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Gallery of california native plants b


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Gardening information sheets and pictures of California native plants suitable for S. California gardens.

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Gallery of california native plants b

  1. 1. Gallery of California Native Plants for S. California Gardens Download this file (click ‘Save’ above) – then open or save. You can then click on the links. Name Garden Information Sheet Photo Gallery More Information Baccharis douglasii Marsh baccharis heim/baccharis-douglasii m/baccharis-douglasii-web-show Baccharis emoryi Emory baccharis heim/gardening-sheet- baccharis-emoryi m/baccharis-emorii-web-show Baccharis pilularis Coyote bush heim/gardening-sheet- baccharis-pilularis m/baccharis-pilularis-web-show Baccharis salicifolia Mulefat heim/gardening-sheet- baccharis-salicifolia m/baccharis-salicifolia-web-show * Berberis fremontii Fremont’s barberry heim/gardening-sheet-berberis- fremontii m/berberis-fremontii-web-show *Berberis nervosa Cascade barberry heim/gardening-sheet-berberis- nervosa Bergerocactus emoryi Golden snake/cereus cactus heim/gardening-sheet- bergerocactus-emoryi Bloomeria crocea var. crocea Goldenstars heim/gardening-sheet- bloomeria-crocea m/bloomeria-crocea-web-show Bloomeria humilis Dwarf goldenstars heim/gardening-sheet- bloomeria-humilis
  2. 2. Name Garden Information Sheet Photo Gallery More Information * Bouteloua gracilis Blue grama heim/bouteloua-gracilis m/bouteloua-gracilis-web-show Boykinia rotundifolia Roundleaf boykinia heim/boykinia-rotundifolia Brickellia californica California brickelbush heim/brickellia-californica m/brickellia-californica-web-show Plant of the Month: http://mother-natures- month-october-california.html Brodieae californica California brodiaea dheim/gardening-sheet- brodiaea-californica im/brodiaea-californica-web-show Plant of the Month: http://mother-natures- month-may-california-brodiaea.html * Brodiaea elegans Elegant brodiaea heim/brodiaea-elegans Brodiaea jolonensis/B. terrestris Harvest brodiaea heim/gardening-sheet-brodiaea- jolonensis m/brodiaea-jolonensis-web-show Bromus arizonicus Arizona brome heim/gardening-sheet-bromus- arizonicus Bromus carinatus California brome heim/bromus-carinatus m/bromus-carinatus-web-show * Not native to Western Los Angeles County – but does well in local gardens Return to Native Plants Gallery: