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Gallery of california native plants d


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Gardening information sheets and pictures of California native plants suitable for S. California gardens.

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Gallery of california native plants d

  1. 1. Gallery of California Native Plants for S. California Gardens Download this file (click ‘Save’ icon, below) – then open or save. You can then click on the links. Name Garden Information Sheet Photo Gallery Learn More * Danthonia californica California oatgrass m/danthonia-californica * Delphinium cardinal Scarlet larkspur m/delphinium-cardinale Delphinium parryi Blue larkspur m/gardening-sheet-delphinium- parryi m/delphinium-parryi-web-show Dendromecon harfordii Channel Island tree poppy m/dendromecon-harfordii m/dendromecon-harfordii-web- show Dendromecon rigida Chaparral bush poppy m/dendromecon-rigida m/dendromecon-rigida-web-show * Deschampsia cespitosa Tufted hairgrass m/deschampsia-cespitosa m/deschampsia-cespitosa-web- show * Deschampsia holciformis Pacific hairgrass m/deschampsia-holciformis m/deschampsia-holciformis-web- show Dichelostemma capitatum Wild hyacinth m/gardening-sheet-dichelostemma- capitatum m/dichelostemma-capitatum-web- show * Dichelostema ida-maia Firecracker flower m/dichelostemma-ida-maia m/dichelostema-ida-maia-web- show
  2. 2. Name Garden Information Sheet Photo Gallery Learn More * Dichelostemma multiflorum Many-flowered brodiaea m/dichelostemma-multiflorum Dichondra occidentalis Western dichondra m/gardening-sheet-dichondra- occidentalis Diplacus aurantiacus Sticky monkeyflower m/diplacus-aurantiacus-311 m/diplacus-aurantiacus-web-show * Diplacus grandiflora Large-flowered monkeyflower m/diplacus-grandiflora * Diplacus longiflorus Southern bush monkeyflower m/diplacus-longiflorus-web-show m/diplacus-longiflorus-web-show Diplacus parviflorus Island bush monkeyflower m/diplacus-parviflorus Diplacus puniceus Red bush monkeyflower m/diplacus-puniceus-311 m/diplacus-puniceus-web-show Distichlis spicata Saltgrass m/gardening-sheet-distichlis-spicata m/distichlis-spicata-web-show Dryopteris arguta Coastal woodfern m/dryopteris-arguta * Dudleya abramsii Abram’s dudleya m/gardening-sheet-dudleya- abramsii
  3. 3. Name Garden Information Sheet Photo Gallery Learn More * Dudleya brittonii Silver dollar dudleya m/dudleya-brittonii * Dudleya caespitosa Sea lettuce m/dudleya-caespitosa m/dudleya-caespitosa-web-show Dudleya cymosa Canyon live-forever m/dudleya-cymosa * Dudleya edulis Fingertips dudleya m/dudleya-edulis m/dudleya-edulis-web-show Dudleya lanceolata Lanceleaf dudleya m/dudleya-lanceolata * Dudleya multicaulis Manystem live-forever m/dudleya-multicaulis * Dudleya palmeri Palmer’s dudleya m/dudleya-palmeri Dudleya pulverulenta Chalk dudleya m/gardening-sheet-dudleya- pulverulenta m/dudleya-pulverulenta-web-show Dudleya virens Bright green (island) dudleya m/gardening-sheet-dudleya-virens m/dudleya-virens-web-show * Dudleya viscida Sticky dudleya m/gardening-sheet-dudleya-viscida m/dudleya-viscida-web-show * Not native to Western Los Angeles County – but does well in local gardens
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