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Gallery of california native plants f


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Gardening information sheets and pictures of California native plants suitable for S. California gardens.

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Gallery of california native plants f

  1. 1. Gallery of California Native Plants for S. California Gardens - F Download this file (click ‘Save’ above) – then open or save. You can then click on the links. Name Garden Information Sheet Photo Gallery Learn More * Fallugia paradoxa Apache plume m/fallugia-paradoxa im/fallugia-paradoxa-web-show * Festuca arizonica Arizona fescue m/gardening-sheet-festuca-arizonica * Festuca californica California fescue m/festuca-californica * Festuca idahoensis Idaho fescue m/festuca-idahoensis im/festuca-idahoensis-web-show * Festuca rubra Red Rescue m/gardening-sheet-festuca-rubra * Forestiera pubescens Desert olive m/forestiera-pubescens im/forestiera-pubescens-web- show * Fragaria chiloensis Coast strawberry m/fragaria-chiloensis im/fragaria-chiloensis-web-show * Fragaria vesca Woodland strawberry m/fragaria-vesca * Frangula californica California coffeeberry m/frangula-californica im/frangula-californica-web-show Plant of the Month: http://mother-natures- month-april-california.html
  2. 2. Name Garden Information Sheet Photo Gallery Learn More * Frangula purshiana Cascara m/frangula-purshiana Fraxinus dipetala California ash m/gardening-sheet-fraxinus-dipetala * Fremontodendron mexicanum Southern flannelbush m/fremontodendron-mexicanum im/fremontodendron-mexicanum- web-show Fritillaria biflora Chocolate lily m/gardening-sheet-fritillaria-biflora * Not native to Western Los Angeles County – but does well in local gardens Return to Native Plants Gallery: