aster heim/corethrogyne-filaginifolia im/corethrogyne-filaginifolia-web- show Cornus glabrata Brown dogwood heim/gardening-sheet-cornus- glabrata Crataegus douglasii Douglas’ hawthorn heim/gardening-sheet- crataegus-douglasii im/crataegus-douglasii-web-show Croton setigerus Dove weed/Turkey mullein heim/gardening-sheet-croton- setigerus im/croton-setigerus-web-show Cylindropuntia prolifera Coastal cholla heim/gardening-sheet- cylindropuntia-prolifera im/cylindropuntia-prolifera-web- show * Not native to Western Los Angeles County – but does well in local gardens Return to Native Plants Gallery:
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